The Saturn Sleep Chamber

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Saturn sleeping Astrology bedroomThis is the perfect sleeping chamber for a Saturn Transit.

No distractions, no art, no sensual cushions, no color and you can v.easily sweep, vacuum, mop and scrub beneath it.

It would support productive insomnia and i see it as the sort of bed you could do spreadsheeting in.

It probably has a biometrics measurer built in, to scan and analyze brain functioning.

Speaking of Saturn, it has been sitting on 10 Libra since mid-May.

So i said this before but here it is again: Anything you have at 10 degrees (or close) is being hit hard by Saturn.

If you’re feeling hit by time, money, health security concerns and/or status anxiety, July 10 is your date.

It’s when Uranus goes Retro (like a giant Mercury Retrograde sort of a day, only battier but it means Uranus will stop squaring Pluto) and Saturn finally cracks it onto 11 degrees.

ie; you WILL feel relief from the non-stop Saturn issues that HAVE – if you think about it – been heavying you since mid-May.

Should this be our Saturn Support Group?

73 thoughts on “The Saturn Sleep Chamber

    • More like I’m in a holding pattern – the storm has ended but the sun is yet to come out….

      • Same! Sun Pisces Sag Asc and the storm has been internal for some time now, but suddenly shifted to external.

        Great! FLASH that lightning bolt, Uranus (12 degrees)! Zing it to ‘em, Mercury (8 degrees)! Acknowledge that pain and work it, Chiron (9 degrees)! Shine that mirror deep within for Truth, and reflect it back, Moon (9 degrees)!

        The Sun? I’m rubbing my little hands together til we get a fire, and gonna keep it burning til I make my own sun!

        Easy? NO! Hard work, and scary, but it’s gotta be done. Gotta be done.

    • yes, extremely intense! Make it stop. Took Plutonic Gems advice make lists, organize thoughts and have a nice tea or hot tub soak.
      Good lord, what kind of emo hell is this?
      My Saturn transited through my 11th House causing all kinds of troubles in friendships, now it’s wreaking havoc in my 12th House of Hell.

      I hope I can survive until the 10th.

      • That was my anon post about, “wreaking havoc in my 12th House of Hell.”

        • OMG totally feeling this too. LOTS of anxiety about work, time, relationships with other ppl, etc. can’t wait until july 10 lol. what to do in the mean time…? haha

  1. Wow it sounds like I’m going to work really well and hard later with no procrastination. This saturn transit must mean I’m working hard towards where I want to be in the future and taking to consideration my goals. I must have a lot peace, as well as my life not being distracted by any interference.

  2. Yes, Mid-May everything turned completely to ‘merde’!!!
    …& the pseudo partner (Spanish Leo Fireman) took off faster than you can say “Hasta La Vista Baby”.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but there seems to be a correlation between, me going from giving support, to needing support… & him going from being constantly ‘available’ to being completely fuqing absent, not even a fuqing email since 21st May!!
    Arrrrgggghhh : /

    • same predicament starinspired. cried my eyes out for a month since may 19th. been txting him this week after 1 month of giving him space but no answer. i want to scream at his face now…from denial now im angry but accdg to MM its not yet set after the eclipse…

    • my rash judgement (I leave the calm wisdom up to others) is that both of those men sound crap. Speaking from personal experience I suggest going off, having fun elsewhere and doing everything in your power to forget about them. chasing Will Not Help. At All. Then if they do contact you (to test if you’re still attached to the chain they were yanking) it’s much more satisfying to be the restrained one. It’s not games. It’s a Mental Health Strategy. trust me.

  3. 10 degrees = my Venus, 6th house and 12th house. Go. Away. Saturn. But then I have a descendant at 12 degrees that I can feel Saturn gleefully rubbing his gnarled hands in anticipation of getting to. Maybe Saturn could just duck out briefly to another galaxy for a fag or something.

    • Is Saturn clawing at your 12th House door too? Wish he would disappear temporarily! “for a fag” even better-lol!

  4. This bedroom looks fantastic! I’d move in right away. Looks so clean… Heavenly!

    But then again, one would have to shower, exfoliate, depilate etc. every day in order to feel worthy of its cleanliness and perfection… Maybe I’m just minimally too sloppy for that (though I have a mild case of cleaning obsession…).

    Happy Saturn Moving Out!

