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Actually it’s not just Battleship Aries. Think Battleship Libra, Capricorn or Kataka. Battleship where-ever you have the Early Cardinal sign degrees.

Sun Sign wise, it’s if you’re born in the last week of March, June, September or December. That’ll do it. But it could be any planet or chart point in early Aries, Capricorn, Kataka or Libra. Wham.

That’s like the Zap Zone to the max. The last six weeks has been trying for everyone but the combo of Eclipses + the Zap Zone has been especially vile voodoo for peeps astrologically exposed in the above mentioned degrees.

What is the Zap Zone? You can search this site for loads of mentions but let’s just call it the Uranus-Pluto square to save time.

It’s easing now and so will the sense of urgency-must-induce-change-now sort of a feeling as the astro gets less drastic but guess what?

If you back off as the astro backs off, this time next year (when the Uranus Pluto square is actually exact) will be not so pleasant.

Whatever evolution you’re thinking are a good idea around about now, IS most likely actually a genius idea.

Stay stuck & be fuqed.

You think?

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  1. Haven’t heard from my Cappy friend, the Original Zap Zone Man. He has Aries Rising and a Libran Moon plus Cappy Merc. He has been so zappy lately that I am afraid to call him… Bless all ye of Zap Zone leanings, may zephyrs of Tranquility envelop your nervy braincases.

    • How sweet are you? When I first saw this, I read BattleshiT Aries. Goes to show where I am hmm?

      Stuck I am not. Even if outer circumstances seem to be. Oh, and the added bonus of being a Cardinal Holding On to My Skin/Shell in the Shit Zone? I seem to be attracting ONLY other Cardinals who are just as likewise zapped to the max.

      Some days I’m not sure if its a meeting of a minds, or a case of my shit meeting theirs. For instance, my recently acquired Mr. X, a Capricorn, just guilted me about Face Cracking after he was threatened with a disciplinary. He was overheard asking me to Face Crack him when he should’ve been hard selling me opera tickets. Sigh.

      Naturally, I blogged it. But now he’s hot on my crabby a** trying to suss out where I scribe.. haha.. Maybe the Cardinals are just all flirting with each other due to shit-sympathizing?

      • Your Mr. X sounds sexxy, I do love those Caps, Cancer and Cappy are a towering pairing I always think.

  2. OMG Fuq yeah I was just thinking that today you all knowing woman. Things feel completely different today!
    Yes Zapped then some and my own personal little bonus zappage of Pluto Square Uranus for the last however many long months (time has morphed into something unrecognisable these days).
    Venus, Uranus, Mercury in first eight degrees libra plus my Chiron at Aries 3 (which is conjunct Uranus atthe mo opposing my Uranus and Venus). Yes I have chosen the pre,ium job at the spiritual/emotional/physical mental car wash!
    Yes have these very last 24 hours undertaken ridiculously outrageous steps to a future I want but need to grow some girl balls to dive into. Ha I am figuring that by the time I am there I will be feeling like I have got the right stuff. Got to jump or you never fly! Plus I am having the flow with all the steps I am taking too, so that is usually saying all is well.

    So Yes after some horror downer worthlesness ..yada yada… I am starting to feel really good, maybe tooooo good? Need to keep a reign on all this Positive vibing Can do energy, let it out Slowly, very hard for an Aries Rising.
    Oh and if I haven’t mentioned lately “I LOVE my Aqua Moon”I swear that has been my saving grace over the last couple of years. (ah detatch detatch…)
    With the plans going forth now and seeding secretly, this time next year there will be not much the same in all key areas of this life.

    So thankyou for giving me more courage with the remarks of that post, I shall forge ahead and aim for the outrageously brilliant perfection that is my perfect manifestation of Life!

  3. yeah i just quit my job. sun cap and libra rising ! born first of jan so right on the $ mystic !

  4. Natal merc in early aries, aries sun, natal sat in cap, sq and opposing sat in libra and my sun. Natal mars in early cancer sq everyfuqing thing..its alllll happening. Generally though its good, strangely enough?

    • yeah i reckon it’s all about the attitude to & openness to change. not the change itself. knowing it’s coming, knowing you’ll be ok regardless, having a few escape plans, mattresses beneath windows, jet packs, lifelines etc on hand. and an open mind generally at peace with things as best we can. :D

      • I do tend to thrive when the pressure is on. I always make heaps more money in recessions….when the economy is booming, I’m a bit stuck ?
        I think people are always more open to change when things look hopeless.
        I do feel the force of those aspects, they can make you despondent at times, it’s that down feeling that I can’t take for too long, move on from very quickly. I’m a very lucky person who has no right to be despondent for too long. I no complain.

