The Truth About Taurus and Librans?

Kim Kardashian in Widfox astrology t shirtNever, ever EVER did i ever think i would be featuring Kim Kardashian here and honestly, i am NOT really.

It’s her t-shirt.  It’s Wildfox btw.

Clearly Wildfox are trading in Astro-Cliches and it’s cute but are Libra peeps really hopeless romantics?

This may be a myth. It’s more that they so love to have someone around to crush on, adore them, wait for a phone call from, analyze their dreams there-of, pick them up from the beautician etc that they usually ensure they have a lover, one in waiting and then another spare…just in case. Surely their mind is more like that of an air traffic controller than a so-called Hopeless Romantic?

Or am i being catty because i’ve had it with this Dark Moon?

And here’s Megan Fox in the Wildfox Taurus Trust Me t-shirt. I would totally trust Taureans when it comes to making me dinner and delivering an orgasm but for anything else, are they really that trustworthy? In general?  I mean, hello, Bernie Madoff?

Megan Fox in astrology teeSo, okay, if we did Mystic Medusa t-shirts with the TRUTH IN ADVERTISING REALITY SLOGAN for each sign, what would they say?

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91 thoughts on “The Truth About Taurus and Librans?

  1. Sly…gemini
    Neurotic …..pisces
    Insert emotion here….cancer
    Somewhere you can’t see me…..scorpio
    Somewhere you can’t get to……..Sagittarius
    If you ain’t got no money take your broke ass home!…..taurus
    Glass half empty , and it has marks on it !!!……virgo

    Am looking fwd to following up this post.

    Mystic, you are hilarious.
    :) x

  2. Being who I am, I can only think of snarky ones:

    Aries: Get out of my way.
    Taurus: Are you gonna finish that?
    Gemini: (There’d just be one long run-on sentence that would wrap around the whole shirt, like a pattern.)
    Cancer: I need a hug.
    Leo: Too sexy for this shirt. And all others.
    Virgo: Hand-wash only, lay flat to dry.
    Libra: Do I look good in this? Check yes or no
    Scorpio: Stop staring at my tits unless you mean it.
    Sagittarius: Surf’s up and I’m out!
    Capricorn: This shirt cost more than your car.
    Aquarius: Take me to your leader.
    Pisces: One life, one love, many many bottles of wine.

  3. twin fish I beg to disagree

    myself pisces sun and rising – not at all neurotic – not even a substance addict – but oh the idealism and delusion – constantly dreaming most especially with partners.

    Daughter Cap Sun and moon – sweetest person you could ever hope to meet. But has she got her act together – if she does trample I would guess that peeps feel they have just been gently lain on a bed of rose petals – she’s that diplomatic.

    • Anemone, tis all in gest . I love my mergoats and fishies. In fact I am about to spend some time with my fave capricorn , 7 yr old, going on 70. Who is uber helpful, and cooperative and sweet. But I have wrestled with him, his strength is hardcore! Likewise, of course pisceans are the wisest of counselors , and being pisces rising with strong Neptune my motto is CHOOSE YOUR DELUSIONS CAREFULLY. :)

    • :) no offence taken and don’t mind at all what anyone says about Pisceans or anyone else – just didn’t resonate with the descriptions and thought I would chime in

  4. I dunno:

    Aries: Obey me
    Taurus: Pay me
    Gemini: Play with me
    Cancer: Need me
    Leo: Adore me
    Virgo: Appreciate me
    Libra: Gaze on me
    Scorpio: Please me
    Sagittarius: Follow me
    Capricorn: Respect me
    Aquarius: Admire me
    Pisces: Fall for me

    • Love it.

      I would make these changes:

      Cancer: Baby me
      Leo: Worship me
      Scorpio: Pleasure me
      Sagittarius: Hear me
      Aquarius: Intrigue me
      Pisces: Believe me

      • I did think of ‘Believe Me’ for Pisces. . . but I thought it might indicate too much trsut. I find from my experience with pisces men that they want me to believe them, but I really shouldn’t.

        I was aiming at Pleasure me for Scorpio – but there’s more to it. They like to be pleased in all ways . . . not just sexually. I’ve learned that you don’t disappoint a Scorpio. . . not if you want to live.

  5. in 3 shades out from the t shirt itself so you have to be close to read it

  6. As a Libra who’s just had an almost plane crash into a Taurean I would say us Librans are a combination of air traffic controllers about all aspects of our lives and Taureans are extraordinarily charming then they orgasm.

    Bring on the new moon please.

