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oh how i have longed to stride into a call centre the last week and just fang someone.

YES in a studded jacket and subdued chic make-up, fuq scruples.

Yes i am having a Saturn transit and so is this site!

All of the language i have had to use these last seven days is in the lingo of Saturn Admin Hell: “You are being limited” – “Your site is being throttled”


It is being resolved.  The site will be speedy again. It’s because there are more people using it, commenting etc and as i apparently post a lot, compared to some. So, to avoid being throttled for having Mercury in Aries basically, i am switching to a new host.


Going forward, this is all being fixed asap.  Thank you for your patience.

Astrologically, the Saturn transit is Saturn quincunx my Saturn and opposite my Mercury. YICK. So just as i have 1000 ideas to post, i am being punished (‘throttled’ w.t.f?!) by the very company i pay to host my genius and your genius comments.  So insanely maddening, you have no idea.

However, as with all such Saturn transits, there is always some sort of a useful and pragmatic take-home message. I now have a better relationship with my site developers (through stalking them) and i am going to be switching hosts as the one i am on is apparently more suited to peeps who want to bung up the occasional recipe or picture of their cats from time to time.

Saturn – the planet of worldly lessons, let’s not go into any karmic implications on a Monday morning – is stuck on 10-11 degrees till the end of July. It’s like a drill down on that area of your chart.

So let’s make this the Saturn Admin Hell Support Group.

Vent your venom here.  Share your Sanity Maintenance Tips here.

10 thoughts on “The Saturn Admin Hell Support Group

  1. The only saturn transit I have right now is saturn sextiling my natal neptune. I am done with rose colored lenses and romantic notions right now. And I am okay with it. But who knows how I will feel down the road….

  2. Oh my, Toros really are jelly arnt they? Got a blast from El Toro because i sent xx to my gay aerobic instructer on facebook. said he showed his work mate my page and send I embarressed him by that… ??? I mean come on….

  3. Hey sweeties, how does one “empty their cache” particularly from a ‘smart phone’?

  4. ugh! The end of JULY??????? I can’t bear it. How does one remain “sane” during such Cosmic Crap? U G H!

  5. Also: I have ALWAYS wanted a device that sends 5 or 6 thousand volts down a phone line. Sooo useful for unhelpful support people + India calling at 6.30 pm despite me being on every “Do Not Call” list available.

  6. Dear Grand Mystic I Hear you! !! Love it when you talk like that Fangs and All interesting that we are all having to Grow up!!! You are the Best !!! Create or Die! Funny how Growth has it’s stuff. I am seeing that the answer to my question is compelling me into am I willing to let the old self go and grow into the Newness , which could be my answer !!!! Saturn is never easy but worth it!
    Double cap….