Joshua Tree Essence: A Rival To Pluto Juice?

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Hi Mystic,

You have often written about the benefits of taking the “WALNUT” essence during certain transits. I thought that you might be interested in reading about this deeply profound essence.  I am currently taking Joshua Tree Essence along with Walnut and a few others……when I stumbled across it, my whole body starting shaking with recognition!! I kept researching it until I could get my hands on it and I swear that it began to work on me BEFORE I even started taking it. My moon is 4 degrees Capricorn, just so you get an idea of what kind of transits I am current experiencing.
Anyway for me no other essence cuts straight through to the Pluto/Moon shit like this one.
Let me know your thoughts on it, if you wish.

Enjoy this Capricorn Full Moon!
I am describing it as “The arrival of ‘Being Beyond’  ~ no longer betwix nor between”

Yucca brevifolia
Positive qualities:
Individuation of soul forces through conscious transformation of family patterns and related cultural conditioning; enhanced freedom and compassionate insight for family and culture of origin
Patterns of imbalance:
Generational karma which shackles the soul’s potential; inability to break free from family or cultural patterns of dysfunction, such as alcoholism, addiction, depression, violence or hereditary illnesses; loss of individual identity and freedom due to lack of insight regarding familial and cultural influences
Add 2 drops to water and take 4 times daily.
Dear Marija,
Thank you!
Pluto Trippers: Hands up who wants to take Joshua Tree Essence for a week? See if it helps bestow some Desert Tranquility upon the whole Pluto rebirthing experience. Yes?  To see if it truly works, i think you’d need to stop doing Walnut (the original Pluto Juice and my fave flower remedy ever) and try the Joshua Tree on it’s own.
Has anyone tried it yet?   I’m really old-school with the Flower Essences, i like only the original Dr Bach ones.  Note that i know an Aries gent who says it doesn’t matter WHICh essence you’re on, so long as it’s got the brandy in it lol.

21 thoughts on “Joshua Tree Essence: A Rival To Pluto Juice?

  1. Going to try it the tree! Mystic paid for the mercury glam got confirmation from paypal no password , seems like i pushed wrong button . SOS!

  2. I’m in the netherlands and really want to try this. can’t seem to find any online stores.. and indeed no flower people in Amsterdam. Any suggestions? x

  3. I’ve got a homoepathic made up for me at the mo espesh for grieving. My local store gives you a card of all the essences ( I go for Australian bush ones) and I picked the ones that knew i would need to get me through. A professional consult is always good too. I’ve used them over the years and the same essences always come up for me – my pluto juice is banksia. Maybe coz i’ve got to conquer those demon big bad banksia men . Anybody remember them from May Gibbs books?

    • Yes I know the banksia men well, I loved may gibbs right through till I was a young adult and used to collect the artwork on stamps and greeting cards. I love the way essences work vibrationally and have found when I choose them, or receive through kineseology they are really powerful. would love to try this Joshua tree to see if it resented with me, yet I prefer the aust bush flower ones too. though I got some beautiful nz essences when I was there a couple of years ago and they are beautiful. I personally don’t like the alcohol in my essences and ask for them to be carried in water.

  4. Yucca? You could probably get a concentrated dose of yucca essence in a shot of tequila.

  5. That flower reminds me of a tuberose, one of my fave scented flowers.

    I actually prefer the Australian bush flower remedies, have a friend who does a consult and blends them for me. She does mail order, I can post the deets if anyone’s interested… Love Golden Wattle, Bluebell, Red Grevillea and many others.

  6. Actually, having had Pluto across the top for 25 years and working in the healing profession two stand out. Plutonium, yes, and what a trip, opens you to the experience and Smokey Quartz, both in homeopathic potency.

    • Plutonioum? Sorry is this a flower thingie or a homeopathy remedy? And what happens if you take it? i LOVE this stuff

      • This is a homeopathic potency. It was proved some years ago and has all the stuff that Pluto is about. Up it comes and the resistance to what Pluto wants to transform melts. Such a powerful remedy. Smokey quartz breaks down the resistance in the body, often felt as “body armour” when we resist change, and of course being dark, it resonates with Pluto. Homeopathic potencies are more effacious with transits as they work more deeply.

  7. Interesting that she’s got a Cap moon. So do I (along w/ Scorp sun) and I swear by the walnut remedy. Plus, I love Joshua Tree. I find it very grounding and restorative to spend time there.

  8. Just to clarify ~ Joshua Tree wont bring tranquility! I am on week 4 now and after the inital horrifying episodes of realizing and re-experiencing the depth of generational influences……….I am now in an acceptance stage. Like Jung said “Fate is doing that which I must ~ gladly!”

    Not in a depressed way though, some gold is coming thru…….

  9. I’m in! I just ordered mine on Lucky Vitamin. I wonder what their shipping charges are like internationally?

    At any rate, I can’t wait to give it a week-long trial. My therapist just started seeing another family member and is on us about generational drinking patterns :p

  10. Cool Mystic. Thanks for the info. Will have to check the nutrition store I frequent when I go to get sage for my massage oil tomorrow.

    Also timely as some new revelations regarding cellular healing and generational stuff lately. Some tears….Karmic crap (what’s passed down) can bring one to their knees. Once understood, quite humbling and compassion instilling. We should be so honored to be the one’s to heal it even tho we forget or don’t realize at the time. Training for the Soul…

    Joshua Tree National Park just north of here but only drove up once since I’ve been in the area and didn’t go inside that time.

    As much as U2’s Joshua Tree resonated with so many back when, maybe they were on to something maybe more than they knew too… Will always love it..A special era..


  11. Sounds ideal for a saturn-IC transit with natal Pluto living there all the time