The Amazing Hair Astro Awards

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Amber Valetta Amazing HairDo you have amazing hair?

And if so, which sign are you?

Yes, this IS to take your minds off the slightly ferocious Moon in Scorpio vibe a building out there.

Subscribers, re-read your Daily Mystic or Horoscopes a la the avoidance of toxic peeps and stalkery emo of your own.

Anyway, i have long held a theory that Aquarius, the sign opposite to our hair-fetishing sign of Leo, has the most amazing hair.

See Aqua-mod Amber Valletta, above & previous posts re iconic Aquarius hair.

But let’s settle this: Nominate Amazing Hair – yours or that of another – and we will deduce WHICH sign has the most amazing hair.

I was walking behind a woman in the street the other day who has SUCH genius hair, i wanted to stop and congratulate her.

Brad Pitt with Hair Dryer, Shirt Off in Thelma and Louise

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160 thoughts on “The Amazing Hair Astro Awards

  1. Ha

    As I was ready it, I was thinkning Aqua as my daughter has the most amazing hair ever (like strangers come up and tell her all the time). One of her friends another Aqua princess also has amazing hair but completely different to my Uranian princess. The other little girl once said at 5 YO “aren’t I anything but great hair?”sick of people noticing her hair only LOL.
    Only know little aqua people, not grown ups.

  2. I used to have nice hair. Aqua mom has always complimented my hair and said it was one of my best features! But I cut it all off a few years ago just for something new and drastic, and since then I’ve been happily rocking a Pixie ‘do.

    Leo sun/Aqua moon. Super dark hair that once was all the way down to my waist! Aqua mom has super dark hair too that’s been down to her waist for ages, and she gets compliments on it but secretly she thinks she has horrible hair because it’s coarse and gets super frizzy if she doesn’t straight it.

  3. My hair long and thick–Aqua rising . Had a Leo friend with short thin brittle hair hated my hair! Always said “It’s not my fault” you were born the wrong hour.

  4. My hair is THICK, grows FAST (like a Chia Pet!) and has a natural soft curl to it. (Brown). Peeps always comment on my hair. Drives me nuts though.. I’m always asking the stylist to Please thin it out.

    • That is called “rich texture.” Obviously you don’t have it, pblblblblbl (raspberries).

      • Golden retrievers have “rich texture” then, because that’s what that photo reminds me of. :roll:

        • I am so sorry, girls, but this jealousy does not become you. Just because you don’t have incredibly awesome iconic hair, doesn’t mean SHE isn’t entitled to it. And yes, I’m entitled to it too. Ms. Valletta and her awesome Aqua hair is always welcome to hang out with me and my awesome Leo ASC hair. But if you look like a shaggy dog, sorry, maybe I’ll refer you to my stylist and she can fix it for you. It would not be fair to YOU, to be seen next to my luxurious mane, and suffer for the comparison.

          • No jealousy, just honesty. But if you’ve got nothing going for you but your hair, then be my guest and gush away if it makes you happy. All the Aqua men that I know are actually balding, even the young 20-somethings, so I can’t speak to Aquas having awesome hair. I’m sure you and Ms. Valetta would win big at Westminster though. So cheers to that! πŸ˜›

      • Gee, glad someone thinks of this as attractive cause first thought was, “ew, she has dry, over-processed (maybe old) hair like mine–time to apply oil…”

        • Okay, you know that’s a heavily processed photo that intentionally has increased contrast to bring out the texture, and that the photo has been reduced in size to fit on Mystic’s blog, so you really can’t see the detail, right? And your hair will still never look that good.

          • You’re right Charles. I do know that’s a heavily processed photo and that it’s been digitally enhanced to bring out the contrast and resized to fit the page. I also know that my hair looks healthy and shiny and full without the use of products or photoshop. I know many things. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

          • explain “bringing out texture” vs. “reducing size of photo”

            I’m not sure I’m following your point (except that you’re a smarty pants with apparently good hair:) and a crush on the model)

            I mess around with photos, too, and see that the digital texture of hair is heightened, but not sure what you mean re: reducing photo size except to say that what the photo-peeps did is minimized by smaller photo and effect would be more dramatic if larger (??)

