Ellen Von Unwerth

Stop scrawling shit in that book of your past life already.

Messenger-Of-The-Gods Mercury is now moving forward – yes! – & there is about to be a New Moon in Virgo.

That’s right: VIRGO, the sign of vixenly efficiency, incredible powers of discernment, massive cool and closet kink. 

It’s not like you are going to have time for dirging on about what used to be or using Mercury in Leo as an excuse to be outrageously – glamorously, even – stagnant.





57 thoughts on “Back-To-The-Now

  1. I’m looking forward to the new moon. It will be an exact conjunction with my natal Venus. I hope that means something good! :)

    One can hope.

    I’m not sure I like the gal’s hat in the picture. It’s the red-neck cousin of the Sorting Hat or something.

  2. I’m looking forward to the new Moon in Virgo too. Making my list to put my brand new life in correct order over the next few weeks and it feels wonderful to have such a tight planned out beginning to my future.

  3. Oh this is so true.have been quite mean and explosive with my txts of late to the TOro. I used be able to just cut men out, with him different i want to be verbally abusive to him. Weird…. But i think i went over board last night eeekkk Merc Leo and Mars in Scvorp were having a field day!!!

    Can I say I wasnt acting haute and with dignity..

    Just stop it, New Moon today, bye bye past.

    • Don’t worry you can find a better Toro if you want another! or someone better! :)

    • say bye bye to the ritual you did to bring him to you and you may find whatever it is you’re feeling subsides and becomes more about you than him. He’s now the human debris of what you created with your bird in the corner thing. Plaiting a cord while thinking about all the things that irritate you about the situation and then cutting it in half before the new moon might help seeing as it was some kind of working you did to get him into your life. Sympathetic magic works and you clearly have the ability to manifest.

      • or burn a candle and focus on the negativity being transmuted by the fire elemental as it burns.

      • I was the one with the bird in the corner. I already smashed that thing a couple of moon cycles ago.

        …or did Sassy also have a bird thing in the corner too?

          • wow i didn’t realize Sassy had a bird thing too. Interesting synchronicity.

            But yes you are right…it’s in the past! Looking forward to the future!

            • Yes it is. I put Juno and Zeus there with the two birds…. Whats does Mystic say dont cling just to satisfy crabby mating urges, think a la makeover..

              No anger anymore, just love xxxxxx

              I didnt know you has a bird in the corner too YOTF?? Did it end badly??

    • OMG! I did the same on Saturday! I told the Toro that I actually love that I hated him just so that door would close forever. He was very confused. But I do want the door to close and if I didn’t kick it shut with mega drama I could see this bad juju dragging on forevs.

  4. I’m moving forward at such a fast pace my past feels like a dream I woke up from last night……….. fading, fading, gone. Wonderful experiences going on here in my world. Amazing experiences actually.

  5. The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
    Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.

  6. Work is paying for a few sessions of coaching for me. My homework is to map my year, my months & and my weeks, and block out all the ‘must dos’, & deadlines, then make sure I add some exercise, love & sanity time. With Virgo in my 3rd, this new moon will be perfect for doing this with the intention to spend more time recharging, while still getting the rest done efficiently. Faretheewell deadline panic!

  7. Soz, but I couldn’t help thinking this pic with the model so vacant in her bent hat, legs akimbo – looks a little like the Witch School Dunce.

    Head Witch has has stuck her in a corner of the forest school glen to write lines, thus her expression.

    • She didn’t get into Hogwarts so she’s writing a complaint letter. The Sorting Hat tried to put her into the CamelToe House but even she knew that was bogus!

  8. One of the It People you spoke in an earlier bit, Mystic, well, could be a workfriend’s newborn girl.
    How cool is this: she gave birth to a Virgo baby girl, her name is Urania. :) I don’t know if Mum is into astro or not, though now I’ll ask when she comes back to work.

    • “Urania \u-ra-nia\ as a girl’s name is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Urania is “heavenly”. Urania was one of the Greek Muses, the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne identified with particular arts and sciences. Urania was in charge of astronomy”.

