80 thoughts on “The Astro Dilemma

  1. I started with image one…. then promptly moved to image two. You need a third image of Alice in Wonderland when she cried so many tears it turns into an ocean…. Then we get to ALMOST the end of my night, followed by a regression to image two again.

  2. PLEASE LET ME BE SEXY AND HOT IMAGE ONE – IS THIs an astrological trick question? The eagle is how i aim to be, soaring free and happy like the leo i am but the chick in the bubble is my boring virgo moon?

    • I was going to say that!

      I am eagle potential… just biding my time(?)

  3. Yep, pic#2. The eagle looks a little too predatory to be me right now.
    I’m definitely floating in a bubble, feeling really floaty actually & kinda happy, peaced out, content… & I’ve been feeling this way for a good 3 days or so. It’s VERY different & weird, considering how I was feeling just a few days ago, in full molten lava crazy meltdown.
    Honestly, I’m loving this Floaty Bubble feeling. I’m so uncharacteristically relaxed, which is unheard of for me… & I don’t give a toss where I’m going for a change, which is a miracle. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever had a break from my own internal ambition/perfectionism.
    So yeah, it’s a Bubble Heaven & I’m loving it!

  4. Image #1: Last day of work, laundry in the washing machine, ready to get this day over with so that I can go home, crash out, then wake up, clean my house, take out the recycling, crunch numbers, babysit another baby, crash out…

    Fierce productive goddess energy.

    Wearing SUN OIL to stay cheery. I WILL BE THE SUN TODAY.

  5. Always the eagle. That’s what scorpio rising does. I wouldn’ t be caught dead in a bubble.

  6. First one, definitely. But less being the fierce hunter and more the lemming that’s going to be eaten by the eagle, actually :-(

    (aries sun, aqua moon, cap rising)

  7. Both for different reasons- and they are giving me a feeling of freedom (both) and power (pic 1 ) and its Ok to do my own thing (pick 2)

  8. I’d have to say #1. It reads: no nonsense, ready to go in for the kill, slightly agitated. Might be all the Plutonic energy that makes me identify…..

  9. The 1st. Soaring under my own power. Directing where I want to go. I’m not snapping up too many rodents, but I am getting a lot done.

  10. #1—Having attained enough height to see my world below with a detached eye, I realize the air is very thin up here.
    Soaring to a more oxygenated level, it’s now easier to breathe, relax and fully take-in the vista below.
    My mouth is now closed because breathing is so effortless, thinking is flowing in non-stressed directions– positive stratagizing is function of the moment.
    So Right now, in the moment for me!!!!

  11. #2. Only, it wouldn’t be floating for me because Im at a super low ebb right now. Its like there is an imaginary barrier between me and the outside world. Must be all the 12th house energy.

  12. #2. Totally isolated, totally meandering in personal life, trying hard to act like #1 in professional life..

  13. I feel like that bird cawing/shreiking when someones getting on my case, when someone wants me to do something that is not psysically possible at the moment.
    (THIS MORNING before I left for work)

    And I feel like the 2nd one when I am sitting waiting expecting the worst hopping for the best.

  14. Chiron opposing Uranus in my chart so could be both?

    Somethings gonna burst my bubble?

    So thanks for the reminder to not invest in the bubble

  15. Literally #2 – just moved into a tall glass apartment building in Vancouver, scoping things out from high above, isolated.

    But my goal for July is to be #1 once I get settled!

  16. I’m whatever that bird is doing all I can not grab someone by the neck with my beak and beat the shit out of him with my wings..

    Sorry..but it is what it is..

  17. A crying eagle in a bubble!! No idea why, been feeling rad for ages but today I’m so full of anxiety I can’t deal with it. Seeing a particularly handsome Leo tomorrow, having massive insecurities and feeling massively looserish ugh.

  18. Mostly the top pix but like Charley needing to break out of the bubble a bit. All in the mind first of all of course

    Wondered if it were Moon in Aries too (interesting without a computer…hones the psyche a bit..Left a voicemail for Cancerian daughter at lunch and sure enough she had already emailed today as I’d suspected…can always feel the girls..and I don’t mean my boobs… ;) hehe…okay them too..)

