81 thoughts on “Neo-Leo Moon Advice: Weekly Horoscopes Up

  1. Well thank goddesses because this dark moon just got darker than I prepared for.

  2. & Thanks Mystic for posting the degrees of the new moons & moon voids etc. YES, less of my precious Virgo time spent rifling through the data vault.

  3. Was just talking to my Leo, to wish him happy birthday, he was soooooooooo depressed and fed up, feels like all things are in a holding pattern, poor Leo! Something especially sad about a downcast Leo!

    • I know what you mean. How can the sun not shine? And when Saggos go all dark — Jove loses his Joviality — it’s all wrong too.

  4. Yes, u’ve got it UV! there’s no sense of past, or future, it’s all the present and it’s all wrong, as in things have never been right and they will never be right again!

    No amount of reassurance can change that perception!

    Moth-eaten, crestfallen king of the jungle! Not the natural order of things at all!

    • I’ve never met anyone who’s able to out sulk me… So yes, Leos are good at that. Hehe. ;) Cuddle and pet him Torointransit! He needs it!

    • I can remember my Leo husband being in a black mood and I felt quite desperate as we were in a really lousy situation in every. Then I spoke to my very prosaic and practical mother-in-law. She said: “In one of his black moods, is he, dear? Ignore him. If you don’t take any notice, he’ll soon get over it.” Worked like a charm!

  5. You’re scopes are so dead on it’s well…. kind of spooky…. I’m really starting to get freaked out about the week of Aug 8th…. At a weird conjuncture in my job right now…. should I stay or should I go or at least bow out during that week?

  6. For whatever reason, I’m not as emo as usual but I still have a day or 2 more to hit gloom bottom.

    • I spoke too soon. I just sloughed off some jealous peeps who don’t appreciate what I bring to the table. Bye, bye bad “dandruff” that is not worth my time. I will not let you drain my energy and continually coq-bloq me.

  7. new moon conjunct my natal leo moon….definately ready for new beginnings. My dear old Aqua sun friend is coming to visit…very excited. haven’t seen each other in years.

  8. So we are all perched on a tree, waiting for the right time to show or beauty, right? This dark moon feels so heavy, bloating..

  9. Yes, Thanks Mystic, will chill.

    As above moi, seriously need to do some re-juvenal and some serious exercise too

  10. On a lighter note, for the joy of the new moon, discovered new dance for fun ideas in new movie dvd called ‘Somewhere’, check out the kinky twins…ha ha aha, btw, def. for the mature kids…

    in movie also interesting narrative about a megastar living an ordinary mundane human life, very cool perspective and good to see.

  11. Oh damn, wish I had read this before I went out; psycho bats already happened. Was supposed to meet Mr Aquarius for a movie date. He was late, and while waiting I found out the film he told me we were seeing actually doesn’t open til tomorrow, so I called him to inform him and he cancelled the date without even bothering to show up, leaving me standing outside the cinema alone. I went off at him over the phone because I was upset I had gone to all the effort of making myself look hot, and the only time I ever see him is for booty calls HE initiates, etc etc etc.

    • Hon, booty calls have to work both ways as in he must be available
      when YOU want also, although they do not honour either person.

      Hookers are for when men want instant available sex w/o emotional
      involvement and they have 2 hands just like us.

      Sex w/o love…Cupid cries.

    • Bill him for your time & preparation with a detailed account of
      exact costs including marquillage, parking, dry cleaning plus what else
      you could have been doing instead.
      He may then think twice if he thinks at all.

    • I’d give this guy the boot. seriously. He does not respect your boundaries at all. :/ Standing someone up is like the pinnacle of selfishness even as a friend.

      • I agree. Get rid of him. This incident you have described rings warning bells to me. It is bad behaviour. I had a guy who would not show up on dates, ring and cancel at last minute (i.e. when I was already at the meeting place) etc. I thought I meant more to him than “just” a booty call, but that is all I was. And when HE wanted to meet me … boy… I had better be there all pretty – pronto!! He was a jerk and behaved like one.

        Some people try to cover this type of behaviour from Aquas by telling you something like “Aquarians are hard to pin down, they just don’t notice cause they are all head in the clouds and are muddled about time and dates etc blah blah”. I’m an Aquarian and believe me, behind all that head in the clouds stuff, our minds are sharp – we don’t forget something that is important to us. If we want to show up for someone or we want something – we will do what it takes to get there.