  5. lol seriously moved into new place today and creating a space like this…. saturn in 5th….. so much crazy bats atm house job etc… .but totally calming out and not psycho drama gossiping…. an improvement

  6. Yes yes yes pleeeeeeease to Saturn Support Group!!… This Libran thought she could handle it, Cap rising helps with this Saturn sorta ‘merde’. You know, resilience, determination etc, but that’s not working anymore.
    Saturns in my 10th conjunct stellium & in dead opposition to my Chiron… & it’s killing me, slowly, painfully & thoroughly.
    I’m over it. I surrender, game over, let me OUT already!!!
    Timeline since end of April:
    My mother’s Doctor commits suicide the week prior to her major hip replacement op. Mother is hysterical even prior to this & refused to eat 2weeks prior to her op, plus started literally pulling her hair out (which she does when distressed).
    Mother has surgery & her mother dies while

    • … she’s in hospital.
      I care for mother (in her home) before & after surgery.
      Then Leo pseudo partner says he’s “not very good at helping people in the distance”… & runs away : (
      Where’s the compassion?!

      • I know it is ironic, but you are better off with him skipping town.

        When my father was in the hospital, my then BF told me he couldn’t finish a project on his own, I should drop all and help him. Imagine a healthy male competing with a care dependent person for attention.

          • Oh god, Starinspired. When the going gets fq’d the fq’d get going.

            You’ve done bloody well. Bon courage! xx

            • Thanks Milleunanotte. You are always the epitome of compassion… Like Quan Yin.
              All men/male children should be sent to you for ‘compassion education’.

      • Good grief! You need more than tissues!!! You must be very strong to have dealt with everything so far!

    • My Saturn in my 12th is in direct opposition with my natal Chiron.

      It’s way too intense for me.

      Your poor mom and her doctor. wow. I hope things improve for you soon.
      You are getting hit too hard. Sending you healing vibes.

  7. Spreadsheeting? in bed?! that’s worse than toast crumbs. Saturn would only approve if spreadsheet work then improved quality of sleep..I suspect.

  8. I have to get my wisdom tooth out on thursday. Have been putting it off so decided today to just get it done. Such a saturn thing.

  9. 8O

    Man, that room is doing something to my Saturn in Virgo… My Gemini Sun is :D because it would spill Blue Devil Hoochie Juice somewhere in that space… 8O

  10. omgoodness saturn is ON my personal life :( or I don’t know who to read my chart that well… but I’m going to believe my own interpretation…

    So my saturn is in 7th house @ 9 degrees as well as my Chiron in the 10th house and my sun sign in the 7th house. Wtf?!

    Not only is saturn hitting my personal life but I am tryna get health insurance..Not really worried about it, I just need to get that shit ASAP!

  11. How nice. Saturn in Libra, almost sitting on top of my Pluto…

    There has been all kinds of merde going on, especially in the career corner. I am so almightily fed up with t r o u b l e! I need a Star Squad helping me out!

  12. Work Work Work!!!!! How Capricorns deal with stress don’t worry, Work, Work, Work! !!! I have to admit never before have I worried as much !! About this major changes ! Getting use to this new work environment . Sometimes wondering if I made the right choice. I know I did= New Me= New Money! I am Finally Folliwing my Bliss! My work is being happy inspite of the uncertainy . Jaded from so much change and chaos ! Yet I know I am on the right track ! Nice to hear there is more relief ! Saturn my cut man is working overtime !

  13. PS grand mystic love the bed! Please include perfect comPassionate lover to cuddle! And more!

  14. This reminds me of the Zero Room from the TARDIS, a place where not even gravity or time itself can penetrate, the perfect place for healing from a messy regeneration. If I recall the story line, it was also a perfect place to hang out while the entire structure of spacetime was collapsing.

    So yeah, I love this room, but only if I could plaster over the windows and install more indirect lighting.

    • ooh, Zero Room. That concept does special things to my mind.

      Agree on the massive overhead spotlights – a tad blinding

      if space-time was collapsing around me, i don’t know if i’d want to look out the window. Not out of fear though. more like “I’ll just let the quantum forces do their thing and I’ll check back in after a few millenia …or milliseconds, whichever applies in these occasions”

      • I had to check the episode guide to see how they resolved the collapse of spacetime. The universe became trapped in a bubble caused by intense mental efforts to keep its appearance normal, which only distorted things more. The solution was to let it collapse, and let those wasted thoughts stay trapped within the collapsing bubble.