      Have Merc in Cancer, naming things is a favourite hobby and I love collecting new and strange names – Urania is very different!

  9. Have been taking leonine lessons from my cat recently as a direct messenger of the gods . Pause and drop in the sun at will.
    Sleep and rest the body to let the spirit roam
    Stretch every cell of your being for deep release, extreme joy,and the flexibility to accomplish anything
    Stay poised, objective and fearless , both listening to everything around and being serenely conscious of the adoration you attract with your presence.
    There’s a private place to discreetly lick your wounds, and then
    There’s any place to preen yourself always.


    Mercury into Virgo, and I wonder who the next messenger of the gods may be …a pair of Magpies ? The library? An environmental activist? My friend coning to stay for next wkd is a virgoan surrealist artist who classifies herself uber Virgo with a planning motto of ” no risks”. Whether I’m aware of it or not I’ll be taking notes for sure but when mercury is in motion ( even though it doesn’t stop, its just an illusion from our perspective toward the skies when we call it retro ) and the virgo beat is playing , am hoping I can keep my cool, poised objective, self- attending leonine vibe to max the magic of attention to details and love of purifying the chaotic with intelligent order.
    Ok, well start with a word cull TFR , lol.

    Wonderful new beginnings wishes to all.

    • And edit copy ….” coning” not! Seriously not a pot- smoker… “coming” ( to stay)

    • “the magic of attention to details and love of purifying the chaotic with intelligent order”
      gee, that sounds like someone we both, ummm, discussed the other day?’s a perfect expression of my feelings toward him. Brilliant TFR. So sorry if I was all Martian the other day, can you forgive me ?

  10. totally went Virgo on the yard, was thinking of the bonsai post when I was pulling weeds and cutting mulberries- saw the coolest spider + web, took pics, am gonna look up later ~ happy dark moon all…

    • Same yesterday, planned to totally spruce up yard…laid down in the overgrown grass, and realized I really love this overgrown look to the yard..sat and watched the birds and bugs, all the early spring sunny dampness…went inside one hour later having done nothing, nice

      • That’s funny. My pa-in-law is a mad Saggi and he refuses to take a mower to his garden for similar reasons. However, the downside to a wild garden is that he is quite absent minded and I think there is some Feng Shui relationship between his head and his home.
        E.g. (there are a few e.g.’s) He was determined that naughty kids had stolen his 20 year old, dirty plastic garden chairs, but we found them in the long grass. Anyway, I just felt like relating this, it hasn’t got much to do with anything. :)

      • davidl- love your day…did you cloudwatch ? I love to see things in the clouds, the grass, everything. Made friends with the tiniest brown toad the other day. I know moon, pluto, uranus rule metamorphs- I think toads being dry have some Saturn too. I haven’t forgot about the Arcturus mail, just want you to know, is coming…

        andie- your story is cute too, I got two 13 gal buckets of weeds, didn’t find any chairs though :) but I have put up the spidey pic

  11. Moon in Leo went out with a bang – as only Leo can, amirite? Irene here, whirling and swirling the leaves around, dropping torrential rain, just generally making herself known, like a giant weather diva. No harm, at least in Maine, my neck o’ the woods.

    New Moon in Virgo – and other Virgo planets – landing right on my own Moon, in the 4th house. I’m going to see every speck of dust in my house for the next 28 days, I just know it. :)

    Looking forward to actually getting work done, though.

  12. Thank you. Really needed to hear this. Like I’m still dragging my shovel behind me in the sand and listening to both voices of my inner child.

    “But they won’t love me as I truly am.”

    “But you won’t love yourself unless you are true to who you are.”
    Just let kids be themselves.

    (Her tights are cool)

  13. Yesterday I burned sage and mugwort to clear my space. It felt nice and the environment felt changed. This morning I had a lucid dream. Only it felt more like a precognition…I was seeing future events. It was nice I saw my future boyfriend and child.

    I have been single forever so it made me happy to think that I could meet someone right for me.

    Also my dreams have been SO WEIRD lately and I am experiencing a bit of a haunting ( thus the mugwort and sage burning ).

