Sagg In Denial

We dealt with the weirdness of uber-Sagittarian Katie Holmes being mysteriously freaked into being a Sagg in Waiting here but this is ridiculous. 

Why?  She is a SAGGO. A multiple Saggo.

She needs to be depicted in motion, thrusting a a Ducati Diavel across the Alps so she can go meet some sexy spy/cage-fighter at a secret Buddhist nightclub enclosure.

Or on a stallion doing magic as enchanted falcons soar above her.

Not this.

Not in a hat.

Not in a black lace bodysuit.

Not pouting.

Saggos don’t pout.

Some chicks look awesome and thrillingly happily hot in such outfits but our Saggo Katie?



76 thoughts on “Sagg In Denial

  1. just wondering does the progressed sun play influence.. Like hers would be in Cap right?, which would then make more sense the dominatrix thingie

  2. Wow, doesn’t even look like her. And doesn’t look good at all – soz K. Totally love the K-Sagg spy scenario, can’t work out why she’d be married then, but maybe its a front?!

    • That was my reaction too: doesn’t look like her at all. She seriously looks unhappy, even oppressed in this pic.

  3. I’m so fuqing sick of seeing fetish fashion photography rip off’s done by mainstream fashion stylists. I wish they’d leave it to the fetish crowd who live the lifestyle with their heart and soul and can actually pull it off.

    • Thus ends my 3rd House Leo drama queen (who actually does look thrillingly hot in such outfits) rant for the day.

    • Word. This is such a tired look for fashion mags. Give it up already.

    • i was going to write that I think haute fashion has a long relationship with fetish, but you have written mainstream styling here- so yes I see your point is not about Helmut Newton or Vivienne Westwood etc. I think what has changed now on a cultural perspective is the lack of awareness/respect for correct personification. When the underlying power dynamics are not adhered to it is insulting to any subculture or lifestyle to have your intimate values cut and paste, often so poorly. But fashion is unfortunately is more like that now.. with popularisation of global fast fashion trends and mono marketing, ripping ID left right and center without thought for the tribal patterns of last seasons ‘ethnic’ that only can be worn in certain religious ceremony by it’s leaders or tattoos even for that matter! To be fair I see this in the fet crowd too.. a lack of actual understanding of meaning expressed just grabbing at mixed meaning innuendo based on ego for terms that would put the old guard rolling in their graves. We create new meanings to reflect the culture, and this is the cultural reflection. In the end trends fade -you can only educate and rock your own show- which you do by the sounds of it. xx
      Most disturbing for me and maybe what you is that K Holmes here is pulling this so crafted marketing mainstream hint of fetish look. Team Cruise mumsied her up to age grace with Tom, then the emerging ‘fashionista’ hanging with Victoria Beckham stage- now it’s the sexualisation. I think her daughters wardrobe gets more attention that her career these days. Her whole world just screams of puppet, hence the is that you oh where is your multiple saggo? But I can’t feel sorry for her marrying Tom. She got a lot of nice toys out of it but oh the price you pay.. How disturbing is her daughter Suri’s sexualisation at such a young age. Now Tom has 2 dress up dolls.

      • I don’t necessarily agree that Suri is sexualised, just a bit spoiled (no shocker there). My three year old boy LOVES to wear my highest heels, outside if I would let him/he could walk properly and also loves makeup. V. normal, IMO.

      • Ms, I don’t have time to elaborate right now (I could write an entire essay on every point you’ve raised) but I’m with you 100%!

        • I’m a bit short on time too however the last bit about Suri’s wardrobe reminded me of the short debate (can we even call it that) on the teev about toddlers in tiaras last nite. Hmmmmm… American mommy thinks that we Australians are weird putting sexualisation and pageant in the same sentence and psychologist thinks Ms Pageant mom is living vicariously. Either way.. thrusting gyrating hips on a 3 year old with little clothing and false lashes and lippy does do my head in a little if it’s practiced and rehearsed and perfected and not the odd fun spontaneous girly dress up mo. Anyway.. random Saggi association LOL.

