Saturn: The Movie

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Saturn In Opposition

This film focuses on contemporary 30- and 40-somethings trying to make sense of their lives in an age in which the old certainties have disappeared. Lorenzo (Luca Argentero) and Davide (Pierfrancesco Favino) make their lives together within a circle that includes Antonio (Stefano Acorsi) and Angelica (Margherita Buy), married with children; Nerval (Serra Yilmaz) and her policeman husband (Filippo Timi); and Davides ex, Sergio (Ennio Fantastachini). When tragedy strikes, the boundaries and divisions among friends, acquaintances and even lovers become brutally apparent.

Okay, not to diss the Art or anything but no WAY do i want to go and see a Saturn-themed movie. Not DURING a Saturn transit when i go from server issues to headcold to bank s.n.a.f.u.  Give me something about an awesome Uranus-Venus fling or even supernatural rom-com Neptunian bit of nonsense.

Having said that, has anyone seen this? And if so, does it actually mention Saturn transits?  Saturn in opposition to WHAT?


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  1. Teensy bit OT – but do try the homeopathic remedy Aconite at the first hint of a cold. Works wonders. Just make sure you get at least a 30c – those 6xs are rubbish.

    Also: erk. Sounds like just the sort of movie I would avoid. I do animation, sci-fi, fantasy and erm… oh yes, French costume dramas set in the 17th and 18th century.

    Seriously lightweight – but I want to be entertained when I watch a movie, not have a gutwrenching emotional experience. Erk. That’s what childbirth is for….

  2. My life is Saturn The Movie. I just posted this in another thread, but damn it I want sympathy. (void Venus?)
    Saturn conjunct Pluto
    Saturn square Ascendant
    Saturn square Moon
    and until recently was also square Venus.
    Actually, I think I might try to see this movie, it might make me feel vaguely normal.

    • Woah!!! sympathy given… at least you know that things might be slow and difficult, if not melancholy… BUT do remember the power of saturn to transform all the loose ends into gorgeous designer slimline lines!!! lovely!

    • Lucy, a vague attempt at cheering you up.
      Saturn conjunct Pluto is a generational thing, so all those around 35 have it.
      Of course that means you are also lining up for the other generational thing coming – Pluto sq Pluto.
      It’ll take the edge off the saturn energy…?

  3. “Saturn in Opposition […] beautifully directed”

    HA HAH! I’ll bet it’s been directed to within an inch of its life! Boundaries, limitations, discipline for the arty emotional actors! Squeeze them hard to produce a piece of elegant drama, where the characters who don’t do the work and are emotionally sloppy get their icily delivered comeuppance!

    Some of the head shots here are smiling, yes, but they ALL have tight Saturn upper lip.

  4. if saturn was really a movie it would go for a very long time, to the point you are in your chair going. fuck is this still going, the plot would be about having to confront your very amazing dream career but you need to learn about 6 months of solid tax accounting, just so you can understand how biz/money works. Your love life becomes a series of potential candidates for your schedule life/biz plans and you start a new diet because you realise you’re not 21 and bouncing back from hard nights anymore. it ends with > to be continued

  5. Oh it stars that guy whats his name the Italian light cheese spread actor who was in another movie I snored my way through on an os trip earlier this year. Drippy and seriously bad. He played a plastic surgeon whose wife, another plastic surgeon, had died and left him holding the baby which of course strangely attracted this stunning french chick to him (because we all know how much stunning women really want to parent other people’s children, unlike stunning men….oops, sorry, my real life is showing through there….)

    But if saturn were a movie…i mean it’s bad enough in real life. When everything just has to be analysed and sex is the only chewing-gum for the mind we have because television is fraught with dangers and terrible invisible rays and even your children are suspect and will need therapy later on if you don’t love them or if you helicopter over them, and tinned food is bad for you and nobody can afford bananas and we all think it’s better in Europe because they are Europeans but in actual fact it’s WORSE and Europeans are a myth….

    I advocate an en masse return to the land movement – a bit like the hippy movement but you don’t have to share houses or sexual partners and you can wear really nice threads from American Vintage if you want to. In the struggle to actually grow enough to eat, Saturn will be exorcised, you’ll be too tired to fuque, you won’t be able to afford an iPhone, and you won’t have any time for flakey friends or indeed any friends whatsoever. Easy!

    • Love your return to the land idea bar the too tired to fuq, I think with no electricity, one would be in bed so early there would have to be some primal entertainment, call it connecting, generating heat, and stress relief call it what you want but I think its key to a good harvest.

  6. Ugh, nothing worse than a Saturn themed movie to remind you why Saturn is the bane of your existence (and I *have* a Capricorn ASC). When I go to the theater I’m trying to escape that, not relive it. Give a give me fantasy, silly comedies, action-adventure, sci-fi, and historical fiction over that any day.

  7. Trust me, this is SO NOT Saturn the Movie. I programmed it in Sydney a couple of years ago, and yes, was clearly biased by the title and the hot lead. But the ridiculously hot lead has an accident in the first 15 minutes of the film and ends up in a coma for the rest of the film while his grieving boyfriend and flighty friends just vague out and wig out and flimsily float their way through bad choices.
    If Saturn was involved in this scenario he certainly wasn’t in opposition, but I guess that makes for a better sounding title than, say, “Saturn Biquintiled”, or “Saturn semi-sextiled with a loose orb and being largely ignored due to a massive Neptune binge”.

  8. Hi, here in Italy the movie came out like 4 years ago (don’t know if there was actually Saturn involved).
    The term Saturno contro is told by one of the characters: volatile and drugaddict Roberta (Ambra Angiolini) which is intro astrology and states that her life’s a mess because she has this transit going on in her natal chart.
    Anyway, not the best movie made by director Ferzan Ozpetek, a Turkish man living and working in Italy. Known for his controversial movies (controversial for portraiting gay couples in Italy, with the roman church etc, go figure)
    I like his work, but i’d suggest seeing Le fate ignoranti (The ignorant fairies, apparently the name of a painting) instead, this one is quite boring.