        Sorry if I sound OTT or bossy – I just wanted to put my 2 cents in because I have been in a similar situation – and it was really painful.

        Oh…..the irony will be, of course, that if you ignore him, he will warm to you and find you refreshing and interesting – another charming Aqua quirk.

    • I know an Aqua guy I had a casual thing with but was just getting to know be friends. He stood me up. Then I kept running into him everywhere. Then he called, I ignored it. Ran into him again , he apologized profusely fr being flakey. I then called him. He asked me to dinner, then never called. All I could do is say whatever. Wasn’t into him, not attracted to him really. Just someone to know. He just called again a few weeks ago. I’m ignoring it again, I have no time for this.

      • How rude of him nancyx. So what if the film wasn’t on, couldn’t he have met with you anyway? How pathetic! I agree with Pegasus that it should work both ways.

        He doesn’t deserve your energy nancyx, not even your anger.

        • nancyx, kick him to the curb, sweetheart !
          I’ll swing by, pick you up And pay for your movie~girls night !
          I got ditched once after getting a ride to jerk town 40 minutes away- left with no transportation home. My rescue ride was with 2 other girls, and sadly, they had a few stories of their own, including some re: the jerk.

  12. Thank you Mystic for heads up. Planning hot date for Sat night and Sunday. Said no to Friday (he has day off) thank fuq. Kids are giving me Dark Moon merde like never before. I’m doing boundaries, health, sleep – everything for Pisces rising and love life is great but my normally fabulous kids are in a stink, wtf. Aquagirl home from sheer exhaustion and emo from Nazi Chinese percussion teacher who vibes like an evil Olympic coach. Leoboy on a winge rampage about anything and everything and due to conflicting weekend school commitments, he’s with me until Sat arvo :eyeroll: Bring on the Leo New Moon.

  13. Mystic, just read your tweet re site – if you scroll right down the bottom of each page – even the home page- there is the left hand side content.

    • so that’s where it is! Is wordpress the same as html where if you want to float your columns the info in the hanging column has to come before the info in the one it hangs next to in the code? As in your cart links etc would have some code that would say “floats left” or similar and be positioned in the code before the content of the main column.

      You might’ve deleted the float instruction by accident…? If that makes no sense to you and if wordpress doesn’t use html then please ignore.

  14. Thanks MM. I’ve been sick with a viral infection – three days off work. So frustrating, because I have heaps of things I should be doing plus I feel hideous. I went to the doctor and was relieved to get a diagnosis and plus now with your forecast MM, I know things are looking up – phew!

    • PS What a stunning picture. My shiatsu therapist (I’ve now moved interstate so I don’t see her now) had peacocks in her garden. She said they just flew in and made themselves at home!

      A psychic friend of mine, though, said that she would never allow peacock feathers in her home as they have negative energy. Has anyone heard this?

      • They are regarded as unlucky, they have markings of the ‘evil eye’ on all their tailfeathers…I remember thinking of the omen in Graceland -Elvis had two stained glass peacocks in the piano room. Maybe a sign of vanity and tempting fate too.

  15. yes my scottish mother had a fear of peacock feathers in the home

    she also had a mistrust of hats on beds

    two teaspoons in a cup

    the list went on

      • Yes, and yet those wonderful Celtic beliefs, current, of Scotland’s rich history.

          • cheers to acknowledging the elders but superstition isn’t hereditary although it does seem to haunt some people like a miasm – not that I’m implying you are one of these people current. a lot of superstition is based on things that were at some point a real threat/problem that are no longer relevant. Like 7 years bad luck for a broken mirror – the price of a mirror was 7 years wages at the point in time when that one was coined.

            • Good point whatevs. I just love the sacred wells in Cornwall, they’re everywhere! But not all pagan knowledge is sacred as you insightfully remind us whatevs.

    • I knew an old lady from Lancashire who said peacock feathers were bad luck…

  16. oh god Friday just started and on my way to work, realized I forgot to shampoo one side of my hair so it had conditioner and was all STICKY! I don’t know how I could have done that.

    Could not get a cab. Late for work.