  5. fuq yeah Mystic!
    Venus 8deg Aries 2nd house
    Pluto 12deg Libra 8th House
    hehe ive basically thrown in the towel (naked) and aiming for 9D consciousness now… new job, new city, new abode from Weds
    Taur Sun, Pisces Rising, Leo Moon

  6. I’m happy to be Battleship Libra, in fact I quite fancy Spaceship Libra, been firing on god knows how many cylinders and I feel absolutely terrific. Sorry to keep on about this, but I haven’t felt this good in years. I am definitely resonating with all this energy around me, and the thing I can’t get over is how I’m enjoying Saturn in Libra, moi, enjoying Saturnian influences, what a concept!

  7. well my bad I’m on drugs right now… typo above ^^ but maybe I have to read into it…..mmmmmm but the correct quote.. “Stay stuck & be fuqed”-mystic

  8. Funnily enough, I have uranus at 7 degrees in Libra, which is in my 11th house and even though I’m feeling quite bubbly at the moment, at work today my usual work chums were all taciturn and a bit unpredictable.

  9. yes i am a fibonacci spiral and i just turned a corner – there isn’t so much “thinking” about evolution per se I had all the thoughts a while back now is as you say action stations. a few weeks ago I “let go” of a plan and suddenly all kinds of other unexpected things fell into place – within a few days a revolution had occurred – so I saw that sometimes the plans need to go out the window. which is a weird thing for a sun conjunct uranus type to learn seeing as this is the first time in my life I’ve ever had plans.

    • o yeah all this astro is on the cross/axis whatever of my chart – it feels like being born again and I like it better this time round.

    • Oh God ‘Whatevs’, I so hear you!
      I too have Sun-Uranus (conjunct in 10th) + Pluto at 0 Libra & Mc/Ic at 4 Lib/Aries… & I finally thought I had a plan… I was sooo proud… Now I find myself back in ‘High Spontaneity La-la Land’ where the Universe gives me a second’s notice before changing the Landscape of my entire life again… complete with weird, wonderful & sometimes gobsmacking synchronicities, dotted like breadcrumbs along my path.
      I no longer have my newly acquired ‘Plan’. I do however have a strong sense of the general topography & a well honed sense of timing. Now I just need a little boost in the Faith & Courage Department… Or should that have been ‘commitment?!… Whatevs!

      • cheers to faith and courage – plans are weird – I’ve been so on the plan thing since 2007 and it was so weird to give one of them up but god – it works both ways apparently, you have them, you can ditch them – who knew? I always thought they were traps. If you’re naturally open to the uranian breadcrumb vibe i think this astro is gonna work out for you. I think we’re having the exact same transit – uranus is opposing your sun uranus conjunction? How’s your work realms? Mine’s gone mad – totally UP.

    • I am taking notes girls, I have an 8yo with Sun exact conjunct Uranus in Aqua, plus some other aqua. She is a brilliant expression of go with the flow, but I feel like a bad parent when I don’t hassle her about sticking with one thing for more than two seconds. Oh what to do, I am airy too so plans are not really my thing either but I want to be helpful and a good mum.
      Funny we had a big discussion this week about the word commitment and what it means and why it can be useful. Mostly we chatted about why it is so hard for people like her and I.

      • she’s lucky to have you hippychic it’s hard for most people to understand the swerves a sun conjunct uranus can bring – especially with your babes conjunction in aqua – spacey girl? If it’s helpful as a mum to know i make this offering – one thing I’ve always found works is to have projects that can be broken down so there’s little achievements along the way and doing big things you can put down and go back to later on – otherwise I always found it really hard to stick at things (until saturn hit the stellium – that really helped with the stickability).

        • Thanks whatevs.
          I really do try to see the world through her eyes as I was a similar child. My challenge is to find that balance between allowing her to be her quirky self and progressing to be a productive person long term. She is highly self critical (virgo rising/virgo moon) which is becoming a problem so we are working on that too.
          She is vibrant and her energy when positive is over the top attractive.
          I am moving her to a more creative school environment next year in which I think she will thrive. She isn’t going to like the move at first but thinking she will adjust quickly. It is a school for space cadets so I expect to see her shining brighter than ever and happy to be the out there girl she is.
          I have had an amazing and full life with more change than most people have in many lives and I have never seen that as anything but a gift.

  10. I’m currently experiencing a total life metamorphosis – its like fate is ripping off the fake outer shell, forcing me to reveal my talents and use them for survival. I swear there is some form of astrological explanation. I’m 25 and being derobed by destiny!

    • ooo! nice. poetic. stripped naked to the core by destiny. Hey, around 25 is also pluto transiting your natal neptune. stripping illusions and things. maybe check that out too?

