Weekly Horoscopes Are Up

We Are Handsome Wolf Bikini Bottoms

We Are Handsome – The Memoirs collection

Weekly Horoscopes for the week from May 28 are up now!

I am re-reading Women Who Run With The Wolves lol.

Brill for Dark Moon right before an Eclipse.

And glugging the Pluto Juice.

In the Horoscopes? They’re totally eclipse themed (how not to go bats) and about the brilliance of Jupiter about to go into Taurus.

TAURUS. Sign of lavish plenty, appetites, green-green-green growing things, thing lust, the Empress, Gaia/Eartha and healthy avarice. Jupiter loves to be in Taurus.

It is going to be amazing as it’s trining PLUTO.

Don’t roll your eyes. A trine to Pluto is a good thing. Especially if it involves Jupiter.

Btw, whilst i have you here, two things

(1) Mars is going to be in VIRGO from months on end. Seriously. From November. We will be having document shredding parties and nit combing one anothers hair or something, just to be sure. It will probably be good actually, as Mars in Virgo will guilt us all onto diets to work off Jupiter in Taurus cheesecake for breakfast style binges.

(2) There have been a few issues (to be resolved) with peeps password on the Horoscopes. It’s a reload thing. Long story. If you cannot access something with your usual password, please just hit reload/refresh and/or empty your cache.

56 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes Are Up

  1. Nooo! Sync…. So am i……. Book has been returned from a girlfriend, on my kitchen table for a week, reading about anger, the mountain and spirit bear…. And madly google ing clarissa pinkola estes… And totally obsessed with the wolf theme. Aaarrooooowwwwwwooo let the wild woman not be endagered x

  2. UM *flicks blond hair* – being clueless as to how to clear cache – simply switched web browsers & BINGO – weekly-scopes-me-off whoo-h00!!

    ;-) xox

    • Blonde, Rocky, you’re Blonde????
      Betty Boop there is a brunette, so ass-u-me-d a definate
      very dark hair on you.
      Keep the lamp lit x

      • I so saw you with dark hair and red streaks – urban funky vibe! So funny the assumptions we make. :)

    • LOL – unruly brunette mane, heaps of it!!
      pretty close re streaks – ran Cruella DeVille bleached skunk-stripe for a decade ….. until encountered it elsewhere & recently blood red dipped ends ….. but now monochromatic

      did an Annie Lennox in the 80’s – luckily it never fell out from the hair torture

      bring on low maintenance, no going back now!!

  3. LOL! My Low Libra friend would love that wolf face bikini! I should get her one!

  4. OMG OMG OMG. So, Cancer horoscope sounds so fantastic after the shitty love life I’ve recently had (i.e. NONE/ex-clinginess [my behalf]).

    I almost can’t believe that it could be true. But I will keep faith. It’s just so goddamn hard. I have been going out but so far I haven’t found a single guy whom I feel that *spark* with. The instant attraction. I find it impossible to have “growing attraction” to someone. In fact, I might know a person for years and never have them “grow on me” – and then BOOM something will spark.

    Anyway….. any other crabs out there? If other kataka folk are feeling good about this then all the better!

    • Mmm yep that sounds pretty much like my life…….. I have had a horrible cold the last few days, but have been quite productive. Hopefully this is the dark moon clearing out my system to re-set everything!!

    • im not kataka but my moon is in cancer 7th house….i want to be amazingly loved

      • Yeah, I have venus, mercury and sun in my cancer seventh house. All I think about is love. Always. It wish there was a job out there that made this flaw useful. So far I’m good with jobs where I can space out and think about love. Unless I’m in an actual relationship. Then everything is covered and I can move forward with other aspects of life. This is why I so desperately want to be in a relationship again. I feel freer in a relationship, and stiffled and trapped when I’m not.

        • I hear you, WH. It’s been a hard few months for me too, love life wise, and I’d give anything to feel that happy, skippy feeling of budding romance again. And I’m exactly the same about the spark – I need to *zing* with someone, and I can’t force it if I don’t feel it right away. Fingers crossed for all crabby folk xx

  5. So cool! Am looking forward to understanding more of the career stuff for Leos. I am aware that Uranus is trining my Sun atm?

    Gathering a group together for meditation on Gaia and karma cleansing with crystals on the new moon. Creating a forum via FB for that plus gearing up with crystal work this weekend, a session or more a day, plus sitting in on my teacher working and receiving my own healing. Exciting!

    In terms of entering the healing space as a career, interesting that Hygiea is coming close to conjoining my Scorpio 6th House moon – I feel like she will tip me down the slide… Plus with the Sun working it’s way to shining on my Gemini Asc (or voice) all things mercurial are in the Flow.