    • That’s a nice dream! I think I will do a little cleansing of my new meditation bungalow again today, I haven’t done loads of incense in there. Good luck with your smoking away the haunting. I find it helpful to always remember to be compassionate as if it is a human ghost, well, it is still a person. That stops me from being too nervous and the dynamic is much nicer.

  14. Haha, you think that would be the posterchild for the 8th house Virgo Moon? I have that position and it seems SO ME. LOLOLOL

      • For me its like a contradiction: I want to keep my interactions with others simple (Virgo) but the 8th house makes things intense and complex. There’s many more examples of this contradicting influence that I cant think of at the moment (actually there is the OBSESSIVE need for perfection but we won’t go there).

      • Overall, I consider it a very witchy and Magic Earth Moon….hahaha. Hence the affinity with the pic above.

    • I hate when vieods do that, you could try importing the avi into windows movie maker and then making it into a wmv using that. Windows movie maker comes with xp (and maybe vista and windows 7 also I haven’t checked)

  15. Didn’t even mean to go all Virgo today, but I ended up doing so anyway. Mopping up the lake in the basement, gathering branches and debris from the yard (was really windy, but no more rain at least). And I just spent the last few hours searching for my ipod charger and cleaning out every drawer, cabinet and hiding place in the closet. I found many other lost things, but still haven’t found the charger. :(

  16. this new moon is conjunct my ascendant and a 5 degree conjunction to my venus.
    virgoed out yesterday on my house and yard. Did some today too, but less so. I spent the afternoon with my new friend(Toro lady), who proceded to come on really strong to me, even after I told her I have a man I am monogomously seeing. I said I was not sure what would happen since we were so new with each other. That was enough for her to keep on trying….oh good grief. I admit I liked it and would have enjoyed kissing her, but it reaffirmed some very important things I needed reaffirming of…..I want him. I really do. Wishing he was not out of town. Hoping, despite my guarded self, that he is feeling the same way too and missing me. Also, his shy, reserved nature(I am too) and slow pace(not me) are just fine. This come on strong, overwhelming energy, just freaks me out.
    Also, It felt really good to be held. I began to feel comforted by someone who just reached out to me…I need that. But then she started to explore….oh well.
    weird…..can’t wait to see what the rest of the month brings. Hopefully much more of him, getting way more work accomplished on my house, school routine starts tomorrow.
    strange days indeed.

  17. Felt really odd this weekend. The dark moon in Virgo was all over my Mars at 0 deg and it really felt like my frontal lobes were fritzing unpleasantly. Had to be reallly quite for a few days.
    Kinda predisposed to grand mal epilepsy when I am stressed and I now I am low iron, iodine, magnesium, b12,etc. etc.

    • Try some chicken or beef liver. It’s nasty, but I swear it sets you right! :) I don’t have grand mal type; I have another type but yeah they are prone to activating under stress. Get some sleep too.

  18. Ooh, such good advice! But I have been vegetarian since March of this year, probably why I have no minerals left in my system.. I have been going to bed with the toddlers at 7.30 and wake up tired.

    Hub wants me eating meat, so I told him to find an animal that has been raised lovingly and killed with respect. He said he would try.. poor luv, his Malaysian Chinese roots have him injecting chicken soup and eating fried pork for a late night snack. I really think he would love me more if I reverted to eating meat!!!! Lol.

    Yotf you have petit mal? I had that as a kid, but got the naughty party girl upgrade. Am actually drug free for a few years now, even the lack of sleep with small babies hasn’t had me feeling this off.

    If anyone knows on the blog of a farm that ethically kills the organic, happy raised animals themselves, I need the number!

    • er, that sounded wrong, I mean over the counter anti epilepsy drug free, I have been under the counter drug free for a bit longer than that. (See? I am writing all this weird personal stuff now, funny behaviour – obviously need some protein chains!).

      • No, I have partial complex/psychomotor type. Tres Uranian I’ve been told! It acts up when I skip sleeping and don’t eat right. I’ve been seizure free for over 10 years now with no rx meds. I get regular massage, reiki, and acupuncture which i do recommend as well.

