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Astrological House decorations - mural SydneyGot sent this cute pic of a house in Sydney, on the leafy North Shore. I love this.

It should actually be compulsory for ALL HOUSES, don’t you think?

So that you would know the Sun Signs of those who resided inside.

So here we have a Libra mated with a Saggo – i am presuming – and Crab/Pisces children.

Or they’re flatmates only the Libra runs the show.  As they tend to do even as they protest that they care only for peace and symmetry, things being done right, you understand.

15 thoughts on “Chez Astro

  1. That’s a neat idea! I wish I’d have known about astrology as a kid. It would’ve been so helpful when it came to understanding my family (and my family is awesome, but still. I remember one of my first “Aha!” astro moments was when I realized my Mom and Dad were both Rams. It explained sooooooo much.)

  2. Libra polygamist. Sagg first wife. ‘Taka second wife. Pisces ingenue third wife.

  3. LOL!!!!!! They’d fight SO bad. Sagg would storm out to tennis, the Crab would bake and the pisces go on adult friend finder

    • I reackon the kids would be the ‘mature’ members of that household. Rolling their eyes at the silliness of mum & dad at times.

    • I forgot – love the look of the house. I still have the Libra and Leo charms we bought when we first met. Must remember to put the astro signs on our next home in North Cyprus (this is positive thinking, you understand, first we gotta sell our home here in Oz, lol)

    • Giggles… Yes.. but in the nicest most diplomatic way of course! The absolute eloquence and political correctness dances with blunt truth and wry humour. I am dancing a remote dance with your kind right now and Saggi. We are actually very compatible in a number of respects eg freedom and separateness but union simultaneously.

  4. I love the idea.

    Forewarned is forearmed !

    I have a tricky time conversation wise with (what a i find out to be) toro’s and capricorn’s.

    If i knew ahead who was what, i reckon i could focus and stay on the one topic for more than a few minutes (i blame 8 x mutables), and not annoy them by flitting all over the place with my conversations, i could ask how work was going (to the lovely cap) and what the last ipod download the toro purchased was.

    Also would be good for peeps coming to visit us i reckon, as a ramzilla i also have my ”quirks”.

  5. I think one ornamental thingy per person showing sun sign, ascendant and moon (in that order) would be awesome. If I just put up a crab, people would make assumptions then be quite confused by my Sagg traits!

    • ha ha CanSagg, my Aries Moon liked your idea of the shingle stating Sun, Asc, & Moon sign (just shine a spotlight on it and say it how it is). And I would like the Mercury Sign as well to know what language they speak. But then my Scorpio Rising kicked in and said oh noes, too much info revealed, must maintain privacy! Mind you my Scorp Rising would analyse the inhabitants, I mean people, and make a fair guess about their Sun, ASC and Mercury with or without the shingle. Haven’t worked out how to accurately guess peep’s Moon Sign yet.

      • My Scorp Sun thought the same thing. Would never advertise it on the front of my house. But I like the idea of having it displayed as sculptural art in a backyard garden, or maybe have some vines grow around it. People would probably just assume my name started with the letter “M” since the Scorpio and Virgo glyphs resemble that to the untrained eye. I’ve got a slab of slate that has a serpent craved on it, that a landscaper friend of mine found once. That’s my subtle bit of Scorpio in my garden.

  6. No way would i expose myself or my family to the stereotyped pop-psychology of the neighbours based on our astro. They can be too willing to judge on a variety of factors they believe they ‘see’.

    Still, i know i’m personally a ‘surprise’ factor as a Pisces. Until i’m seen to lift my beverage. And lift again. And lift again.

    I could LIFT for Australia, i reckon. When’s the next Olympics? Back me for Gold!

    • Go for GOLD milleu!

      I remember when Roy Slaven & HG Nelson interviewed Sandra Cabot (of the liver cleansing diet fame) on their TV show “Club Buggery”. After sitting silently with his arms folded, listening to Ms Cabot extol the virtues of liver cleansing and giving up bad things like alcohol etc., Roy finally said but that is complete bullsh*t isn’t it… your liver needs to be CHALLENGED like an athlete so it can retain match fitness. You’ve got to give it regular challenges like pies and beers so it knows what to do with them!!!

      • Thank you, nat, and darling remember, I do it for THE NATION.

        Have to admit, i push my body as far as it’ll go, especially when it’s a bit unwell, just to see how far i can go. Funnily enough, it’s as if I agree with good ol’ Slaven.