Bitch Moon Vibing

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Void Moon in Pisces (20 more hours of this to go! Subscribers, please re-read the Daily Mystic on this!) can be a bitch.

You have to actively manage your mood, grab a hold of it and magically think it into a new paradigm. Don’t SLUMP.

But so as you know, the Weekly Horoscopes from June 25 are now posted.

So you can relieve any agony-weirding of now by scheming ahead. WAY ahead.

Highlights; Solar Eclipse Management Tips (forced rebirth is not always what you think) the one day  you should (ideally) stay in your bathrobe next week and Scorpios in Sudden Love…or Falling BACK in Love.

Of course, with Venus near the South Node, we are ALL (to varying degrees) dealing with our Ex-Lovery scenarios.



46 thoughts on “Bitch Moon Vibing

  1. I actually recalled the “STFU” advice for the void moon and didn’t send an email that I thought would be funny but could result in me being construed even wierder. Was positive but a little non-committal on a possible work gig. Need to let some details cook before I say yes. etc etc.

  2. Oh I read all that informative advice from the daily pre getting out of bed this morning. That didn’t stop me from sending a ‘it was fun..but you suck’ text to the now x Sagg (what was I thinking fuqing fling) immediately followed by a saucy text to upcoming Saturday’s Cancer Sun, Scorp Moon, Leo Venus to clear the first bastards energy and drown in the new ones water. Not usually my style to jump from one to the next..but I am mental after yet another Sagg/Aqua (where did you go actually..).
    Awaiting the new moon eclipse in my 7th house and as MS said the other day ‘stand in the road with my heart wide open’ along with a slight hope the new Cancer boy will actually help to heal this old worn out tired Saturn heart and keep his mouth shut unlike the never ending Saggs I seem to end up with.
    Very excited pyche conjuct Eros plus Mars/Venus hotness and other goodies with Pluto. Past experience with Cancer/Scorps was awesome, can’t wait to get back to the deepness without the Sagg and Aqua detached treatment.

    • ex just had scorpio/cancer/sagg/aqua energy. ….lord help me. Loved the scorpio and cancer. But Aqua deep space and saggy bigmouth monolouges drove me crzy…good luck this weekend.

      • Don’t even get me started on anything aqua. The Sagg x (aqua moon) then there was the Cap x (aqua venus). Reminded of that Nick Cave song ‘You Are So Far From Me…’

        Thanks for the well wishes.

  3. Bitch drama moon alright. Saggo at the dinner table tonight chucked a major sudden tanty , stormed off, door slamming leaving libra friend and I stunned and perplexed. Then came back to offer a curt ” sorry guys! I’m feeling irritable” and gave me an evil stare, which I didn’t mess with.

    • Twin,
      Saggo mouth moment madness (SMMM) need I say more! I was married to one for 12yrs, you would think I learned! Always so friendly though ~shrug~

      • Lifetime achievement medal for you CapFire to do
        12 years. After 2 years i was in therapy. Now doing therapy
        to get over the therapy. Now i need the original problem back
        just as a ‘healing thang’, you know what i mean.

        • Such a viscous cycle us older ladies go through.
          Oddly my new Cancer/Scorp prospect is a therapist. Just wondering if the couch will mean sex or analysis? Could be an intoxicating mix of both! mmm No doubt some head fuqs with that Scorp moon of his, but then again I do dig the deepness with my loaded 8th house.

          • CapFire, have loaded 8th house as well, it counteracts
            my silly, sometimes supercillious Saggness :-)
            If latest interest is ethical it is The Table if you are seeing
            him professionally, if not, hey, have fun, max it out :-)

      • Its the Cap/Sag thing! I was with a Cap for ages and we could not make it work despite the love and my Cap moon and Taurus rising. Go figure?
        Cap’s can be a bit captain like too and/or like structure and routine which isn’t typical in a Saggi world. You got 12 years! Great effort. I managed about 5!

    • Yeah.. we do that…we’re irritable (when we don’t wanna own/deal with a feeling or just plain want it gone) and when we don’t wanna talk about it (death stare). Wry grin… not making excuses but it’s almost impossible to hold back after it’s launched. We also figure you should know so any sort of questioning looks are not usually welcomed as the reason s/be obvious. Yeah, yeah.. I know it’s not like that. I’ve learned a bit about that archetypal behaviour over the years.

      As far as bitch moon goes. TG I decided to isolate myself with my uggies and guitar and not deal with the world because my teeth still wanted to gnash today… at nothing in particular and at everything!

      And to wrap on ex’s ~ well I had one old one back in for a wee while but the lunar exclipse and my inability to shut up has probably seen it well mutilated beyond repair by even the most experienced of surgeons. I took it too far. Yessss, I did just say I know but auto-pilot just kicks in at times… anyway if by the new moon eclipse there’s nothing then I have to assume that my higher self was operating albeit in a much lower and vulgar form. Grimace.

  4. OOOPs a day of writing to Sagg Xs’.
    Lucky mine went by snail mail, so it’s just void of course
    in the red pillar box, shall be delivered Moon in Aries.
    I did this after a heavy lid of a large and heavy wooden box fell on my head,
    so shall plead concussion.
    Of course if he replies, i’ll play him til he screams ‘mercy’.

