Mercurial and Plutonic

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Snake Poem Shamanic Art Ritual This is tres apt for the powerful Mercury-Pluto energy rife today.  You have to march your mind away from being psycho-bats, obsessive or paranoid and turn it onto the transmutation idea. Your fears, your thwarted desires etc…transformed into strength and clarity.

How HARD is it to do Alchemist Of The Psyche stuff whilst also spreadsheeting, calculating, dieting and basically not neglecting our Saturn stuff?

SO hard. Is there a cheer squad in the house?

Oh and don’t laugh but naturally, this is like a catalyst-booster for Pluto transits already in motion.  Some are doing this harder than others. Rad for emo processing the hard & fast way.

30 thoughts on “Mercurial and Plutonic

  1. I’m trying HARD! Today, instead of wallowing or obsessing, I motored myself and a friend going thru tough times off to a beautiful beach. We stood in freezing cold water, laughing and feeling baptized…saying to each other “this was meant to happen.” Perfect way to deal with Merc-Pluto transit, I think. :)

  2. Perfect description of what is going on!… It is hard, and even harder with the lurgy… But found today the best thing to do was… to do the saturn stuff…

    Lists are written, plans are made, loose ends tied up (almost)… Its like giving the psyce a clean slate to work with… nothing worse than getting saturns business and deep psyche business all mixed up… especially for this piscean moon who can just swim between nothing and nothing… and end up tapping my fingers or toes with impatience before ive even woken up!!!

    Highly recommended dose of saturn business to clear the way for deeper transformation. Take with a spoon of honey and half a lemon. Swallow a few garlic cloves and yes finish the whole script of antibiotics, dont get all forgetful about that!

    Stay warm, sleep, eat chicken soup and brown rice, and continue saying to yourself that all will happen in good time… one step at a time…

    Warning: stay away from unsupportive peeps, alcohol, rich foods and daggy local shopping centres…

    • Re this warning; it’s too late. But thank you anyway – i went to daggy shopping centre, bitched to an unsupportive peep on the phone whilst i was there and ate an apple pie. Lucky my daggy mall does not have a bar or i am sure i would have had a shot as well.

      • hahaaa…. i know its the one blessing of the local daggy shopping centre its just not cool enough for a bar… unless you are in cairns, I noticed the pub is remarkably close to the shopping centre when i was last there…

        Or lucky your not in one of those small rural towns in australia where there are more pubs than food shops…

      • recommend writing lists… get it out of the head and on to the paper… you can break it up into different areas if you like… home, work, play: or head, heart, body: or just one list with it all jumbled up together… but definitely get it out of your head and onto paper…

        you can even write things like sit down and have a cup of tea, take a long hot bath, watch favourite tv show, take dvd back, buy chocolate… whatever… but at least tick one thing off before you go to bed.. wallah!

        • Finally feel like things are coming together. Beaten my insecurity into submission and keeping it there (any subversive thoughts surface they’re stomped on asap).

          And realised one of the reasons I flit from one thing to the next (ok, apart from the obvious astro) is that I have too many options (things to do, books to read, mess to sort, stories to explore). So I’m trying to put it all down on paper … mostly lists … so I can work out where to attack, don’t feel I have to do something before I lose that thought forever, and can cross stuff off as it’s done. Feeling good!

    • I was making jokes with myself this morning how a certain person I run into all the time around the hood must be my soul mate. I tend to intuitively know when he’ll be places I am going, and I’ve realised tends to be present at those supposedly ‘hint of future love times’ when I was usually looking for someone else. However the man is an aqua and looks right through me. Like we’ve never met. I am acquainted with many of his good friends.
      It used to annoy me, the recognition failure, for research reasons mainly.
      Now it’s just kind of funny, which was why I was making jokes to myself about if I saw him when I was out today then clearly he must be my soul mate.
      And of course I did. At our daggy local shopping centre :)
      One shouldn’t be so quick to avoid daggy local shopping centres in my opinion, you never know who you’ll run into.

      • sure I agree shell… fields of inspiration ‘sometimes’… but my feeling today was, get out of here quick, there was no funk, just dag, and im one of them… tooo much for my pysche today…

        I have a major crush on someone in the local daggy supermarket… so today was not the day to go and put out soul mate vibes for me…

        However isnt that interesting what youve got going on… Can you go and say hi to him? do you get scared and nervous and look the other way when you realise your premonitions are eventuating?

        What do you do?

