28 thoughts on “Aqua Mooning

  1. I’m a Lunar Aquarian so this is my life every day! Being a Leo (who can sometimes be over-sensitive) and having Venus in Cancer and Scorp Ascendant, it’s like I NEED my Aqua moon or I’d probably go crazy.

    • Shazam CM I’m same line up and aqua asc so mooning to the max at the mo. Just had a spa, chilln and planning on taking my rocket ship for a spin this afternoon with just with me, me and me.

  2. It’s like a long weekend break, spent the morning on own (nice!) looking back over stuff objectively sans emo. It’s beautiful stuff.

  3. Oh dear what can the matter be! I have Aquarius fourth house… and I’m stuck in my house today, recovering from what I call the lurgy…. otherwise known as fluey throaty tonsillitis thing… I’m so bored… I hate using that word but I’ve hit the point where its relevant.

    If I read my book I fall asleep, if I read fb I get annoyed, if I look outside I get envious of the beautiful day and not being out in it, I don’t want to ring a friend I have nothing to say… all this and I have a lovely Venus transit today… I’m picturing picnic in a park, frolicking of some sort, and or bushwalking….

    I’m still looking for work so in reality I can only do things that are free, have managed to pull myself out of disappointed I don’t have work yet and the sky is falling headspace recently, accepted getting sick on eclipse as a forced slow down, but now its starting to ache literally and metaphorically.

    The slowness I feel seems remarkably saturnian. It probably is, I’ve got things outstanding that really need my attention, those little admin things. But my lurgy head could not go there all week.

    What do you think of the word desperate? I think it feels taboo to say it, I think it carries a lot of shame. I wish it didn’t. I also feel desperate. There we go I said it. And I feel shame around saying it also. But attempting to not. I also fluctuate to loving what is and feeling a deep sense of contentment. But I cannot ignore that I desperately want work and a partner. The desire just keeps knocking on my door. Motivating – yes, exhausting – yes… maybe I’ll do reverse psychology on myself and say that I don’t want these things and see what happens, I mean it might be lying to myself but it fits with what is…

    Anyway blah! Sorry to be dampner…. I don’t think I like this moon, it feels cold austere and too detached for.my liking.

    • Nothing wrong with saying you’re desperate, Gemmy, and being honest about how you feel. I get a bit fed up with all the perky stuff and being happy that goes on so often and I’ve actually pulled out of motivational websites, a bit exhausting. Life has ups and downs and sometimes really letting the challenging times run means we learn stuff and then emerge blinking into a lighter world Blimey, this sounds trite, doesn’t it, just want to encourage you to not feel shame around being desperate. It exists, it’s real and sink into it. Something might pop up from your inner self, you never know.

    • plutonic gem, can really empathise with this entire statement as it is almost my exact week, from throat lurgy, to lethargy, discontent to contentment to the doozy word, desperation … as libraquarius says, spit it out. I also think of a pendulum swinging, days or weeks like yr description are when the pendulum is almost scraping the earth before moving on … hang in there xxx

      funny what can help get the momentum going tho: ie, a favourable iching reading and loud music therapy!

      • Thanks libaq and fb… yes you are both right there is some freedom in just saying it, admitting to it and allowing myself to feel it deeply… thank you for saying its okay to say it…. I think I subject myself to the dominant plethora of motivational speak, and sometimes its really great and useful.

        your words don’t sound trite la I really appreciate your words.

        I’ve just remembered someone said to me once there is nothing wrong with the longing, its the energy that drives us to go on seeking….

      • Fb I really like your imagery of the pendulum swinging and dragging on the earth… you know one of my goals is to have a whole wall in my house that I can use as a giant message board and ongoing art wall… today I would paint in big red letters ‘this too shall pass’ xxx

        • And in addition to the fab wisdom above, plutonic gem, it’s OK to call on a friend without feeling the pressure of being entertaining. That’s what true friends are for. Good friends will often feel flattered that you trusted them enough to show your vulnerable side. It’s OK to ask fro help and it’s also OK for others to say no, they can’t help, for whatever (good!) reason but there’s nothing wrong with asking.

          I hope you feel better soon and that you find free ways to have fun – a creative opportunity?

          Best wishes.

          • I think what is being said here is a key lesson for geminis (or anyone overly ‘independent’)
            It’s okay to stop and focus on something, acknowledge, be in it. And it’s okay to share that with someone else and ask for help.
            Both are hard I know, but you sound like you are on to it PG.

          • Hey thanks sat… I’m regularly transparent and honest w friends and ask for advice also… I feel a bit naff banging on about the same issues I’ve had for quite some time… maybe I carry some shame there about that, the longevity of my issues, maybe I feel I ‘should’ve’ moved on or solved my problems… so I write here tonight in relative anonymity so I don’t burden my friends with the same old story….

    • Where is your natal moon?

      I have mine in super intense scorpio so having an air-head light and aloof moon day or 2 is a nice breather for me. I find when the moon is in my own natal scorpio, I seem to get extra crazy. :/ I would think the opposite should happen.

