Cherchez Le Grip

Mercury still blasting backwards in Leo, the Moon Void in surreal Pisces & a Venus-Sun Conjunction. Sheesh. Our Tarot may be mega accurate today, we could flirt with a TOAD and rad dreams, I KNOW but is anything flowing to plan? Pffft.

Keep your grip. Leo Sun-Venus demands a show of nobility, some Co-Q-10 & hardcore caffeine.

70 thoughts on “Cherchez Le Grip

  1. So, I’m wanting to try out some Bibliomancy as per MM’s scopes for today… does anyone have any tips? How do you select a book? Pick a fave, no matter what the subject, genre, etc, or shake a bookshelf and see what falls down? xx

    • think of basic premise of your ? go to your shelf and pick out the 4th book from the right flip the pages open with eyes closed until it ‘feels right’ poke your finger on a page. read :) I use my bible but also whatever book strikes my fancy at the mo. have fun with it !

      • hmm, might try it with a bible and some fiction just to experiment! thanks lovelies xx

        also, was reading on wiki about robert browning and how he used bibliomancy to figure out his love for elizabeth barret – gorgeous story!

      • My youngest left home today for college. I will not see him until Thanksgiving–which seems like such a long way off– like forever–now. I have been crying, on and off, for a couple of hours.

        Then I read these tips on bibliomancy, and asked the question that I was afraid of: “Will I be all alone someday?” The fourth book on the right on my shelf was a book on gardens. I closed my eyes, flipped the pages, and put my finger on a page. The page was a photograph of green plants and flowers and the caption (on which my finger was resting) read: “A happy association of many forms and textures.”

        I feel somewhat better now. Thanks.

    • I’m going to try it with Jung’s Red Book that I “borrowed” from my parents. :)

      • …grabbed Book of Secrets – Osho and turned right to chap 43 cover pg. “Finding the changeless through the changing”…whoa. cool

        • Ha, did that last week with Osho’s Book of Secrets and it actually
          had my surname mentioned on the page i opened! Was that a personal
          message or what?!!
          It was about death of course. And rebirth.
          And to be The Ocean not The Wave.

          • just opened fave book and it was about working from home. Which is my next career project. Sync!

    • highly recommend Susan Hayward’s Guide for the Advanced Soul.

      heaps of epithets from all kinds of spiritual/philosphic traditions.

      this little book gave me so much inspiration during Pluto in Saggo days, when, although challenged to the hilt and facing deaths and disasters all around, I was rock of faith (not religious) for many.

      Re bible, there’s a few beauties in this book that at one point, when I was on a manifesting high, kept coming up when I opened a page at random – and I say this as so not a Christian:

      “You will decide on a matter,
      and it will be established for you,
      and light will shine on your ways” (Job 22:28)

      “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray,
      believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them” (Mark 11″24)

      “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find;
      knock, and it shall be opened unto you” (Matthew 7:7.8).

      Then, there’s the philosophers, who sum it all up, best perhaps of all, being Kahlil Gibran:

      “Faith is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking”.

      “Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother”.

      Thanks for this post, Mystic, and making me drag out this little book, which the materialist, competitive, survivalist, sociopathic exigencies of Pluto in Cap had allowed me to leave far behind….to the detriment of my heart, and my soul.

  2. Once again Mystic, thank you for the pep talk.

    I feel like i’m falling backwards with every possible step forwards, I should be seeing the 2 Virgo’s today, however i feel like i just can’t do it.
    Will chat over the mobilius phonius and take it from there.

    Awful dream i was screaming at my Piscean Grandmother at the beach Beach (clovelly where i visited her yesterday) the waves were turbulent, with clear teals and beautiful crisp whitewash apot, I needed her to drive me (she doesn’t drive) to a dam that i was afriad my son might fall into, but when i got there, it was only muddy fields and boys safe.

    Emotional…pffft not much.

    • No, changed mind, who better to have over than a couple of Virgo’s to ”therap-ise” you.

      On wards…xx thankyou for the space to take a mental breath Mystic ! Enchant on !