    Libra t-shirt: hope springs eternal.

    Taurean t-shirt: where’s my couch.

  7. Love it all ! You guys should start up a T-Shirt business…I’m too astro-ignorant (modesty ala virgo-sun) to offer up anything useful on any other sign but my own. Twin-fish, T and Ms you given me a light start to the day.Much needed and thanx.
    How weird is the astro tho of Osama’s death ? To quote Mystic’s tweet; Mars in Aries conjunct Jupiter…Uranus Sq Pluto closing in. Saturn sq Pluto. It was opposite on Sept 11 2001. Yikes !!!

  8. Aries – This is boring
    Taurus – Eats Roots and Sleeps
    Gemini – Want your ear chewed
    Cancer – Cry me a fucking river
    Leo – Look at me
    Virgo – I told you so
    Libra – Truth is Relative
    Scorpio – I Fuck
    Sagitarius – I Bullshit
    Capricorn – I don’t do T-shirts
    Aquarius – Here one minute…
    Pisces – Gone the next

    • Fantastic! I knew this post would bring out the genius in y’all . Sparks flying in the dark moon. Just gorgeous

    • Oh Monte, you got Cap so right. The only reason I’m wearing a t-shirt at the moment is because I’m going to work out. Other than that, this Cap “don’t do t-shirts.”

      And the irony of wearing this slogan on one. Tres Cap. Brilliant!!

    • Cry me a fucking river – OMGs I love it! I would totally wear that. lol

    • Actually, my Cappy son wears t-shirts a lot; his favorites feature his Irish heritage, of which he is very elitist proud. Another favorite: The one that says, “Fix your own *^%$+&%# computer”

  9. Taurus is about the only thing you CAN trust. Taurus will always be there. Taurus always IS there. He has the solidity and durability of The Parthenon, built from solid rock. Many a hammer has broken on the anvil of a Taurus.

    • The thing that impresses me most about the Bull is their unshakeable self esteem.

      In their eyes it’s everyone else that is crazy. I love it.

      • Totally . My mum, taurean , issued me the same line anytime I had a complaint of difficulty with anybody over anything ” she’s just jealous”. Also has the hairiest arms for a woman and when I noticed them oneday she said ” yes. It is a sign of strength ” . So bold.

  10. I agree that you can trust a Taurus to do it their way (best friend is a Taurus…love!)

    Libra…I think they are romantics who are high-strung and zing around on Venusian caffeine (Hopelessly High Strung), but they genuinely want everyone to be happy (or at least “ok”)—my mom is a Rising Libra, and several friends

    • Some people think there are two ways to do things: the right way and the wrong way. How ridiculous. There is only one way, the Taurus way. This is not seeing things in black & white, just seeing things the way they are.

  11. 😯
    Thought I might take a poetry slant on this one. These are lines taken from their own poems to match the poets sun signs… 😯

    Aries: “The world is too much with us; late and soon”
    William Wordsworth

    Taurus: “Love is finding the familiar dear”
    Mona Van Duyn

    Gemini: “Autumn is over long leaves that loves us”
    William Butler Yeats

    Cancer: “I was first kissed with passion. Now I sit watching spring suggest itself.”
    Elizabeth Jennings

    Leo: “Tis not too late to seek a newer world”
    Lord Alfred Tennyson

    Virgo: “So much depends on a red wheel barrow”
    William Carlos Williams

    Libra: I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)”
    E.E Cummings

    Scorpio: “Out of the ash I rise with my red hair and I eat men like air”
    Sylvia Plath

    Sagittarius: “To a heart in port, done with the compass, done with the chart!
    Emily Dickinson

    Capricorn: “To climb the trackless mountain all unseen”
    Lord Byron

    Aquarius: “You’ll love again the stranger who was yourself”
    Derek Walcott

    Pisces: “Quick loving hearts, I thought, may quickly loathe”
    Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    • I have to say, I like the poetic slant the best. It’s difficult to tell the difference between astro-truth and astro-cliche, and so many of these sayings I’ve heard too many times to find them interesting. I know, I’m being extra Scorpy and cynical. Slogans on t-shirts isn’t really my thing. I can say much more with a smouldering or icy gaze.

      • Yes I know. I spend a lot of energy trying to not be looked at by a Scorpio. But then again Scorpios don’t need their eyes when they can freeze the air within a hundred paces! What a gift.


        • We can’t help it really! I tend to do it without realizing and have to act surprised when people say things like “what was THAT look for?”

