Entering The Virgo Containment Zone

Sharon Eliza Nichols


Actually, i am writing this on two hours sleep so forgive me if MY grammar is rooted, lol.

The Moon is in Virgo – new and Pluto-Venus enhanced.

Excellent. And Mercury – ruler of Virgo – is Direct.

Welcome BACK to the Power of Glib, to sleep and in some cases, to our lost moxy.

Now that we are entering the Virgo Containment Zone, everything works better when strained through the Virgo Filter and/or seen with Virgo Vision.

It’s stylish details management, a health kick like NOTHING that has gone before (me, i’m doing sprouted millet ‘bread’ with tumeric & maca spread for lunch, awesome) and a renewed awesome respect for core basics.

But with – guess what?!?! – a fabulously sensual undertone.  I am going to go on about this at length in the Daily Mystic but amazing things may be in the seed stage right now.

But in short, with these new things starting up now, just be more Bugs Bunny (elusive, eating carrots, wise-cracking) and less Elmer Fudd (plodding, in pursuit, needs to lay off the brain-leadening carbs).

Blessings of Health, Hygiene, Efficiency and Perfect Grammar to youse all.


47 thoughts on “Entering The Virgo Containment Zone

  1. Hah! I’m mega carb addicted and have been very naughty with once a week treats of the pastry/cake variety (creme brulee tarts! key lime tarts!) every day for the past month. This morning I instead purchased Honey Roasted Nut wholemeal oat porridge sachets with chia seeds, fresh raspberries and biodynamic yoghurt. The carbs you are doing when you are trying to break free of carbs! :-)

  2. So, where does 5 days of viral gastro, which ‘opened the sluices at both ends’, fit in? I lost so much weight, I am thinking of marketing it as the new fad diet program.

    • I had that, and then was broke for a week. Everyone said I looked great. Felt like my body was dying but at least my cheeks had thinned?

  3. Where do you get turmeric and maca spread? Or do you make it yourself? I like to put red palm oil on my toast and sprinkle it with nutritional yeast…

  4. I’m making my own Yogi tea, (drinking lots of it.. great cleanser) doing lots of Kundalini Yoga, Meditating daily, growing my hair out, adding hair feathers, getting rid of the fake nails, doing Indian clay facials, changing my entire wardrobe to better fit the Spirit of my being, and I’m not taking any Sh*t from anyone! I’m on a mega future forward trend and all peeps that aren’t on board by now are being left at the depot.

    I feel freakin GREAT. I hope the same fabulous feeling for all of you. :)

    Yogi tea recipe: Large finger of ginger, 30 peppercorns, 30 cloves, 30 green cardamom and 5 cinnamon sticks, put all ingredients in a large stock pot with 2 gallons of water. Bring to a boil then simmer for 35-40 min. Towards the end throw in one black tea, tea bad. (it helps to “set” the herbs) Some peeps add milk and honey. I use it as iced tea throughout the week.

  5. How amazing – literally minutes after the new Moon entered Virgo, I got offered a new job, taking a huge pay rise and the opportunity to do work that I will really enjoy, with people that seem ace. New things *are* really starting to manifest, but it feels like the last little while has been totally necessary to be where I am meant to be right now.

  6. I left therapy once because the analyst couldn’t spell extrovert…why should I have any confidence in her judgment? (Not a defence or anything.)

  7. What are ya, MM? No flamin’ Vegemite on ya toast??? An’ I’ll bet you don’t shout: “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi!” does youse?

    • I’m off me flamin’ grog, mate. Bewdy! Still suckin back the fags, but, eh. Reckon they’ll be next, but.

      Oh fq it actually hurts speaking like that. It hurts my mind! (…echo…me moind)

      • A movie just out at the DVD rental shops called ‘I am number 4′.
        Teresa Plamer from Adelaide, South Australia is in it, speaking
        with the most interesting ozzie accent, it intriqued me enought to
        google her and found she went to same scholl as me decades after
        of course, Millie.

        Being free of ciggies is a euphoric buzz, smells like FREEDOM to me

        • Cool recomm, Pegs. Don’t think i’ve seen it…not sure. Will check it out!

          I haven’t been wanting to smoke so much this evening. Not trying to not want, just … it wasn’t there so much. No promises, just foot forward. The liquor got a hold again earlier this year. Then, recently just didn’t have me at hello.

          So, how’s the business stuff goin? Any shopfront news? Early days, early days, i know :)

  8. This makes sense. I am so pleased right now because I have just started making my own home remedies for the bath. Tonight it was an amazing lemon scrub. I saved my lemon rinds, put them in the food processor, mixed them with sea salt and lemon essential oil and voila, home scrub. It felt wonderful. All week I have been making various salts, scrubs, sprays, facials. Doing this has made me feel closer to my real self like sone kind of Venus-Witch.

    Hopefully this Virgo keeps me on track. I am all about eating healthier, meditating, exercise/taking care of my body right now. This bodes well.

    • OOoha, next week perhaps MM could ask us all for out home remedies
      to write out and share-swap. So many good ones, Lemon Scrub & Yogi Tea
      for starters!!

    • What a great idea Erika. Love lemon scrubs but have never made one myself. Will try this when I get home.

    • This sounds fabulous! Thanks for the recipe… off to get lemon essential oil.