  3. Do you know I frequently come on this site because your pep-talks sync with my situation (as you know they must!). To read of other people’s travails whilst I am going through my own…god this has been a difficult winter, not difficult as in cold and hard (though that too) but just for me a continual confrontation with my past and with my path ….you chose this…you got it….are you happy now?…if not why not?….and what’s your favourite colour? Questions that I struggle to answer. Is it because I finally came to a full-stop and am now forced to assess. And yet is seems that everyone around me is going through the same thing. It’s like we’re waking from a dream.

    “Wherever you go, there you are.” Goddamn it.

    Thankfully, there is always caffeine. Although today I would like to have a couple of puffs on a magic cigarette and maybe some red. But my throat hurst from unidentified horrible illness, and currently whacky tobacky makes me unable to move or thing, whilst alcohol makes me break out in hives and retch, so caffeine it will have to be.
    Somebody else is out there living the high life. I hope they’re having fun.

    • amen to the what’s my favorite color, caffeine, and hope they are enjoying it.

  4. My tarot is blazing lately, I’m always on when Neptune is retrograde. But I had a puzzling incident the other day. A friend of mine, my first and only paying tarot client (so far.. she insisted on paying) told me, “hey I went to that tarot reader just down the block from you, for a reading. She told me she was looking for someone to read her cards, so I told her I knew someone who was really good and suggested you.” I didn’t know what to say. If she thinks I’m so good, why was she paying someone else to read her cards, instead of me?

    Anyway, I was at the local library today, they just got a copy of The Encyclopedia of Tarot on the shelf. I haven’t seen that book in probably 30 years. I was scanning through it and found a little hint that explains something that has puzzled me for decades, and that I have been pondering this week in particular: why the Thoth tarot has knights, queens, princes and princesses, when the RWS tarot has kings, queens, knights, and pages.

    • Because it’s said one cannot be objective doing one’s own
      reading if a reader themselves. I don’t believe or dis-believe that,
      just what i heard.

      Mine have Shamans, Priestesses, Sons & Daughters instead.

      • Yeah, it’s difficult to read for yourself, but IMHO you have to learn how to remove your biases, even in the most biased of all cases, yourself. Otherwise you just give crappy readings to everyone, based on your prejudices.

        Anyway, I was teasing people but nobody took the bait but you. So I’ll give you the tip from Stuart Kaplan’s book. He says that the King and Queen are the parents of the Knight, who will one day inherit the throne. But the Page is not a blood relation, he is a servant of the Knight. Ooh I like that. But I see no evidence from any other source that supports this interpretation.

  5. People can want a different style Charles. I have a very accurate tarot reader or i get the horribly accurate but brilliant astro queries from mystic but i also have a semi-accurate clairvoyant i go to more for her bedside manner, flattery and general vibe. Lavender kaftan, turquoise jewellery, patchouli, red muslin curtains, reiki etc etc etc.

    As for this picture yes i DO feel as if i am scratching barnacles off an old ancient statue, have not had a brazilian in 10 weeks ( the new chastity belt) and Saturn may as well have parked himself up my bum for all the “fun” i am having.

    • Sure she’s entitled to a different style, whatever she likes. But I think she was just double-checking me. She’s a Libra, and of course she’s having a tough time with the Saturn transit. I am terribly amused watching her transit. IIRC it was Mystic who said that when Saturn transits your sign, you hate your life, or at least, you hate how your natal sign expresses itself in your life. So right at the Saturn transit of her sun, she quit her job and got a new one, bought a new house, and started remodeling it (and her life). I told her that Saturn would help her build a strong new skeleton to support her life.

      Anyway, it’s just funny to me because she spent months trying to get me to accept payment for readings, when I did readings for her friends. I told her I will always have a problem with it, because no matter what you pay me, it would be paltry compensation for the decades of study I’ve put into it, it would be almost an insult. So she’d say, “well isn’t something better than nothing?” I said I preferred to think of my readings as a gift. She said people think something is worthless if it’s free. She had me there. But I recalled that there was a local law prohibiting fortune telling for pay. So I checked into it, the law was repealed a long time ago, before I moved back to town. So I let her pay me, and then gave her an hour reading for the half hour price she suggested. It was still a gift.

