Mercurial Glam: How To Ace Mercury Retro-In-Leo Till Sept 9!

Vogue Russia

It could be merry hell incarnate only with sequins and a loud screechy “DAH-ling” for any crisis ranging from Ennui to one’s glass not being quickly enough replenished.

But Mercury in Leo for endless weeks (and Retro for most of fuqing August) won’t be as i have done an Astro-Confidential ($1.69)  with all you need know.  It has:

* The exact  times for L.A., Sydney, New York and London.

* The Mercurial Glam Performance Guide – Mercury in Leo going Retro-Bats SO affects creatives and stage-peeps. Leo is the sign of the Luvvies.

*  The Eerie Mars Echo Effect From Late 2009 to until 2010.  Remember Mars = Men. Strange shit from that interminable Mars in Leo phase does come back. Strange guys could blast back in, Leo style.

* The Mercurial Glam Love Guide – you would think Mercury in Leo for so long would be too busy gazing raptly in the mirror BUT three oppositions to Neptune in a row DO make for some cryptic communiques. You don’t want to go confusing delusional with karmic even though there IS a soul dimension to all this.

* Your Mercurial Glam Horoscopes till September 9. Sign by sign but read your Rising Sign as well for a double dose.

ANYWAY, you can get instant access to read Mercurial Glam for $1.69 at the Astro-Shop here.

48 thoughts on “Mercurial Glam: How To Ace Mercury Retro-In-Leo Till Sept 9!

  1. This could be fun. Late 2009/early 2010 was a good time. Not gonna get my hopes up for the actual lust interest reappearing but no matter, he ushered in a new era. Merc will be reversing over my ascendant, and the zap zone is all over me.

  2. So I was walking around for about a year or two. assured that my rising was in capricorn. come to find out it is in Leo. So thinking is this beneficial for me?

    -From Los Angeles, CA

      • I was under a similar impression when I was first told that I was a Capricorn Rising, but then later found out I was a Sagittarius Rising. After having embraced my earthy, more stoic Cappy traits I had to do a rethink and discover the hidden fiery elements of my personality. And since your Rising sign dictates how other people see you, it’s strange to think of yourself as being serious and then find out that all this time maybe others have perceived you as care-free and easygoing!

        • Something about that is kinda fascinating! I found out my ascendant on the first go (Scorpio), and double-checked it elsewhere to make sure it was right. And I believed it anyhow because it completely explained why I’m so much more reserved than your typical Leo.

    • yes, beneficial. this long retrograde mars in leo gives u plenty of time to get a new cycle going, to be more clear about what is most beneficial, and time to get ready to go for it, to get things started. also, leo’s higher vibe is “simplicity” and spiritual “humility”.

  3. Add 20 years and 20 pounds and this picture is me just as I turned on computer just now. I always need a lie down after afternoon flurry of driving kids all over. It’s the only way I can be civilized when I cook dinner.

    My daughter (Sag) seriously has this exact eye mask in princess pink satin.

    Since I’m Virgo and Rising Leo, I’m a bit puzzled about the effects of this Merc Retro. Guess I’ll find out.

  4. Man – soooooo long.

    What does one do if signing a contract is unavoidable? I mean, you can’t spend that length of time avoiding it, especially when you NEED a job!

    • Im in same boat. Maybe it is wise to lay low or anticipate that the job you get may change or something like that..

    • You sign anyways and take your chances.

      I signed for a job contract in 2009 when mercury was retro in Aqua in Jan. It was awful. In some ways it was the best job of my life that I *couldn’t* pass up. It is still the shining crown of job experience in my resume, but it sucked in so many ways.

      –I didn’t get paid on time. Typically it was weeks late. The last payment was 5 MONTHS overdue! I was almost in the process of group lawsuit at month 5 but figured after lawyer fees it might not be worth it.

      –The job ended abruptly.

      So yeah take it but understand there’s a hook in that bait.

      • A similar thing happened to me. I took a job during a Mercury Rx in summer 2010. It looked like a dream job. It wasn’t. I got fired during the next Merc Rx.

        • Oh yeah I didn’t even check that. When the job ended another Mercury retro was just starting up in September!

    • I have read on some past mercury retrograde posts some fairly imaginative ways of getting out of starting a job during the retrograde. Those might be worth a review before saying starting a new job is completely unavoidable. But I did hear a story recently from a friend who started a new job during a merc retro. He found out quickly that he didn’t like the job, but was then able to return to his old job with more money, so it did have a happy ending

    • Interesting…JUST TODAY got contacted about a contract position, which would be awesome. Don’t really want a FT role as I’m dedicated to getting my side biz idea going.
      So, ideally, we’d sign before July 15, right? Is the July 15-August 2 period still considered safe?