        • My research is all about how building connections through fleeting interactions. So it used to annoy the shit out of me that he was confounding my theories. Particularly given I’d know he would be there. So for that reason I think I used to get nervous, and do the blank face back.
          I’m not actually interested in him I don’t think (I don’t know him at all but know some stuff about him for various reasons) He’s just present a lot. And an enigma. We were introduced recently and I wondered if that would be the end of the intuitive stuff. Apparently not.
          I only had half a face today from being at the dentist. So cruised by too vague to do anything.
          So the short answer is I generally look right through him too. Although I have also instigated a couple of random conversations, from the safety of drunkenness.
          It’s a sociological experiment. I’m not attached to an outcome.

        • Ps, having a crush at your daggy shopping centre is awesome.
          I have a crush on my daggy shopping centre (as in place attachment) it’s a great pick me up.

    • “Warning: stay away from unsupportive peeps, alcohol, rich foods and daggy local shopping centres…’

      excellent advice!!!
      Saturn shit does help with intense emo energy or I will write music/lyrics but both do work.

  3. Explains so much. I have regressed to stamping my foot today. So much fussiness in my heart.

  4. Thank you plutonic gem – I’m going to build a mantra based on your tips.

    I had a episode of road rage yesterday on a suburban street. I am still reeling from the force of my anger. That was NOT like me, not at all. No other stressors either. Baffling.

    • There was some seriously bad driving today… I beeped an old lady driving at 5kph in the daggy shopping centre, because traffic was piled up behind her and it eventually jams up the round about on the main road… Then nearly had 3 accidents driving less than 5min to home with weird driving going on today… hence my advice…

      • Snap!

        Had the closest I’ve come in many years to crashing into someone today, almost T-boning a woman. Who just did not look, pulled out in front of me THEN stopped & looked half way through the roundabout. Actually the day was dotted with appalling driving……I need a drink!

  5. Been VPO and I don’t know why, who or what for. Good to know it’s just the astro for it.

    I did want to DEFCON oh 2 at some steel I was scraping ages old concrete off because it jumped up and bit me. :)

    How long is this shitty bit of urgh going to last?

  6. Contacted my ex without thinking, then did a runner instead of replying.
    Hiding under blanket andknitting furiously until the madness in me stops.
    *dies a little inside*

    • Oh no Venus-a-go-go. I take it he replied though….. :s You’ll be ‘right. I wish I could knit.

      • I have no idea. Did shut down before disappointment set in??
        I will_ be fine. I just hate moments of idiocy. There is a surprise hotty in the office today.
        Mmmmmmm. Surprise hotty.

  7. Woke up this morning, chirppy in fact and quite oblivious and then an atomic powered pmt ….’cept it’s not pmt. Wish I had read this post earlier!!

  8. Love that there is a page from ‘Animal Medicine’ featured.
    I have the pack. Just as i wanted a question answered, forgot the
    animals give me the answers, more so than the Ching.

    Try using the cards for a lotto number from the Pathway spread of 7 cards.

    The best news about animals today is that Australia is going to ban exportation
    of live stock. More tapes have appeared about mistreatment of sheep today.
    My plea’s are coming to fuition.
    Poor Mary’s Lambs. Changes for the better regarding this. Getting to the Heart
    of the Matter.’ Don’t eat any animal you can’t kill yourself’ was a natural rule.
    And HOW you dispatch it the most fundamental of natural laws.

    Whales are increasing and visiting the warmer oceans here.They are the Record
    Keepers (of humanity). Already one’s taken a hit from a speedboat and being
    searched for to assess damage.
    Word is ‘no evolution possible w/o re-assessing how we treat the animals’.
    You beauty!

  9. lol. I ended up having a serious cry on shoulder moment at work today with co workers love life. typical blames an ex relationship for her current heartache despite being with someone else but really its her damaged upbringing he triggered not the man himself. She’s getting a healing now. x

  10. I love this Animal Medicine deck and one of my favorite cards.
    Thanks MM and to all who contribute/comment here.

  11. I love when I read that I’m doing exactly what I should be. This has been happening to me more and more lately, I feel like I’m always two or three days ahead of the astro! It’s very comforting to know I’m following the ‘right path’ -or whatever, for myself now.

  12. Do I recognize a page from “Medicine Cards” by Sams and Carson? This book is sitting by me now, and is one of the most awesome animal totem guides I have ever read. love it! (and your writing)