      • Well Charles, seeing you dont want/need the cashola & the pittance you’re being offered obviously offends your sensibilities terribly… Perhaps you’d like to be take it upon yourself, to play the role if Social Philanthropist & tithe your Tarot income to those who would truly appreciate it… There are so many who could benefit. Who knows, maybe this is your opportunity to be a ‘Change Agent’ for the Masses & start your own Micro Finance Bank ; )
        Stranger things have happened.

        • …& I’d just like to pay a special tribute to Merc retro for all the above typo’s! : )

        • Oh I need the money desperately. But there is something weird going on here, beyond my own irrational money issues. The moment I decided to accept payment, and actually did accept one payment for one reading, suddenly the demand for my readings totally disappeared. I mean, I haven’t done one single reading for anyone since that time. People used to ask me for readings all the time, and invite me out to parties to do readings for everyone. Then overnight, it just stopped. And it’s not like I even told anyone, or it got around that suddenly I was charging for it. Must be some karmic thing.

          • “She said people think something is worthless if it’s free.”

            Whenever someone purports to know what PEOPLE want/think in the face of another PERSON i think they are spouting bullsh*

            The love of your friends/children, beautiful weather, clean air, awe of nature, self realisations, good advice/food for thought, finding something lost, meeting someone, being interested…COST NADA, yet i notice many on this blog regularly praise the presence of such in their lives.

            So, Charles, you think you’re worth more than a small sum. Is your tarot reading worth a larger sum, or worth some other value altogether?

            “So I let her pay me, and then gave her an hour reading for the half hour price she suggested. It was still a gift.”
            Perhaps it is more the POWER to name your own value, rather than the figure itself. You need to NAME YOUR PRICE, even if it free, not let anyone name the value of what you’ve given…that’s insulting.

      • ummm…i have saturn conjunct sun natally….and yes, I often hate how my natal sun sign expresses itself at times.

  6. Does roadside Moai have a boogy ? :)
    I am having a fun time with my new tarot book, Tarosophy in between doing a million things and making seemingly little progress. Have been having some weird synchonicities, riding the waves, babee
    Things are moving, just s l o w m o

  7. I think I might have cherched le grip (!!)

    Today was brillz, even if I was totally lazy bones.

  8. On the tarot tip (I’m all about divination today), can anyone recommend a Melb reader? I had one for a long time, who’s much like yours, Leo Socialite – semi-accurate who I go to for the positive, upbeat messages she has. But I’m always on the look out for another. I’m not too good at reading my own cards (a reason why I’m intrigued by MM’s mentioned tarot app that’s in the pipeline).

    • Dear CC, check out the ladies at Spellbox in the Royal Arcade for a reading. I used to work there and its the best place to just soak up some lush vibes.

  9. Reading about suffragettes in a book my mums cousin published recently, came across Pamela Colman Smith in it today, a member of the Golden Dawn movement who ‘saw social and spiritual transformation as intrinsically linked’.
    She designed the rider-waite tarot.

  10. I just want to know whether I should send a questioning email to the HR dept asking where my new jobs paperwork is. It’s been over two weeks.
    It’s really getting me down, but I don’t want to be pushy.

    • Push. They won’t send it otherwise (they might well have forgot!! so a polite telephone call, followed up with an email is counselled) and until they send it you won’t get paid.

      Have been working for an organisation for a month on a project where, I learn yesterday, the timetable is set around the other two peeps and, to work, requires third peep (guess who?) to work week-ends and be up at 4am to meet the unrealistic timetable. Alas said 3rd peep had no input into the timetable, otherwise could have pointed out a couple of unrealistic assumptions.

      Have yet to be paid…and it doesn’t look as if I will be now until September. Only got email access yesterday and still have to ask someone to let me in the door because I am waiting for security access.