    • Classic Quarter Life Crisis. Don’t worry about being derobed, you have enough collagen and firmness to hack it. Just be thankful it’s for destiny…and not some random alky-addled after party.

      davidl, when you write smack, I just melt. Or molt. In my case.

  11. the only thing i have in early cardinal is jupiter @ 6 degrees cap in 7th house… so something about enduring partnerships??

  12. It is such a relief to read this.

    0 degrees kataka sun, 2 degrees kataka moon and mecury. Reading about the eclipse season backing off and how venus was rocking my world wasn’t resonating. This does. The biggest thing I have to do by the end of the week is move house and there is no backing out of it :-) xx

  13. I think you’re watching me Mystic!!
    no not think – am certain!!

    but embracing saturn on your arse combined with the other stuf is like a hell-yeah-on-Steroids motivational infusion. seriously. am kinda getting off on the evolution revolution.

    like LibraAqua above – am on fire!!
    encounter hurdle / leap mountain.
    Libran in Aries clothing….. only way forward lol!!

  14. Early Cap Sun & Mars in 8th. Fuqed and stuck intensely , I wish.

    Not a peep out of the Saggo/Aqua. Most likely packed up his flying saucer and headed to some remote beach. # deleted from my phone, step 1 of my 12 step program to rid him from my memory.
    Step 2, repeatedly vent on MM blog that you will no longer date guys with Sagg/Aqua planets because 3 times detached is enough to reinforce this fact.
    Step 3, heed Mystic’s and others advice Aqua’s are distant and Saggs have a big mouth.
    Step 4, stop over analysing, my Venus Sagg means nothing in synastry.

    • i’d like to know the rest of your 12 steps! in the first stages of getting rid of an aqua myself. feels so good to clean out those memories/mistakes!

      • We can make it up as we go and help each other :-) The Sagg had an Aqua moon, then there was the Aqua Venus dude before him.

    • Capfire, didn’t you tell us you’d told him in a classically hard-assed Pluto in Cap text – against mystic’s advice to hold fire – what a shit he is and how fuqed – if fun – your time together was recently? ie just after the full moon eclipse in sagg, when we sagg’s were mighty miserable and vulnerable??

      What do you expect other than detachment under that kind of “you suck” fire? Grovelling? Apologies for being himself? Dream on. Pluto = control yourSELF, not the other.

      • Actually I gave him all the power in our fun role-playing game :-) I was trying to take it back from him. I have a long history with Saggs other then him, obviously I adore them, must be my Sagg Venus. Afraid my Leo moon is demanding when I am ignored.

    • she’s morphing without a computer – i think she still hangs at her daughters blog if you know the address x

      • Thanks whatevs. I don’t get on here as much as I use to due to current workload. Was catching up on post last night and noticed she was missing. Always enjoy her comments. I don’t know the address…

        • i think saturnrox who may have morphed into gneiss – i can’t keep up – might have it if you want to check in with the pea

          • just remembered it might be lauren who would have the address – i’m sure sweets’ll come back x

  15. “stay stuck & be fuqued” — That’s power=poetry, MM; and a great mantra for those of us who are all but exhausted by the recent astro. Short, sweet, and to-the-point. Might even count it out on my mala ! LOL ! You’re the shizz-nit, Babe !

  16. So I had a well-thought-out plan, was working hard on simplifying life, then it all went to hell and gone. Pulling it back together, stitching up the ripped seams, dumping the extraneous crap, but it pretty much sucks and there’s a deadline. I don’t understand the implications, but there’s Mars in Aries, and there’s Mercury and Venus in Capricorn. Spontaneity goes against the grain, it isn’t logical.

  17. does coming unstuck mentally count? even if you haven’t taken any physical steps yet? i freaking hope so. been feeling like the last 3 months have just been a drag of foul fuqqeries blurring from one to another.

    taken some actions to distance myself from peeps i no longer need in my life (love and friendship). still working on the career front though slowly getting there, bit by bit, chipping away. quit smoking. taking care of self emotionally instead of just lying to everyone, including myself. organising to move house within next 6 months. planning travels. etc etc.

    sun, moon and merc in early crab. jupiter 8 degrees cap. battles, battles, battles.

  18. I’m happy it’s letting go, but I’m still keeping on with changes I’ve been motivated to do because there’s no where/one to go back to. Funny how when you burn enough bridges the only place you can go is forward.

  19. Mystic: I have been telling my early degree Crab hubby your mantra “Stay stuck & be fuqed” since I first heard you say it and it’s fallen on deaf ears. I am at my wits end as to HOW to illustrate this to him. Being the control freak Scorp/Cap that I am I’ve been mitigating the damage for MONTHS but now I am just TIRED. What to do, what to do……. nothing?