  5. I think I can handle Merc Rx, I usually do. I have Mercury at my MC in Taurus, with my Sun and Moon. This Rx concerns me only a little, it will all be in my 1st House, although it will wander back and forth over my 29″Leo Pluto.

    So what I need with, is help surviving OTHER people’s Merc Rx freakouts.

    • Oops, embarrassing edit error. Can I blame Mercury yet? Of course, that should read “what I need help with, is surviving…”


    This writer slash director has her first film scheduled to start shooting in August!!!!

    It’s my script and I’m directing. I HAVE to shoot it in early Aug. I HAVE to sign contracts and work with cast (oh nooo, ACTORS!!!) and crew and equipment – all at night shoots!!! OH fuq me now :(

    I’m in pre-production at the moment and everything is going sooo slow. I’m closely following my astro to guide me how/ how not to act – don’t get mad, don’t slacken off, wait, focus, etc… thank you Saturn in my Libra rising (12th house), Pluto on my Sun (3rd)… and now Retro Merc in Leo is coming to crash the party??

    Yes I have Mercurial Glam just downloaded, thank you Mystic, and now I’m almost in tears thinking how this little Cap can possibly get through this?? I’ve been anxious about this project as it is (first-timer/ pressure on to perform/ prove myself/ personal Cap high standards to meet/ etc etc) but now with the astro shitting down on everyone, it’s going to be so tough. Wahhhhhhh!!!

    And my temperamental Cinematographer is a Leo. More Waaahhhh!!!

    Oh what to do? Look fab? Carry a mirror around with me at all times to reflect annoying ppl’s scowling faces back at them? Wear animal print??

      • You might gain a great deal of power in hanging on as a cool-headed leader through this project.

        Follow MM’s advice. You might shine.

    • I was involved in the studio business during the 80’s, saw lots of crews come and go, the stress, the stress heads, the ones that make it work. If you can get your ‘studio/work’ environment to be a happy, easy, accommodating place to be, people will tend to hang around, get it done without too much fuss. Put the pressure on and lower working conditions and whammo ! they would prefer to be somewhere else. Nice food, good music, smiling director, where else is there to go?
      A good director is a facilitator not zee controller.

    • Buy Mercury in Retrograde spray IMMEDIATELY & douse anyone who looks like they’re going to go totally BATS. Maybe you could have the Mercury Rx spray pumped out of the air conditioning system…..or maybe concoct some special Mercury Rx “punch” drink? Coconut milk with essence of lavender and mint?

    • Wait a minute EG, aren’t you a CAPRICORN?! Merc retro is nothing for those ruled by Saturn. Just take it one shitstorm at a time.

  7. ALWAYS are papers involving my apartment appearing on a Mercury Rx. So far, signing contracts has been EH — I always had a maintenance issue (leaking pipes, mice, bedbug paranoia but nothing happening) and one flatmate suddenly leaving. I am terrified of another year-long cycle, but it’s absolutely unavoidable at this point. Crossing my fingers it’s ok.

    In other news! 2009-2010 WAS MY YEAR! This Aqua-rising, Gem-sun is PUMPED. Bring on the lust, love, and career revolution. This was a golden era in my book where I took total control of my life and it was fabulous. MEGA looking forward (and have had some psychic dreams about certain gentlemen who were not emotionally/romantically available).. not getting hopes up too too high, but hey! A mercury retrograde I am going to actually probably enjoy (minus apartment paperwork) as a Gemini? BRING IT.

    • hey lady j, I’m in same boat! Also a Gem sun, Aqua-rising! 2009-2010 was sorta the last bit of calm before the storm…I went into HUGE and difficult Pluto transits after that, however….was really starting to feel/get glimpses of my coming future life free of a tyrannical boss AND a tyrannical lover! Both of whom were causing me health problems!
      Also, during this time….had intense mutual crush/flirtation with unavailable man, as well as an actual hookup on vacation…very hot indeed. :) Either of those 2 returning would be most welcome, but only if single. ;)

      Good luck with your gentlemen coming back into the picture!

      • Aw thanks DoubleMutable!

        I hear you on the Pluto transit; I think I had my worst in high school (rebellious teenager + pluto transit = the mega pits of revolution disaster yet with incredible results afterwards). You should purchase some Wonder Woman underpants ahead of time. Look at them in a glass case, knowing you cannot break glass in case of Pluto, anticipating the end of it all! It’s going to feel so good to put those babies on when all is done and said.

