Post Eclipse Analysis Sessions Number One

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Brigitte Bardot in The Truth – Old Hollywood

Well, that was fun, yes? Look, everyone i know has been doing some sort of version of an Eclipse drama and the jittery vibe ain’t settling till July 10. That’s when Uranus starts backing off from the square to Pluto and the change-energy generated by that + the Eclipses starts to settle. But you can start stabilizing and grounding now, not backing away from desirable morphings but less of the crazies. Yes?

So please, what insights and transformations have you guys been grappling with since June 1…the first of those Eclipses?

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    • Yes fantastic war advice/insight… the other one “as you were” didn’t really fit, nut more like “as you weren’t” time to change and transform. Mm mentioned that this is what its like all the time for us scorp inspired peeps, but with uranus opposition Pluto for me AS WELL, I’m thinking Carlos castanada, Gandhi, papaji, among others, pulling the big ones down for guidance in these troubled times. nothing like asking yourself ‘who are you’ to get a bit of a bigger perspective…..

      of course mm advice has been quintessential to following the yellow brick road, flowing downstream, and generally being at peace with the stars the universe and all.

      Yeh, but the gall bladder meridian had a bit of a workout and what to say but the sun keeps coming up and going down, and looking forward to that grandmother moon shining her light a bit brighter xxx

      • This is the second time someone’s brought up Carlos Castaneda during this eclipse. I think this is a sign that he must be put on my “to read” list….after I graduate this month. :D

        • You must, you must, SourPatch. It was my initiation into other realms of thinking, that in reflection, were pivotal in my life at that age ( assuming ur in ur 20’s, but hey, u could be mature-age like I was ) And Carlos is a lot easier on ur brain cells than L.S.D. Not that I would personally know about that…

          • Yep, hitting 23 in 11 days. Thanks for the info, I know now I’m definitely checking him out.

      • Forgot to add… survival techniques… do Saturn, be comfortable with silence, kung fu panda, sleep, soak up what little sun there is…

  1. Sometimes you just have to jump out the window and grow wings on the way down.

    And that gem by Paulo Coelho “Don’t allow your wounds to transform you into someone you are not” seems a very apt mantra for me during these eclipses.

  2. Stay cool (but okay to freak out behind closed doors to your most trusted friends) and trust your intuition. It might not look like things will settle down and work but they always do. Keep the faith. Work hard and persevere but also know when to cut your losses. :)

    • Yep, thanks GS. Cutting my losses right about now.
      It takes some of us longer to ditch the rose colored glasses.

    • hahahahahha freaking behind closed doors to close friends- been there, done that.
      that’s sort of my own philosophy, along with all the other quotes here. it’s been like war-time gone hellish….but i’m really happy at the outcome. really really.

  3. Grow up and refine the image I present to the world.
    Meaningful work and study. Still have absurdly short attention span for non-core (or non-interesting) people in my life. Begrudge my lack of social life then realise I don’t want to go out and waste my time and money anyway when I have Work To Do..(unless with aforementioned Core People)
    Sometimes I wonder if I am turning into a scorpio, then i realise “hahahaha noo not possible… it’s just pluto …tra la la”

  4. I don’t even want to analyse yet – I need recovery time. However, this picture reminded me of my dreams last night. All sorts of different dreams with a common incident. There was always mirrors in my dreams but whenever I looked into them I wasn’t reflected….. or I was reflected doing something else…. or there were other people I don’t know in the mirror. It really scared me and I kept waking up.

    • Would u like an interpretation ? Forgive me if not, but here goes. Perhaps u could not read on if u think me nosy. My fave dream interpreter Denise Linn started me thinking about mirrors representing conscious thinking and the reality in the physical world that it creates. So you are not seeing urself in the physical reality of ur world ? Or who u see is not you exactly ? There is a dysjunct between ur reasoning, ur world and who u really are ? And it scares you.

  5. i love this. I feel like I just shot a fire arrow at my destination and blazed a path towards it.

  6. Thanks for the great tips all above. Many days i greatly appreciate the wisdom on this site to lift moi up.

    The image above brings to memory my shattered past lives & how i’ve risen above those, maybe not perfectly or instantly, but definitely transformed and learnt ‘absolutely’ from my fears, hardships, self undoings and the like (Saturn in 12th).

    Something that keeps playing around in my mental playlist is:

    “Come on…It won’t be as bad/hard/scary as you think when the time comes”, told to me by an Aries/Saggo friend a while back, helps moi anyway so much that i keep it for times like these.

