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Philip Crangi - Backyard BillBackyard Bill

Philip Crangi    New York

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in south Florida.

Where do you live?
I live in the W.V. with my B.F.

What is your personal soundtrack at the moment?
The Leonard Lopate show and Radio Lab, both on WNYC, New York public radio!!

Your star sign?
I am one of the noble Aquarians.

Who is your style icon?
Woody Allen.

What do you do or what would you like to do when you grow up?
I’m a jewelry designer but i’d like to be jewelry designer/science fiction writer when i
Grow up.

I love how Backyard Bill not only has awesome portraiture and cute little Q & As of interesting peeps but also the Star Signs!

But what is this about “noble Aquarians?”  I wonder where Mr Crangi is getting this from?

There is a really ancient astro text – i forget which one – which says that Aquarius is always of noble countenance and temperament (something like that) and it has the most ghastly description of Leos. It’s so over the top that it’s hilarious.

This guy actually does vibe noble AND Aqua, though Woody Allen (Saggo) as style icon is slightly freakish.

But is “noble” a term one would generally associate with our Aquarius?  And if so, why? Or why not?

17 thoughts on “One Of The Noble Aquarians

  1. Huh? One of the noble Aquarians, as opposed to all the rest of the non-noble Aquarians?

  2. I only know one Aquarian. I have told him he’s noble. He prizes family relationships; speaks out for those who don’t speak for themselves even though he finds it stressful; is not cowed by superiors at work; to protect a friend, put a stop to mild-sounding buck’s night shennanigans (major macho setting) when he felt it was enough.

  3. I have an ex who I’d characterize as noble. Very serene and wise and extremely sensitive — at times almost too sensitive for the world. He’s a writer and a great fan of sci-fi movies and literature. Psychic too — sometimes he would dream dream of some disaster only to see a similar scene on the front page of the morning paper!

  4. Yes the justice for the oppressed energy is arguably noble but not so when they get self-righteous. I am Aqua rising. Too serious/passionate for their/my own good sometimes.

    I had an Aqua friend in high school who I think was Haute-Aqua in that she had this warm, healthy, affriming sense of satire. She was hysterical. Now she’s gone Low-Aqua in that she’s so self-righteous and constantly conveys a “should” message or lecturing tone. BOOORING!!

    I love Aquarian children/adolescents – inquiring minds, open to new ideas.

  5. I would describe my Aquagirl daughter as noble, serene – way beyond her years. But I put that down to her Venus in Cap/Moon in Taurus/Scorp rising. I’ve been privy to her complete aqua battiness as well but her Aqua stellium resides in her 4th house, so the vibe not strong to others. Then again I know quite a few Aquas who might have noble traits but vibe as alien bats most of the time.

  6. I have 2 Aqua bro’s who are quite noble but can be low aqua as well espesh when they are disgreeing with me- a Leo (how dare they :)
    Leo’s do noble well too but more in the hair and deportment department where it counts.
    Noble can also = twat (pronounced twaaat not the other thing)

    • Ha!!! This Aqua has to agree that Of course, Aqua are very noble, and far out my Leo brother gives me a bad case of the ‘twats’, for sure.

  7. Hmmm, closest aqua girlfriend gave up hairdressing after 20 years and is now in her 3rd year at Uni in UK studying green energy.. She’s a single super dooper mum, lost both parents at an early age, and an all round star.

    The Pisceans older daughter found out at a young age that the only way to work for United Nations was through science or law, she recently finished her law degree with honors and is now working for the NTS – Aboriginal Landrights investigative team.

    Big respect for both noble Aqua’s there !

    Have a beautiful little 5 year old aqua boy myself….(was pencilled in as Piscean, but decided to come early as Aqua, first aqua on my side of the family for 3 generations !).

    PS – Soo brilliant to have the site back up and running at a futuristic pace ! Thank You Mystic ! x

  8. What a lot of crap. I know a number of this species and some CAN be “noble”… as well as totally self absorbed, blind to their own faults, bleeting about their zodiacal supremacy whilst emotionally and psychologically abusing those foolish enough to be anywhere in the vicinity of their nastiness. They are also fond of calling themselves revolutionaries. But lets not start on that.
    Yep, I have been on the receiving end of such behaviour.
    Thankfully, there are some beautiful Aquas I have the privilege to call my friends.

  9. I’m an Aqua and I pretty noble, in many ways, – it’s a bit of a drag really. I often feel like a boring goody two shoes or a loud mouth who is the one of the few people willing to stand up and say something when something unethical is going down………

  10. Perhaps UPRIGHT is a better word. Nobility is a quiet virtue, rather than a self proclaiming one.

    Others may call it SELF RIGHTEOUS.

    • Right on! LOL! I adore Aquas but this made me giggle. That and looking in their medicine cabinets.

    • This is SO true. I love my Aquas but they’re one self-righteous bunch. :D People like to say Leo’s the one up its own ass, but I’ve seen Aquas up their own asses just as much. Honestly, I think it’s just a fixed sign thing. We can’t help if we’re top of the food chain!

  11. I have only known two Aquas in my life, so I don’t have much to go by. Both were men and one was noble when it suited him, and had a very high opinion of himself. I’m not sure it’s all that bad to have a high opinion of one’s self, but it always seems to rub others the wrong way, doesn’t it? This Aqua was a bit superficial in the feelings department and a tremendous know it all who never did anything of any importance with all the stuff he knew. But he did love knowing it, that’s for sure.

    He was a great friend to discover things with, though. He had an amazing mind, and when we were exploring really unknown and out there topics deeply, his ‘nobility of mind’ is what really came to the fore. His ego seemed to move out of the way at times like that. While I am a Cancer sun, I have both moon and rising in Aqua, so I am in heaven when I can click with another similar mind.

    My Aqua friend prides himself on being amoral, which is fine in theory but doesn’t do much to support a long term friendship. We’ve been friends for over 20 years (since we were in our late teens) and recently I’ve started looking at him differently, losing some respect for him. It takes effort to maintain a friendship and it’s something he has not mastered after all these years.

    The other Aqua Boy is just that, a child who never grew up, and not in the magical innocent way, either. The only thing that has ever been noble about him is that he never holds a grudge, even when I think maybe it would be the more healthy option! I can’t tell if this is nobility or just a pathological aversion to conflict. He is really ‘easy going’ but also never gets anywhere in life, so I’m not sure how that is working out for him. I have also known him for over 20 years and it seems he may have some chemical imbalance in his brain. Dementia runs in his family and seems to have passed to him.

    My own intense Aqua energy is invigorating to people at times and also a huge turnoff at others. I think of myself as noble and I do think others see me that way, but I also have a powerful stellium in Leo (mars/merc/lilith) in the 7th, so I tend to express my Aqua thoughts in a Leonine fashion.

    My most annoying (to others) Aqua trait is my ability to perform surgical lecture/rants on people without being asked my opinion. Someone may say something, just in passing, and I can launch into an intense lecture/rant that is so intense and sometimes quite personal. And while I don’t mean to put anyone down, I tend to deliver these with an air of alien superiority, as though anyone with a different opinion is so stupid they should crawl into a hole and die as a service to humanity. I’m getting better at not doing that, but have not perfected my restraint yet. Sometimes I can catch myself and that’s when I say, “Oh, how interesting.” That is a sure cue that I have just successfully averted a 15 minute laser rant. Because once the rant starts, it has its own momentum and is much harder to stop.

    I think Aqua energy can be absolutely brilliant, but the force of it does need to be humanized for daily use.