        What works for me might not work for you, but here it is:

        –Always get sleep. I often need 9-10 hrs of sleep a day to feel really good.
        –Ditch cow dairy. Makes mucus that clogs your channels/meridians…and soy milk too. Almond and diluted coconut milk is ok. Goat and sheep are ok too.
        –Don’t use fluorescent light bulbs in the house. People prone to seizures can “see” the cycles in the bulb somehow and causes eye/brain fatigue even though supposedly they are good for the environment.
        –Keep electronic equipment away from you when you sleep. If you can remove it totally from your room, do so. Otherwise keep 6 ft away from your bed. My body can sense electricity or something and reacts to it. It can “zap” me or I can “fry” the machine.
        –Don’t use a cellphone at night (causes insomnia and extra neurons to fire for no reason). Use text message function as much as possible.
        –Get blood work at doctors to see if you have iodine, magnesium, and Vitamin D deficiency. Almost everyone i know who gets seizures is low in magnesium.

        And yeah try to get organic animals to eat. :( I had to give up being vegan because of the seizures…15 years vegetarian and 5 of those years vegan. I’m still kinda pissed off about it because I love vegan food and frequently still prepare it.

        Good luck with it all!

        • This is great Foxy, thanks for that!

          Weird about cell phones at night?! Is it to do with the earth’s magnetic field or something you think?

          I have low Mag, low, iodine, low Vit D, you are right. Low everything. It’s no wonder I have been lacking in humour and drained.

          Have always loooathed fluorescent lights, I CAN see the energy waves they create and it does disturb!! That’s really interesting!

          Woeful about the cow dairy, I drink very little, but I will not give it up! I am drinking rice milk more than soy these days, so I will continue with that.

          You have been very helpful Foxy, many thanks for this. Good luck with your own skippety brain. I do have acupuncture occasionally but haven’t the time/money for a haircut/massage etc.! I will eventually though.. Gotta go massage the babies now coincidentally, lucky them going to bed with a hot bath and full body massage EVERY night. No one would have brain disorders if the whole planet got that!

          • Bit of extra info due to the low iron element andromeda. Was a vege girl myself but had issues with very low iron years ago and took this which got my levels back within normal range.

            I don’t eat red meat or lamb or pig anymore. Occasional organic chicken, different beans, and very occasional seafood are my sources of protein however I would like to eliminate the animal products too. Thinking of seeing a dietician who specialises in vegetarianism so I can find a balance for myself.

            Oh and having a orange after you eat your protein helps your body absorb the iron. :)

          • Well it’s actually cell phone electromagnetism right next to your brain causing the problem …so it’s all the time, but during the day your brain has time to get over it. Just google cell phones and epilepsy and see what you find. I can’t do my biz without one, but believe me if i was working for the man, I’d ditch the cell phone completely or only do txt with it. I’ve heard those blue tooth ear pieces help but i’m not sure. I haven’t tried them.

            I sometimes drink raw cow milk but it is hard to get a hold of it where i live. Although low temp pasteurized non-homogenized milk is getting easier to get a hold of here. Those are better for epileptics to drink, assuming the milk quality is high.

            Thank you. Totally understandable. These things cost $$$ and looks like you’ve got to watch over more than just yourself too. :)

  19. Thank FUQ! My moon in Virgo is loving this…esp. after the Venus-Mars in Gemini free-for-all hedonism of June, followed by those damn eclipses, followed by Merc Rx in Leo…yep, kinda hellish. Definitely frustrating.

    I’m about to kick this string of poor health right the F out of my body….returning to bloat-causing but immune-boosting herbs, a new hardcore workout regime, massage, and slow carb-meets-Paleo customized diet to fit MY needs, thanks.

    Obsessed with Cancer men, and Lord….but don’t they all keep popping up out of the woodwork, or else disappearing into the blue. An old attraction…an old crush. Don’t really expect anything to happen, but I DO take it as an omen of things to come.

    Ready for love…..or at least for lust. And tired of being patient. BRING. IT. ON.

  20. But a compelling connection only, please….if it doesn’t SPARKLE with lust, synchronicity, or soulmatedness, I ain’t interested.