      UPSIDE: It has been a remarkable insight into one of the people involved (and the organisation) and I’m glad to have had this insight. Up until now, I’ve put this person on a pedestal, but now I see that they’re human and flawed in the kind of ways that makes you realise you couldn’t ever really work with them again and, well, that stuff’s always good to know, anyway.

      Incredibly pissed off is how I’m feeling right now. So, I’d offer to call HR for you, but I probably wouldn’t get the result you need – on payroll and paid!

    • Venus a GG. DEFINITELY ask where your paperwork is. 2 weeks?! If it’s getting you down, as K Gem says – polite phone call “Good morning! this is Venus Go-Go here. I started two weeks ago and I haven’t received the necessary paperwork yet. Can you please tell me when I can expect to see it, or who I need to speak to about this today?” [“bla bla reply reply”] “ok, great, this week from Mr X then? that’s great. I’ll send Mr X an email so I can confirm that – I feel comfortable keeping a record of these things. any problems I’ll give you a call shall I? Thanks very much for your help! ”

      :) don’t let it get you down. Only an admin thing but you have the power xx

  11. May i ask if anyone can recommend a Counsellor in/around the inner-west Sydney area for a lovely young Lioness mother of 2 who has recently split from her man. The Counsellor she was using, her ex is now using, and just doesn’t ”feel” right anymore.

    I spose like both parties having the same divorce lawyer, it’s just not going to work out in everyone’s best interest.

    Thank you marvellous peoples. x

    • xx lioness mum.
      Check out the Leichhart Women’s Health Centre. Very lovely clinical psychologist lady who works there, not as employee, but as contractor – if you get a referral through a GP, you only pay what you can afford. I can personally recommend her, as can my neice.
      They also have lots of other lovely alternative women’s health/well-being stuff going on at the Centre, which is based in a lovely old terrace house. through which you might meet other lovely young mums.
      Website below – for some reason it hasn’t come up as a link, but copy and paste it into your browser

      • just realised I used the word lovely three times in a post. pisces moon on top of Venus conjuncting the Sun right now, or what? or maybe it is just that my vocab/memory of other adjectives has shrunk from the bloody serotonin meds they’ve put me on post surgery to keep me docile while I can’t exercise….

        • thank you so much Fi, that’s “lovely” of you ! (truly!).

          Muchly appreciated. Young Lioness Mum will defiantely appreciate this local link ! xxx
          hope you up and at ‘em asap.


  12. Reading about dopamine, read a post somewhere here, quite informative & excellent – just to share with those wanting to keep a grip, paleo diet has helped me with this immensely, tho everyone is different, so might not work for all…Also noticed it can be simplified to help with Candida symptoms too. Good site is “holistic health talk” by Cynthia Perkins.

    Exploring Lyn Koiner, awesome lady: “Neptune sabotages through ambivalence, denial & excuses, by crippling our ability to say NO”

    am so grokking this today! fuq yeah!

  13. very pleased with how today turned out, especially after a heart breaking weekend. My pet was killed friday and this morning said goodbye to my old dog for the last time…..I have cried and cried over the recent death(the 3rd pet in 3 months) and the upcoming one….
    Dear pluto….f off.
    the grief has been almost too much for me to bear….seriously have been thinking drastic packing the car and leaving thoughts.
    so this evening, feeling unsure about my new virgo loves intentions(once again….uncharted terriatory for me since I have been with scorpios for 16 years) was happy when we “ran into each other”(yes I worked it when I saw his car) in town. It was oh so reassuring…and after a public meandering in the grocery store, He ended up kissing me on the street in broad daylight! first time for that! Mars is on my juno right now….lol.
    Back into liking my new job, which I am happy about. I had gotten really sick of it for a little bit there.
    don’t do tarot since I never had luck with it on my own. I am a dreamer though, so tonight may be interesting…. Last night I dreamed my ex hubby picked me up (we get along well) and we were driving in the dark. A Gigantic crocodile was on the side of the road. He was going to grab some things and I was worried about him getting out of the car..WEird. I have NEVER dreamed of a crocodile before. hmmm.

