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This is beyond belief, i realize, but i have JUST discovered the amazingness of Himalyan Salt Lamps.

You would think, from the HouseWitch A to Z i did with my Feng Shui Genius friend, that i would know all this stuff.

But somehow, i overlooked them. I’ve always known OF them but thought they looked odd, were maybe just an affectation.

BIG mistake.

Even skeptics admit that the salt lamps counteract harmful e.m.f.s and give off beneficial negative ions. I got one of these lamps on impulse the other day and bunged it in the bedroom. BEAUTIFUL.

It gives off a stunningly gorgeous and comforting pinkish light but very subtle: So much better than the ghastly glow emitted from my Eco-Ghoul light bulbs.

It changes the entire atmosphere of a room, it feels SO magic – see here for what a powerfully enchanted substance salt is – and works as a powerful Earth cure. ie; if you know your Feng Shui or just think you need Earth someplace, a big chunk of lit-up salt sure does the trick.

I’m crazy for them now.   You can get them at all sorts of places – i wouldn’t mail order as they’re bloody heavy . Who else loves them?

E.m.f.s and negative ions aside, i am convinced they exert a powerfully protective influence.

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        I just looked back there and I’ve won an ETERNAL freaking mega-mystic subscription! Wow, what better way to celebrate the last pass of my Saturn opposition (exact tomorrow)! Thank you so much. Eternity won’t seem anywhere near as long.

        And how apt that I win the Bad Sex Award just as Mars conjuncts the South Node. Says it all really. I doubt any of my friends (or try hard lovers) will be surprised. I think if there was a Bad Sex Olympics, I’d have a gold medal. In the heptathlon.

  1. My first crystal experience was with a salt lamp.. sigh! I felt it’s negative ions and basked in the warm glow of it’s radiance and fell in love. I have them in the baby’s room and give them as gifts for new mum’s. They really are heaven in this UV world.

  2. I’ve had one for a few years. Cylindrical shaped and so soothing. Supposed to clean the air as emits ions. Be sure to get extra bulbs when you buy because sometimes the shops run out and they’re difficult to find.

    Really lovely, love my lamp.

  3. I adore the lamps and sell them in my wee shoppe, collected from the salt mines of Pakistan. They attract water so make sure you put them atop a doily. But I imagine that aspect keeps away mould and mildew from ones room. They are so pretty. I have one that is 2.5ft tall in my bedroom. When I feel blue I put it on for the night, just the warm colour alone seems to have a lovely affect.

  4. I have gifted a pyramid shped one with a changing deep rainbow filter, very nice and the person who has it adores it. You can really feel the difference. They should be compulsory in all work environments, Huge ones.

    • Oh yeah. There are very few butchers that do aged steaks. It’s very expensive because you’re reducing the water weight on a product you sell by the pound.

      • there’s quite a few in Oz. Best bet is to look for the butchers in the more yuppie suburbs (i guess yuppies have the cash to spend). Just bought several kgs (at non-yuppie prices) from a farmer who raises free range grass fed cattle. then it’s dry-aged for a coupla weeks before selling.

  5. Hmmm, I had one for ages that leaked mooshy fluid that would then crystallize into salt.

    I didn’t really feel any positive effects, to be honest. But it is a good light to shag by. Very flattering to all… Just sayin’ ;)

    • Yes, shag light needs to be as close to complete darkness as possible, especially after a certain number of saturn transits.

  6. I’ve had one of these for a few years now and they are great. If you can’t get to the beach for the negative ions then the lamp helps a lot. If you’re not well it can just make you feel brighter, too.

  7. My mother left me hers when she went back to my step-father and I honestly sleep so much better with it glowing beside my bed. I had it in the bathroom for a while (not while the shower was on) and it did an amazing job, considering I share that bathroom with a kitty.

    Either way, love my lamp, want another. Ideally one for each room.

  8. Yes I had one for the last couple of years, and I loved it. A couple of friends of mine would comment that they had the best sleep in my room, better than even their own beds. Another friend said she always had the most interesting, vivid dreams, though that could have been from the salt lamp or my other crystals, or perhaps a combination of both :)

    However DO keep it turned on as much as possible – if not all the time – especially if you live in a humid or wet area.

    When it rained for months and months in Brisbane last year, my lamp started melting and I had to keep replacing the bulbs as they would blow due to salt water in the socket (which ended up meaning there would be a regular few days when it was turned off, and thus it melted even more). Eventually the salt had melted into the light bulb socket so I had to replace that; and even then melted into the new socket within a week, so I have had to stop using it.

    I miss it… this is a good reminder to get a new one now that it’s sunny up here again! :)

  9. My sister has worked as a manager at Tree of Life for about 6 years now (brief stint at Lush for a while too), and she always has himalyan salt lamps in stock, and in her house.

    The first time she brought one home, I couldn’t help myself… but despite being nearly 30 and a good 3 years older than her, I licked it. I wanted to know if it tasted like normal salt!

    • That’s funny! Actually my 2 year old son walked up to the lamp when I bought it and ..licked it. It was really odd as I he is not a licky kid by nature, very particular. I am not sure how he knew this was an edible lamp!

  10. I have two candle ones and an electric one. I just feel better when they’re on – especially in Winter. And their glow reminds me of those rocks from India Jones and the Temple of Doom.

    I’m always careful with leaving things burning, though. I know they say to leave them on but I wouldn’t. The lamps won’t tip over or flare or anything, but a piece of paper or whatever could always blow over to the candle. Constant vigilance.