    Comes on FB. Realizes that long-time-ago-Aries-ex-who-dumped-me-and-got-really-angry-that-i-didn’t-want-him-back-and-bought-a-plane-ticket-to-see-me-without-even-asking-me-if-it-was-okay, went on my best friend’s FB, since I’m no longer FB friends with Aries ex, and then ended up hurling verbal abuse at me on FB. What the fuq seriously. How much more ungracious and embarrassing can you be? And on top of that we’ve been broken up for more than two years?! And he was all like “My Costa Rican fiance wishes you a good life. Personally, I couldn’t care less.” WHAT THE FUQ. I’M SOOOOO ANGRY RIGHT NOW.]

    what else for the rest of the day!!!

    • Update: went to ex’s flat to pick up things during lunch hour. Hunted for my things and found a piece of paper. It writes: 44women and then details everyone he’s slept with with a score by the side. And at the top breaks it down by hair colour and sexual acts. Good news: my score is number two. Bad news, score is five times less than his ex-fiancé of six years. When I saw it, tears sprung to my eyes. Feeling hurt and amused. Actually really hurt. But not sure if I should be. :( opinions?

        • Mind you, the fact that he felt the need to do that, take all that time to write a list must mean that the break up has affected him hence the need for him to hurt you, so you feel the pain too. It says more about him than you.

          But what a jerk – don’t buy in to his dysfunction. Be glad that it’s over, in time for the new moon!

          • he didn’t mean for me to find it actually. He’d laid all my things out on the table, but I decided to look for this note which I’d written to him to see if he kept it.. and stumbled onto this and read it.

            Does that make a difference?

            • I am so sorry that you’re hurting misslibra. I just find both his rating ex-partners and on such superficial criteria to be deeply disturbing.

              But that’s me missl. I mean “hair colour”- WTF?

              As I said, that’s just my view. I know it’s easily said and hard to do after a break-up but just nurture yourself and try to steer your thoughts away from him. If I’d read a list like that, I’d be devastated, no matter what my “score” was.

              • I am really sad because I do feel like the list really objectifies all the women he slept with. And I’m completely horrified because I could never imagine him doing something like this. And I imagine he would be horrified if he knew that I’d seen this. Honestly. I don’t know why he wrote this but he’s always been really fond of making lists. Only reason I can think of. But I just wanted to ask the blokes here if it’s normal and forgivable. Men do do really really dumb things.

                There was no criteria for the rating. It simply put a score. And at the bottom there was just a breakdown of how many blondes/redheads/brunettes he’d slept with. So I don’t really know how to feel. He’s actually been really friendly to me this week, calling me and asking me out for lunch this weekend and I’d agreed because I’d been avoiding him for weeks.

                • I’d forget about the list. Libraquarius said it best. It’s not about you, it’s about his problems. :/ sad really.

      • Yonks ago I found a list my then boyfriend wrote listing the good and the bad things about me while he debated whether to resume our relationship. I really should have kicked him in the balls then and there but didn’t have the self-confidence. The bit about “lack of imagination” stuck with me for years, really dragged me down until I saw a therapist and did some energy work, Gestalt I think it was. What an eye-opener. Who was hanging onto that shit? Me. And once I realised it, I felt so free. Now I’m an artist, writer, Tarot reader and couldn’t care less about the comment, in fact, I had to think about what it was to write it here. So milllibrakismet, it’s his problem, not yours. Don’t let him drag you down. He’s the fuqwit, you are too brilliant for him and will rise above and float off to a much better life without him. Give him the finger, babe!

        • That’s a salutory story Libraquarius. I think women have been conditioned over the millennia, to expect to play second fiddle to ‘some bloke’. Women play down their brilliance so as not outshine or be seen to compete with their male partners, and often don’t even realise they’re doing it. I have had two exes who I realised were competing with me in areas that were essentially ‘my’ specialty not theirs. Suddenly they were far better writers, photographers, musicians than I when such things had never really been their thing in the first place. This had the unfortunate effect of rendering me dumbly compliant and to all observers, I guess it smacked of a lack of imagination on my part. I just stopped doing those things and fell into line (behind). Which was the MOST FUCKING BORING LIFE IMAGINABLE for a time. When the first relationship wherein this happened ended, I realised I had zero self confidence and it took some time to get it back. This time, with relationship in death throes, I realise a similar thing could happen. I don’t necessarily think men realise they’re doing it either, it’s like they too are conditioned to superiority in all things and so unconsciously assume this position.