        • so, if i understand that correctly, the solution was to simply let the course of events unfold rather than fighting it?

          this is the new dr who right – not the old 1980s one

  15. Astro ignorant question here for wiser peeps: are you looking for whatever is at 10 degrees in birth chart or transits now? And if nothing is at 10 degrees does that mean no angst? And if something is at 10 degrees are you looking at house/planet/sign or something else mystical? Sorry! Trying to get my head around this!

    • I have no idea how they’re doing it either. Libra is in my sun at 12 degrees, how they know the houses is beyond me. Libra is always in the 7th house??? And how they work out the planets, I’ll never know. Forget a Saturn support group – what about a kindergarden support group for us babies.

      • go here :

        put your birth deets in and click to show your natal chart.

        The symbols inside the wheel represent the planets.

        The numbered pizza slices are the houses – thick line between 12th and 1st house is ascendant other end of that line between 6th and 7th house is descendant, the thick line between 3rd and 4th houses is the IC and other end of the same line that goes between the 9th and 10th directly above is the MC.

        If you choose the natal chart with transits from the pulldown menu the symbols around the outside of the circle indicate planets in transit to your natal planets which are on the inside of the circle / chart.

        There will be a table at the bottom of the chart which you can look at going down and across to see the symbols showing which planets in your natal chart have aspects to each other. A triangle shows you there’s a trine, a square is a square. Go here to see what the symbols mean :

        Check it out and if you don’t get it someone here will help – have fun x

      • i just answered you both with 2 helpful links but it’s waiting moderation fingers crossed it comes through and if not maybe someone else will be able to post some info to help you x

        • Or the short answer would be go to the astrodeinst link to the left, click in the chart drawing and ascendant link, plug in your birth details and viola.
          Ps, if you do not know birth time you don’t get houses.
          I hope Whatties contribution is more detailed.

  16. Oh God, can I cry all over everybody here? you guys are my existential support group.

    I thought I was going so well. And then this last week has seen me revert to the most savage, the most hideous depths of my personality. I suffered from severe depression all through my 20’s/ I;ve been fine for years, for a decade. I have a wonderful kid, a fledgling business which may yet see me living out my dream life, and yet last night found me curled up into a ball on my bed, crying ridiculously, thinking about hurting myself, trying to ignore my daughter in the room next door asking for her dinner, feeling completely out of control. And I have done this on and off for the last week. What is this? I am so healthy, more healthy than I have ever been, more happy now than I would have thought possible a decade ago, and yet, how can I somehow get taken over by a demon?

    This was a suck of a week. Really really awful. Nothing I can pinpoint it to, just mood, and that is what scares me. That my mood can somehow still flare up and be out of my control, so irrational. And yet at the same time I can watch myself being like that and say, now listen, just snap out of it. But I can’t.

    Oh how I wish wish wish I had another adult around. Not to assuage my crap mood. Just to hang out with my daughter when I’m like this or even when I’m not (which is most of the time). I think that’s what it has boiled down to, really, almost 8 years of alone-ness and child rearing and some part of me just wishes right this week it was 22 again, wearing something skin-tight, smoking a stuyvesant and hanging out at the espy playing pool with some old muso before leaving to go sleep with an Irish backpacker. But is that it? Is that really a reason to lose it? YES IT BLOODY WELL IS. Or maybe I’ve just never had a good relationship in my whole life. Oh god damn at least I have a good bottle of red. Wish I had a love life but i’ll probably be a scaly dragon before that manifests. Don’t feel sorry for me. I’m just crap. And as predictable as batshit even though i always thought I’d grow up to be somebody’s muse. In Paris. In stockings. That was a bit bloody 17 of me though, I suppose. Wake up girl, this is real life in which you do not earn the right to anything. You get to here and then you look at here and you think ‘well how the hell did I get here’. And more importantly ‘How the hell am I to get out of it?” And you don’t know the answer to either of these questions and there isn’t another person to take your mind off these questions so really the best thing to do is just to drink a whole bottle of red wine and anaesethise (sp?) yourself until hopefully the whole thing blows over and you can start the lawnmower again.

    • seabird do you know about the government funded psychologist visits? There is funding for it and i think you get to choose from a list of counsellors and the like – bluelibra and I talked about it once ages ago. I haven’t used them so can’t really help much more than knowing they exist but i think centrelink or GPs give referrals for them. There’s also beyond blue i think they have a phone number you can call if you’re not coping so well tonight – maybe google it? I wish I could stick around and talk but i’m sick and I have to go vomit. Please promise me you won’t give in to any self-destructive spur of the moment whims – OK? I’m sorry i can’t be of any more help than that right now x

    • It sounds a black mood or depression. I’d visit a naturopathic doctor. Could be hormone imbalance. Don’t despair you aren’t alone.
      Ask your friends to help, ask, ask, ask! You shouldn’t have to do it all alone.

