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Richard Lam couple kissing in Vancouver riotsRichard Lam

Riots in Vancouver, the decline of Greece (riots there too come to think of it) a jittery economy…no it’s not just the Eclipses.

It is that dratted Zap Zone again.   Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn is forced growth for the lot of us but particularly those institutions of power & money (big banks, the Vatican, governments) that may just be at worst  corrupt or at best, inefficient & out of touch.

The Zap Zone is not even exact yet but these two heavy-hitters of the Gods Of Change are near enough to have an impact.

No, it’s not the end of the world. If that were the case, we would have been toast back in the mid 1960’s when they were conjunct.

Instead, that was an upheaval that resulted in a way better world, in so many different ways.

The Zap Zone is not the end, any more then some major time you got sacked or ended an important relationship was The End. One thing ended but another began. Every exit line is an entry.

So even as you do your best to collaborate with the forced growth that is the Zap Zone, don’t give in to the jitters or let anything scatter your qi. Note the couple kissing mid-riot in the picture above. Note also your own ingenuity, resourcefulness and how ahead-of-the-tribe you usually are. Yes?

And btw, i go on about the Zap Zone at length in the posts linked to above and in my Uranus-in-Aries Confidential.

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17 thoughts on “Zapping

  1. Lived there for eight years. For the most part, I found the energy uplifting and supportive. On Vancouver Island, even more, magical. I don’t understand the riots. If it’s just hockey heads or what. But that coast has a supernatural, dramatic feel to it, even when things are quiet.

    Watching the players hoist the trophy above their heads on tv, taking turns feigning joy, there seemed to be a hollowness to it. People taking games too seriously. My dad said something interesting. Maybe the Vancouver team just had nothing left to give. And don’t we all feel that way sometimes.

  2. I think he is more than kissing her. Am just saying…

    I was wondering why so many protests are happening. At least one a week in Melbourne Town…

    • Uranus in Aries sq Pluto in Cap is totally revolutionary astro – if you read the Zap Zone stuff linked to above all the Uranus in Aries astro confidential article, is all in there.

      • I thought it might be the Uranus in Aries thingy… I just didn’t realise how FULL ON it was going to be. Literally everyone has a bee in their bonnet about something (all pretty worthwhile). Will internet trolls become the heroes of the future?
        That might be going a step too far.
        Shell- no interview, but a very personalised email say that, if I want, they will take time to provide thorough feedback. I am taking them up on the option. I have also re-contacted a whole lot of possible employment ops that I have not really spoken to in a while as I have been putting all my energy into this organisation… the ‘sorry its been a while, but my contract is finishing up, how is the landscape looking?’ kinda thing. Just in case they have forgotten me.
        Plus I worked out I haven’t had a holiday (more than 5 days off in a row) in about 5 years. I have been looking at daily deals all morning for a nice holiday (my mini consult say July 1st is a good time to take a break and if I don’t ahve a neew job, my contract finishes and fuq it).
        I am a bit ‘Never. Say. Die’ at the moment. Just a little any way…

  3. Ahh last year’s zap was a lovely ‘give-me-one-more-chance-but-dont-expect-me-to-change’ fiancee tether scenario…. must say ditching was hard, but couldnt imagine my life if i was still in that nowhere situ. Grokking the zap.

  4. everything is really good. My job has gotten better and my garden flourishes. It just that…my bones ache like the dickens! To me that is Saturn on my sun, but there is also something new coming together in my first house too which is in sag/cap..lets see how I handle Pluto in the first for the rest of my life. I wonder who had that aspect…?
    I feel achy and agey…and very free to say whatever needs said..:)

  5. I am evolving at a rate of knots, and I put myself in this situation willingly. Basically I was given an opportunity to work for 2 months in my dream job on secondment. I am one week in, and my terror that I would suck, or that I would hate the job have dissipated. I am GOOD at it, and I am loving it, 7am starts and 5.30pm finishes included!

    The zap zones have been wonderful for me. I think because I knew they were coming, so I set my life up to embrace them.


  6. i love this photo. How i would love to be able to distract a hot guy like that mid riot. It is very mars venus? Mystic, this and the love letter from Henry, are you trying to torture us all? the oracle just told me to get my hand off it!

  7. I thought the angle of her head seemed slightly awkward…that’s just terrible. Police brutality.

  8. such an utterly beautiful photo – apparently an Australian couple – he is comforting her after being knocked over by riot police as they advanced on the madding crowd. Lovely lovely lovely. (not the rioting, obviously)

    Same same for the ‘princess of whales’ photo – it’s on the front page of the newspaper this morning. What could be better than such a wonderful fantasy image on the front page for a change??