The Getting Our Gorm Back Guide

Zarah Leander - Swedish, Pisces Retro-Movie Star & All…I love the Sequinned Moon over her her heart chakra. I Still think bras should come complete with something for the Heart Chakra. I mean, could it hurt?

I was thinking that ennui, a feeling of fading mojo or of being a bit gormless was just me. You know, moving fatigue (I still haven’t completed it, I have TAURUS IC for fuqs sake) and that last Full Moon was on my Ascendent.

But now i suspect it’s widespread and i even know WHY!

Okay, never mind for a moment that the recent Mars merde triggered the Zap Zone and all that. Or that Mars STILL has to go and square Saturn at months end. I always said July-Aug was gonna be a doozie.

Let’s just look at how Mars is in the sign of Cancer/Kataka. Ie; officially in it’s “Fall.”  Why? Because it’s the opposite sign to Capricorn, where Mars thrives and is deemed “exalted.” So Mars does not perform so well here and it’s in the sign of the Crab till mid-September.

What to do?

First realize that house which has Aries on the cusp is a bit conflicted at the mo: it’s got Uranus buzzing away, demanding that everything be immediately taken into a new hyper-dimension of amazingness but you can’t manifest anywhere near so quickly or powerfully as you want.

Then again, the Crab bit of your chart where Mars is on his tour of duty is like non-stop merde to do, power tripping, having to assert yourself or else and a feeling of the work/action never quite been done. You are not going to relax there.

So (1) check out these two houses for an idea of the issues involved.

(2) Remember that Knowledge actually IS Power. ie; now that you know this, you maybe won’t be quite so painfully existential about things.

(3) Don’t be so hard on yourself in the Aries house, know that you WILL get your gorm back there but that you’re doing fake-it-till-you-make-it for a few more weeks. Aries and Aries Rising people are REALLY having to drag themselves out of the house in the morning and plaster on that hi-qi smirk.

(4) Think like a Warrior in whichever area you’ve got Cancer/Kataka on the cusp.

Or, don’t worry about any of this but just goop around till September 19, when Mars goes into Leo.

Please, share your findings here!

Note: “gormless” means “lacking intelligence, courage and vitality.” It may or may not stem from a Viking Ruler named King Gorm.

42 thoughts on “The Getting Our Gorm Back Guide

  1. I feel like that’s more of her solar plexus chakra, than her heart…

    My gorm needs to come back. I’m broken today.

  2. Most of the stuff i can’t do anything about since they involve other people, and one can only change themselves! But i’m working on the stuff i do have control over.

    Cancer is 8th house stuff for me: so other people’s money, sex, and credit.
    There are no other people. My credit score is f_ing stellar if i do say so myself. sex…ha…what’s that again? You kind of need other people to do that one.

    Aries 5th house – romance/dating, creativity, and children.

    The creativity i am working on. I have several life-changing projects i am working at. It’s hard stuff, but will be a break through when done.

    Romance/dating? what is that? lol…see 8th house complaints. I’m hoping for a miracle but until then, I am keeping myself busy with work. Right now, books and fantasy are so much better than a sub-standard disappointing relationship with a real person. Plus, i haven’t seen any “real” takers.

    Children? see 8th house complaint…you have to have other people to get this one. I don’t even have siblings that have kids and my work doesn’t normally involve children either.

    • Hey, yotf, my 5th is also Aries with 8th Kataka. I feel my truly creative fun-loving side has had to pour its energy into work: the non-stop fqery from the bitch-crew, the documentation and exposure of such to three progressive tiers of authority, plus getting on with actual tasks from where i must shine for others and the clerical tasks of drudgery.

      Still, it’s been all worth doing, even if i have been put on hold personally. I share your “will be a breakthrough when done” feeling.

      Oh, actually Pisces cusps my 5th before it holds Aries. So perhaps a little diff from you.

      As for my 8th house.. Well, that would be telling ;)

    • Same 8th house, same 5th house as fox and as milleunanotte . . . and, Mystic, you’re genius and I am so glad you came up with an explanation because, seriously, I was getting worried as the last amoeba of gorm I had slithered out the door last week and left me lifeless.

  3. Thanks for sorting that Mystic. Ultra brill…REALLY needed that…

    Was contemplating going down to the pool and not coming up for air :cry:

    With these transits, think that sharp edged Moon is just in case she wants to commit hari-kari :)

    Really, wondered today if I’m going nuts. Yesterday did the shadow work and then today very unsettled. Think I’ve roused a sleeping giant/s (outer planets and Mars).

