The Art Of Immersion

The Art Of Immersion

The Art Of Immersion - How The Digital Generation is Remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue and the Way We Tell Stories is totally a book for Neptune In Pisces…

“…After centuries of linear storytelling, we are witnessing the emergence of a new form of narrative that’s native to the Internet. Told through many media at once in a nonlinear fashion, these new narratives encourage us not merely to watch but to participate, often engaging us in the same way that games do. This is “deep media”: stories that are not just entertaining but immersive…”

Everything is blurring…In fact, i really want to CALL Neptune In Pisces The Art Of Immersion. Wouldn’t it be fantastic? And then what could we call Uranus in Aries?  The Science of Individuation?

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  1. Sounds like MM’s Neptunian Life Coaching Mirror Technology. I think that there’s a HUGE riisk that peeps will become so absorbed in their phones (just look around any populated area) and totally forget the reality they’re in on an almost permanent basis. Surely that’s not what we’re here for.

  2. I just read comment of Pegasus, one grows into rising sign after age 42. I have yet to arrive there, but, for my birthday, a Gem Sun, Pisces rising..

    I gave myself a present: A new pair of blue-colored eyeglasses, for everyday use. I did this to honor Uranus transiting my first house (individuation – why should I accept wearing clear specs, I thought when contact lenses come in all shades?) and Neptune, my chart ruler, dipping into Pisces in my 12th house. The color change is not easy, my brain may have been working over time to compensate for colors, but when I put the new eyeglasses, I feel at home.

    I later learned once upon a time in Russia, women rebelling against stagnant tradition wore the blue colored eyeglasses. They smoke in public, went to places without a male escort and wore male dresses.

    So my story of Neptune immersion with Uranus individuation.

    • have officially arrived at my Cap rising, hella lotta work but is good applying Aries N Node at last. yes ! freedom individuation and wild hares
      Love those tinted eyeballs (uranus sight) and 3D immersion in theaters, instant WWW communication. May as well start boning up on telepathy ~ picked up this book from my library 2 days ago, and was just getting ready to crack it myself

  3. immersion, lovely, love it multiple perspectives like cubism for the digital era…
    …but Rational Pisces says “aagh! everyone making shit up and no one has clear grasp of Key Facts!”

    either/either, it’s all art innit…

    as for U in A… first thought was ‘explosive’ – in thinking, action, fighting for rights from a “hey! this is bullshit! why is no one doing anything about this?! charrrrrge” etc. NB this is only first thoughts. promethean breakthroughs in the House of the Self …has to stand for something.

  4. Blither is still blither no matter what medium it comes through: linear, non-linear, broadsheet, facefuq… Useful facts/inspiration and crap are like grain & chaff. They need to be separated.

    “deep media”???

    • Exactly.
      More like media from people who think we have no imagination and need to ‘interact’ with everything digitally from multiple angles cause we just won’t ‘connect’ with the world otherwise.

      • right on shell! Blah to the dumbing down of everything too. Computers & technology/media can’t do everything for us and why would we even want them to? Just get out there and interact with actual life for fuqsake – its pretty interesting & engaging without some non-linear interactive narrative. I used to be a big supporter of the media in general but it is getting harder and harder to get actual information from it and ironically with all this talk about how connected we all are, I think it is actually more alienating (excepting our little chats here of course :) ). Media seems to be a lot more about spin, drama, wow-factor, ‘entertainment’ and much less about useful information or analysis. No, I’m not a luddite – just a fan of substance and a proponent of right tool for the job.

  5. Count me as one of the confused with this business of Neptune in Pisces. This ambiguity is killing me! I’m involved in this “deep media” business — literally — and I’m not buying it. At least yet. Bring on Uranus in Aries any day!

  6. All these types of approaches to explain information theory are very linear in themselves. Funny that ? I do like the image.. though its ‘trying’ to be 3d, just like digital technology, trying. In fact digital is hopeless at 3d. Thats why everything seems ‘virtual’ , slightly second lifeish. Ultimately unsatisfying. Optical technologies currently sitting in labs around the world can and eventually will totally change the ‘grid’ as we know it. Once ‘experiences/communication” can be simulated in truly optical 3d, our eyes wont be able to tell the difference between the ‘real’ and the perfectly sculptured image of the ‘real’. Theeennn, your ‘embedded’.

        • oh thank you milleu. I will have some white jonquils in a few weeks time – the first buds opened on the Winter Solstice last week. Pansies just coming into bud too. Gawd I love the sunny side of the Winter Solstice! Amazing how many plants and birds have started doing new things since last week. Don’t know if you are into birds, but the pardalottes appeared today and I saw 2 wedge-tailed eagles whilst driving to work. They give me such joy.

          • Happy birthday for your upcoming day lovely, in case I miss you closer to the date xxo

            • Thank you shell. Yes its coming up. Very thoughtful of you to remember. I’ve just been watching baby animals & then polar bears on the tele. Amazing. Will go to bed happy now. Nighty night x

          • INTO BIRDS???

            Oh my god, birds show some weird and awkward behaviour around me, and i feel sort of the same, but i do adore them. They have no fear of me it seems. And certain types like to listen to a particular jazz tune i used to sing.

            Quite love birds: they look after themselves and come up for non-food reasons. I still don’t understand the reasons, like when they beeline for me (especially ON FOOT!), but at least it makes my buddies or assorted strangers laugh.

            • Sounds like you have a special connection with them. You might be special to them or they need to communicate with you about something?

  7. Once one is immersed in the true/higher Self (Neptunian) one is then individuated (Aries) aside from the herd. There is divine order to the universe, hmm? A human/god child of light.

    Never will be found through flippin’ mechanics…Just what some would love to distract us with.

    Never the less, with this in mind consciously, it does mirror what we are heading for…multidimensionality. Just don’t get lost in the mirror and end up a mere fragment of yourself. Picking up the pieces is so tedious…

    Really, meditate, cultivate a connection to your higher Mind. It’s the only thing that will ultimately see through the illusions.

    Right on daveyl…x Good to see you around doll…

    • And really, when you think about it, who better to help you remember Yourself (Cancerian eclipse coming up….) than an Aries..

      ;) x

      Cheeky? You betcha…You better be in these times luvy..