    But burnt out on massage and as feeling uber biatch inside…Told Piscean Libra Moon co-worker I must transition which is what I’m doing…

    Never the less, my needing to break free is undoubtly Moon in Aries for this Aries and trans Uranus conj. Mercury trine Sagg Jupiter…

    Sumpin’ like that…Bigger than the Moon tho…Uranian…a life stage/passage thing…


    • Hi Sweetie, tWas wondering what you were up to. Have you been getting lots of writing done?

  19. I would prefer the bird, but that’s one angry bird. Forget that.

    Bubble is the latest in transportation. I can relax, see what’s going on, and I am totally in control of my bubble. That angry bird would make no impact on my bubble.

    • I like your interp aqua. Rise above it all and spread fairy dust of love and joy via magic wand energising all to be their authentic selves and love everybody.
      However im going to a coal seam gas protest later so better get the eagle energy vibed for that.

  20. That bubble looks heavy: thick plastic, constricting thick band joining halves.

    The lady is in a hobble skirt, pointed slingbacks and a hairsprayed-to-betsy beehive. Her eye make up is thick with old school false eyelashes, and I’m put in mind of a part of the manifesto by Germaine Greer where she complains of all these female-binding accoutrements as making her feel like “a female impersonator”.

  21. When not being a falcon, I would prefer to be one of the boys with the bikes. They are far more free!

  22. I’m gonna say both. The bird isn’t necessarily in for a kill but focused and the blue/green background is heart and throat chakra so the heart is focused and the open mouth (yeah… I’m calling it a mouth!) is the verbal call to the universe for the hearts desire. The bubble is just a softer interpretation of the same thing to me.. elevated above the dross in one’s own protective auric energy seeing beyond that which is below and being able to direct your energy to where you want to go.

    So I guess I see them as different interpretations of the same thing in possibly a yin/yang sense, one is more masculine and one is more feminine but both speak of elevation and vision above the mundane.

    Happy Saturday morning all. It’s gloriously sunny with no wind and I awoke with a good feeling about the day ahead. May you all share that blessing and have a gorgeous day =)

    • same to you and all MM peeps. its a glorious day here too on the Gold Coast. Cooked myself a yummy breaky.enjoying the peace of having the house to myself, spresdsheeting life here in bed as we speak then off to enjoy the day.

      • Yay LG ~ gorgeous!! I’m just a wee bit further north in BrisVegas. Yummy brekky and then out to play and potter but not dressed yet. Why chase away a luxurious feeling?

        I feel the need to glam up today too for no particular reason instead of slothing around (my day job doesn’t call for any type of glamour in fact discourages it – mental health) but for my own sanity today I need eyeliner and red boots for starters!!

  23. Image B. I don’t know your intention with the photo, but I’ve actually had to tell people outright to stop staring at me recently… No really stop! Can’t I have a personal life where I concentrate on my own thoughts and not have to worry about who’s looking at me all the time?

  24. Both.

    The first one is totally me right now when forced to be with flakes-who-bully-others. I just no longer care whether people like me. If I see BS, I call it out and burn it down. I used to be so diplomatic. Now I see rage as a way of ‘streamlining my social circle’. Like back-burning a ratty piece of grassland.

    Second one is me going “How did I get here? This is weird. This is so obviously a transitional phase… Ok, off I float…”

  25. I would say the bubble. Have felt this lately like a time bubble moving through my energy field sorting through all the stuff there. I feel quite calm in my bubble as I am perusing my life (the black and white view). Being in the bubble gives that lovely sense of detatched viewing as opposed to reliving the experinces of ones life. Some of the moments in my life that I have been revisiting have this lovely innocent old time feel, which is nice as a lot of the others have a yuk factor which is probably why they have to be viewed and honoured released etc yada yada yada…
    in addition to the current everyone astro, I have Uranus conjunct natal Chiron oppose Uranus conjunct Venus and Mercury. This may be assisting the clean out!?
    On the day that Uranus moved into Aries (and around the exact time), I was outside upside down on the couch looking up at the beautiful day and saw two of these beautiful creatures high in the sky circling. They took my breath away, I couldn’t look away for a long time.

    • hippychic, you and I must be in the same generation. I too have Uranus conj Chiron, oppose natal Uranus.

      Am more into transiting Neptune square natal Nepture transition. That is why I think bubble applies more. It is as if my life is mine but not mine at the same time.

