Neptune Transit Sunnies


You can’t go through a Neptune transit sans sunnies and i am thinking that these African Saga Crazy Snakes sunglasses are THE most haute thing in Neptune-wear.

You think?

Nobody would fuq with you if you wore these because you’d be automatically out-weirding them.

People would think you were stoned so thus be EXPECTING nebulous behaviour and the Snakes would act as totemic protectors.

Plus why have rose tinted vision when you have scarlet tinted vision?

15 thoughts on “Neptune Transit Sunnies

  1. My daily vision is not rose-colored glasses but sea blue (J Depp style, but no frame) specs…

    Neptune transit is all over my chart, shooting exact squares to natal Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and am a Pisces rising.

    I asked why I am using clear-glasses for daily wear, why not a color that soothes me.. Why I should accept what is normal for other people.. Much later I also remembered the Uranus transit in my 1st house.

    If you want to use color-tinted glass for daily wear, just keep in mind, it takes time to get used it, with headache as a side effect. My brain processes colors longer than is the case with no color glasses.

    People squirm when I don blue tinted glasses. Out-weirding yes. The best is I can go heavy on eye makeup :-)

    • Ohh, Pisces and Pisces rising, be aware: Neptune transit showed its hand to me last night:

      A friend brought Melissa leaves, telling me the leaves are to brew. I sipped a little, could barely find my way to the bed.. I never used sleeping pills to compare but.. even Rescue Remedy night time does not work this fast..

    • Rudolph Steiner said that with the right shade of blue eyeglasses, and the right sun angle, you could see the auras of trees.

        • Ha.. IIRC Steiner described making a filter from two glass plates, with a solution of liquid methylene blue between them. I wonder if he was trying to invent a polarizing filter.

          But you can look and see the aura with your naked eyes, if you’re sensitive enough. But you can’t do this in winter, the tree spirits are all asleep. Look at the crowns of trees, backlit by the sun, against a blue sky. A sunny summer day is good for this experiment, the tree has to be flush with growth. Find the “king tree,” it usually has the strongest aura. Then gaze over the crown, at the sky above it. Try to keep your eyes fixed, don’t let them wander so an afterimage of the tree bounces around the edge. If the conditions are right, you might see a faint shimmer rising in the air above the crown of the tree.

          • So poetic Charles.

            “But you can’t do this in winter, the tree spirits are all asleep.”

            That is just so lovely Charles or am I just having a sooky goo goo day?

            I can see tree auras easily, so I had to go out and have alook as I never really noticed. I guess I don’t spend the same amount of time tree gazing outside in winter as in spring/summer.
            I could still see it but it was such a light haze as opposed to the vibrant zing of the spring/summer months.

            Very interesting, thanks Charles, I feel more connected now :)

          • Finding the king tree, got it. This morning on my way to work, I watched mist enveloping the earth, trees barely visible.

  2. Love the idea of out-wierding someone as a defence mechanism… Hilarious!

  3. I think Elton John would wear these to a jungle themed party to fit in and stand out at the same time?

  4. LOL. I once found a pair of purple granny glasses lying on the ground at the corner of Haight & Ashbury. They were really strange so I liked the look and wore them around a lot. I noticed several weird things about purple filters. The sky always looked dark and ominous, and in the autumn, the leaves seemed to turn color early. But the oddest thing, I could always tell if a woman dyed her hair, it would look an unnatural orange.

  5. I think I go through most me Neptune years without sunglasses… but prob needed them. I think it would be easy to mistake the wearer of these glasses for dealer.