  4. The moon right on my ascendant. In the wee hours of this morn, my life changed course thanks to a psychic bodyguard of an exclusive hotel who enabled me to reach a state of “detached Zen-objectivity re the things that normally make you needy or emo.” The daily scopes say “A therapy-type breakthrough is nigh.” Very much the case pour moi this weekend! Even my Atheist friend was amazed with the insight of this unlikely encounter.. I can move on now :) Not easy to look at oneself’s circumstances objectively. Out of a rut so have been on a happy high all day!

  5. I think that the Aqua moon triggered an episode of synchronicity. Gawd astrology is amazing. I ran into my ex-friend who has an a natal Aqua moon (!!!!!). I hadn’t seen her until I ended the friendship.

    She had a friendly manner today, which was nice of her, but she made her usual negative-barbed comment (I honestly don’t think she means it – she is just a pessimistic person and sabotages herself), “Your contract ends soon, what are going to do?”
    This was in reference to a great job I have (my immediate supervisor is a worry but the project is great). I couldn’t be bothered to tell her that senior management are sending me overseas for a couple of weeks – fantastic opportunity – wonderful show of support for my work. I couldn’t even be bothered engaging with her to prove her negativity wrong.

    I was so angry because I ran into her in the gym in my apartment block. She’s not a tenant but another tenant who is a friend of hers is giving her access on a regular basis. This has been happening for months. She is financially well off and I am so angry that she doesn’t join another gym. I didn’t show my anger – just got on with my workout and feel better for it.

    This is so Saturnian of me (stickler for the rules – well rules about fairness, equity – not rules of oppression) but I want to report this to the body corp. It’s not just wanting to not to run into her. It’s a small gym and there’s not enough equipment/resources (tiolets, etc) for people to sub-let access.

    Is this low-Saturnian of me? I didn’t want to confront her (I’ve done this before and it resulted in an argument).

    • To be devils advocatish, sounds like it could be interpreted as you being spiteful. As in finding a way to get back at her by getting involved in something that only indirectly impacts on you. Showing you have power to impact her life.
      Is it really that crowded/inconvenient? If it wasn’t her, would you be so annoyed?

      • You’re right shell. Thank you. Quite clearly she presses my buttons. The whole situation pisses me off but I guess dobbing isn’t the right way to deal with it.

        If it wasn’t her, I would be annoted but the truth is I’d have no way of knowing.

        Thanks for your honest advice shell. I appreciate it.

        • I have a different take Saturnian Would imagine that you pay a higher
          rent to have a gym in your building. An overnight guest of a tenant
          there could have access, as a guest but not on a regular basis as the
          upkeep must be included in YOUR rental. It’s a privilege to be able
          to take a guest not a right for friends to use whenever.
          It’s a dilemma, what if she wee-ed in the pool or shower?????
          Call in the Urine Police!

          • Thanks Pegasus. I appreciate your perspective and you’re funny! You motivated me to start drafting an email and depsite all my care, it read “Nyah, nyah-nyah, nyah, nyah” like a primary school fracas and worse I feared retribution with the Aqua-moon ex-friend dobbing me in for having two cats in my apartment. She can be nasty. I’ve seen it. She’s made people so angry in a former workplace that they’ve reported her to management.

            I know what she’s doing isn’t right but I don’t want her to inflate the situation.

  6. Saturnian, shell, plutonic gem… this one’s for you:

    i’m BORED, i’m DESPERATELY DESPERATE and i’d rather get some professionals to run a tighter ship with the rules than TRY SAY MY PIECE TO SOME EVIL NEGATIVE SUCKHOLE WHO WON’T BOTHER TO LISTEN.

    how about, i’m also SICK TO DEATH OF TELLING MYSELF I FEEL BETTER AND HOW MUCH BETTER I AM THAN THIS when things clearly suck.

    They’re certainly all taboos i was brought up with.

    oh, and i have sx with AMPUTEES IN ANIMAL COSTUMES.

    Whew! Woooooweeeee! I feel better already :D

    Yeah! Throw away that jesus-wants-me-for-a-sunbeam talk and HAND ME MY DAGGER AND SWORD! (Aggression also taboo for you guys?) Saturn’s bitch? Watch out for milleunanotte, the three-headed HOUND OF HELL!!!

    WHEEEEE!!!!! Feels great!!!!

  7. *disclaimer* I just realised some of my buddies are amputees/single-armed. We haven’t slept together, i think, and certainly not in animal costumes. I’m claustrophobic.

    • The hottest amputee, is that guy who’s leg and arm was sharks
      food in Sydney Harbour, a Navy Seal. Built like a brick sh.t house
      and hansome as. Oozes strength and happiness.
      So would be there faster than quick if man-in-uniform, legless who
      has built up his upper torso to look like superman…..mmmmm, am
      remembering some-one in particular from last century who had women
      drooling, witty too. No shortage of sympathy bonks there :-)
      sans animal costume as HE IS THE ANIMAL!