          Dumbing oneself down to suit some little man, is crippling, ridiculous, depressing, sad, etc. I don’t know how/why we let it happen it’s a very subtle thing. But I’d rather go it alone, then ever let it happen again.

          As the saying goes: women who try to be the equal to man, lack ambition.

  17. This week has been a real fuqer… reservoirs of tolerance have been bombed, and my immune system is telling me about it. I gave myself a due by date to start new job, and move house to start new job, that at the time, seemed like enough time. Fuq, i cant even go into it… Please let the new moon make it all alright!

  18. cant believe how emo I feel. Forgot to pack my toothbrush for quick trip to NZ to see my mum and was devastated! Lost the top off my metal drink bottle on the plane and wept! Cried when I said goodbye to pussy cat. WTF? Bring on Sat night.

    • Its ok mum! PC knows you’re home next week, and the drink bottle lid can prob be replaced! Just give Gran a huge hug and settle in for lamb neck stew.

  19. Yeah, dark moon hit me hard, as it always does – try adding PMS to the mix… seems so appropriate to be hormonal EVERY dark moon, but it sure makes it painful to endure! I had just gotten to a comfortable, confident place early in the week. I’ve been thrown for a loop, feeling exceptionally needy, jealous and insecure – traits I thought I was growing out of. Bring on the new moon in Leo :)

  20. The warning came too late. I lost it emotionally last night big time. And at a bar. Well you couldn’t get more public. Was crying hysterically couldn’t stop.

  21. peacock feathers, the coloured tail feathers are beautiful, used to give these away to friends because they’re so pretty and used to find them quite often freshly fallen

    but there are two types of other feathers you can collect, really nice large brown and white striped ones and then large all white, all dark brown and all tan or all grey ones…these last really well, collect minimal dust and are awesome – i have several and put them in small antique like bottles, these feathers are around 30 to 40 cm long and are so nice inside the house…the bad luck is supposedly the ‘eye of isis’, more to protect isis i think the idea of this ancient bird warded off evil to protect isis…but i’m not 100% peacocks can kill snakes in an instant…touch wood, i’ve not had bad luck nor have friends i’ve given them too…intuitively these feathers feel protective aura to me as i used to collect them on sublime walks with my beautiful animal spirit gold dog

    • sorry, the ‘eye’ to ward off evil is in the coloured tail feathers…this eye watched over and protected isis…

      the two other types of large feathers come from the body of the bird when they cast their body feathers.

      • you are welcome LA, i read all your posts on Amy section, and i so identified with the useful info you gave re the medicine doctors asking ‘when did you stop dancing’, ‘when did you stop having fun’ etc, so thanks for this!

        like i read into these words the key out of our worst troubles can be finding a focus or something or someone to love and give our all to, be it zumba or a pet or a lover or art or our family, you have been so brave and it has made and i think you are awesome, i enjoy reading all your posts.

        i can hear your heart in your words, you sound like a genius alchemist, the wisdom of a heart who has turned the lead of heavy suffering into gold, thank you for giving your insights!

        • soz, i meant it has made me feel reassured to read your words and what you went thru in your life, because i too can identify with the learnings you’ve expressed :)

  22. dark moon/mercury bats brain fog, i meant to say:

    -i’m not 100% about the isis eye but i think it is true
    -peacocks can kill snakes instantly
    -peacocks are natives of india, where there’s snake spirits galore
    -i think the warning is in the eye of the beholder re the bad luck so
    -if they worry u don’t have them
    -but if you trust maybe they will watch over you like isis

    • I dont think they are bad luck at all…. We (my family) have had peacocks since I was 6 years old…. We have had the feathers in the house my whole life since then….. Have only ever linked them to beauty, not bad luck…..

      And my cat does love to play with them…..