    • I see the Saturn in Libra in 12th as a Phoenix Rising. Transformation.
      It’s pretty exciting.

  7. i realised quite clearly that i need some help to sort something out. mystic do u do individual readings anymore ? :)

  8. Two insights:
    1. That’s it’s REALLY over with my ex. My choice. It’s not worth salvaging. He’s a nice person so it’s not about a bastard paradigm. It’s just not what I want but I had another sadness twinge about this during the eclipse. But sadness is about loss and so I those feelings during eclipse were about letting go.

    2. Even though I ADORE where I work, it’s not secure and a manager told me at a party on the weekend (interesting how one gets “messages” during an eclispe) that a group of senior staff are furious that I did not win the longer term job that was going. I had no idea that I was so close in getting it! I wondered why it took so long to announce the successful candidate -‘turns out there was much wrangling behind the scenes…
    Anyway, it’s inspired me to seek, bigger and better elsewhere and not be content with crumbs (even though they are gourmet crumbs – I’d like the WHOLE cake, please!)

  9. Intimacy with men. I’ve been forced to deal with the way I deal with intimacy lol & trust. Agree it’s still too early to call but I’ve put in the hard yards I know. Feel like I’ve grown up or something.

  10. I’m recovering from a migraine and feeling a bit seedy at present, but I have embarked on internet teaching, let go of all fears, stopped putting pressure on myself, and am having the time of my life. Doing what I”m meant to be doing. Can’t get better than that.

    • I’m also just recovering from a three day migraine, wonder if its Libra-Saturn Eclipse related.

  11. Complete crash and burn sickness day. Needed to just rest and do nothing. Then, after feeling very yuck and low, all these amazing insights came out of nowhere! Something I’ve been stuck on a long, long time just got unstuck. Hurt at first, but then all is well. The eclipse definitely pushed me past a point that I needed to get past. The illness had something to do with it. Big mind/body thing. Also had realization that ever since I knew for sure I was getting a divorce, I’ve been astonishingly well (immune system-wise). Sure I’ve been low on energy and strung out emotionally, but I realized on Friday that I haven’t had an actual cold or flu in such a long time. Can’t even remember when. I think divorce is good for my health:)

  12. To take one step at a time. To focus on myself, boundaries and pull up the drawbridge occasionally.

  13. I have finally let go of the on-off relationship that’s been plaguing me for the last two years and walked away with my head held high. He’s the one with the problem, and I’m not going to make it my problem any more. Fierce compassion does not mean inflicting mindless pain on myself.

    Macde a conscious decision to “act as if” around the first eclipse. Parted ways the day of the second. And now – it’s independence day!

  14. totally relate Libraquarius.
    I’ve come to the crossroads in my life-time career and have taken a perhaps permanent sabbatical. I am finally doing what i have wanted for a long time, but commitments did not allow. I don’t regret my past life, not a bit. Being a mental health nurse is an incredibly vivid way to live. I learnt so much about myself, and was challenged daily. But now is the time.
    Stay stuck, and stay fuqued if I quote Mystic correctly.
    A sense of urgency to individuate, divide into many new possibilities, countered by a currently rather magical reality full of problems ( if-i-don’t-see-them-as challenges i’m sure I can overcome.) Hope.
    And a greater belief in what will come, will come. No real need to sweat the small stuff. Relax or chillax as my daughter says in txt’s. And for me to especially remember, it’s about self-fulfillment not self-indulgence.

    • Yes, it’s a wonderful feeling. The migraine is because I put too much pressure on myself, then let up all of a sudden. But really being myself is an incredibly liberating feeling – eccentric, unconventional, mouthy, yup, it’s all uphill!n Good luck to you too, Tamberlaine!

  15. Don’t be nice; be real.


    Grab each opportunity when it comes, then be strategic in making it WORK for me.

  16. Well my first Kim Falconer book finally arrived for me to read… only took 3.5 months (ordered in NZL when over there, missed me flying out by a day) and the rest is history… The Spell of Rosette

  17. I am EXTREME.

    Yes, always been told. No, didn’t like the concept of middle ground: sounded neutral, boring, waste of time/space/energy, lacking in art.

    Now, understanding that BALANCE is not, as they told me, the middle path. It is INTEGRATION. I may always have to re-seek it.

