She’s So Unbelievably Sagg

Milla Jovovich is stunningly Saggo.

Or is it her Moon in Gemini?

I’ve loved her since Fifth Element though her hot virgin alien sagacious guru implausibly in love with Bruce Willis character was a bit dodgy.

And am i dreaming or was she also Jeanne D’Arc?

Her Saggo Credentials:

*  “I worked like hell {on The Fifth Element . No band practice, no clubs, no boys, no pot, nothing.”

* Does Jiu-Jitsu

* Obsessive diary keeping…or could this be her Moon? I actually know a lot of Saggos who compulsively do diaries.

* Star of Zombie Films.

* Child-Bride (eloped to Vegas aged 16)

* Also a Mother, Muso (Plastic Has Memory) Model and Fashion Designer. So massively multi-tasking here.

* LEGS. All Sagittarians have stunning legs. Seriously, do you know ANY Saggo who has NOT got good legs? Look around you.

More Saggo or Gemini you think?

35 thoughts on “She’s So Unbelievably Sagg

  1. I love her as well. Milla seems more of gemini to me.. sag..wudnt have guess it. I know a saggy to journal and wood raise hell if she cudnt!

    • Haha, and a horsey ‘do’.
      However she has always struck me as tres cool a la gem babes.
      Love her too.

  2. Saggo sun, gemini moon here – and also an obsessive diary keeper. Have been since I can remember. Was talking about that last night actually – at times I think the diary helps to get the crap out, other times helps prolong the neurosis! But I couldn’t live without one.

  3. I’ve always thought that she’s a terrible actress, but so many people seem entranced by her.

  4. I’m a fan of her’s from The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, and of course as Alice in Resident Evil. I don’t know enough Gems to pin her down as one, but I think she makes an ideal femme warrior type, with the Amazonian legs, the wild hair and there’s something about her gaze that always seems a bit unhinged, like there’s something inside that’s trying to break free. I don’t know if a Gem could pull off the combination of red sun dress, combat boots and a half dozen firearms strapped to their limbs. ;) So I vote for Sagg.

  5. katie holmes’ legs are considered to look good?? seriously? kidding?? Plenty of ugly crooked legs saggo around me in reality.

    • Gotta agree on Ms.Holmes, sorry fanz! Sagg I know had wierd legs. He was also shortish and his dream was to go and get his legs broken and reset so he’d be taller and have more stylish legs… Is dreaming of handsome long legs Saggi pursuit?

      • Tis I there. Also, I have to say I looooove this chick’s look, my husband says I think girls who look like handsome men are hot, Milla being one of these.

        She is very urban seeming for a Saggi, I would have to say she is that freakish blend of opposites that works. A Sagg attitude towards inner-city style.

        Like hippychic says, guitar – but on a WHITE fireplace? That white fire-place ain’t Saggi, that’s GEM.

  6. Sag and a guitar most definately. All the sag peeps I know have one near-by and are self taught.

    • FREAKOLA! Sag sis plays it; I learned but by myself in a peculiar way because i was too small to hold the thing properly. Haven’t and can’t play for years, but have often bet i could do bass. I did learn Jap koto, a 13 stringed instrument, from a friend, so much was self taught.

      And it is ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY now, having been brought over from Japan, and boy do i miss it.

  7. Sorry her legs look pretty ordinary to me. But then I have amazing hot legs – Sagg MC :-)

  8. Sorry, her legs are rather ordinary to me. I have amazingly hot legs (still) and I have Sagg MC :-)

  9. My saggo mum has spent her life wishing her legs were vein-free. She has man-shaped long legs. And keeps a dream diary and a visual diary and takes fungi samples home to draw in her diary.

    I love Milla, georgeous, but not completely saggo to me either.

  10. And I don’t agree re Aqua’s having the best hair – unless of course my birthtime is out by minutes – I could so easily be Aqua rising – AND – I have the best hair – still, in my 40’s. Yes to reminiscing @ our hot eras, but I truly do have hot hair! Trying to think of Aqua’s with hot hair – ………… nothing,

    • My Aqua mom has the BEST hair….was quite the envy of her Gem and Leo sisters too…their hair was more like mine: fine and wispier. Always wished I’d gotten my mom’s hair….

  11. Sagg legs..what??

    Better not to try hard to define with astrology. Common Sense does better than that.

  12. Have always loved her. When I look at her she seems to vibe not only stunning but able to DO.

    HATE the 5th element and have not managed to watch the fqer through, but LOVE seeing her.

  13. I never thought much of her but read an interview with her only a few days ago and she seems interesting – like she has a brain in her head and uses it well – I now think she is quite cool.
    I still don’t find her beautiful. She and Linda Evangelista have always looked like they have ant / alien faces to me…..

  14. ( I feel mercury retrograde is toying with me already….I have tried to post this comment 4 times now and keep getting an ERROR….)
    I was saying in this photo she is screaming ‘GEMINI’ at me!

  15. Doesn’t she also have a Cancer Ascendant? I think it’s in the 1st degree of Cancer, if I’m not mistaken. Maybe that’s where the obsessive diary keeping thing comes from—because that’s not normally something I would associate with Sagittarius. Most of the Sagittarius’s I know (like my Grandmother) can’t sit still long enough to write something worthy of calling a diary. Lol! But, I can see where the Gemini Moon (or someone with Moon in the 3rd House) would keep a diary.

  16. I agree with the post MM did awhile back about best legs in the zodiac: Sagg, Gemini, Libra, Virgo. The Libras I know tend to have really long legs but aren’t always the most shapely (also see Gwen Stefani for an example). Saggs have those great, athletic muscular legs….I have that type too (I”m a Gem), but they’re more like dancers’ legs. Only thing I don’t like is my thighs are thicker than I’d like, but I have that slightly heavier bottom half thing going on…..juicy butt that comes with hips & thighs. No complaints tho, you gotta love what you’re born with!

    I like Milla…she’s interesting. But agree that she’s a terrible actress….her music was better than I expected tho and she sure can model!!!

  17. Beautiful Milla at age 12 or 13 years was in a movie called ‘Two Moon Junction’
    a very erotique movie. She played the young cousin of the bride (circa ’86/7),
    anyways up to that date, was The Hottest Movie i’d ever seen apart from a few
    French ones whispered about, so she’s had a long history in her shortish life of
    being in front of camera. ‘8 & 1/2 Weeks came later’.
    Check the movie out if you can find it, set in the deep south of America, all magnolia’s
    columns & sexy voices (among other things :-).
    The woman that played Nurse Ratchet in One Flew Over the Cockoo’s Nest was
    the Grandmother of the bride.

  18. Yes, OF COURSE i have good pins. The Sagg men i have come across
    ALSO have great loins & limbs.
    Understand now, the eloping at 16 after seeing what she looked
    like at 13!

  19. Crustina Skankilera has bad legs. My sagg ex-housemate has cankles, which is a pity seeing as she’s so toight elsewhere.

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