    • Just want to chime in, I don’t give feathers from any animal any sort of ‘bad’ connotations, just familiar with the omen. I have feathers all over the place in my house, and bones, wood stuff (will take a pic of natural weird ball), crystals, all sorts of earthy stuff. If it is natural, of the earth, I feel it is good. Tupperware, not so much. Some omens are actually good advice passed down- such as don’t light 3 cigs off one match because the enemy can target you in wartime, or the use of garlic to ward off evil/sickness which is known to have strong anti-bacterial, antibiotic properties.

  23. What goes around, comes around it seems.

    It’s hard not to gloat a little bit after finding this juicy tidbit.

    So the most recent cheapskate ex, the Toro just got burned by another Toro in a LDR. He was always so cheap with me complaining about spending even $5 on a meal for me, but he bought an expensive plane ticket to go see this girl Toro in another state. Well turns out things didn’t go as he had hoped. Girl Toro was stringing him along to use as bait to make some other guy jealous. So he spent all this $$ to get nothing out of it. He doesn’t have the guts to tell me about this. One of our mutual friends let me know about this because he’s all worried about him. The Toro just posts some emo shitty poetry or whatever. I’m not lifting a finger to help him. I’m not his woman anymore. I don’t mind comforting him in a friend way as we are supposed to be friends now, but that takes some emotional courage from him to seek it out. Clearly, he doesn’t want it.


    • Yes, gloating is not pretty, I tend to gloat on the inside when called for :)
      What is it with people who are so tight with their lovers ? A friend is going thru the same thing now. She fears even suggesting activities that might cost 10 bucks because if it isn’t perfect he will fall into some foul mood and basically blame her for wasting his precious dollars. It’s horrible, and a constant pressure on the relationship. There’s no flow in the energy cause that’s what money is really. It works both ways though. When I was a late teen I fell head over for this Leo lass. I was at uni , living at home and worked part time for measly wages. I was always paid on a Saturday which meant that I had money to take out my girl that night. Often I spent every cent on the night and would drop her home and walk or run the 10klms back home late that night, as I didn’t have enough for a cab. All fine, till one night it was pouring rain, storming, I dropped her home and realized I couldn’t do my late night hike. I asked her if she would lend me $5 for a cab ( this was the 70’s). She not only turned me down but closed the door in my face in annoyance that I would ask ?
      I ran the 10ks home in disbelief and tears, that someone from such a wealthy background was so tight, we had been going out for 9 months and she had never spent one cent on me. We broke up, I was devastated , soon seeing her with the son of a very wealthy family, quell surprise. I was told later by a mutual friend that she considered me a loser, who had no idea about how to handle money ?

      • LOL! Is she dating a Toro? I mean most Toros I know are like that about money. They have a savings schedule or something and they won’t normally break it for nothing. That’s why i was so butt hurt over how quickly he got over my break up with him and how he moved on in less than 3 months and dropped such a large sum of money to fly over to meet someone he barely knows.

        But my heart goes out to you. 9 months and she still didn’t know you? wtf? I can understand why she might be stingy if you did that on a recent date but it’s so excessive. I don’t know why women can be so stingy like that.

        • Toro guys are such tight arses! Last time I dated one he took me to the cheapest Indian restaurant then whenever we stayed in and ordered pizza he made me pay even though he earned double my salary! Stinginess is a turn off.

          • You had to pay for pizza that he ordered? Did you at least take all of the leftovers? :d

            I’ve also dated “the other kind of Toro” that get insulted when you, the woman, actually pay for part of the date or help out financially in any way. I’m pretty sure I blew it with *that* Toro in 2008. :/ They get so deeply insulted in some weird control freak way. I thought I was helping. :(

            But yeah I was raised by a Capricorn mom and she instilled the value of the dollar on us like you would not believe….(I’m a Libra and my sis a Pisces..neither one too good with cash unless blessed in some way). I am used to finding bargains for dates but there is no excuse for not being ready for a date at all.

  24. Yes, am feeling it too. Was thinking there might be some Neptune in it for me, too, as I know it’s inching back to Aquarius and have been having awesome dreams for nights now. Whatever it is I feel ok but WEIRD around people, like nearly invisible but I don’t know why? Is it me? Is it them?

  25. Dark moon passed me by. Had a great week and capped off friday by unexpected visit from Lusty who I knew would be in tippy top shape after a loving dream about him., After our last narky encounter it was so nice to be loved up and we had so much fun till midnight then had his birthday feast and crashed till 530am and up for work.