Mars Bats

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So the astro is about to go absolutely bats but NOT in an Eclipse-sort-of-a-style.

It’s more focussed.

It’s Mars bats – as opposed to lunar bats.

We are doing astrological combat training over in the Horoscopes and the Daily Mystic but the short version (the ten minutes a day for total fitness solution for when you don’t want to put the time in, lol) is to Get Your Mars On or Get Gimped.

That would be good and productive Mars.

Not hissy-fitting your way into a neck spasm.

19 thoughts on “Mars Bats

  1. Started my Mars Return chart recently (natal 25 Gemini and Asc 26) but haven’t fine tuned it yet.

    Goodness yes feel some pressure and looking at the Return chart will be interesting to see where Mars focus is housed for coming two years. I already know tho…I already know what I should be doing.

    Bought this little netbook so whilst trans. Uranus conjunct Merc 10th, trine Sagg Jupiter, 6th, we can travel the country side like a pied piper and jot along even if locally :)

    • And yes, regarding the coming Mars in Cancer square Uranus opposite Pluto.

      Pluto on my Saturn and all square my Mercury, trans. Uranus.


    • Hi sweetie, nice to see you. I did some long-range gambling on the weekend and had fond thoughts of you as I did it (not that it’s the only thing I associate with you tho :grin: but it’s nice to think of the kindred spirits when you put it all on the nose so to speak). Venus is in my 2nd house right now but natally in my 5th, I have no idea if that’s lucky but it should manifest around the time of jupiter retro on my part of fortune if it pays out. Hope all is well in your world toots xxx

  2. Pluto is on my Saturn too! They are also directly on my IC. I have Aug. 11th circled in RED in my calendar!

  3. Pluto on my tenth, where Sun is, Saturn in 12th squaring my Sun, progressed and solar arc Mars & Venus in first…and Neptune 9th sqaring moon in 3rd

    i feel at the moment i’m walking a very fine line…really feel it…

    but Mars is allowing me to feel mostly somewhat ‘i can SO cope’, and i can hack what i know i need to do next two weeks, some large overhauls for good this time, and be humbly open what learnings at coming at me

    after a very grief filled and teary weekend, one year on, (blessings & hugs to you, leogroover for your grieving xxx) today feels like the first day of summer to moi…i feel like it is a ‘new’ era, like the weekend was so ‘last year’…strange

    this morning i’m feeling positively, yet also humbly…invincible, (keeping Neptune in mind all the while) of course

    what’s that saying by the fabulous Camus:

    “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer”

    …motors up to the on-ramp & blasts onto the motorway in Batmobile, smiling brightly & feeling truly grateful for it all :)

    • “In the depth of winter”…. truly about transformation isn’t it? (yes I hear you 2Natured..have pluto on IC natally but that trans Pluto on our Saturns truly about breaking thru some crystalizations, no?)

      A wise one once said that on the way to enlightenment we never wake up on the highway but in the forest…

      Cool you got your Batmobil on the on ramp chirochiq. x

      • Yes Sweetpea & thanks.

        I’m glad you’re back too as i enjoyed reading your consistently calm voice, i felt like afterwsrds i’d done a kind of mini-meditation, very unique in that way i thought.

        Pluto & Uranus has mainly i think been about being courage for, but only good reasonable versions of it otherwise i attract negative pluto/uranus energies in my 7th…since birth.

        Was driving home one night and nearly died instantly as opposite driver fell asleep at the wheel and then woke up in a split second to avoid collision, never felt so ‘vividly alive’ in memory, and makes all the scheming and worry about the future seem such a waste of precious time after all, still i keep forgetting except times when i’m lost in my work or with friends and thoroughly enjoying it.

        Uranus conjunct Mercury in 10 trine Sagg Jupiter in 6th & you’ll be travelling, now that does sound like something wonderful! x

        • Mercury zip zap, ‘courage for moi’, i meant…can’t take enough care with this bats in mercury, and am normally prone to bats at best of times…hence sticking to Batwoman page :)

  4. Hallelujah, I see the floor in the basement closet ! Go MARS~>
    My Virgo gets quite happy when the clutter dissapears, and my Toro Moon loves finding the on sale fushia moroccan lanterns and twinkly holiday lights. (for year ’round of course –when I got divorced I went on a fushia shopping whee~spree !! So libraquarius I lurve to hear you go on about your purple. Gonna be All Leo *shiny* for when I watch 5th series of Doctor Who tonight !! YaY small pleasures and pretty colors

  5. Speaking of highways..

    So couple of years ago came up behind two side by side California Highway Patrol cars on Interstate 15 going nearly 100 miles per hour (think I’ve shared this before but fun for my hell raise Aries partz)

    Lucky stars looking out for me that time.

    Think “Thunderstruck” more Jupiter tho? We had thunder/lightning last night.. :)

    Sorta vibing it a little with that Uranus/Merc/Jup set up going on but no need to go out speeding at this point…… A little Mars on any account

  6. Full of excitement about the changes i’m initiating in my world but exhausted from the insomnia they bring on. If it weren’t for ambient music, especially the new carbon based lifeforms album, i’d be a goner. So much teeth grinding. Freedom, i keep telling myself. This is going to result in freedom!

  7. this is all very interesting, and have to say Im taking notes. Feeling far too sick to formulate comments. But lets just say I can feel it in the air.