      • ah yes – have recently passed through neptune square neptune and am currently working on Pluto square Uranus and Pluto trine saturn combo as my some of my other long term transits.
        Happy journeys to you, I am definately completely different to the the way I was at the beginning of the Neptune square Neptune transit and now that is all manifesting out into the external world. Looking forward to when it all settles and the new begins :)

        I think the long term mantra that has worked for me over the last couple of years has been ‘Surrender and observe’. I am now starting to be at the point where I can deeply value the shi**y feeling journey that has been undertaken as it was the only path to get to the place I am. (fuq sounds corny but is true)

        • I SO relate to your viewing things in the black and white – neptune square neptune felt like remote viewing / deja vu in reverse to me. i am fascinated by the way it works for everyone due to the different houses – I can totally see the similarity of themes but expressed in different ways due to house placements when the late 30s early 40s peeps post. It’s made me aware of how even though we are all so different we are inevitably all going to cross the same bridges – or not. I have no doubt we’ll see a whole lotta late blooming power women emerge here over the next few years.

          • I have yet to assess the changes, things are so fluid, so subtle. Perhaps it is the natural of order of things, lately I have become more withdrawn. Problem is nothing is percolating inside.

            whatevs, friends who graduated from Neptune square Neptune transit tell me one day I will stop and say “aha! I understand now!”. It resonates with your view.

            • Your friends express it well, I am having a lot of aha moments lately.
              Just be kind to yourself and observe not judge and you will get it all when you are supposed to.
              Withdrawal is healthy too sometimes, I have definately needed to do that a lot over the last couple of years and sometimes wondered if I would ever feel like being anything other than a hermit. The urge to emerge is getting stronger, I do feel a lot more sociable now and don’t pike out as often.
              Keep on chugging on “choo choo”

          • Agreed whatevs, I am still good friends with several friends from my youth and we are all basically born in the same few months. It interesting to observe the differences and also to be aware that we are all undergoing these deep shifts even if it may not be apparent outwardly to all. We are all totally diffrerent people living different lives, all different sun signs, except one born two days before me. But the trend of change is generally affecting us all around the same time.

  26. How strange that everyone is viewing the bird as uber predatory. I think of freedom when I see it. Yes its mouth is wide open – maybe in exhiliration of being able to fly? Whatever the case I am pulled to this image. No being trapped in a bubble observing the world from a distance for me. It would be comfortable in that bubble but who can say no to the unpredictability of flight? And I really really hope that my response to top image means I am leaving my bubble once and for all!

  27. Eagle. Definitely had a predatory moment of calling an ex out for being rude. It was totally worth it though.

  28. i am the chick in the bubble that pisces void moon which conjuncted my chiron and opposed my uranus sun pluto IC & progressed mars as it went direct was horrific i spent much of it in hospital and the rest of it out of it on pain killers the astro of the last eclipse was for me meant to be all about becoming aware of where I fit in my community and I have been given the craziest opportunity to see how much kindness there is in my hood and the vast amount of love, empathy, triage and actual constructive help complete strangers are capable of expressing at a moments notice. The sun is shining and I love this town.

    • Are you poorly love? Sorry to hear that. Glad you are feeling ‘helped’ though. Poorly and unhelped is unpleasant.
      Get better soon, enjoy the painkillers in the meantime :)

      • mmm no heavy machinery for me for a while. I’m all about heavy machinery. Thanks & yes to all of the above :grin: I’ve experienced the other side of the 3rd house coin and it is indeed unpleasant to go unheard/helped but this time I got the flipside. I felt love energy pouring in to me from total strangers. I wonder if any of them were doing stealth reiki… something happened.

        • Oh, whatevs, so sorry to hear! It’s scary being an emergency patient, hey? Yet, the kindness of strangers (thanks, Blanche duBois!) is also awe inspiring.

          Heavy machinery is beautiful but only operable with full strength and power. You’ll be back with them sometime. You’re allowed to miss them now.

          I reckon you were super open to their intrinsic sense of care for another, and fed on it as you should. You may have even drawn more of it by being so receptive. Some people do love to help.

          Care xx

        • Wow, sorry you had such a time of it during the eclipse, whatevs. Lovely and hopeful to hear the kindness of strangers arrived just when you needed it. See you are quite loveable even if you feel a lone wolf inside. :) Take care + be well…bless X

          ya know…when I worked late nights at the interstate gas n sip older ladies would ask ‘aren’t you scared?’ and after a couple of years of working the late shift I could truthfully say ‘most people are nicer than you think.’