    Also, I can get along really well with GEMINIS. This never happened to me in my life before! I’m completely stoked. It upsets me when I simply can’t get along for no real reason with a whole sign…it’s like racism. Have some great Gem buds at work in particular. Moody? Fq yeah! Interesting? Hilarious? Yes, like listening to a number of different radios all at once.

    • you’re extremely funny. I’ve always thought the middle ground reeked of either of the two extremes of ambush or camouflage.

      • Well, can you imagine being all the mutable signs of duality? Gem’s the only one missing a strong placement in my chart… except it’s in the house of partnership! Bwahahahaaa!

        Er…whatevs? I’ve forgotten yr astro.

    • LOL Gem radio.. comin at ya.. live from many recesses in my head….er, not me I’m Saggi…we have a whole other frequency but can connect to the Gem thread if required.

      Energy being energy it’ll never be static so roll with the extremes and then integrate.. then repeat =) Ebbs and flows..

  18. It’s been as if all the obstacles have ceased to block the future path. No grand revelations just clear sight lines.

  19. This has been a nice eclipse for me because I love transformation. Plans as follows – cleaning up my apartment tomorrow – turning it into a wonderful haven for inspiration and creativity. Very excited about this. Have decided that all change is going to follow this.

    But….have energy still following me around of past sad business I can’t shake. Intermittently showing up in my dreams. In the beginning of June and just now. Also oddly had an odd dream involving someone else mid June which follows this eclipse pattern. Trying to be zen, just let it pass over. Tell myself it’s the Maya, The Illusion, don’t fall for it.

  20. I released guilt, like a feather, off my hands, my mind, soul. Am no longer angry, no longer asking why, or why not. No longer striving, no longer backing off.

    I am hesitant to claim this as an integrated part of my psyche from now on, but I have arrived at a place where I now understand — “that is how it is”.

    Life is light here.

  21. I am glad I learned astrology under Saturn on my Virgo stellium, so now I can help cheerlead my Sun Libra stellium Sis through her Saturn blitz.

    Normally cool as a cuke, she rang me with ‘WHAT is going on lately ?! everything is breaking down or screwing up !?!’
    …its gon’ be allright, hon… juz Hang On…(pats)…

  22. My partner of 15 years & I finally got an ancient pattern & its associated angst out into the light of day on June 30! It was one of those things that on a very deep level, we were both sure would destroy the relationship if it got out, but once out (admittedly in our therapist’s office), it’s still brutal but we can work through it.

    It still felt like my lungs were being pulled out from between my ribs, & we were both shaking.

    This Could change a pattern that we’ve been stuck in for 12 years. We’ve moved on in almost every other area but this one.

    We’ve worked really hard for this, but I had a feeling this final eclipse would do it, one way or the other. Spent July 1 resting & watching our power movies together.

    Traumatized & grateful is a bizarre combination.

    • Wow, QuiteLight. I admire that you both did such powerful groundshaking work TOGETHER. The trauma will be worth the growth that you can honour. The respect you will have for each other’s commitment will be profound.

      • Thanks, milleunanotte! Yeah, I’m totally blessed with a guy who’s willing to face down his & our demons together. He wouldn’t do it for himself, in the beginning at least, but he’ll do it for “us”. How can I not be in awe of that?

        Thanks for the timely moral support; we go in for round 2 this afternoon!

  23. Realised I am in the right place after all, maybe not the right situation but the right bit of land. I love it, it’s part of who I am and I’m not sure why I’m always trying to leave. Or I am sure and it’s a totally outdated way of thinking.
    Got screwed over by a Leo, totally unnecessary (and extremely rude), realised that I’m excessively reasonable in dating/love situations because I’m terrified of the whole thing and I’d rather not be wanted or needed but I’ve had enough of being so guarded. I WANT someone to want me again (not the Leo, asshole), I’m ready to stop running away and picking the good time guys because I don’t care enough to get hurt.

    Also my creativity has gone through the roof, flow + organisation, amazing.

  24. It took a semi trailer’s axle splitting and coming away from the truck, cutting across the lane i have traveled in for 2 years , screaming into a telegraph pole, which flew all over the road, and swung around and flung into the front of the truck cab, with sparks flying everywhere, bringing down power line with live wires on the road, where a voice had told me ‘move over’ (from my usual lane) to realise that there is no time like the present to action the ideas flying/floating around in my head.

    Action-ing away has started today.

