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Alphonse Mucha Zodiac astrology Alphonse Mucha – Zodiac- 1896

Mucha was a sensationally successful and adored Leo & Czech Art Nouveau artist…some peeps say he originated all things art nouveau.

Zodiac was one of this most popular pics ever.  As he was also a Freemason, of course he was interested in the Occult.

Remember, the word “occult” merely means hidden.

Mucha had a terribly sad ending, the Nazis invaded Czechoslovakia, took him in for “questioning” and he died shortly afterward.

Who loves this picture?

And here is Mr Mucha, vibing v.dapper and Leo, you think?

15 thoughts on “Art Nouveau Zodiac

  1. love his art although here in Czech rep. Mucha is considered kind of kitschy since his reproductions are hanging in every cheap hotel room.

    • Ha! Now I know where to go to get reproductions! =)

      Love his work though!

  2. yes my first reaction was ‘kitsch” and i not in Czech at all but then i read about him and i feel poignant and protective of him. And a LEO

  3. Oh, I LOVE this sort of art, it’s so romantic and just plain beautiful – sighing in deep, deep pleasure he’s pretty gorgeous too, what a terribly sad end for him.

  4. Here’s a Freemason of his time, unlike Spencer Compton. A little bit before the more global vortex of Modernism in Art & Literature, which saw experimentation with drugs and occult in many more (then again, one can’t help the exact era one is born in…so, not to disparage others for their later experimentations).

    Many Leos are debauched and spiritual all at once. Many create and produce popular beauty. The floral organic stylings of the Art Nouveau are beautiful and vibe Leo, Tau, Cancer very much.

    This art is easily accessible to us these days, but was so RADICAL in his time. What’s not to love about radical innovative Fine Art?

    The Nazis killed many artists, some more slowly than others. But they did not kill the art! Modernism went on until the ’40s! Viva l’Art! Subversion in beautiful form.

  5. Yeah I do love his work when I told my friend he was like oh really as if I told him I loved a pile of dog turds. He’s a Libra/Leo and considers himself intelligently elite :S

    I think my Venus in Sag really appreciates feminine art and pictures of beautiful women.

  6. My Leo somewhat boho mama had Mucha prints on our walls in the 70’s/80s, so it reminds me of her. I like his work alot & love the stylization & art nouveau.. Interesting, he’s a Lion & alot of the women’s hair is a big feature & wildly flowy

  7. Love Mucha’s work (even carry a notepad in my bag with ‘Dance’ on it) yet knew nothing of his life. How sad.

  8. Love this print. Have a huge one on my wall. I like to think of her as Urania, the Muse of Astronomy (and Astrology) the halo of zodiac signs a Divine Gift of inspiration to humans to help us better understand our place among the stars.

  9. My Dad grew up a few miles from Mucha’s home and apprenticed as a chef in a restaurant in his hometown in the 30s. Needless to say, I grew up with Mucha and Art Nouveau. It is still one of my favorite movements in art and design.

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