  9. lord how I hate that book title. What it is trying to say is “I adversely judge you when you use poor grammar.”

    The word judge is neutral – you can make a positive or negative judgement.

    • I think the ‘poor grammar’ clarifies the intent. Why would you make a positive judgement on shoddy grammar?

      I’d buy that book. Hell, I’d WRITE that book!

  10. ” … a health kick like NOTHING that has gone before … ”

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I don’t do health. *sobs*

  11. Up to end of day 7 of quitting the deadly tobacco plus have lost
    ALL desire. A titch grumpy, like ready to attack Demented Virgo
    Neighbour for past nastiness, even through past.
    Strangely body went into a natural de-tox fast, would accept food
    so am starting, so as not to starve, vegtable & fruit jiuces, soup with
    a raw egg mixed in. Every bodily fluid being analysed THEN the Longlevity
    Diet commences, which i shall make up as i go along :-) My blender & juicer
    will become my closest allies. Craving herbs, the green colour.
    Might do that Chakra Diet where you only eat a certain colour food and wear
    the same colour undies (or outies).
    I KNOW sex would help, only as a healing tool, so to speak :-)

    • Are you okay Pegs? That sounds full on. Big hugs and support to you, from my herbalicious green heart chakra!

    • Hang in there Pegs – your body will reward you once those foul toxins are purged. Oh, and you will feel so fuqing smug! Yes!!!

    • Wow Pegs I know the struggle re ditching the bloody cigs. Yes the grumpys. The cigs suppress day to day irritants and resentments. Stands to reason they would come up one by one? Detox is always physical along with the psychological. Let me know how you go. I am struggling!!! Still with the patches and on a reduction plan – I suck at cold turkey.

      • Sending lots of encouragement to you prowln and Pegs. Each persons way through this is individual. One thing I have read about is smoking passionflower herbal cigarettes (or having it as a tea) as part of a reduction plan. It seems to help with the symptoms of withdrawal.

    • HEY COOL! Now i get yr comment above. Holy Cost Rica, Pegs. Mighty power to you.

      Body will heal. Won’t be too long. And yeah you sure need to find something useful to do with the Saggi Irrits. Sometimes those ponies drag me off. I mean only sometimes every hour. My body’s one impatient pony. Can’t imagine how that must be with Sag SUN.

  12. Started, should I say re-started my dairy-free life in July and have regressed only occasionally ie. very dark Lindt chocolate for the anti-oxidants.

    However, one of the things that has made my dairy-free phase an absolute pleasure was the discovery that I could make yoghurt from soy-milk (the organic fresh stuff) by using the fresh stalks off 30 or so chillies!!! as a starter!

    Mix them in, keep the milk warm for 12 hrs and voila thickened creamy dairy-free yoghurt. Fish out the stalks and use some of the yoghurt as the starter for the next batch. I found the recipe online -traditionally used in Punjab or somewhere in the drier part of India.

  13. well… that shift out of last weeks hell is a kind relief for my nervous system! along with the divine massage I smartly prioritised yesterday and was given by a goddess!

    Last week put the fear in me… i cant imagine its going to be lobotomised from my memory any time soon, while i wish it would be, it may be wise to ground that level of awareness into practicality and empowerment.

    Have definitely felt lighter this afternoon, and have a bit more energy than have had for a while. Which is vERy important right now as i go through a huge adaptation, that Im not sure Im happy about, but trying to see if it is worthwhile.

    Oh gosh… MM…. can you include things on the oracle like…. should i stay or should i go? should I sign this contract now? should i go out now? should I change my mind? should I perservere or give up on this tangent? should i ring now? should i eat chocolate now? is it okay to go back to sleep? should i talk about this or not? all those kind of questions…

  14. I judge people when they use poor spelling always not just when they’re tired and most of all when they declare they don’t care cuz they’ve got better things to do than learn spelling like raise the kids, start a stocks portfolio and scrape the oven of grease.

    Yeah ? Like the grandmothers I worked with at a Christmas job who made accounting mistakes and disassociated themselves from them. “No, you did that,” they would say to me.

    “No I did not. But I’ll fix it for you.” I would say.
    “Oh. Gotta leave early, the grandkids are coming to the mall. Toodles.”

    Like having grandkids is more important than being able to do simple math.
    Who’s gonna teach them simple math. School I suppose.

    I get this a lot lately. When I come off smarter than other women in the workplace or more efficient or focussed, I get the fact they have kids thrown in my face. Well they don’t bring their kids to work ! Why are they stupid then at work ?

    I know. I’m in the wrong job anyway at the mo but, I judge myself on my spelling and grammar so I’ll judge you too.

    • Hear hear!!! Yes, the ‘baby brain’ thing wears thin doesn’t it? Bring the brain, people!!!

  15. I mean the general “you” but I really mean myself. Ingrained in elementary school about good spelling so I guess they did their job.

  16. Astro is pretty amazing as starting whole new eating plan.

    New Moon was exact on IC/Pluto and Pluto rules 6th house

  17. Whenever I read about Virgos, I am reminded of The Efficient Baxter in the Blandings stories by P. G. Wodehouse. (Wodehouse was a sun Libra, but I suspect he had strong Piscean influences in his chart– he was really rattled by Virgo-style behavior!)