    Incidentally, last week on thursday and friday i came home to a bird in the house, an indian minor on thurs and a rainbow lorikeet on fri, i have read that a bird in the home is an alert to danger/trouble. hmmm.

    Yesterday was also my best friends 40th birthday. She went to ring me at the exact time (3.40pm) but realised i would be on my way to pick the little aqua and ram up from day care, so she put the phone down. Pretty much thereby saving me, as i know it is wrong, but i would have answered the phone to sing her happy birthday as it was such a hectic day we hadn’t spoken yet.

    Managed to put hazard lights on and make it clear away, and no one was hurt.

    No time like the present huh.

    • .WoW. I am SO GLAD you are ok and no one was hurt !
      Big Yes on the bird messages, and your friend got a *twinge* too.
      Simply Amazing goldfleece. hugs X

      • Thank you Saturnrox. I’m pretty glad too. I feel a little taller and lighter.

        I have been looking into a couple of courses and i wouldn’t have without the semi incident. And a couple of lifestyle changes too … Onwards and Upwards.

        Schanks for the hugs .xx

        • Hugs ?! You bet ~ you had a big day ! Amazing how life is every moment an opportunity. I forget that sometimes. X

        • You poor thing goldy!!!! What an eclipse, on this blog, I counted a couple of accidents and my own fire. I hope you are feeling more relaxed by now, it took me a few days to detox from the adrenalin after my fire, it’s quite intense isn’t it!!!! I am not looking forward to August.. I wish you lots of luck angel, love the bird messages, you have a totem bird? xx.

          • Thank you Andy,
            I’ve been thinking about the bird totem question for a little while, and well, i guess i am. i have always seen them as my ”sign”, along with (try not to laugh…) triumph motorcycles. there’s quite a few major events/shakedowns and all have bird memories of that time(a pattern you’ve helped to point out to me!! – thank you)…one time in particular, working at a ski lodge in a destructive relationship with a low leo chef, walking out and a ”murder of crows” following above my head, across a vast expanse and back home again. i was a little freaked to say the least, i managed to calm down and took it to read, ”íf you get the courage to get up and leave here, we will take all the darkness away”, that would have been about winter 1991.

            thankyou for gifting to me remembering those things.

            xx off now to hang out with the ”gone wild in the wind today” kids.

            • I love that you get bird omens, because I do too.
              I have had messages from the universe on the side of semi trucks, no kidding. If it means something to the seer, then I consider the question answered. :)
              I found a good animal totem site here:
              please forgive if I have already posted, I go there often.

              • Oh thank you Saturnrox, I pulled out the old Animal Speak book yesterday to read up on again.
                Have just bookmarked site for later today. xxx
                Lovely Wednesday to you Roxy xx

              • just remembered, told my closest girlfriend years ago, if i go before her (and her memory) , make sure they send me off with the beatles ‘blackbird” song…not morbidly, just dropped it in casually during a sat morning catch up. xx x

                • cute you mention. I don’t think it’s morbid at all I have Neptuner aspecting the 8th and have picked (in my head)
                  some stuff for my post life bash. I love your choice !

  25. Ok.. a summary not a thesis ~

    In the realm of ex’s finished or otherwise after my two (ignored) calls on Friday one of the two tried again Sunday. We chatted. There’s nothing but closure but it’s all amicable. The other one should know it’s closed. The one I’d like to hear from (and eclipse no.2 conspired to short circuiting my rocket launcher) actually got in touch briefly yesterday so the damage was not fatal and I’m satisfied to leave it there for now until I work it all out in my head.

    On the matter of gifts I found a beautiful green amber and fire agate on the w/end and both offer healing/metaphysical properties I was looking for in other areas… ah synchonicity eh! They’re beautiful and perfect. An old friend of mine got in touch via FB. We talked and it’s probably been 15 years. In actual fact it was the morning that the Australian news confirmed Princess Di had died. And..we both had something of each other’s that we have kept all this time not knowing if we’d ever see eachother again. Wild eh!

    In the realms of learning I know that I need to invest in my health more than I have been (have been sick last 2 days) and that all creating comes from a foundation of good health. There is more.. but the reminder on thesis flashes across my brain… so I’ll wrap on the re-epiphany mo…

    I’m also reminded of the gift of gratitude. Too often we don’t recognise gifts immediately so to that end how can I definitively say that these eclipses haven’t served me well even if I can’t quite see how they have. I’m grateful for all I am and all I have.

    Blessings to all.