Women Who Run With The Cajun Werewolves

Selena Blake

So i am always hearing about how huge the Paranormal Romance genre is and yet i hadn’t read any.

Not since a rather fervent Anne Rice/Lestat/Witches Of Mayfair binge in the 90s.

Who needs Paranormal Romance when you mostly date Aquarians, right?

Anyway, i go google “top paranormal romance novels” and VOILA.

There is a whole series of these – the only one missing is “Marrying The Cajun Werewolf” – funny that.

Tell me you don’t find this synopsis IMMEDIATELY relevant, compelling and totally Now.

“…Ultra sexy werewolf Laurent Deveraux thinks that Violet, the love of his life, died two hundred years ago until she shows up in New Orleans looking for him.

Violet, now a vampire, thinks she’s someone else. Her powerful and dangerous sire has bound her memories, taught her how to kill and Laurent is her next target.

Laurent is determined to awaken her memories and her undying passion before danger steals her away again…”

Lovers disappearing for plausible reasons such as actually being vulpine, binding spells, different dimensions needing to take two hundred years to sort their vampire shit out is v.resonant.

I get it.

Paranormal Romance is the NEW normal dating.


38 thoughts on “Women Who Run With The Cajun Werewolves

  1. I love how there aren’t in wolves in Cajun country. LOL! There should be tons of were-gators though.

    • LOL there would be tonnes of were-crocodiles here too in far north Aussie…

      Somehow though I doubt “Seduced By Cajun Weregator” would sell HALF as well! Double LOL!

    • lol…love it…were-gator…that explains my latest ex. He was a fisherman boy growing up in Louisianna.

  2. Omg Selena Blake has the BEST book candy on the market. I’ve read this series of books by her and absolutely loved it. I was given it by a little old lady who promised me it would change the way I see men foreva! So true. love love love these books.

  3. paranormal romance fits my bill of a current non-romance/romance –
    a friendship that is barely a ship – undeniable connection but no evolution – 9 months of this – i think it is of the paranormal – soul remembers pastlife co-existence of somekind and is very very confused why it’s not like it was BACK THEN. thank goodness, the godess, we can talk to each other through our art.

  4. Norway, Amy Winehouse – sad days these!

    And I think I need a paranormal romance – sans the cheesy book-cover.

    • Sad for people never to hear that awesome voice again but maybe not so sad for amy herself in that the struggling has ended. Imagine the release a person would feel as their spirit left their body after living such a large life. It was never going to be easy to transition from that choice of lifestyle to a clean one. Sometimes when you’ve had a lot of excitement it’s hard to adapt to what other people see as normal. Having known and loved people with similar issues I always felt a vast compassion for her and the gluttony thing she had going on. Afflicted Jupiter or neptune?

      The norway thing is simply baffling. Michael Luten is right about fascism.

    • Yes, so so sad. Just WHO are her minders and why weren’t they!
      LOve her voice.
      But what a horror story played out in the media and NO-ONE to prevent
      her demise.

  5. Werewolves have had an interesting history in popular culture. For the last few years this genre has been HUGE…… bookshops have sections devoted to paranormal romance. Frankly, I think they are complete horsesh!t but because of my job, I have to pretend I care. It’s all the traditional romance elements (rich. aloof, handsome guy and she, beautiful sweet woman, has to tame his wild heart blah blah blah) but now behold he’s a bloody werewolf or vampire. Arrrrgghhhhhhh. This is just glorified (gory -fied ha ha) Mills and Boon.

    While I’m raving – the Twilight book – the first one (I had to read it – job) was one of the worst books I’ve ever read in my life. I couldn’t finish it. I refused to read the other ones, I was so insulted by that first book. No wonder women are so confused and fuqed up in their expectations.
    I could rant further but I won’t – there has been some stuff in the news about romance novels http://articles.latimes.com/2011/jul/07/news/la-heb-romance-novels-women-health-20110707

    Is this my Aqua sun or Cappy rising that is so anti these books??? I just think they instil such false ideals in people that read them – it makes me cross.

    (And off topic – I am really shocked that Amy Winehouse is dead, despite her problems I thought she would get it together……. she had a great voice.)

    • I was hoping the same for Amy, Little Joey. Very sad to see her struggle with her personal demons, and yes a great voice. I had to laugh at your description of the first Twilight book, every page was dripping with ‘he’s so beautiful’ till I wanted to pitch it at the wall, but they actually did improve as they went on. Accurate depiction of teenagers…hardly. It’s brain candy.
      I read non-fiction, generally study materials, once in awhile a lollipop. (shrug)

    • Possibly the Cappy rising, my goat department feels much the same way about this genre.

      The fact that the words “Cajun Werewolf” conjure up horrible visual images of being seduced by a man with a very hairy back (and shoulders) who reeks badly from his last meal probably doesn’t help endear me.

  6. Yes, well I’m way ahead of this craze. I’d describe my last 30 years of dating as paranormal. And for some reason a proliferation of dates with distinctive dental work and an aversion to shaving.

    I’m confused by the Cajun Werewolf thing, though. Can you get Tandoori Werewolf too?

      • i would steer clear of the cajun werewolf and go for some of nat’s suggestions I heard from some women in the queue for the buffet that the cajun gives you the runs.

        • Ah i didn’t read above before starting in on a recipe below. Seems like we got some Hoochi Coochie women on the place. Cook up at mine?

          Somebody just needs to bring a crusty loaf and a dessert.

  7. I would rather have a moorish Taurean werewolf to warm me in this bleak Sydney weather.

    • Same here Capfire. Been fantasising about Taureans all day. And feeling lethargic, dopey and eating too much. Thank you Moon in Taurus!

      • I forgot it was a Toro moon. That explains it.

        I don’t know what I was thinking during my Aqua man phase.
        Toro spooning is by far the best!

        • Taurus spooning oh yes, that’s my favourite.

          *makes deeply satisfied groaning sound*

  8. It just vibes Backwoods Recipe to me…

    Now get yourself one of them werewolves and grab some bay leaf, lotsa garlic (don’t want him rising up again from the pot now), some cumin, chili, ginger, all the usual spices, plus a quart of rum. The rum is to fortify you while u get all the hairs off the pesky varmint. Nothin spoils a good gumbo like wiry werewolf hairs.

  9. O YES, i am fan of Anne Bishop and all the paranormal love/sex
    stories. The Blood, The Rogues, The Ancients, The Vamps.
    Garden variety sexual encounters bore me beyond.
    Has to be Dark Witchy & Sudden and Other Wordly or i’m just NOT there.

    Note to self: Make a list of my fave authors, and they are mostly Femmes.
    The ‘Midnight’ series was who. Really hot men Warrors who treasure their
    cresent mooned birthmarked women.

  10. I do read alot of paranormal/Fantasy based stuff but I’ve never heard of this particular genre. Though I must say I’m jealous of the woman on the cover. :P

  11. oooohhhhh YUMMMMY! need to watch interview witha vampire tonight. I”ve just reconnected with a very cute (and scarily young ) better looking version of Clive Owen I played with one night for a few hours, ok all night long!
    . Giggles, what else could I do?
    When faced with a forensiic psychiatrist with a “seduce me and murder me” fetish, a think Scottish accent and a shared love of Nick Cave there really is only one thing to do. PLAY!
    Boy keeps sending me poetry books…..
    Might have to take him to the Lana Del Rey concert with me…

    oh it’s a hard knock life for us.