The Forever Moons

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Steven Klein – Vogue Paris

Luna said there’d be days like this.

For various long-winded astro-weirded reasons, the Void Moons we’re getting at the moment tend to be very long. Like 12 hours here, a day there.

As IF three Eclipses in a row were not enough, we’ve got THIS to contend with.  Usually, the Moon is Void for like, half an hour or so, sometimes a few minutes. Not so now, we’ve got these Forever Moons going on.

So three points:

* A Void Moon is just the ‘gap’ between the Moon making her last major aspect in one sign and moving into the next. LIke a Limbo Moon.

* The Void Moon times for L.A, Sydney, New York and London are on the Daily Horoscopes page. So if you are a Mega-Mystic subscriber, you just get into the habit of being vaguely aware of any lengthy ones. It pays!

* Astrologers often vehemently disagree re the significance of the Void Moon. Some say it’s a Red Light to anything you want to do. For example, a Horary Chart (a chart drawn up to answer a specific question) is considered ‘void’ if the Moon is Void at the time of the questing. The question can not be answered. It’s a secret, lol!

Personally, i would not time anything major for during a Void Moon if i had the choice. Others say that you only ever meet people of import to your life during the Void Moon, giving it a fateful edge.

I think if you’re timing – for instance -a job interview, a meeting with your accountant, a first date etc – you’d work away from the Void Moon. But other than that, you see it as a Limbo Time when the veils between the worlds fade out, you’re more psychic (i think a Void Moon is better for Tarot, divination, meditation etc) and random.

Often when i suddenly get writer’s block or feel insanely restless, i’ll check the Void Moon and VOILA: totally Void and the time at which i started zoning out was when the Moon went Void. Try it – you’ll see. So that’s your celestial cue to do something tangential, not try to be too linear and let the magic seep in. It will.

If you give yourself some thinking space when the Moon is Void in your sign your Sun is in you get sensational insights, like as if from therapy or something. It’s weird. Void Moon Mastery SOUNDS complicated but it’s actually not. Just keep an eye on it, try to schedule Zen time for when the Moon is Void and do the rational meetings etc at another time…You’ll be amazed at the results.

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32 thoughts on “The Forever Moons

  1. yea i was noticing the void moons going on and on I feel completely low energy at such times. they should call it death moon

  2. Yes, and had two job interviews void moon, didnt get either. Thought yay perfect. Just has the Sun on my Venus thought I was charming no, no…And people dont seem to mean what they say during void moons either..

  3. Totally agree with mm, i zone out during the voids then perk up when she enters the next sign and with that signs flavour, eg staring at housework during the void procrastinating, moon moves into say virgo, bam – housework done in no time. If you work magic during the void moon, the results can be quite unexpected.

  4. Void moons bring me the best concentration powers. That may sound contrary but “in limbo” seems to be my most functional mode – operating without distractions. Things slowed down. I truly get somewhere substantial without the speedy move-along please voice screaming at the synapses.

    Love the image. Is she in the void between paying the gardener and getting ready for her massage therapist to arrive? *I wish*

    • yup, i find them really clear too – yesterday, i was a bit heartbroken and weepy, emotionally flowing tho, YET I was also really capable and lucid – it was a good day, I got heaps done and that was remarkable especially after Tuesday night …

      i also tried a mugwort pillow last night – slept like a log – could only recall one dream image – and today is all acupuncture session, ylang ylang and how much hemp oil can i get away with on this bowl of stir fry? (i love how it is sold in herbal shops as a massage oil only: “not to be ingested in Australia”. Reminds me of European migrants having to by olive oil from chemists in the 50’s.

      MM house-witchery addict in other words :)

    • she is wondering if the void moon means having it off with the gardner would not count, you know how some people say it is not infidelity if you are in the water or interstate?

      • IN THE WATER???!?!?!?
        Like, as opposed to ON?
        fertility related?
        sperm doesn’t survive?
        or does?
        like, who used to say that you could get pregnant from sperm left irresponsibly in the bath water?

  5. I know yesterday’s void moon ended sometime before we got up this morn, but did anyone else in Sydney feel today should have just been cancelled altogether?? When it’s sideways blowing walls of water that make even umbrellas void, we should just call a municipal amnesty or something, and just all hide indoors, agreed?

    • I am Aries. I get what I want. I am using my powers of visualisation infront of my magical Doris Day painting. I WILL manifest the British Mens Swimming Team pitching their tents in their speedos in my garden. Deep breath. Time to turn around. Here I come boys…

    • It is Pluto, he’s just delivered her a speech from the OECD recent papers on fairness, productivity and inequality of incomes.

  6. twinfish, i do not pretend to any great knowledge of astrology. in fact, just wot i read here really and my consultations with m but this description sounds more like saturn? Or my leftie ex? Pluto is at least sexy

    • TLS, you are right I’m sure about the deep, mysterious sex vibe of pluto. Please indulge me, I spent the afternoon ” researching ” the last time Pluto was in Capricorn and pondering the now effects of it’s return. Did I mention my lfe is currently about as sex filled as dry toast at a Country Women’s morning tea? Apart from a few raunchy dreams. Planet Pluto transforming the nympho into an eager astro political researcher, oh yay.
      Your leftie ex sounds cool, lol.

  7. Much prefer this explanation of void moons than the don’t initiate anything it will come to nothing explanation. The latter makes me feel too passive. The former offers new mystical potential.

  8. Totally agree MM!
    Have been so totally vagued out with this one… Was walking around with a friend, each of us saying “I feel so vague & ineffectual, what’s with that?”… “Yeah me too, really foggy!”…
    Voilà, Void Moon! Mystery solved!

    Thanks for the heads up : )

  9. Been feeling these “gaps” lately, like a time standing still thing and been helping me see/feel where I’ve been putting my energy. Useful. Will look at void moons more closely.

  10. I am always aware of moon voids, down to the MINUTE. No good for concentrating, busting through obstacles, starting things, etc. Good for nurturing, being in the flow, some creative endeavors, intuitive/intimate encounters. That’s my experience.

  11. I used to wear a porcelain skirt like that, but people kept mistaking me for a Rococo urinal, with rather messy results.

  12. My moon is in pisces and right now, I don’t know whether or not to cut a particular man out of my life. He knows Im upset, I’m a libra and he is an aries. He doesn’t know what he wants and is to frightened to commit but won’t let me go. What the fuq do I do????

  13. NOTHING during the void moon!

    If you read the horoscopes, make sure you read your rising sign as well.

    And read HIS horoscope, lol, u will c what i mean about Aries and the Now.

    • I just read the weekly horoscopes. I like mine, his gives me no indication that a relationship will ever get off the ground. I’m starting to think we aren’t a match… his moon is in libra and I have been there for him thorugh thick and thin. If he can’t commit to me, why won’t he let me go? He can’t move on and I won’t be able to either…

  14. So this is why I have been having sleep issues, waking earlier, and groggy all day long. My taurus bull mind cant take much more of it lol. :)

  15. Oh hey Mystic, on relationships is it normal for two neighboring signs to be similiar. Mine is taurus, and my new partners is a gemini, and lately we have noticed that our horoscopes, (even newspaper ones) seem to always fit with eachothers what is going on in our lifes, and so far ours is looking good. What do you think?

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