            • It is a little beyond the scope of Mystic’s site to get into the subtleties of image processing algorithms and the aliasing of fine lines in that image.

              • Are you a personal friend of this woman? Because you’re being awfully defensive and it’s an entirely wasted effort because who really cares if people like her hair or not?

                Geez, it’s not a big deal. So can we (you) stop being snide with each other?

                • I think Charles’ first comment was just a bit of teasing banter and it’s been taken the wrong way.

                  Like Lauren above, I know an Aqua man who went bald quite young. Noone else I know has noteable hair.

                  • Ah. Well unfortunately a lot gets lost in translo’ over the internet, right? I hope it was banter! It’s just hard to tell when he’s run with it for as long as he has.

                    • Perhaps you missed Mystic’s remarks about needing a diversion from scorping. So you may retract your claws now.

                    • I don’t see any algorithms in her hair. Is that a new kind of radioactive gel, because she is a bit uranium tinged

                    • @Bluesky LOL

                      @Cat It’s all a big tease, no pun intended, hehe. But he’s a Taurus, so he’s stubborn and not letting up. And I don’t care who the model is or what they’ve done to her, I’m still reminded of a Golden Retriever.

                    • Thanks for that River and Lauren! Like I said, sometimes it’s hard interpreting things over the internet. Protective Leo streak and the humanitarianism of Aqua moon at work; can’t stand such (mistaken) mean-spiritedness, so I just had to jump to people’s defense!

                      Again, thanks for clearing it up for me. My apologies for any discomfort. “Claws” retracted, but I will say thinks for the blood drawn ’cause red has always been one of my favorite nail colors. πŸ˜‰

                    • Thanks for that River and Lauren! Like I said, sometimes it’s hard interpreting things over the internet. Protective Leo streak and the humanitarianism of Aqua moon at work; can’t stand such (mistaken) mean-spiritedness, so I just had to jump to people’s defense!

                      Again, thanks for clearing it up for me. My apologies for any discomfort. “Claws” retracted, but I will say thinks for the blood drawn ’cause red has always been one of my favorite nail colors. πŸ˜‰

  5. Virgo sun/aries moon–my hair is quite grey (tho dyed) and very thick–I get a lot of compliments from hairdressers about its quality and texture.

    I bet you’re not going to get a clear answer to this question!

    • I am a Virgo sun/Aries moon too.
      Hairdressers refuse to dye my hair because they think the natural colour is amazing. I don’t really understand. It seems ordinary to me.

  6. I do not own a hairdryer – don’t blow dry ever….don’t own a brush…don’t brush ever…only comb in the shower……Am a hair model for top stylists in Europe…PARIS. my hair is thick, dark and long….with natural gorgeous curls which top stylists cream their pants for and gush over…..Signed scorpio sun with Libran ascendent….p.s. i think the Leo moon helps tooo and the scorpio sun makes the hair mysterious….only have to look at Demi Moore and Anna Wintour – both have great hair for their age and looks…hair is WEAPONRY *wink!

  7. I have been out with several guys with strong amounts of Leo in their chart, and the majority of compliments I received were about my hair. Which I always liked, since you know how Leos are about hair, and the ones I went out with rarely dished out (sincere) compliments. (Most of ’em were Gemini Suns, go figure…)

    My hair is very long, and I henna it so it’s red (Aries Sun) and has a little bit of a natural wave. I always tease it so it is really big and messy.

    I’m a Cap Rising wedged between Uranus and Neptune… I often wear quite classic, vintage ladylike (Libra Moon) clothing, with this mess of crazy red hair.. Sorta like a female version of the Mad Hatter, I like to think.

