Fab News In The Weekly Horoscopes

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The Weekly Horoscopes are UP-UP-UP and i am thrilled happy to report that the general vibe is moving on from catharthis/forced growth/getting a grip etc to romance, inspirational genius, neo-capitalism and self-promo publicity style ventures.

It’s like strong Jupiter action, haute Pisces and Venusian Voodoo.

Not that the Zap Zone wasn’t fun and all. If you’re already missing the cathartic crap of June to August, you’ll have to hold out till 2012 lol.





23 thoughts on “Fab News In The Weekly Horoscopes

  1. Woh! I am currently working on a job app which would take me back to my hometown..maybe I’ll just submit that card…says it all..’have brain..will travel’ love it!!!

  2. That should be my husband’s biz card. Wiley E. is one of his nicknames. Hey, I wonder what sign he’d be…. ?

    • Right there with you though I don’t even have it in me to cry. Empty. Feel absolutely empty. Another year coming to a close soon & nothing has happened that’s truly been good for me. 10 steps backward. That’s where I am *sigh*

  3. Yes, in the next few weeks, my job is refurbishing my face, figure and getting some advertising going, ha ha! Fun!

  4. Mystic — I’ve been digging all my fellow commenters’ links. You have a very, very talented following!

  5. I’ve obviously got it all backwards. The so-called recent zap zone was the best I’d felt in a long time. And since the weekend and especially the new moon the crap has descended once more….

    *….one step at a time….be in the now*

    • maybe the zappage was forming more pleasant aspects to your own planets – trines, etc

  6. I think we’ve all had enough cathartic crap for a while… I know I have… But good to know things will be moving forward etc. again.

  7. The coyotes business card is similar to mine… i registered my self as a business with the office of fair trading today …yaaayyy. When the lady rang me to ask me what sort of business i would be conducting i replied
    “all sorts of” .

  8. OH! MYSTIC I heard about a book coming out called “the greening of capitalism”. keep an eye out

  9. OMG – if next year is going to be more cathartic or forced growth than the past may june july aug i am really quivvering in my boots