          As far as Katie’s outfit goes.. give me a good hat for stage after my hair is all sweaty and destroyed so I have to say yes we’ll wear hats.. and well but there’s a practical no fuss way to it all. Not about trying to vamp it up with lips and butt pushed out.. that happens accidentally. What usually happens is we trip over a crack in the pavement whilst we’ve decided to put the strut on for someone who takes our fancy LOL… you learn pretty quick as a Saggi you gotta go with the natural flow.. no contriving!

      • “underlying power dynamics not adhered to”

        Yes, and this has been the case for some decades now in the mainstream appropriation of fetish, particularly the dumbed-down popular version of SM and BD. These have melded in mainstream completely. And the real dynamics of power just become OBVIOUS…the S has it all. The power of the M is glossed over.

        …choose yr willing partners carefully. Most of the available are STOOPID (unsexy).

  4. I agree MM. Perhaps the price she has paid for Hollywood careerism? Y’know, pairing up with a control freak in order to beeline her casting prospects? If she fully played out the Sagg elements in her natal chart, would she be rich and famous? And is that the choice she’s made?

  5. catsuit synthetic suggestion suqs – needs natural fibres for a start & full body covering is inappropriate

    needs minimal goddess like outdoor activity wear that suggests just having done some kind of extreme sport/danger stunt with skilled expertise – maybe just saved tarzan from a rip or something…

    sunshine glow and body glisten from some kind of dare devil workout in an exotic wilderness setting

    hair – flustered amazonian with i might eat u for breakfast if you’re gorgeous look

    jewellery – something tribal or anciently symbolic and boldly unique

  6. No no, she’s doing her uber Sagg like totally cosmically — Operating Thetan Level fuqing gazillion or something. Wake me when the shuttle lands.

    • Why insist that people follow the stereotype of their sun-sign in every single public moment of their being? I don’t. Who does?? Katie is ripped as a whippet, which suggests very saggy type trackies/workout clothes behind the scenes.

      The mag might have had a theme in mind, and Katie’s got Venus-Uranus in Scorp for god’s sake, which suggests at the very least a fondness for occasionally shocking people with another, somewhat darker, look. (Not that everyone who has much scorp is into nasty Cabaret-dom type hats or red death-stilletos or leather and whips either).

      • sorry, u-v, that wasn’t directed at you – I pressed wrong reply button! It is actually a reaction to all the postings here, which just seem like so much dark moon bitcherel.
        In denial? This could equally be a genuine segment of her personality that she might be unveiling for the first time in public…especially as we Sagg’s have Uranus transiting the 5th: new image, new out there ways of expressing bits of ourselves. (Not to mention recent new moon eclipse in 8th, home of the dark and hidden).
        Having seen her a year or two ago in a stage choreographed torch number, a la Shirley Bassey(double Sagg), in which she fuqing radiated out-there OTT mega Saggo big-stage star quality, I think that there is more to La Katie than many give her credit for…You go girl. I honestly can’t see her doing anything she doesn’t feel like doing. Why would she? She’s rich. She’s got her own cred. She doesn’t need to work if she doesn’t feel like it.

      • i think it is the meeting of saggi and scorp –
        i have some similar chart stuff of this combo as KH –
        it’s the exotica of scorp that saggo is seduced by –
        deep sea diving – normally all wholesome, running fire
        then suddenly, a different disappearing act:
        rather than running away, we dive away – into bodysuits and eyeliner and inscrutability?? lol

    • Über…. with talk like that you will end up on the suppressive persons list!!! :D

  7. Katie….Cheekbones and bow/euro lips ?

    Good make up.

    Remember ….chipmunks like nuts…. :-)

  8. I feel her pain. I have felt like this in situations both personal and professional.
    What i understand from my last consultation with the mm and my understanding of the daily mystic is NO more fake posings!!! Fine, be sexy and a covergirl in a hat etc if it is you but she vibes desperatly sad and try hard so i think the message here is BE YOU…i want to see a hot beautiful woman on the cover of vogue in trackpants

  9. Looks like playing dress-up and the clothing /hat doesn’t fit so well.
    Keep the black nail polish and let down your hair.

