The Virgo FusionMan Re-Posting This From 2009! U will see Why!

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GUYS! I posted this in 2009 but now that Yves Rossy has just flown over the Grand Canyon at 300 kmh an hour - see story here – it is super relevant again. I love Yves.


I reckon Uranus in Aries – from the middle of 2010! – is going to render jet pack tres trendy. People will be fanging about all the place.

I LOVE Yves Rossy – his nickname is “fusionman” – the dude who has just failed to fly from North Africa to Europe…He’s a multiple conjunct Virgo and has just turned 50….

He’s got the tight Sun-Pluto conjunction just like Lance Armstrong. These peeps run off some primordial, no, CHTHONIC energy source. Rossy has Sun-Pluto-Venus-Mars in Virgo and Mercury conjunct Uranus in Leo…Saturn in Capricorn trines his Virgo stuff.  So right now he’s got Mars all over his Uranus (he’s gonna break even more records) and Pluto on his Saturn. So what few inhibitions or fears he HAD are being helpfully pulverised by Pluto.

The full  article is here…but here is a bit…oh and a Virgo is a VIRGO – he insists on making his own jetpacks and wings from scratch as he does not trust anyone else to get it right.

“Shaken violently by the turbulence, Rossy dropped to try to regain control, but suddenly lost his bearings inside large grey clouds.

“My only instruments are my feelings and sight and without them I am lost,” he said.

Rocketing seawards at 300km/h, Rossy realised “it was no more fun”, ditched his wing and pulled his parachute 850m above the sea.

“I’ve had many situations like that in the free air but not in clouds. Ninety per cent of the time I can regain control, but in those clouds it was over,” he added.

As his team and camera crews peered into the gloom anxiously, a rescue party of three helicopters, two planes and ships from the Spanish coastguard struggled for ten minutes to locate Rossy.

A homing beacon on his Breitling watch and bright parachute helped indicate his precise location in the chilly waters.

He was then taken to a hospital in nearby Jerez de La Frontera for a precautionary check-up but returned to Atlanterra unhurt and in “good spirits””

28 thoughts on “The Virgo FusionMan Re-Posting This From 2009! U will see Why!

  1. that episode of Gilligan’s Island where Gilligan had his jet pack on was not far from reality after all!

    oh how I love MaryAnne…xox

    • Always liked ‘Maynard’ the loopy one from the hippy series.
      Sent an hello last thread or 2 back. Just know you are busy
      and that’s fantastic. You keep me connected to Bondi & the
      Sidder’s I used to know, bless it’s black heart.

      • heya pegs!!
        yeah lots on the boil, but all good. & adventures of course :) ….
        hows trix with you?

  2. I just had to look up chthonic. So do you mean with the underworld energy they can be daredevils without dying? A nine lives scenario?

      • My interpretation is more literal/geophysical. From the earth. Like volcanic energy, magma. It is unending. Things of the earth are solid, everpresent, fixed.

        But in metaphor, the underworld, death is also a fixed fact of life.

  3. gotta love a return of the age of invention. I have often fantasized about owning a jet pack, -usually in traffic jams. Maybe running on something other than petrol though since we are fast running out of oil…

    • same here! always loved the idea of a jetpack and have fantasized about them randomly—Virgoan in that they SEEM so practical (and Mercurial)

      • william’s hanging out at robert’s where there’s less “is your vagina like a handbag” banter now

        • hahaha…………….he’s welcome to Robert, whoever he is.
          Did i fluff up AGAIN.
          Tsktsk all those dance parties i went to, all the mind-altering substances
          like the lights & holograms they produced along with beaming coded alien messages to me has blended my brain in a mix of light & sound.

          Always wondered why I was the only one that noticed, perhaps coz the others were too engrossed indancing & worshipping at the altar of the DJ.
          Detail? What details?

          We love Lexicorn coz he’s a Witch with a Willy as Ubes or he said. He has no
          Yoni aversion like many men i have met & known over the last 12 years. If i’m doing foot in mouth please do not tell me, Whateves :-)

          Real True Gay Men in the old days adored women & it was mutual. The new additions seem to freak at the place they originated from.

          THE YONI RULES

  4. Be funny if he crashed into underaged circumnavigator, Jessica Watson’s yacht. I wonder if the navy gets sick of pulling whackjobs out of the sea.

    But bring on Uranus direct and Uranus into Aries as I’ve had seven years of it opposing my six Virgo points. (Then again it’s about to pass over my Piscean chiron) All I can say is that Uranus opps wring every bit of control freakery out of you. No matter how much foresight, Saturnine slog and organization etc was employed, nothing I’ve undertaken in that time ended up as planned…

  5. the two significant other virgoans in my life (7yrs and 40yrs) are obsessed with these jetpack things – well, the 7 yr old is dedicated, the 40yr old egged him on tho! – 7yr old still talks of the day he arrives at school by . . . and his latest design for such a thing

  6. At first you would think this is the territory of some mad Aries BUT it makes sense for Virgo.
    No checking in.
    You get to perform maintenance yourself on your equipment.
    Every control-freaking detail is within your grasp.
    You just stand outside your house, turn the thing on and whoosh.
    No baggage!!!!!

    • Yes, perfectionism makes us lone wolves at times. I sense a strong Uranian influence in this guy as well. He’s got a freaking Breitling watch with a homing beacon in it! Wouldn’t be suprised if he’s Aqua rising and I wonder about asteroid Icarus.

      • Hello the Uber Vee! It’s been a long time between drinks :-)
        You come in on The Flying Virgo, you want to be flown to the Moon,
        do you. Great to see your avatar once more. Deliah what’s her face has
        missed you also.
        The only part of the article that impressed me was the watch he wears.

        • Actually a little jealous as i adore flying. Haven’t had any of
          my flying dreams lately & i loved them beyond.
          I dreamt of flying & then grew wings……..

  7. im loving virgo moons… i seem to be breaking my own records in cleaning and organisation… i have no need to defeat gravity…

  8. Yeah, am I supposed to be impressed? Sometime around 1976, I flew across Kansas at a sustained speed of 235kph and an altitude of zero, in my 1965 Mustang GT Convertible, with 2 female passengers and a trunk full of beer. I encountered severe shaking due to a poorly balanced front wheel, but I didn’t wuss out and ditch due to encountering any fluffy clouds or air currents like that guy did. I do note that when you’re driving at that speed, you have 2 seconds to change lanes to avoid that car on the horizon. That car traveling at 112.5kph in front of you, it looks like they are parked on the interstate and you are passing them at 125kph. If both lanes had been blocked at once, I would have had 2 seconds to decelerate or die. Fortunately, the highway was empty that day, or I would never have tried such an insane stunt. And I’ve never done anything like that since.

    • I like this story of speed, Charles.

      But you didn’t build the car yourself :D

    • Ha! Kansas is tame considering you’ve got nothin’ but cornfields for miles and miles and a whole lotta empty space inbetween. Easy to go fast when there’s no one else to share the road with most of the time. Try doing the same in Jersey, on the turnpike, switching between 4 lanes of traffic and avoiding the state police while going 40 miles over the speed limit because you were late for class…in a ’92 Honda Civic, which overheats when you go over 60mph. Talk about daredevil tactics. And my Virgo Moon was freaking out about gas mileage the whole way.