Beyond Horoscopes…Uranian Rules

Paul X Johnson

The Horoscopes for the Week from July 9 are now posted!   Heaps of evolutionary action in love & biz + visible results for SOMETHING you’ve been slaving away at (depends on your sign) as Saturn inches forward right alongside a Full Moon in Capricorn…the sign ruled by Saturn.

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Subscriber-Peeps, i put an important note re this week’s Uranian Rules (Uranus is stationing Retro, crazy-making but potentially brill) above the weekly horoscopes so please go see.

25 thoughts on “Beyond Horoscopes…Uranian Rules

    • You need a new one whatevs.


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    • I have a great time machine to sell ya. Slightly used. It only goes forward into the future and then only very slowly.

    • No, Sassy, don’t worry about that at all. Funny, my Kataka neighbor friend just had an interview too. Sun and Venus lighting up the Katakas! Plus Sun and Venus trining your Mars. (I don’t know what degree your Mars is, but generally speaking). I’d say it’s all quite auspicious! Let us know.

      • Thanks love…. hope it goes well. Just found out by my referees that they called. Fingers crossed… Mars Scorp 14 degrees in 6th. Hope it goes well for your crabby neighbour too !!

        • I think we are witnessing Pluto wearing on the Cancers, Ms. They’re recognizing that they must change with the times.

          • which is awesome because they are the most gorgeous yet stubborn little clingers of nostalgia. I have them in my inbox all day or the phone. I must be pluto mamma. cancer is a most mis understood sign because of the gen teel. moon pluto is magic

  1. Is anyone else having tech issues computer?? Mystic I am only having a 10th of your issues and its hell. I can’t even type this out its so frustrating. Time energy and bad council. Pluto square Uranus what what. *grinds teeth*

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