    • “So much depends on a red wheel barrow” William Carlos Williams

      Thank you! I love that!

  12. I found the rest of them from Wildfox:

    Aries: Double Dare Me
    Gemini: Trouble
    Cancer: Dream
    Pisces: Imagine
    Sag: Happy Go Lucky
    Cap: Lean on Me
    Aqua: Simply Irresistible
    Leo: Me First
    Scorp: Secret Heart (I kinda like that one actually)
    Virgo: Sensibly Reckless (Oxymoron?)

  13. Kim, I love the Tip of the Month at your site!

    Speaking of Taureans, the New Moon will be conjunct my Taurus Venus. Yummy…even tho no sweets for me… :(

  14. Got Dark Moon Brain still, all I have are sounds:

    Aries: Bleat
    Taurus: Moo
    Gemini: Yakkety Yak
    Cancer: Click Click
    Leo: Rooarr
    Virgo: Ahem
    Libra: Creak
    Scorpio: Shh
    Saggitarius: Clip Clop – Thwack!
    Capricorn: Meh

  15. crush on them you mean like with a pick up? seriously if you see one
    floor the gas pedal right on them too- take some good advice for once in
    your life man!

  16. Aries- I come first, dont forget it!
    Taurus- Come to me.
    Gemini- Whats your number, email, etc etc?
    Cancer- Hows your Mother?
    Leo- Bow before me, NOW!!
    Virgo- Let me organise your life.
    Libra- Do you like what Im wearing?
    Scorp- Dont piss me off.
    Saggi- Yeah, Lets do it!
    Cappy- Oh, please!!
    Pisces- I can’t see you clearly!!

  17. 😯

    Some more…

    Aries: Do it!

    Taurus: Me first? That wasn’t a question…

    Gemini: Always in the wrong place at the right time…

    Cancer: I’m soo in love with… oh wait.

    Leo: Where am I in this picture?

    Virgo: Don’t critique me I’ve already done it

    Libra: I <3 you + me = Mmmm

    Scorp: Oh! You said M&Ms not S&M…

    Saggi: I do miss you… kinda…

    Cappy: You had better be reading this shirt…

    Aqua: I've read everything on your mind…

    Pisces: Sorry what were you saying…

  18. Should try the signs with book titles…
    like Scorpio- Paradise Lost. (Milton)
    Gemini- Peter pan ( Barrie)

  19. Well i really have nothing in the t-shirt department so i thought i could contribute by stereotyping everyone’s sign as a motor vehicle. in fact surely astro bumper stickers are the next big thing?

    Aries: Human Bulldozer
    Taurus: 1996 Holden Commodore station wagon with club lock on steering wheel.
    Gemini: wants to own a vespa, drives a Datsun with a ‘magic happens’ bumper sticker.
    Cancer: Mazda 3. Always refers to vehicle as ‘my Mazda 3’, not ‘my car’ or ‘the car’ – also has “my family” decal on back window – the one with the mum holding the mobile phone and dad using a lap top.
    Leo: Gold Mercedes Benz.
    Virgo: catches public transport / drives Toyota Prius to work. spends whole life saving up so they can finally ‘splurge’ on a motorbike or other mid-life-crisis fantasy vehicle.
    Libra: Surely a porsche.
    Scorpio: whatever it is better have dark windows.
    Sagg: sagg can’t handle anything lower than a v6. they are probably re-conditioning an old fashioned ute.
    Cappy: A boring sedan like a Commodore or a Mitsubishi Lancer, but not the factory standard model. Guaranteed to have extras.
    Aqua: 1989 Honda Prelude with electric sunroof.
    Pisces: Hyundai Excel Sprint.

    • I drive a people-mover, but its got a V6 and I have been known to drag off cars at the lights… Not usually with the kids in it….

      There’s something about people-movers that makes people crazy, and then to have one overtake them as though they’re standing still… he heh heh…

      Yes, I also have dark tinting….

      Am saving for an old Norton that can be fixed by a blacksmith – am planning to ride the Silk Route for my retirement present to myself…

  20. cracked myself up reading these! especially because i’m taurus and new boyf is libra…!

    i wish i had the “unshakeable self-esteem” as most taurus people seem to have but i don’t think i do…heh

  21. These were great. :-) I’m a Taurus and my fella is a Libra… These posts made me think of last Saturday afternoon… As I lay in the bed naked (Taurus on a saturday afternoon), he stood looking in the mirror at himself and said in a very Libra way, “I’m am one good looking mother f—er”.

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