    As mentioned other day, all dead on Aries Merc 5 degree. Nuts, yes, that’s gotta be it as natal Saturn is getting hammered by Pluto and Merc and trans Uranus tryin’ to take it up a notch..

    Not there yet….Pluto and Saturn down in the dungeon and Merc and Uranus waving furiously…(if not suspiciously lol)

    • I figure it’s got to be tougher on Aries lately. That’s where all the actions at. :(


    • Hey, Lady Sweetpea. You know this is going to be so good when you’re out the other side. I’m Team Aries. *waves pompoms* GO-O-OOO SWEETPEA!

      Don’t power sports competitors get regular massages to break down that lactic acid?

    • Thanks guys.

      These long transits are going to be a haul. Uranus is a blessing (illuminating the rational mind) and with Saturn and Pluto the motto will be “surrender Dorothy” – letting go of everything stuck, out dated patterns.

      Trans Saturn is on my NN opposite Sun and everytime I fall back I get a kick in the butt.

      Change isn’t frightening but where I tend to get unsettled and scared is “can I fulfill what I’ve set out to do”. Suppose it’s about trusting the process and soothing those voices that are undergoing change with Saturn and Pluto.

  4. And she’s doing her mirror work….

    “You know what we’re talkin’ about….don’t pretend like you don’t”

    Off she goes tho to “fake it till she makes it”

    Noone will ever know about that private conversation ;)

    • I think you’re wonderful Sweetpea, brilliant already ~ think how you will shine after a little planetary polish * mwah hugs~ hang in there hon, have I mentioned how glad I am you’re back- I am. Ms Aries, I AM. :D hee

      • With as hard as I can be on myself at times, you’re the best Rox. Those are inspiring words xx

  5. My moon is in Aries. It has been a really weird week where I feel quite empowered to go and change my life as it has been so stagnant for years. I said what I thought as well and so now feel that it is all out in the open. Just reading about moon in aries women they sound so aggressive and self assertive. I havent been for years. Maybe now is the time lol.

  6. Thank you Mystic. Aries Sun, Cancer Rising. I’m reading this after literally pulling myself out of bed an hour later than normal, and after surviving the scariest anxiety attack of my life this weekend. I’m not going to complain about the whole mess, but it has been a tough year. Oh, and I’m having Saturn Return too.

    Thank you, there have been days when this place has felt like the safest place on Earth.

  7. Totally. My thesis work has been very slow. I have big realisations but cannot expand those flashes very well because of my overwhelming feeling of stuckness, and an inability to be clear.

    I find it very hard to read old drafts, and when I do open one eye and force myself to take a look, I see the work is not bad at all. But still, I cannot engage and build. I seem unable to get a work/thought momentum going for more than 20 minutes at a time. I have been like this for at least two weeks.

    In a word: claustrophobic.

  8. Kataka 5th house, with both venus and mars there. I def feel the weak mars effect here and have to do powerful visualizations to get my angry on daily, lest it come out as pass-agg cyclically .
    Currently not dating. Too busy!!….. am scheming to work with children ( have been working with olds for the past 9 yrs). Creativity is ramped up and am due to perform in 3 weeks, a brainchild of the past 10 yrs. Can’t wait.
    Romance is mingling in my daily interractions in a saturn in Libra kind of way. Detached flirting and dancing through the days as if I am a sex bomb in my own universe. Lol.

  9. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Mystic! I am a Libra sun with Aries rising and Cancer on my IC in the 4th (is that correct????).
    I was wondering why do I feel so dead inside, I am moving around in life on a physical level but just can’t seem to participate and I was wondering what was happening on an astrological level and you have answered it for me.
    It’s interesting as I had a very strong dream about a week ago that I was dying, I could literally feel myself taking my last breath and I slowly could feel myself waking from this dream and realised I wasn’t dying but it was so amazing feeling the breath leave my body.
    I understand the symbolism of a death dream and I think there are a few, but I really feel that life is changing and up until I read this I wasn’t very hopeful, so thank you again Mystic for making sense of it and now I don’t feel that I am sinking into a heap of nothingness as that was what life was beggining to look like. I can’t wait for September 19th to see what emerges out of the ashes.