    • I went through long period trying to get ex hubby to change and grow as I perceived he needed to. Spent years propping him up till I was exhausted and going under myself. Left. If that kind of situation comes up again I hope to use wisdom gained from experience. Will state my views (I see it my role to reflect for a partner) but not get so caught up and frustrated with his not making change. Rather, I will try to modify my own behaviour, tell partner why/what’s happening, make sure I am my number 1 priority and live my life without waiting for him. Probably use counselling as well to ensure communication is really hitting the mark and that he understands this is serious.

      • Excellent advice, riverwalker. Love how you used a negative situation to grow.

    • GS, I’m an early degree Kataka..well, zero degree to be more precise. But as am female, heaps better at the listening bit, sorry fellas.

      I think you answered your own dilemma right there, albeit with Freudian Slippage. ILLUSTRATE.

      I think Riverwalker’s advise is excellent. I also think that people understand things through different media. Some get sound, some get sketches, some get suffering through five days of no clean laundry when they realize you’ve no aspirations to be their laundromat.

      As Benjamin Franklin said, Well Done is better than Well Said. And for change to take place, it has to occur on the level of feeling. Yours and his. You need to feel distance from the issue so you can be stronger within yourself – and subsequently, relieve yourself of policing him. While not denying his behavior.

      And he needs to experience the consequences of his choices. Which I’m not sure what those are. But of course, there’s a point where he may seem as he may very well not care, you can judge intuitively what matters to him and what doesn’t. What can or can’t be expected of his nature.

      The point of understanding how serious things are is very personal.. so leave room for that. Sometimes people who’ve weathered 2 interventions get it on a child’s question..

  20. Definitely feeling the zappage in aspects of my life. I’m usually this calm person who keeps to myself & I took up a sword and plunged into a breastfeeding in public battle this weekend. This morning I had an anger hangover and had to go back and check/re-check my words.

    Cards telling me to have quiet introspection time. I think I’ll just seclude myself and read some books this week :/

  21. I woke up all Cardinal this morning. I had the shits with the word “be”. Phrases with the word “be” in it, i.e. “let it be”….

    I just thought who can be happy just “being”.

    My impression upon waking was that it was like giving up… how can anyone “just be”? As though there was nothing better they could be doing, who do they think they are just “being”? We should be striving for something, starting something, doing something. None of this “being” business. No letting things “be”, I felt it implied that everyone else had to do.

    I woke up and said “no” to the word “be”.

    Then I had my morning coffee and forgot all about it until I read this. It was just one of those things where you wake up and are still in dream mode I guess.

    (Cancer Sun, Venus and Mercury; Cappy rising and Aries Moon just for the record….. wish I had some Libra in my chart for balance)

  22. intensity lifted somewhat

    somewhat isn’t saying much, but I’ll take what I can get

    nothing early Libra, except “Cupid” :) That was right under where Saturn’s been parked. Maybe that DOES explain stuck love life!!!

    oddly and coincident with Saturn moving, 2 men on scene. not sure what to do with them at this point

  23. An unusually effervescent, joyful, life-is-great Aries (early degrees) I know has all but disappeared into a weird psycho-drama being played out between him and his Cancer (early degrees) daughter…Some cryptic texts say it all… I just KNOW not to contact him… I believe he is working through some long-overdue psycho-emotional issues (and trauma) that had never been on the table…

  24. Yep, early Cancer Mercury and Chiron opposite early Cap Neptune. And early Aries Mars. This is definitely the zap zone.

  25. Born last week of December, Mercury 2 Cap 5th house, Jupiter & Saturn 9 Lib 3rd house…

    Zap Zone for sure, laid low with a mysterious case of severe food poisoning since just days before the 1 Jul eclipse that is only now passing, which has put everything re setting up of new biz on hold, dashing in & out of loo was not too conducive and now I have just under 63 hours to make sure I launch my blog, revamp my organizational systems and send out important communiques before the shadow zone hits… phew!

    At least I managed NOT to slack off completely over the last couple of days and so the organizational and system stuff is just about done, now I just need to focus on the writing and the communication!

  26. My early cap sun/libra rising daughter is actually doing very well since her life crashed a couple of months ago. She has moved, has received a job offer, is changing direction with school and is back in touch with her ex boyfriend who is now working for Google in New York. She’s using all the energy of the moment for transformation in a positive direction.

  27. Cancer Sun and Asc, LIbra Moon/Mars. Yuk. Horrible, horrible time – security all up the Swannee.