Loving The Leos

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Mark Segal 


So many things to love about our Leo:  their style, their noble hearts, their hair, their Art, how they roar when neglected (it’s a new take on Attention Deficit Disorder) and how in touch with their Inner Child they all are. Happy Birthday Beautiful People, may you be showered in gold dust and please – for a fast hit of Leo-Fabness, browse the LEO CATEGORY in the drop down menu on your left.


36 thoughts on “Loving The Leos

  1. Aw, cute pictures (although she does look like she’s about to chomp on kitty’s head).

    I certainly love my Leo BFF. She’s one of the bravest and most capable people I’ve ever met (and, of course, the most fun!). It’s been too long since I’ve seen her.

  2. Raising my glass to you Lovely Leos; tis my nannas 90th party tomorrow, sure to be great speeches with merc retro(?!) at least all the hair will be fab.

  3. Thanks MM for this post we are cute and adorable and if you don’t pay us Leos enuf attention we will nip your ear off. I love all my Leo friends and the lusty of course. Altho he is a tad too aqua so i’m going to give him” lessons’ tonight on how to improve his roar.

  4. let’s see if I can get it right this time ….

    Song for Leo (well chick Leos)

    Happy birthday girls and thanks for the inspiration leogroover. You have to sing this to Stray Cat Strut by the Stray Cats.

    Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh,
    Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh,

    Pretty little Leo sittin’ on a fence
    Don’t need no dumbass to pay HER rent
    Rich or poor she just don’t care
    She struts right by with her awesome hair …

    Leo strut, yeah I’m a cool cat,
    A feline force of nature, hey, thats where its at
    Prada or Target I don’t give a f***
    I make what I wear look a million bucks.

    I don’t bother chasing guys around (are you kidding?? .. they chase moi!)
    I slink down the alley in my tight white pants
    Don’t give a crap how I look when I dance
    Singin’ the blues while the guy cats crawl
    “Wow Leo lady, you’ve got some balls!”

    “I wish I could be as carefree and wild,
    coz you got Leo class and you got Leo style.”

  5. Yes they certainly are Lovin’ The Leo at the moment. Makes me larf, brightens any day. Hilarious when he’s upset.

  6. I’m a Leo. It’s my birthday. Love my hair products too. This Leo/Earth Monkey’s unplugged. Here comes the funny. Apologizing in advance to all the people I work with. I once took myself too seriously too. Working with you isn’t fun anymore so I must take matters into my own hands/psyche.

    happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me !

    Lovely photo and post MM, everyone’s comments are Leo fabulous.

    • Happy birthday to you indeed, Lucy! Be a glorious Lioness and make it amazing. :D It’s my birthday too–or, was, because it’s officially the 6th here in America (bday is the 5th).

      From a Metal Horse to an Earth Monkey, have fun!

      • Ooops trigger happy hit the enter button. Happy Birthday Catsmeow and all the sunny Leo’s. My Ma included :).

      • Happy birthday Lucy Lionheart and Catsmeow!

        Some of my favourite, highly romantic and creative-as-all-get-out Leo’s were born on 5th/6th August (6th – Alfred Lord Tennyson, the lyrical potetic genius; plus my piano-playing, novel writing, fabulously handsome ex-Vice Chancellor cousin) + (5th- my poetry-writing, piano-playing dad, who is sorely missed, could fix/build/invent anything, and remains my all time faviourite bass operatic voice).

        Shine on, pussycats!

      • Happy birthday fellow felines! May the sun shine on all the Lionesses that blog here this year, through Zap Zone and through ye funky olde transits too (lions too but I don’t remember any). Purrrrr, attention, purrr.

  7. My husband’s a Leo, his birthday’s tomorrow, and I’m having a wonderful time warbling “Happy Birthday for tomorrow” as I”m tone-deaf and he’s pitch-perfect. Interesting watching a Leo cower in pain 8)

  8. Happy Birthday Leo mother + both of her Leo sisters + my cousin’s brand new baby + almost everyone I’ve had intimate relations with in the past 2 years. I really have to stop loving them quite so much.

  9. Working on a new novel called “Daniel’s Lions,” so def love the Leo courage … have no planets in such fab sign, but it does rule my 3rd house, so I can pull out the roar if need to. :) Happy Birthday to all and to Lucille Ball – hey, that rhymes. hahahaha

  10. Yeah, it’s all that, but mostly it’s the hair. It’s the sign.

    Sun on my Leo ascendant right now! I am having a great hair day. But then, I always do.

  11. My heart is fond of the Leo Moons. My father was a Leo Moon; my son is a Leo Moon. (Coincidence? I don’t think so; they’re the two men I love the most). My son’s Moon is hidden in the 12th; plus he’s got multiple Cap planets, so first impressions are that he lacks warmth. But get a little closer, and you can see that ray of sun beaming through.

    So a happy scratch behind the ears to all you lovely Leos.

  12. my two leo girl friends are wonderful. i love the way they spread goodwill around so gracefully and in a way that is FULL of fun.

  13. I have a longtime weakness for (some) Leo guys. I love how they make ordinary life seem kind of magical – they are always starring characters in their own movies & everything is a bit larger-than-life & glittery about them (even if they’re pretending to keep a low profile – maybe especially then). Bless you, Leos – you inspire me! :)

  14. I had 2 leo male friends text me last night while i was at the Lusty’s. As an explanation to him I just said (nonchantlantly like) oh thats my fan club and they are both leo’s. Ha!

  15. yes, happy solar return to all my fellow-Leos out there!

    hooray for hair products and generosity!

    <3 from a birthday girl :)