We Should All Have Aries Shrinks

“If other people do not understand our behavior—so what? Their request that we must only do what they understand is an attempt to dictate to us. If this is being “asocial” or “irrational” in their eyes, so be it. Mostly they resent our freedom and our courage to be ourselves. We owe nobody an explanation or an accounting, as long as our acts do not hurt or infringe on them.”

Erich Fromm…Genius pioneering psychologist, philosopher and Sun-conjunct Mercury in Aries.

Although, to be fair, i just checked and he was also a honking great big multiple conjunct Sagittarius:  Jupiter, Uranus, North Node, Chiron and Moon.

Don’t fence him in for sure.




29 thoughts on “We Should All Have Aries Shrinks

  1. The combo of Sagittarius and Aries is such exaggerated realism, how do these people ever get, like, out of it ? (Types this while reclining in sleepwear, late morning.) *makes more coffee*

  2. 8O

    Great stuff Mystic!

    I really enjoy his work in political psychology also. For example the marginal success of fascism according to Fromm was based on people’s fear of freedom…

    8O SEE! Genius!

    • I note this about Fromm: he “considered love to be an interpersonal creative capacity rather than an emotion”.

      This is quite uplifting.

      Now going to suddenly be interested in political psychology! Any others worth reading, Baristagem? Oh then again I’m about to look at Bertrand Russell’s essays on ethics etc. What do you think of his views?

  3. to be honest, I am not sure I would want an Aries shrink. Not unless they had some Pisces in there for perspective.

  4. Meanwhile i’m trying to decide whether I should grovel to an Aries. Two proud people, it may not work.

      • Gem, sun in a packed 10th house
        Leo rising (with Mars in Leo and Saturn in cancer conj asc),
        and a flippy floppy please walk all over me Pisces moon to bring me undone (or make me more human)

        • Ah so the pride is the Leo rising and Mars? I’d say some dignified respect and humility (not grovelling) can work, but it depends on what the partnership is. A boss? Sure. A lover…hmmm.

          Christ! Pisces Sun is hard enough, I’d sure get irritated w self more if it was my Moon! For me it feels more like: if you choose to walk on me you have just revealed your own character to the universe, ever watching, and the cheek of it is, I can give you the space to do it in.

          Your astro is a different world to mine! I’m thinking thinking thinking…

          • is saturn rising from the 12th house that’s the shitter – goddamn nit picking self flaggelating scaredy cat bully.

    • I’d say don’t grovel to an Aries. They will only feel “Ah. Conquest.”

    • ah well, the moment passed due to parental duties. it may come back. unfortunately my pisces moon believes are paths are intertwined.
      this is an aries whom i told i was walking away from because they are too hard. so, yes, they won’t assume conquest, but they are likely to assume weak, overly dramatic, emotional etc. But in thinking about doing this I have realised two things; that I am fine with being proud and strong and emotional; and that they are also weak, its just they hide it under distance and ambivalence.
      I can be strong by admiting my weakness, I am not sure that they can do the same. If I do, i might find out.
      back to work now though.

  5. Holy HELL this is my QUOTE for life. Merc Aries/ Jupiter Neptune Moon Asc Sag.

    Hey twinfish, don’t ask how I get ‘out of it’… there’s a long long list.

    More like Magic Realism!

  6. I still think that there is something very un-aries about it all.

    Most aries peoples I know automatically assume that their behaviour is totally rational, obvious and makes perfect sense rather than beliveing that no-one else deserves an explanation.

    Bless ‘em.

    • Yes. An Aries in my everyday views us all as highly deserving…of constant explanation of the rationality and perfect sense inherent in his behaviour! Annoying time suck but adorable.

      Perhaps it’s all the Sagg? “Explain myself? No time! Busy being me! F* off!”

      • I think you’re on the money there. As a multiple sagg I really resent the obligation to explain my behaviour to anyone.

        I will happily explain / explore anything else for hours though.

  7. God bless the socialists ; o)

    Am 100% relating to this – in the last 3 months there’s been some deaths and chaos go down in my world. Yet the more that is torn away the more power seems to surge through me. It’s as if the loss of those things has in some way released me from their thrall – even though I had physically removed myself from them by choice years ago it’s as if their continuing physical presence meant a part of me was still back there. Conceptually I feel so much more able and willing to leave the security that memories provide behind – what is the point of holding on to diaphanous images of physical constructs if the physical reality is no longer present in this world? It’s only energy. The only reality is here and now.

    His concept of individuation via the loss of primary ties I am living and breathing. As if the etheric threads being cut have lifted my anchor and I feel so much more ready to be in the future – it’s now everything is now – people always tell me I look like a tall ship when I walk away, men sing don’t you love her as she’s walking out the door as I decamp. I can now feel what they see. The wind in my sails. Not because I’m angry or leaving something that irks me, but because I am free.

    Yoda says a similar thing about primary ties but in a yoda-esque way.

    Saturn + Pluto + all that Aries action has definitely rocked my foundations.

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  9. His ‘8 Basic Needs’ are really something to aspire to & to make
    sure we have or obtain.

  10. isnt this a writer from the 60’s?

    do people go to shrinks anymore?
    you never hear about it much like you used to.

    why is that?

  11. i feel the aries in the optimism and the empowerment. the “we”ness seems saggitarrean.

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  13. I like Fromm. Think he would tell most people to pull up their big-girl panties and get busy.