  10. Spot-on as usual, MM.
    My moon in Aries being opposed by Saturn is just finishing up that transit, and I am basically really depressed, sad or numb all the time at the moment. Or drunk and sociable. And yes, nothing related to that transit – ie getting over pain & heartbreak & moving to a new place – is going to move as fast as I want, I have recently discovered.
    I happen to have Mars in Cancer natally, and feel like I can’t accomplish as much as I’d like at the moment – just started a new job & am trying to adjust the commute, not as switched on as I’d like to be or finding enough time for my own projects. Thanks for the advice & yes it does help to know we’re all facing it to some degree!

  11. Oh thank God, there is an astrological explanation for my ‘gormlessness’ of late.
    Been tired, tired, tired (stellium in cancer). Picking up all the little colds and scabs and wounds of late.

    Cannot wait for Mars in Leo in September, this lioness intends to go Martian then. Until then, I shall retreat into the Kataka stellium of steel and hide in my armour.

  12. Interpretation please.. I’m Aries rising and feeling like I need a lot more sleep (even though I’ve had plenty) but also hyped up and excited about new stuff in my life (eg finding it hard to relax and go to sleep). I have actually been feeling really powerful and like I’m going through good change.
    I’ve got Cancer IC at the base of my natal chart.

    I’ve got a Libra descendant on my ‘relationship line’ (between 6th and 7th houses), does that explain why I’ve never had any Librans in my life until the past 2 years, and I am strongly attracted to them (no matter how inappropriately?)

    • Have been going through major transformation since Feb 2010, when I started my art course (becoming an artist… major childhood dream/life purpose).

    • Hey Gemyogi – I’m Aries Asc too, and have been suffering really regular bouts of insomnia – and I am usually the worlds best sleeper. I’ve been rolling with it, but am exhausted today after almost no sleep. Basically the way we present to the world is burning to let rip with the new US, but we can’t evolve fast enough to suit us! Frustration central. Its manifesting for me in a career sense, I know who I am in the career arena, but am stuck in a role I hate, and want to move out into the role I’ve been filling in for the last 2 months permenantly. Conflict.
      Cancer 4th house – roots and origins. For me its been really feeling rage at mums family of origin. Mum is VERY saturnian (even tho she’s an Aqua), so its her line that gets represented here for me, my fathers family is a bit non, I think because my father is quite passive, and the family is female dominant, whereas my mums family is very masculine dominant. Its taken me a while to get this, as whenever I read family of origin/the father, it doesn’t resonate as much as my Saturnian maternal line….

      • I had insomnia linked to anxiety about money and depression for three months from March to June, but now I’ve got my Himalayan salt lamps (thanks MM!) have been sleeping a lot better. Highly recommend them! Not expensive, and very grounding and protective. That reminds me I’d better go switch on the one in my bedroom now!

  13. Kataka in 6th – work and Aries in 3rd- communication.
    I have lost it a couple of times in the last few days and it is not pretty.
    Friends are gossiping about me with no fair reason and now birthday drinks with them this week are not going to happen or be awkward. Great
    Hard to deal with other peoples misconceptions and unforgiveness.
    Will pull head and pretend there is no birthday.
    So to get back my mojo I wil channel energy into career project and now go for a run and get some aries fuq em all energy flowing.

  14. Well my poor sister is a Cancer Sun and she is feeling it big time. A major relationship breakup. Just want to give her a big cuddle and trying to entice her out of that shell. Yup she is retreating emotionally. I am cancer rising so I am also being zapped as well. Been a non stop slogg to sort out my work situation. Retrained, reinvented re everything and nothing seems to be working. Stuck. And boy am I frustrated.

  15. Aries venus, sucking down my shank broth for breakfast at my desk with hot hair – seems appropriate.

    Kataka in my 2nd, GFF of course.

    • Yep, tons of financial fuqery here, too, with Kataka also in the 2nd. I here you, numoon.

  16. Aries intercepted in first house, not a house ruler, it is all about rage atm.

    Kataka rules 4th house and boy, Mystic you nailed it.

    Aries unexpressed rage and Kataka “where do I want to live” merde are related.

    Problem is: how do you behave like a warrior when your Aries is clipped (intercepted)?

  17. “Think like a warrior.”
    So True. Been acting like one while nursing a bit of a tender heart.
    The Aries stuff is putting me to task. Toute le monde around me are like, who, wha, who is she now ?

    Am lonely for true friendships. Several are scattered about.
    Everything’s gonna be okay.

    • Sorry to hear about your sore heart Lucy :(. Same here with true friendships, after nasty bust up with Pisces bff over Christmas I’m wary of female friendships & feel like a lone wolf a lot of the time. Even more so that I work exclusively with men & because of my evolutionary changes other female friends stare at me like I’m an alien lol. Funny men seem to accept the changes.