  11. O yes, i have one that is more orange glow than pink. Hollow for a
    tea light not an electric one.
    It burns daily with a pix of Isis behind it. Busted!
    Sometimes i lick it for the salt taste.

  12. put a candle in mine and lit it as soon as i read this… have had for a while and dont always remember to light it.

  13. Haven’t tried the lamps, but the salt in baths is fantastic. New and full moon baths with just warm water and the salt = deep sound sleeps.

  14. I love the sound of them.
    May i ask, are they bright enough to read in bed by?
    thank you wonderful peeps x

  15. Not really reading lamps…More like magical talismans

    Btw i am getting all house-witchy today (PMT + storm outside) and i just lowered the cost of the HouseWitch A to Z Astro Confidential from $14.00 to $8.88
    so go have a look on the Astro Shop.

    it has everything in it BUT the Himalyan Salt Lamps lol.

    My Feng Shui consulatant Liz and i secretly call it Fast Feng for when you are stuck for a fuq

    • I’ve had one in my bedroom for years on the bedside table. Once a male sleepover brought a soda over and placed it next to the lamp. The condensation made the salt get on the wood base and look all streaky and yuck. Wiped it with water, then used some raw olive oil to buff the shine back up. Lamp still here, lamp melting man, no.

    • Then I had better get me one asap! LOL. I kinda had the same view, nice and all but have so many crystals, geodes etc that I never really thought too much about aquiring one. May need to look again me thinks.

  16. Purchased a Hymalyan salt lick for my horses and they barely touched it??. I’ve been tempted by the lamps in shopping centres but for some reason I didn’t want to take anything away from such a beautiful place…I’m even more tempted now though!!…..It’ll be 10 days before my bloody husband is back!!!

  17. A lamp you say? Hmmmm….. my boyfriend is in love with this stuff on his food, I showed him this and now he’s super keen for one as long as I’m “sure it’s Himalayan” lol

  18. Got 4 of them in a frenzy to reverse negative vibes in old house during divorce. LOVED them. I got them in settlement;) Now have them in new place and love them equally, if not more!

  19. Loooove salt lamps. I got one about a year ago and I keep it in my bedroom. It’s such a beautiful light, my scorpy sister loved it as well and in Amsterdam I found a little USB salt lamp. It’s tiny and has a very orange color, so cute. It’s meant to plug into a computer but she uses it as a night light, like I do. My other sister works in a store that has a salt lamp bowl with chunks of salt in it that I really want.
    The first day I got it I noticed a difference in the atmosphere of my room and how I felt.

  20. Oh I need one of these for my bedroom. Like a cool night light/negative ion source. Love the idea of salt and grounding and protection. (Insomnia has been biting since April… and hasn’t really responded to any other ‘cures’.

  21. Salt lamps and selenite lamps together work really well for EMF’s etc. The Selenite lamps are pure white light as well….gorgeous!! Ridiciously expensive in Sydney so I got both mine in the crystal shop in Bowral for 1/4 of the sydney prices. When I touched the Selenite lamp tp point it out to my daughter I took out the power in the whole shop! Seriously! All the lights and the power went out. So the shop lady came over and touched the lamp, my daughter did as well and nothing. I touched the lamp again and the power came back on!! I took it as a sign yes I was to buy a selenite lamp and the one I touched was the lamp to buy!!

  22. I have two salt lamps one very lag. the other small—–excellent fire remedies for Feng Shui…..

  23. Thanks so much for your post on Himalayan lamps.. I was only again moaning on the weekend how much I hate the tv and two computers that live in my lounge room (I share with other people) and after reading your post I felt I truly believe you always get the information you need. The first was a health email on Monday about e.m.f.s and how they effect you, so I am all ‘a ha!’ I knew it…and then your post was like a gift – I went straight to health food shop last night after work – bought the biggest one, carried the 10kg salt baby home like a proud lion and placed it right next to the tv. I was very pleased with myself and have to say – I love it – it is a beautiful colour and that alone is enough to change a room, let alone the magic it does with e.m.fs. My cats love it too.
    I wanted to say thank you.
    so thank you.

  24. I’ve had one on my desk at work, next to my Mac, for months.

    Can’t work without it now.

    I want one in every room at home!

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  26. I’m so glad to learn about these, I think it’s exactly what i need to help with my insomnia. I just ordered one from…can’t wait to get it! Thanks for your great site, I’m going to like it here.


  27. I only bought one of these about 6 months ago – for the spare room where my son spends eons of time gaming with his mates in another city on his computer when he stays (you could swear they were IN THE ROOM). Anyways the light is beautiful and you can see it from the lounge, so I turn it on everynight, kids or no kids. And you can read from the light (unless you are seriously vision challenged), I love the light – am in my new place – moved yesterday – and when I get to the box it’s in (dammit, so many boxes!), it’s going in the living room. Anyways, my 80 y o Pisces Mum stayed with me recently in my old apartment with the salt lamp and she loved it, read up on it, then made me take her to the buy, not one but two – love this, this is my yoga loving (since the early 70’s) fit and fabulous Mum, but who goes to regular church every Sunday (conflict what, but when you think about it, she’s mega evolved – always since I was a kid, defended gays etc; so totes Pisces). Me thinks, after what feels like a lifetime of resentment between us (me Pisces rising with Saturn conj), we/I’m realising how much we’ve got in common at some level. It was truly wonderful to have her stay with me – her loving my apartment/stuff’decor, my cooking etc; and saddest of all – understanding how hard it was going to be giving up my amazing apartment (the view) – as she said – it would be possible to stay forever just to forever see the magic view). Anyways, LOVE the salt lamps xx