Televisual Astrology & The Warhol Tarot

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“The Tarot deck is many things: revered diviner of knowledge, feared revealer of hidden secrets, and critiqued promoter of quackish myth. Regardless of one’s take on Tarot card reading, it is certain that the history and imagery of these mysterious cards is ripe territory for contemporary artists to come up with their own interpretations of the 78 personas that make up the standard Tarot deck. And that is exactly what my divine colleague Stacy Engman set about doing as she assembled a group of some of today’s most dynamic artists and asked them to submit a new work based on a tarot card personally assigned by her. The resulting images are just as whimsical as the readings that emerge from an actual reading of the cards. The amazing group of artists included in the project created cards in a range of media (photography, painting and collage) and each infused an additional sense of allure and magic into this already heavily charged lam of mystery. Not only may viewers enjoy the actual works in the exhibition of the original cards, but they may also take them home in this unique catalogue in the form of a deck of Tarot cards in and of itself!” On view at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburg, PA until August 7th –


SENSATIONAL concept.  Love how the Tarot just keeps on resonating with peeps. Not sure i’d like to get upside-down Andy Warhol popping up in my reading though. I prefer the trad Odin-Norse-Mythology referencing Rider Waite Version.

Two more thoughts:  Andy Warhol was Leo, SO gloriously Leo – i mean look what he did to brazenly aggrandize and revolutionize art.

I’m stunned that television has yet to do a fabulous tarot app.

If people can “vote” with their remotes in polls, they could generate Tarot readings. There could be a whole Oracle channel. I don’t mean people with split henna ends and polyester lilac kaftans wafting about; i mean the channel it SELF is an Oracle…so it looks more like Video Art.

There could also be an element of (positive) subliminal programming, hypno and binuaral beats.

I mean, come ON what a sensational medium (medium! Get it?) television could be if innovated.



14 thoughts on “Televisual Astrology & The Warhol Tarot

  1. Mystic, you’re on a ROLL! How can I buy shares in your media empire?

    I mean $120+ per month for payTV and no oracle channel?? What the hell?

    So how would it work? You flick your remote and the channel pulls up a random episode of Man vs Wild if you’re having a Mars transit, or What not to Wear for Pluto transitting the 1st house, or Librans with 7th house issues would get reruns of the Bold & the Beautiful. Saturn transits would cop an endless loop of Parliamentary Question Time etc

    Or something.

    • The ‘My ass” channel, just flick over anytime you like to be browneyed (with ads).
      Free subscription for the first 30hrs.

      • I think that’s called ‘Free to Air’. Or Foxtel fits that bill too. But it’s hardly oracular. (Orificular?)

  2. And I love how Warhol looks like a bat. Funny how his wig defies gravity though.

  3. I love this idea Myst, would definitely take home the deck if I was lucky enough to be at that exhibition. I particularly like the idea of the self made image as the archetypal symbols. Its like a potential new pantheon. Will people be using this oracle in 200 years and see Andys image as The Hanged Man, without any other particular reference to his life ? Will this be how he is remembered.? or will it be a Campbells soup can ?

    As for ‘oracle’ tv, just wait till we have our optical fibre network (NBN) set up in Australia. The entry price of starting your own IP television channel will be less than it takes to shoot 1 episode of a current sitcom. Bandwidth is the next frontier.

  4. My new fave app is called songify. You speak into your phone and it turns your words into song.
    Imagine a tarotify app that you upload images of your life into and it generates a tarot deck from.

  5. Television is dead or dying. It steps to the beat of the interwebs now.

    But you have a great idea.