    Or ‘more’ :-)

    Never know such a long void of course, as usually 6-12 hours
    unusual to be 30, isn’t it?

  5. Mystic’s twitter comment on music….. a few hours ago in the shower I caught myself singing, and I don’t know the name of it, that song Danny sings on Grease at the drive-in, after he cops a feel of Sandy. I have no idea what even triggered it. I was just standing there, cleansing away the day, and started singing that song. In fact, I don’t even like the song.

  6. Sagges, can go frolik on their own selfish shores. Can you get deep and wide, and penetrate? I don’t think so. Maybe a Scorp can help, o’wise we sink or swim, and the tide is brutal.

    • Gotta disagree Meg. We’re not all like that and not always like that with everyone. Most of my peeps tell me to stop looking at things so deeply and to skim the surface a little more. I do… when it’s appropriate and I don’t.. when it’s appropriate. The thing that we do do is not always realise how it is for others. It’s innocent ignorance not selfishness usually but I can only speak for myself.

  7. Thanks for the reminder. I’m going thru $$ merde and general work related craziness at the mo. Being a Scorp Sun and Cap Asc. I am really trying to follow your advice to the letter. If I do step back from the situation and see the horizon — change perspective so to speak — I do see there is an end in sight. Of course what that “end” may be I’m not entirely certain. And that’s what’s really getting to me: the prolonged state of ambiguity!

    BTW re love — the ex Aquarian has reappeared. Says he misses hearing from me. Lol!

    • prolonged state of ambiguity . . . yes . . . right now I have no clue about the possible outcome of three separate scenarios, am not used to this cluelessness.

  8. :-) Thanks. Got it from the song The Reeling by Passion Pit: “I can feel the madness inch by inch” but using it for the current astro is just as apt.

  9. Mystic… just had a dream in my sleep with you in it! Never happened before… but you looked like or were Asher Keddie – sp?, you know the actress from Offspring and Paper Giants… Now I have no idea what you really look like, but in my psyche thats a good thing, I absolutely adore Asher, and have a huge kinda crush on her… in a celeb kinda way…. you were telling me how you started this whole astro thing, and I was telling you that I had been into reading your astro for like 15years…. and I used to sit around cafes and we would read out the astro from The Australian newspaper… and have a good chuckle amidst my inspiration of your linguistic genius…

  10. Didn’t accomplish much today other than the pleasure of having space to think. Thanks Mystic for STFU advice.

  11. I just hope the Scorpios in sudden love get their sudden love requited, you know? It’s been a long old time.

  12. scorpio…wonder if my ex soulmate drove me crzy will fall back in love with me or meet someone new. Detached at this point….maybe my new crush is a scorpio and will fall for me :) Desperately wanting to get his number from a friend and call…Excuse me, when is your birthdate? NOt really wanting another scorpio, but my north node in scorpio pulls me to them like a tornado.

    so this winter met a scorpio/ sag man online (for friendship only) while I was with ex. This man is very into astrology. Now I am single we chatted. I swear, I think he rejected me based on our synastry!!!!! LOL. My leo moon square his scorpio sun and my saturn square his IC was too much for him to deal with. We haven’t even talked on the phone. I have to admit, I get the impression that I wouldn’t want to be with him. I did show him a photo and he said nice eyes. Maybe he wasn’t attracted enough to battle the difficult squares. LOL….He is a firm believer in karmic astrology and we had lots of indicators. He sincerly apologized for hurting me in a past life. Gotta love it.
    Regardless….my two major relationships as an adult have been with scorpio sun men and have started off long distance. I am definately not wanting to repeat that, two, three strikes your out ….

    • fushiafairy what’s your sun, rising moon sign?
      I dated three Scorpios all with Scorpio Rising and since I have Scorpio Rising it was too intense. Three strikes and I am out of that game. Talk about mindgames.
      Two held very serious grudges and continue to harass me online. However, this is the low-imbalance qualities of Double Scorpios.
      I think I have paid my karmic debt to the Scorpionic gods/demons now.
      Just as I read this post yesterday one of the Scorp ex’s contacted me. Snarky as usual but trying to flirt again.
      I am just so over snarky humor especially aimed at me from guys.
      I need balance in a relationship and if I have the stinger then I need someone who can help me calm my sting. Two stingers is two much.
      good luck.

  13. Have only just got ‘Moon Bitching’………Dear Friends on Myst’s site.
    Have been stewing, percolating, doing ‘dilemma’.
    Another ‘Tantra Coach’ has entered MY City, where i have done 18 years
    of blood sweat (no tears, just a few muscle tears)study, experiment, studies,
    practised, researched all of Margot Anand’s & Mantak CHia & Partener’s
    techniques & books, you-tubes, but most of all got to do the hands-on work,
    the digging in the trenches as i call it, vis a vis, the Great Architec of Western
    Tantra according to above teachers, being ‘n all in the 2nd smallest City in Oz.
    She has been coing to Adders since January, so courteous me, doesn’t place
    any advertising whilst she does.
    I made an overdure text to intro maself, amount of practise & my fees as hers exceed
    mine and as competiton is supposed to be ‘healthy’ biz wise, have been cultivating her
    as a peer, ie respectfully.
    As relucant to take work in winter because it takes a milion watts to heat studio, dressing,
    and office have given her the clients.
    ……………………i’m gobsmacked.
    She has little dolls dressed in pink, like baby barbies, flowers, it’s so pink!
    She will be taking my clientele if i don’t adverise and go into ‘competition with
    She’s got 24 hours to meet with me, or i’m going to bury her.

