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Michelle Pfieffer as Catwoman Catwoman is officially a Pisces – that’s according to D.C. Comics, not me.

Catwoman as Pisces makes intuitive sense – double identity, alternating between bouts of feline ruthless savagery and frumping out on the couch, mental relationship with the Aquarian Batman, a bit kinky, has her own moral code, love of animals and compassion for the downtrodden etc etc.

Pisceans, go see the Catwoman data page & tell me you don’t relate or that’s it’s not eerily resonant. I didn’t know until now that Catwoman’s sister tried to be a Nun.

Maybe next time you’re doing some sort of a Piscean Existential, you can channel Catwoman instead?

What, apart from lying on the couch spilling gin-laced milk all over her latex cleavage whilst perving at the Wilderness Channel, would Catwoman do to combat a crisis?

Sharpen claws? More defined make-up? Some rooftop prowling? Cat-stretch? Aka Yoga?

To emulate?

I think this could actually work.

It would certainly attract Leos.

14 thoughts on “Catwoman A Pisces

  1. Love it !
    Need to go down one dress size to look slinky enough though…also, will need to do a lot of training, can i have one of these ?

  2. Well, as someone not really into comic books I know only the movies and based on them I always thought that she was virgo+scorpio. Virgo – scientist, organized, has cats (most Virgos I know, including me, have cats but we, Virgos are so atypical :)), Scorpio – well… she got the kink :) Strangely, I never pictured her as a Leo (again, the movie one).
    But I never knew the real story – thanks MM :)

    • I picked up the Virgo/Scorpio thing too.
      She was too nice and dutiful before her boss tried to kill her and then she snaps.
      I can related all too well to this comic book archetype.

  3. Yes it would indeed attract Leo. I’ve always LOVED Catwoman. My favorite villain of all time.

  4. Catwoman is SUCH a pisces. Especially the quote about her being all the different shades of grey. Being so many different shades is essential to a pisces. Michelle Pfeiffer is a taurus with a gemini ascendant, but I always wondered why she seemed so piscean to me~ turns out she’s got quite a bit of it in her chart. I imagine Catwoman has some gemini going on in her chart also. Also think of her love jewels (ala Elizabeth Taylor). I imagine she’s probably a beauty fanatic as well lol.

  5. Oh Mystic, you break my heart when you show me such hot pictures of Michelle Pfeiffer. She could be the twin of my long lost Kataka sweetheart. Everyone used to say how much they looked alike.

  6. what else would she do to deal with a crisis? I would say a rare but powerful form of yoga designed to tap into the DNA that we share with cats. Martial arts, like wing chun but different. A rare form of tae kwon do that is only practised in its pure form by the inhabitants on an isolated japanese island monastery. Or meditation with “meow” as her Mantra. A 25km run on soft sand. followed by a steam bath and acupuncture.

    feeling a bit martial today obv.

    or, as Catwoman, she’d sleep. a lot. and then bathe. then sleep more ,in the sun and eat some sashimi.

    • Very Cute, UP. You’re gettin’ your CatWoman on :-)
      Sashimi? I’m there! My inner pussy cat loves raw fish,
      poisson crue, marinated in lemon juice & coconut milk.
      And fish-head soup is island version of chicken soup for the soul.

      ‘Good sounds abound when the mouth is round’, Me-oooow
      as a mantra makes good sense as it uses most of the jaw, roof
      of mouth,lips and throat, so quite prob you have uncovered a deep
      sound secret, only given to True Initiates after aeons of practise
      and 20.000 um er…..’investment’.
      More power to you :-)

      • Peg-a-babe, oh yum that coconut-lemon cured fish sounds tasty!!

        as for the M-ee-oo–www it’s a bit like AUM but in reverse, I reckon I am onto something good :D let’s try it and see what happens! purrrrrrrrrrrr xoxo

  7. The Aquarius /Pisces relationship again. Ages ago I used to read Linda Goodman’s Sun signs (this was pre Mystic days) and remember her describing the Aquarius/Pisces relationship as that of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. I have just gotten together again with a Piscean Ex from 20 years ago!!!!!!!…… and coming across connections like this…………. Go the Aqua/Fish lot……

    • i agree that the aqua-fish connection is great. Both total space cadets , deep down.

  8. it’s interesting to see this image (which I LOVE) pop up twice in a couple of days!!

    ANother mag – interviewed Laura Edwards – McQueen’s design assistant on the best movie costume eva …..

    Michelle’s Cat Woman has one of my favourite movie lines ever – as she morphs into her super hero persona, but pauses to pour milk for her pet cat – ‘I don’t know about you miss kitty, but I am feeling MUCH Yummier!!’

    love it!!

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