      • thank you…yes. this last one was awful….unexpected and preventable….so the quilt I felt just sent me over the edge for awhile. I flipped out. I loved him so and feel like I failed to protect him….
        but I also see there is far too much on my plate, barely getting by single mom. I am blessed in so many ways, but it is hard. The universe is releasing some of my responsibilities for me…but my pets? really? At least my kids are healthy and safe. With that in mind, my life is perfect.

        • FF, a good time to believe in group animal soul for your beloved
          pets. Animals they say are very spiritually evolved.
          A friends Akita ‘pup’ put it’s huge paw on ‘Trix’ my past guinea pig
          and accidently flattened him.
          Yes, we are their protectors but then life happens and that means death
          as well.
          My deepest sympathies, i go into total meltdown when one of my animals
          dies. Bury them and plant a shrub/bulb, some sort of greenery over them.
          One whole part of my garden is a Pet Cementry!

    • At first I thought it was about looking for prince charming (kiss a frog). Then I decided caps = acronym, so I googled – maybe a Trashed Object Abandoned in Disgust? Either way it feels desperate to me … and given that I bothered to check it out I guess it shows that desperate pretty much sums me up in this astro. Sorry, no help.

    • lol!Meaning, our powers of flirtation work on anyone. alternatively, we are feeling so flirtatious that we could chat up a tree stump. something like that.

  14. A rare photo from the out of competition segment of The Easter Island Wine Appreciation Society’s annual Show.

    How they used to get stoned – in old days. What innocent fun!

  15. yo peeps, thought i’d share this with youse – if you’re in NSW you might be able to reduce your electricity costs – the government has changed the system so you can choose your provider now. this website has all the deets to help you work out if you can get your bill lower mercury retro is ideal for research and re-assessing. go forth and save x

  16. The thing I’m starting to get off on the astro around this year is….you never know. Never know whats inside you. Never know what’s ahead. Don’t know what other people are thinking/feeling/going to do. The findings, changes, outcomes can be fantastically amazing. Especially ones own evolution. Hard stuff is life affirming stuff. Said this before it’s like The Chariot tarot card.

  17. I can’t wait for Mercury Ret to be over. Six weeks so far trying to find a contract or perm gig in my professional genre. All talk, over promising and no follow through. I have analysed, processed and revisited my personal merde enough already. Change please. Saturn in my finances as well. Joy, oh joy.

  18. Frankly I couldn’t even be BOTHERED to follow a plan at the moment. I know I should be working but I just can’t get into the flow ……

  19. apart from the odd FB rant, nobility is going well, more or less. slight chocolate binge today after smashy moment on the road. hopefully Power Of Flirt remain for another 20 hours or so so I can beguile a very cute lecturer tomorrow afternoon…

  20. Maybe the only true stabilising influence we have to draw on during this difficult period of detoxing and purging and growing and falling down and getting back up again … is love?

    • beaudifully put prowln x instinctively reconnected big time today with both my mum, and both my biological sisters (one of whom has a birthday today). Love them very much, but have had periolds of dis-connect, through worry about worrying them. It was nevertheless very grounding /stabilising indeed to share feelings with them today.

      • mmmm me too Fi – have been doing a lot of work on reconnecting my “feeling” plumbing and sharing it with nearest and dearest as well. It’s a powerful binding energy this love thing … didn’t quite get that in a conscious way up until .. well yesterday actually! LOL

    • PC so love going back to past posts and finding gems like yours and hiding little thoughts hoping no one will find them. Like my big pout rant below. usually no one does see them espesh after 100 posts or so so I feel safe here.

      so here goes
      Fuq it it’s my birthday tommorow and a big 0 and I don’t care. been ditched by friends tonight and pissed off. Don’t wanna be old and wrinkly and be made fun of. Fuck’n performance review tomorrow too. They make me sooo edgy. My typos are the only hitting this firm cares about not the actual blood sweat and tears I’ve poured in the last year. Hate fuckin typo nazi’s.

  21. am totally free falling and got no grip at all today. Lost it with friends who changed birthday drinks tonight (birthday tommorow- in total denial as I am very old number wise) Work has been so full on for months. Dad died in July. Feel like Im losing it!

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