      Go us lady warriors though!

  18. Yeah seriously, I have Aries rising and totally feeling that, have Cancer in the 4th and 5th houses, both of which are massively lit up and on heat in a not great way right now. Just conflicted and complicated and weird.

  19. aries mostly in 8th and on 9th cusp. yep. death has no mercy. three pets dead in 3 months and the 4th on the way….
    sex…new lover chaos. so scared, getting attached and fleeing all at the same time ugh. just want to throw up my hands and walk away, but then he draws me back…..
    cancer on 11th house cusp. My juno, sun, and saturn in cancer. Mars is approaching my juno(note love chaos mentioned above). 11th house of friends….I am so lonely. I really have hardly any close friends here, and the few I have I almost never see, just talk on the phone.
    this week sucked. kicking my butt. My heart is so broken and being a single mom is hard.

    • oh lover has the same as me with aries on 8th. so of course sex is all crzy for him too. figures. no wonder this is some amazing mind blowing/ bonding/ I need to run to protect myself stuff for us both.

      • Awww, your story touched my heart. I hope you feel better and your new relationship brings healing and peace. Oh and so sad about the pets, too. I’d be lost without my canine life partners. :( You have a friend here, even though I’m in the USA and it’s just as weird here. Don’t feel alone.

        • hang in there fushiafairy, feel so sad after reading your posts and wish you happiness and good love from your new man, stay brave x

  20. THANK YOU!!! Awesome post.

    Aries on the cusp of 8th house and Kataka rules my 11th.

    Been way down in the dumps about the lack of “action” lately – haha! Lot’s of potential – way more promising options than usual – but nothing is actually happening!

    And then I have been feeling super weird socially. Lashing out at friends and desperately wanting to go out/be social but then being really moody and tetchy when I finally get there.

    It makes sense now and I know if I can just wait it out it will shift – and I won’t be a moody bitch forever.

    PS Saturn get off my sun. I am so over you.

  21. I always get which house rules which sign confused, but since we’re talking about the current transit (I think?), Mars in Cancer is currently in my 7th house…so is Cancer also the natal ruler of my 7th too?

    Is it ‘whatever sign occupies the beginning of the house is what sign rules the house’ or vice versa? If the former than Gemini rules my 7th, which I think would be an interesting contrast to Cancer in the realm of marriage and relationships.

    Aries on the other hand would rule my 4th house (the beginning of Aries is in the 3rd, the end of it is in the 4th)

    I found this about Aries in the 4th:
    Aries on the cusp of the fourth house denotes an aggressive attitude toward the home and family. You always take an active interest in the affairs of the home. Too often though, quarrels and spats result if your ideas of how things should be handled aren’t accepted. There is a tendency to force issues and demand too much. Much of your success in life may be attributed to an ambitious mother who inspired you to make the best of yourself. The fourth house denotes activities in the latter part of life. With Mars ruling this sector of the chart, the later years will be very active. A more daring and outgoing, even youthful personality emerges as you grow older. Mature and serious in your youth, you are apt to grow child-like, and more assertive and physically active in the latter part of life.

    Does this mean that there will be much head-butting concerning issues of control in the house? I’m single and live with roommates, so that’s always a possibility. I do have strong opinions about how I like my space to be kept and get depressed when my surrounding environment does not vibe with my wants and needs. I hope household issues are peaceful for the next few weeks though, since I’ll be visiting friends and staying with them the last week in August. I’d hate for arguments concerning me as a house guest to ruin our time together. :(

  22. Aries rising. Indeed struggling to get out the door for the last week, complete with digestive tract shenanigans and battling to implement the new career regime. Let it end soon so I can get on with it!

  23. Hmm. Mars and Venus in Aries. Heartbroken-misery-guts late last week, phased out last night and today have woken up full of fabness.

  24. Im an aquarian, but with cancer rising. Conflicted at the moment much. Luckily, having a libra moon in the 3rd house Im way to busy with mountains of administrivia and work slog to notice anything but that my eyebrows DEFINITELY need some work.

  25. My Aries is just at the end of my 5th, going into my 6th. I have been hanging out with some very sexually brazen people. It’s both interesting and a little challenging. I have spent the past week being quite sick.
    My MC is in Cancer and and it straddles my 8th and 9th house.
    Just vague and tired.
    And my dream job is halted up with paperwork that they are having issues sending me.

    … maybe I just need a new hobby/project.
    Maybe I just need to fully recover.

    I am impatient, vague and tired.