      • Agree! Tell people in your immediate vicinity and put them on mega-speed dial. Let people who can check on you in person know how bleak your mood is and I bet some of them (even just one) will offer to help with your daughter, so you get a little break.

        Stay surrounded by people, even if it’s embarrassing.

        Keep posting here.

  17. Sun at 14 and Mercury at 9.

    I calculate. Time,money,lost,spent,squandered; hours of sleep, hours of waking, time til death, calories consumed, burned, resting pulse, blood pressure. Like sands through the hourglass, These Are The Days Of Our Lives.

  18. Oh darlings, thankyou. Don’t worry, part of the pity of it is that I am well beyond the self-destructiveness of it all, I am well beyond the psychology. I am the psychologist, if that makes sense. I mean that at this point of my life, I can cry and cry and think and think, but the rational will always kick on. And thank god, but at the same time it;s a marker, isn’t it, the rational, it’s a marker that there’s no going back, you are NOT 22, you have responsibilities, and til the end of your years, these responsibilities will forever outweigh the need to cut ones wrists or sleep with an Irish backpacker or become a tragic muse with eyeliner and silk stockings. Does the muse grow up and become heavily pregnant? Did she get dumped? Did she become boring? Was there a point of her life at which she said, “I am happy now, in my role of non-muse, I am happy”, or did one part of her wish to return there? What happened? I turned 37 last week, maybe that’s what happened. There’s no more pretending I’m in my early 30’s. I know it’s just a number, I know that, more than anyone, me who was married to an African man who didn’t know his real age…who has lived amongst age-less cultures for years now….

    Is there a place in which I am forever that 22 year old? How did I come to know so much? I know what to do when my car tyre blows on the Pacific highway. I know how to make meringues. I know how to speak turkish and arabic and french and spanish. I know how to work an ebay site and how to calculate a profit and loss statement, how to design a two hour lecture for an undergraduate course and how to get a visa to Mali in under 24 hours. I know so much. And all I can think of tonight is a Marianne Faithful song, here:

    And how I wish that I could just for a night be dumb and not know anything anymore…walk out that front door in total ignorance of the hurt we can do to each other and the responsibilities we hold, in ignorance of my french and my lecturing style and my fucking charm, in ignorance, complete ignorance, of my daughter in the next room, a long-legged 22 year old pool-.-playing naive on her way to meet some young guy as stupid and unaware of the wider world as myself.

    And yet, this was the scene of my first hurts. And yet, there is no alternative life.Here it is and I’m grateful, but, but….but…how?

    • Was life really so great at 22? I was all butthurt yesterday, but today I am feeling more sobered today. I am like 40 and I do not want to go back to 22. Sure it’d be nice to have uncellu-lited legs again and being able to eat bags of Doritos and not gain any weight, but I do not want to go back to the innocence/AKA stupidity of being 22. Heck any time before 25 your brain is not fully grown yet and can’t assess risk correctly. That is why the military likes to put 18 y.o.s in battle lines.

      I make brand new stupid mistakes now.

      and some love in my future…. that’d be nice universe…

      *shakes fist*

    • I don’t want to reduce your pain to mere astrological transits, Seabird, but astrology did help me see the seasons of my life much better.

      Take fer instance now. This week is Mars is squaring Neptune in two signs not know for their stability. Information (mine, yours, theirs) is not completely reliable this week. Don’t assume anything. So stay off the substances and be clean. T’would be a great week to take a total dive into insanity if you were so inclined. Please don’t be inclined.

      And…you’re heading into your midlife Uranus midpoint transit. Not surprising you’re looking back with fondness at a major Uranian stretch of life (aka the Twenties). You can search this site for Uranus transits and midlife crisis material. Or anywhere else. You’ll immediate know who’s ideas are worth reading.

      And…as a single mother I can say that on many, many dark days my child was the only thing that kept me tethered to this Earth. You’ll get through this. You will.

      From your description of yourself, you are clearly an amazing woman who is in love with adventure called Life. Right now it may not seem the adventure loves you, but it does.

      Many great hearts here. Keep in contact and even if you’re smart enough to get rational about your fears, do consider their advice to get help outside of your own head. It takes a certain humility to ask for help, but that’s also part of growing up.