  10. She looks ill, tired and WAAAYY too thin for this get-up. Plus you need to have charisma and be a bit cheeky to carry off one of those hats. Katie, ditch him and get a life. Money and sleb isn’t everything

      • Hahahaha…. You’re right about Dawson. I was a huge fan of Dawson’s Creek.

      • this chick is so not on my radar that i only just discovered about half an hour ago she was on dawson’s creek – a programme I have never seen even a nano-second of – and LOL I initially thought you meant she should have married Richard Dawkins which was far more thought provoking than all of these posts put together…

  11. Sooo wrong!

    I think she has now hit the peak of creepy wierdy marriage to the freakiest of control freaks… This pic is like the movie eyes wide shut or whatever that horrible movie was called.

    Hopefully the bell is tolling for the death of this marriage, but I don’t hold out hope for her doing very well. He will suck her saggo soul out, just like Nikole’s curly red hair……

  12. She looks fine. And too thin? I don’t think so. I’m about that thin, naturally, not anorexic at all! Just because you’re thin you shouldn’t get to wear outfits like this? Complete crap! Just like voluptuous girls should get to wear whatever they want too. More power to all body types!

  13. Perhaps that why I find her so bloody insipid. Seems like she’s given over the key to her real self, presumably to TC and his weirdo world. Also, doesn’t anyone reckon she’s trying to turn herself into a Scorpio lately (and failing badly)?

    • I was just thinking that. She keeps trying to be vampy, and it just doesn’t work for her. It’s too bad, because she looks so cute when she doesn’t try so hard.

    • Agree. This just looks totally forced and pained. Not attractive at all.

  14. Not a KH fan myself…this look here seems to suit her Sagginess way more, and she’s smiling to boot ! woo-hoo.

    Thank you so much for the daily advice Mystic, for some reason i woke up in a ball of tears wondering wtf would happen to the boys and i if anything happpend to the Piscean….So getting on line and reading about ”She just let go” seemed to calm my out of nowhere panic attck…(defo not my usual form). So back on board now.

    xx happy thusday all.

  15. googled the situ and it’s a shoot for spain vogue to promote her new fashion range with a designer colleague…

    hence the look maybe appealing to a particularly espana fashion sense? i’m thinking of the fiestas they have in spain at night, with all the traditional black lace and brightly coloured dresses, was in porto buenos in a past life and saw these, absolutely stunning

    apparently the dress is lanvin

      • but still so thin. That is not natural thinness, several of my friends are naturally thin and have been their whole lives. That is starvation and too much gym and it just looks pathetic as does anything when one is trying to hard to be something else.

      • yes i thought the label was odd too Ms., it would be nice to see her in her own fashion creations to see her creative ideas on fashion…

        i have no idea what’s behind little girl’s sexy clothing, i’m not a parent, maybe its got something to do with them wanting to look like their barbies and bratz dolls? If i suddenly became a mother through some bizarre twist of fate i definitely wouldn’t dress a little girl in sexed up gear, beautiful clothes i would, not ‘sexy’ clothes.

        • I’m pretty sure they sure not even her work in the main babe. Most of the already famous use other designers while they make a small handful of creative decisions use their branding image to promo the style. The stylist partner most likely, or outsourced designers as well.

          re her daughter Suri, there is a wealth of info on the net written by many clever women I could not do justice with the same finesse about the difference between little girls playing dress ups being cute and things being marketed at them so they pick up the awareness about their looks/bodies being something to parade. Suri is one of the talking points of this debate.