        BUT… Post-early 2010, definitely had that difficult lull — the WTF this isn’t what my life should be looking like moment and a lot, a lot, a lot of waiting for jobs to reply. Again, things that were necessary came to fruition through absolutely shocking synchronicity. I feel for you and I am excited for you at the same time … !!!


  8. Leo is an intercepted sign for me, so having anything there, much less retrograde, is not welcome. That Mars retrograde in Mars of which you speak spanned over Christmas, and it was one of the loneliest ever.

    • me too, inchy and plus Mercury is in the intercepted house (My 3rd house)

      Wonder how it will play out.. Have any planets in Leo?

      • Yeah, this particular time period s#$@%* a$# for me. Was the absolute worst low of whole life, but in no way, shape, or form will any of that repeat.

        No, I think for those who are scared about this, I think that this is the time for comeuppance. A balancing of scales for peeps who suffered then.

        In my humble opinion.

        For those who suffered then, this might be a weirdly, bizarrely healing time. But weird, sort of “pinch me” is this real

        • Really, why not, Bluesky? I’m going to approach it with your upbeat attitude.

  9. You have Leo/Aqua interception, Sassy? Now that you mention it, I remember our charts being flipped like that; you have Pisces on the MC/I have Virgo there. No, I don’t have planets in Leo, but I have Saturn in Aquarius in the 3rd . . so your Mercury is opposite my Saturn, is that why we give each other sage advice? ;-)

    • Hahah classic yes maybe thats why.. Wow huh? Cool stuff. Yeah Leo/Aqua intercepted the 3rd and 9th house

    • disregard what I said about our charts being flipped, that’s not the indicator of the shared interception . . there was more to that description that I left out . . but, wow, cool to find someone with the same interception. So have you thought about Neptune backing back into Aquarius? It was nice there for a while to have NO planets in those intercepted signs.

  10. my leo is in the 12th house and I have a leo moon.
    2009-2010 mars in leo era was bad/hard all part of the karmic/soulmate/hard growth relationship I was in with leo midheaven man.
    Now have new man I am hanging out with who has mars in leo. hmmmm Hope this one turns out much better.
    I am definately going through a 12th house feelingish thing right now. Processing and absorbing the new me. Quiet and peaceful.

  11. Hey, does it double the chances of the exes contacting you during Mercury Rx period in Leo if they have Mars in Leo and def. were exhibiting signs of Zap Zone back in 2009/2010.

    I’m thinking of 2….one more intriguing than the other.

  12. I was going to start going strong with my new biz in August until finding out about this Merc Rx in Leo… speaking engagements and publicity out the window for now… I think I will just choose to hunker down and do retro-analysis…

    Funnily enough late 09 to early 10 was when I first stepped out again into a performance/entertainment style gig after nearly a decade’s worth of enforced hibernation. It was great but ended abruptly. It WAS a new paradigm for me and a great deal of affirmation into my talents.

  13. Mystic – congrats on the new super-swift purchasing process – click click & bingo – Mercurial wisdom access granted – love it!!

    :-) xox

  14. D: 2009-2010, my ex-boyfriend broke my heart, my dad died, and my uncle passed away. That was not a good time for me. Not looking forward to trying it all again.

  15. Had to check what I was up to then – late 2009 / early 2010. Emails to myself are about Saturn girl boundaries.

    Nothing about Mars, other than a then-unrequited-love, now-retrospectively-it-was-my-hormones-he-was-actually-a-dullard incident. Yick, don’t you love when some peeps stay in your past?

  16. hah. timing. just when I am so desperately trying to save

    merc retro 2nd house. and intent to fly. gah!

  17. Mercury was retrograde when I was born. How can I expect this next retrograde to effect me?

  18. People I need help!

    I read Mystic’s advice but still can’t decide what to do!

    I’ve been lusting after a fellow Leo for two years. We met in Europe in 2009 (“The Eerie Mars Echo Effect”!). He now lives and works in Indonesia and I live in Hong Kong. In the past ten months or so, he has come to Hong Kong twice for work. We met and hanged out.

    Last night he asked me to visit him for a weekend – THIS WEEKEND! If I DO go, my flight will land in Indonesia at the exact hour when Mercury enters Rx Zone 18 Leo 42?!! That sounds pretty bad, right?

    I have to let him (and my travel agent) know my decision within the next two hours or so.