      Peace, WG

      • Thankyou so much.

        It was just a momentary lapse of reason. I might sound irrational but in the morning light, I’m ok, it’s all ok.

        I looked at my chart last night – nothing at 10 degrees, but two planets at 11 degrees – Mercury/Cancer in the 2nd house which is also occupied by Saturn, yep, I can get that, and even more drilled down, Venus/Taurus in the 12th house. But it is shifting, the shifting is just confronting, and a major part of that confrontation for me is leaving behind the ingenue, the naive, pretty 22 year old, as dumb as they come but able to work it to her advantage, because she doesn’t have a place in my world any more (hasn’t for years, but last night I think she got booted up the arse and out the door!)

        • Darling Seabird! You are allowed to have these feelings without being a bad person. They are feelings and, as you have done so much self work, the destructive emotion has not and will not become your ACTIONS.

          If the feelings are scary, you try and stop them. But then they hang around. Make a trusted space…ask someone to share time with your daughter so you get that space. And ALLOW YOURSELF TO FEEL IT ALL. You have permission to feel.

          E= away; motion= movement …the Latin basis of this word. So let them move.

          This may take a few sessions of space. It just took me a week (on and off, of course! Can’t do this at work or out & about!) so get a good buddy or a few. They’ll feel locked out if they know you haven’t asked them for help. And yeah, I found the peace of my nights trashed when I thought I’d patterned myself to a space of relaxation. But it’s good to let it pass through you (like all sh*).

        • Oh! Seabird…honey.

          That first post is worthy of a night of conversation and talking it over. many hugs. Don’t anaesthetise. I mean, definitely have some red. But ..Sometimes it’s important to acknowledge these feelings if you think that its more than perhaps depression creeping in. Even if you just find a lovely therapist who we can spend a few visits with to work through those dark, WTF moments and feel OK, happy, about your life.

          If you’ve dealt with depression in the past too, maybe this is something you could talk to your (relevant medical person) about too. It could just be a change in your body chemistry. That’s the limit of my knowledge in that area.

          I’m sorry you’ve never had a good relationship – that one really hurts eh. I just had a thought – you have a good relationship with your daughter right? Obviously not what you meant but…maybe look for where you *do* have joy and love in your life too. Shoving the hurt and loneliness aside to relocate the good-ness that is all around you.

          Paris is amazing. More importantly, Paris is *still there*. You never know when love will strike/fall/sneak into your life. A muse doesn’t have to be 17… be your own muse perhaps?

          Your daughter is only young – you could both go, or you can go (anywhere) in a few years when she’s more independent. The doors of life have not closed on you by any means my sweet. Opportunities for wonder and small moments of deliciousness abound everywhere, and they are there for YOU.

          And. About the massive wake up call for the 22 year-old in you (in all of us…!) I have *felt* that and jeez it stings. It’s a realisation where you know that you can no longer be a girl about (some) things, that people see you differently, that we have to just shake up and get real about managing our lives and that time is right about now..gawd . yep it’s a bit shite..but manageable! plus I bet you’re as beautiful as ever.

          stick around and let us know how you’re going.
          love love xxxxx

  19. The ultimate in sleek minimalism. I love it. (Virgo w/ transiting pluto in the first house)

  20. Wah! My Merc in Virgo is at 9°46 degrees… I feel like my communication with those in my life has just completely shut down. Can’t talk to anyone right now, and I don’t really feel like I want to anyway!

  21. Now I know why I’m in such a pissy mood!

    my asc in Gemini is 14 deg, Merc in Taurus 11, Venus Pisces 6, Uranus Capricorn 9, Neptune Capricorn 14, and Asc node Aquarius 14

    Thats how Saturn can feel like every thing is hard and stressfull.
    I don’t want to go to class today cause of my pissy mood, and my anxiety level is higher than usual.

  22. Natal sun/pluto conjunct at 9 degrees Libra. I’m at an edge, no doubt.

    June started with a hyper-extended knee, hurt while playing softball for the company team (such a Capricorn/Saturn affliction?). The transit further manifests with roller coaster finances, me and the rest of the world true but I am forging ahead like never before…dreams of driving (careening) down curvy mountain roads in darkness with no brakes…then come waking visions (I swear this is the first time it’s ever happened in my life) of being suffocated in tiny subterranean chambers, buried alive in crawlspace.

    When does that vaunted sun/pluto God-Power reveal itself? Can we skip to that part? >> pplz!!!