    Don’t know what Saturn has to say, my 4th house is loaded with Pluto/Uranus and He is transiting all that… Keep the 4th organised and the rest will flourish?

    Still, feeling a bit overwhelmed and fuzzy this dark moon.
    I hope the new moon eclipse is beautiful!
    It is the beginning of my own journey into The World after being at home with my lovely babies for the last few years, it’s all so intense!!

  6. my friends wouldn’t let me read about the wolves when it came out said they were running because they were trying to catch me i took their words for it and stuck with the tao of pooh. the closer we get to the eclipse the better I feel.

      • no i always found piglet a bit irritating – him and rupert the bear – and couldn’t bring myself to do it :grin:

      • What degree is your Asc Ms? Do you feel like your ‘voice’ is being heard more resoundingly of late?

        • 24 degrees doll. nope about voice – well yet anyway. I tend to be pretty hard not to hear when I want to say something ;) but internal goes external. very huge outer skin i’ve outgrown due to inner peel. snake time

      • yeah shake that asc. babe x mine has sartorial tendances. I discovered the brown boxes taking up space are full of actual dresses. I always thought it was books and cooking utensils. it’s a frocktile epiphany of epic proportions.

  7. At the risk of sounding as if I know even less than I do about Astrology – how do I find out who’s trining what ?

    I’ve been all over Astrodienst – I’ve even downloaded their planet thingy for my Blog – but I can’t find a picture/graph of the current planets; and have nooo idea how to find this stuff…

    I’m assuming that its in the Chart generation thingy, but I don’t know which one !! Is it the Natal, Progressions/Solar Arc ? It looks right, but then I have noooo idea what I’m doing !!

    Could someone please take pity on me and point me in the right direction ?

    • go to astro.com.charts page + choose natal plus transits in the pull down menu. The planets that are transiting your natal chart will be on the outside of the circle in green you natal placements are on the inside of the circle. In the little table bottom left of the chart the first set of numbers and degrees is your natal degrees and signs and the column to the right of that in green is the degrees the transiting planets are at.

      this page has the information about how many degrees a trine sextile etc consists of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astrological_aspect Look at your natal chart visually and any green planet positioned over a natal planet is conjunct it. Any green planet 90° from a natal planet is square it etc. or you can work it out by just looking at the numbers in the table – depends on how math savvy you is. enjoy : o)

      • Ahhhhhh !! Thankyou soooo much – I was close, but no cigar. I read all of the Astrodienst pages on the horoscope, but this is much more helpful.

        Maths savvy ? ROFL. No. I stopped maths in year 10, but I do have a fairly good visual sense.

        • Took me a year to find this too! Haha, would’ve been so much easier if I’d just asked.

          But you’ve reminded me – I should really draw up some charts for the eclipses.

        • Righty. The first eclipse is taking place in my 10th House, which is Gemini, and which is right next to Vesta.

          The Second eclipse is taking place in my Sun sign, saggitarius, which is in my 4th House, right next to Lillith.

          So hmmmm… This is why I pay Mystic to work this shit out for me :D But in the spirit of the site, I will have a go:

          Communicating about my current career/calling as Mother and Domestic Triffid is good for the first one.

          Galloping about flicking my hair about and eyeing the far horizon with a fuq-you atttitude for the second.

          I can also see a fairly scary looking red line between my natal sun and saturn which is close to the second eclipse, so making sure I have all my ducks in a row before galloping off….

          Righty and have just checked my Cosmic Consult and this is very close to what Mystic has written. And I have got a bit more about that Saturn/sun thingy, but on the whole, I think Mystic does it far better…

          • Lol, “having all my ducks in a row, before galloping off”, love it!! being saturns bestie for a while and a while to go yet, I get this, but secretly jealous of the galloping off..

        • Same thing Dom Trif Sag re mathmatics and never asking, trying
          to figure solo,and getting mind boggled.
          Have found help if you ask, isn’t that always the way, never asking
          for help, to learn how to ask?
          Funnily enough, when you DO ask, so shall you receive :-)
          Alchemist explained Astrology to me in a few sentences ‘as without,
          so within’. Transits can be peeps around you. The planetary movements
          can be in our bodies.
          Penny Drops bigtime for me just with that take on it.
          Whatevs says it in a way i capice. Duh is me.

      • Got it, Whatevs, so shall check, believe they contain many clues.
        Thanx, Hon, x

      • Brilliant whatevs. When others talk about conjuncts and squares I wondered how the hell they had time to study this stuff. I’ve been skimming in my reading on this site and chart exploration up to this point. Now will do exactly as you describe to gain more understanding.

