Void Moon-O-Rama

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Some Capricorns actually DO look like goats. Others more like Pan/Dionysus.

Anyway, i have a cool announcement re the Daily Horoscopes!

From now on, they include the Void Moon times for L.A., New York, London and Sydney.

They’ve always had the Moon into Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc etc times but the Void is different.

It is when the Moon is “between” signs. Or, to be more precise, the time between when Luna makes her last major aspect in one sign and moves into the next.

It’s a time out of mind time. It’s when you do NOT do anything important. Sort of like Mercury Retrograde only battier.

For example, i would not send an important email or even  literally post a parcel with a Void Moon.

An “us” chat?  Only if you want it to be of no consequence.

Ideally, one actually does nothing during the Void Moon. If you can work it so you’re cleaning, walking or meditating at this time, you get genius insights.

Once you get the hang of observing it, it works really well. Whenever i really can’t concentrate and it’s maddening, i check the Voids and voila, there it is…So you chill till the Moon is properly in the next sign and all is well.


8 thoughts on “Void Moon-O-Rama

  1. Moon- void- of- course was the first thing i knew about
    Moon signs, that anything decided had no where to go.
    Make no decisions, make no magic…..

    • ’tis true…. and from my experience with goats (minimal – I’ll admit) , it probably tried to eat that very same dress just after that image was taken

  2. I always manage to read this as: moon, void, of course. Like, “Duh! The moon was void, of course! There’s the answer to your problems.” *facepalm* Of course!

    • Oh god, me TOO! The recent realisation keeps cracking me up, every time I read this.

      What’s the diff between Void and Dark moon?

      • Dark moon are the days before the New Moon. Void of course can be any day of the month, as Mystic says:

        “between” sign…. the time between when Luna makes her last major aspect in one sign and moves into the next.

  3. Thanks, WOOHOO. With your name and me still reading “of course” oddly, I visualised a giant grey owl saying these words to me, in the tone of Wol of Winnie the Pooh.

    So, this means each moon cycle (month) there is one period of time that is Dark, but there may be several (er, 12?) times of Void. And that is why we need the tables?