          • oh yea, I’m the bird. def. the bird.
            Kim Falconer was right, once I ‘got’ the Saturn stuff ( Sat rx transit opp natal Sat rx/ Uran opp Uran natal) the pressure evaporated. Could even pop my neck for the first time in weeks. Eclipse + cross seem like a walk in the park after that Saturn/ Uranus shite. Rolling downhill now…
            Makes me think of Jimmy Cliff ” I can see clearly now’
            peace out

  29. Me in the bubble is how certain boys are seeing me. Unavailable for chatty mutual admiration fests because they are bored with their long term jobs and not plugged in to their own spark.

    The eagle is me. Ready to laser focus on my force gathering and make some things happen for myself but keeping enough of an open focus so I can see the rats and also enjoy the view. I’d say some Gemini/Aries stuff goin’ on in my astro.

  30. I’m a little of both.

    1) I feel on display
    2) I feel active and in charge (not predatory, so much tho)
    3) I feel on display and a bit separated or isolated
    4) I feel like I am driving my own bus—for the most part

  31. Picture 1 = all my lifelong fears about survival/learning about power
    Picture 2 = all my lifelong delusions and escapism/harnessing creativity

  32. How it feels:
    Picture 1 = not as hard/scary as i thought/liberating, grounding and fearless
    Picture 2 = very scary when lost grip/intrinsically rewarding when directed

  33. Easy peasy, the bird of course. We see heaps of eagles and sea-eagles around my area, actually had one fly so low over us while we were in the garden, we could see it watching us and see all the markings clearly. I was up the north-west of Western Australia once barrelling along in a 4-wheel drive with a friend driving when he suddenly braked and slowed down. We were approaching a wedge-tailed eagle feeding off roadkill and apparently, as they have no predators, they’ll attack a vehicle approaching at speed as they think it’s after their tucker. I’ll never forget creeping past this magnificent bird and eyeballing it through the window. Magnificent. Yeah, the bird for me :lol:

        • Ha-ha-ha, yes, never realised that until your comment. I have nine air signs and no earth. So the bird image is right up my alley. Thanks for that comment, milleunanotte, gave me some new insights.

          • Fantastic.
            A few years back I saw one cruise straight into a big whirlywind full of muck on the Hay plains and take it up like an express elevator.
            wild.it was like 100 metres in about 10 seconds straight up.

            I’ve had a Peregrine falcon hanging around the past few months.
            New around here and great to see
            300km/h sometimes :-) He/she comes around just about every sunrise.
            I love seaegles too.
            (Aqua/libra moon)

  34. To me, both images represent being “above it all.” The eagle has no predator and is at the top of its food chain, lord of all it surveys. I’ve got my Mars on just now so I feel a bit like that. At the same time, I am quite detached from what’s going on and can just observe, doing my own thing, keeping to myself.

  35. Eagle, she’s just zoomed in on the bubble which contains all my poison eels, from my air head & ancient anything. Actually it’s started already. Not stopping until it’s bones & dust which will become fertiliser lol, and beautiful new growth. :)

  36. Im in the bubble. I just need to install an opaque function. Stop looking at me!

  37. north node says i AM the first image, not really in soaring mood.
    but oh i’m not in a bubble either. is this a trick question?

  38. Sorry to sound Virgo, but: both. Having to work extra hard to accomplish, with a businessman’s hand and precise manner.

    But inside, I am floating on dreams.

  39. The second Mystic! Floating light above the mundane, heavy Saturn -Pluto-Neptune pile up of shite of the last few months. The last two days have been utterly insane. Got a job, gave my first conference paper, went to a funeral (sad but lovely), saw brilliant friends, and quite by surprise, encountered not one but two ex-lovers – & the sparks are still there. Thrilling little bubble-carousel: my life is turning around at last. All love to you for your wonderful advice throughout. xxx

  40. That eagle looks like it’s on the attack or about to go in for a kill so it doesn’t appeal to me at all. Despite the fact that the model in the bubble looks seriously stiff and twisted out of shape, the whole floating bubble idea appeals to me somehow. Some other comments are surprising to me, as I didn’t even think of any of the negative connotations of being in a bubble – just imagined how light and breezy it would be :) A bigger softer looking bubble would be perfect thanks – made of some sort of one way visibility material even better (so I could see out others not see me), and a heap of soft pillows and blankets thanks very much :) cap sun, pisces moon, aqua rising.