        Just had a ‘release’ healing session, identified that I still have unfinished biz with ex of 18 months. I so want to release that pain and sadness before the new moon eclipse. I now feel ready for a new relationship but wouldn’t want to start anything with my old ghosts hanging around. Hope to have a deeper delve session in the next week.

  8. I have Jupiter in 21 Taurus and Mars in 3 Virgo in my natal chart. So about these transits– as far as I’m concerned, will it be the same old, same old? Ho hum …?

    On the other hand, it looks I am heading towards a Jupiter Return. So it could be something BIG

  9. “nit combing one anothers hair” lolol!!

    Ya know, some days you just nail a those one liners and I almost pee my britches laughing.
    You’re a trip. ONE of a kind!

  10. very interesting stuff! quick question tho– for the virgo weekly horoscope, what do you mean by “no dancing with crazies?”– just to not go crazy?

  11. very interesting stuff! quick question tho– in the weekly horoscope for virgo, what do you mean by “no dancing with crazies”– just not to make yourself crazy?

    • Would imagine it’s both…..don’t make yourself crazy by dancing with them
      AND don’t go crazy. Find Virgo’s don’t really express to others what’s
      going on deep down inside.. just from the 4 i know quite well, is all.

  12. Oh god, ok. Got a call from ex Lib hub, he has just found out he has testicular cancer..like WTF?? He has to get one of his balls removed. Was a complete shock…

    Toro is back, wining and dining me, mowing my lawn, washing my car, sending me huge bunches of flowers. Taking lil Aries out for walks..Its nice.

    Im coming up to exam time, finishing off a research report. Been doing canteen duty at lil Aries school and reading to the kiddies.

    Been slack with myself thou, no gym in a week, been having like 8 cups of coffee a day, not eating, smoking like a rock star.. Certainly need a good dose of Mars in Virgo to give me a good kick in the pants. Think I need to read “running with wolves” again. Need some fucking time to myself. Boundaries up. Or is it just being a mother and/or woman where everyone wants a piece of you…??

    • They can replace it with a prosthesis at the same time – I had a friend who had it done. .. He might feel a bit better if you tell him that – oh and the second one steps up testosterone production to compensate for the loss of the other one.

    • OMG, Sassy, I am so rude, but after the distress ex put you through I am afraid I stifled a smile. That is so awful of me, it’s not funny at all. It is shocking and very scary for him I am sure.
      Def relate to being mother/woman everyone wants a piece of you.. Good luck with El Senor Toro!

      • Yeah, I know!! Karma. Losing a ball. I would never wish sickness on someone, even after everything he has put me thru. But yes. Toro is quite happy about him losing a ball, he certainly thinks its karma. Louise Hay says its “not accepting your masculinity and the man side of you” that is very true for him and i told him so.

        Yes told me he is going to get a prosthetic ball.

          • Not very evolved yet.. sorry, though in spirit I am wishing him healing and compassion and joy! It will make the whole world better if he can confront his fear and distress, love and luck to him.

  13. Just sent off one job application.
    A friend is proof reading another. I will have that out by the end of this week, beginning of next.
    Just in the nick of time for the lucky Toro?
    Time to change this sh*t up, I say.

    Dear Sass- I hear you on the gym/rock star tip. What is with that???

    • I know! I had the exact same thought…. Mars is having a glorious time wandering over my True Node (5 degrees virgo) and my Saturn (6 degrees Virgo)…. And have I been FEELING it !!!!
      So much DRIVE to get going in my dream career, which finally presented me with the opportunity for a 2 month secondment in my area of interest work wise. Confirmed this morning at 8.30.
      I am working this energy like crazy, and am so happy, and relieved and excited to be about to start a new adventure!

  14. 8O

    Ooo I have natal Mars in Virgo & I haven’t had a week away from the gym/acrobatics/pilates/cycling/swimming etc since 2006… 8O

    *buns of steel*

    • Your brains not bad either :-)
      I have buns of blanc mange being of an ‘age certain’, but do have abs
      of steel to compensate, just don’t pinch ma bum, it’s a dead giveaway.
      Bless your 18 year old one.

  15. Returning to work after a 4 week break June 1 , so synchronising
    with the Astro. Bootiful. Did the same last Spring after Winter off,
    planned it via the Daily Myst. Success and more on the way it appears.

    Thanx for the motivation and head’s up :-) Feeling needed and/or feeling
    wanted is a necessity for confidence.
    Having goals to work for and achieve is a great natural high and raison
    d’ etre.

  16. Jupiter moving into Taurus is in my 6th house. Pluto, STILL sits upon my Venus in the 2nd house of Capricorn.

    Work? Money?
    Any clues?