          • yes, makes so much sense…the messages we’re sending children in society, even inadvertently, very interesting…gets back to that idea of ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, and we’re all part of that so throws light on what dominant messages are out in society about being female

            i’ve read in child development studies of a past life, that children have a kind of holistic view of their world formed by age two to two and half, and have experienced every main human emotion in some form by that time too, the little ones see it all and us all for better or worse, and form impressions of the values in society before even their brains have matured to be able to reason…I don’t know a parent in my realm who doesn’t do their loving best for their child and at the end of the day thats what matters

  16. I liked the KH in that movie ‘Go’ – so lols, she nailed that character.

  17. I think her makeup looks nice. Her face is more grown up. Very european styling of course.

  18. I feel sorry for her, being with that jerk, totally losing her identity. I have not seen a good pic of her for years, poor silly girl.

  19. Methinks she is so busy conforming to the role of being mrs tom cruise that katie holmes, whoever she may be in her authenticity, is no longer. But losing oneself in the role of wife and conforming to the demands and expectations of others is not restricted to Hollywood wives, but to all wives whose husband’s profiles depend upon projecting a certain look and demeanor’ “glamour”. It seems to me that she is more about making him look good than about being who she really is…

  20. p.s. she has definitely had some work done on her nose…it is much thinner…and god knows what else…it hardly looks like her

  21. KATIE HOLMES has been overtaken by Marc Jacobs vision for louis vuitton inspired by the movie ‘Night porter’. it’s a little aries (marc jacobs)/saggittarius (katie holmes) tete a tete ‘fire sign’ vogue action. shes ‘acting’ so to speak. she dresses her kid up in burberry so i’m not surprised this is what she is wearing. LABELZ

  22. I just think she looks caged. She used to smile a lot more, had that naive vulnerability. Now always so sad and worn down. Like Angelina Jolie post Billy bob.

  23. Yes, that’s what being married to the King of Scientologists will do to you. She’s lucky she’s still alive!

    • There was considerable notice when she started doing the Scientology detox, and appeared in public emaciated to the point of anorexia, her breasts withered away, and her hands all purple like they were one solid bruise. I suppose that is nothing compared to the chemical peel they give you for the inside of your skull, to smooth out all those unpleasantly wrinkled thoughts. And now the Scientologists have approval of her public image, so as to not embarrass them (as if that was possible). So she appears in lingerie that shows nothing, and covers her from jowls to ankle. The hat is approved, since it resembles the uniform of the elite Sea Org.

  24. Her body looking similar to the Mrs. Williams in England now. Inferior obsession I feel.

  25. It’s not even her …… It’s an Airbrushed Stepford Actress! Gross.

  26. No.. gross is the wrong word. It’s just……….. blase`
    Same old stuff. Nothing new, nothing attractive.. Just an add for airbrushing.

  27. Man, she makes that dress look so bad… And the hat looks so wrong with it?

    Could someone else make it look right though?

    It’s so true MM – I would love to see her hair flying doing a karate kick!!
    Thanks for picking this up, I saw it and went OMG what went wrong here?

    She doesn’t look like herself at all. I liked her in her easy, breezy girl next door mode, this polished Posh look is really uncomfortable.
    I can only imagine watching an embarrassed stripper make everything seem so awkward.

  28. I think she looks good, not too keen on the hat they just plonked on her head. Didn’t recognise her at all, until I was reading the article and it mentioned her name I had to do a double take on the photo. I’m a Scorpio with Cappy planets, there’s no way I could ever pull them clothes off either lol.

  29. she might have a 8th house stellium…. she seems a bit confused in this picture

  30. Perhaps she looks uncomfortable coz she just heard about the verdict against L’Oreal for false advertising and wonders if she’s next?

    BTW … how can a cosmetic house get done for false advertising (I mean duhhhh they’re always false advertising) when Saturn is in of all things Libra??? Perplexing.

  31. The only thing saggo about this appearance is the possibility that it is dress-ups or a form of camouflage. In a parallel universe I want her to be the character she played in GO .

  32. I agree, none of this seems to suit her (as if I know her so well). Also, I’m finding the expression on her face slightly disturbing. She looks to have suddenly aged years -the way difficult life events do to us.