    • Doll… pink… tantra?

      What. The. Hell.

      Your mere presence will blow her out of the water. Did you advertise before? Never underestimate a customers loyalty and ability to sniff out integrity.
      Don’t go out of your way to get her (bad ju ju), but don’t stop yourself from doing ‘business as usual’, you know?

      • Venus…how right you are and i bow to your support.
        really needed it as was a bit blown outta the water :-)
        Bless your sweet heart.

      • Darling Gem, that face was my reaction to the Pink Dolls.
        ‘What have they done to my song, Ma’!

    • Pegs love.
      I’m feeling very vague so don’t know if this’ll make sense. But two main, perhaps contradictory things, as Venus says, maintain your presence as you have always done. Ie don’t go changing your approach because you have competition, however, you have competition. So emphasise your differences, yes use your clients loyalty, and yes maybe reconsider your winter hiatus if it means you are sending people to a competitor.
      Meeting her sounds good too. Perhaps you have different approaches and can benefit each other?
      It’s competition though, you do need to take it seriously, but by emphasising your strengths not changing who you are.
      24 hours kinda short notice though isn’t it?

      Hmm, this moon. I need to go sit under a heater and drink wine.

      • Also, the prob with not being online is that so many people use it as initial info search point. But if you’ve 18 years of working the town you’ve got lots of networks to activate, so can you motivate them to word of mouth advertise for you? Let them know you are being more proactive re building your client base and ask them to send anyone they know your way?
        Again obviously you need to deal with the winter thing. You could use winter to plan and launch in spring, but you do risk giving her a head start.

      • Shell, if that is your brain at work when its vague then you’ve nothing to worry about! Good assessment and advice (espec’ the bit about seeking warmth & wine – going home now to light wood stove and enjoy a glass of rosé :) I had a lovely bonfire last night to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Thoughts of more hours of sunlight is an optimistic point in the year for me.

        Pegagus, I can’t quite work out from your post whether you have already met her and offered her some of your clients or if this is what you are considering (and fearing)? Your post vibes with some shock, which would be natural on identifying a potential threat, especially if you have enjoyed relatively little competition in your area of work. Wait until you can see more clearly and then rationally work out what is the goal for your business at this time; what options do you have for reaching that goal; and a simple step-wise plan to start moving towards it. (yes, I know Saggitarius does not like always like “step-wise” processes but sometimes they are the best course!).

        Run your own business according to your own values. We get into trouble when we try to be something we are not, especially when that is driven by a fear (real or imagined) or a stupid rule of some kind.

        Maybe internet advertising in your line of work could have an effect like the famed Peach Blossom Remedy – brings quantity but not necessarily quality? Is that what you want? Do what is best for you and the way you like to work, which may include making some adjustments or being open to something new.

    • Pegasus, i so understand the EMO going with this. Do you have a fear? That her work will undervalue/cheapen what you feel is THE WORK? That she is moving with a new time that may vibe better with customers? That your passing on of clients will hurt your business rather than establish better network?

      Think of Mystic’s work here. So many astrologers online, and some with blogs or space to comment. What’s the difference? Her unique wording and imagery, her take on astrology, and her site format.

      Work your business, Pegasus. You said earlier, “my business IS love” so let it be driven by the love you invest not the other person’s barbie way. Advertise when you’re ready and need to, to support the Work.

      Sagittarius are brilliant at competition. But i reckon, even better when they’re simply doing what they do best, and letting the nature of their work be the competition. Sag’s are AWESOMELY CAPABLE.

      • That was milleunanotte, Pegs. And with incredible LOVE and empathy from my own day today xx

        • Shell, Nat & Millie, have been offline for 24 hours, thought it may have
          been the universe telling me not to Bitch.
          Thank you much a lot for the reasoning & feedback. No website as like
          to remain low profile. Having beautiful informative bus cards & brochures
          that have run out and know will reprint, as prefer- guide- on- side to sage
          Animal medicine cards had Rabbit in my present on the pathway spread.
          Fear. You got it. Hadn’t worked for a week & became nervous then alors
          it started flowing in last night & today. Confidence returned…phew!
          Was paying her the courtesy of not advertising when she does….duh, silly
          me. We haven’t met as yet as wanted co-operation to competition, but she
          mentions her ‘breasts’ over the telephone (got Aquaman to reluctantly call her
          last Jan) and that has to do with Tantra exactly WHAT????
          Merci Bien.

          • Glad you got your confidence back Peggy. Happens to the best of us hey? More power to you love.