    That’s my analysis anyway of the situation. =]

  8. I have great hair, can dye it endlessely and it survives really well! I reckon its my aqua rising!

  9. My Aqua sister has an awesome mane! I have stereotypical Scorpio hair (black + a bit like a witch).

  10. cancer sun, virgo rising…leo moon!
    Auburn hair, grows super fast, straight, lots of it. Have received compliments my whole life even though I don’t get fancy cuts(I cut it myself and donate it) and I don’t style it. I wish it was redder though, the brown dominates from afar, but up close there is so much golden red in it.

    Leo rising ex had long wavy hair for a long time. OUr wedding photos we joked that they were his Fabio photos, all blown back, thick and
    None of my aquarius friends or family have “great” hair to me. sorry folks. I am drawn to redheads. My leo girlfriend has curly beautiful hair…very high maintance.

  11. Aqua with Leo rising, so of course my hair is awesome! It’s also powerfully yrsndformative: have had seriously every hairstyle and colour under the sun and it’s been my greatest chameleon effect. Hair also grows thick and fast, Aries rising? Natural colour & texture is very mane like.

  12. My sister Taurus sun pisces ascendant has most gorgeous curls… I gem sun have typical I think gem hair was blonde going mouse brown but friend just informed have golds and red ala natural, best after ocean swim….

  13. I am Leo and I have amazing hair. Naturally wild curly mane, am told constantly “I love yr hair”. I’m early Pisces rising but am starting to wonder if my birth time is out and I’m actually s late degree aqua rising. less than 15mins would put me as Aqua riser.

  14. Inherited my Italian Grandmother’s thick, wavy, dark hair.
    (It’s my hair I mean but I got her genes.)

    Thank goodness for the invention of flat irons.
    One thing I always knew for sure is that I’ve got great hair and I am a Leo.

  15. I totally have great hair but I have sisters (Scorp and PIA Virgo) and they have great hair too.

  16. I’ll have to nominate my Aries friend. Not a hint of aqua in her, but she has the most naturally stunning, thick, glossy hair. Also a Scorp friend looks hot no matter what she does to her hair, but I’m thinking that’s less great hair, more unfair Scorp sex appeal.

  17. I always get compliments on the shine of my hair, which is brown/black, long and wavy. But the ends get brittle and that annoys the hell out of me!- But my mother, a Virgo, has an amazing head of hair and she is a hair-freak, but she is a Monkey in Chinese Astrology (1944,1956,1968,1980 etc), and apparently they share the Western Leo hair obsession!

  18. I am having an excellent hair day today. I always do. How could I NOT have a great hair day, I’m a Leo Ascendant. I go to my stylist for a cut and she always says, “wow, it still looks really good, it hardly needs a cut.” And I tell her, yes it does, that’s why it always looks so good. So the other day, I was thinking how much I spent on my stylist in a year. It totaled up to more than my new used car (which I admit is a cheap piece of crap). I figured, people rarely see me in my car, but they always see me in my hair.

    My stylist and I have been chatting lately about seeing one of our favorite actors, Derek Jacobi, in some new productions, like an episode of Doctor Who, where he plays The Master. And of course we were chatting about his role in “I, Claudius.” Then after that topic came up week after week, I got to thinking about it. Then, as she finished and turned me into the mirror, I realized what she was doing: she gave me a “Caesar cut.” A asked her if she was doing that deliberately, since we were talking about Claudius. She said, “oh, of COURSE it was intentional!” LOL. I said, at least she made me look like young Tiberius instead of old Claudius. She laughed.

    Anyway, as soon as I wash my hair the first time, I put some products into it and no more Caesar cut. And it looks even better. If I put in too much gel, it gets spiky and it looks even better. I almost want to ask my stylist if she knows it looks better the way I redo it, but I hate for her to even know I change the way she styled it. She might do it differently, and it won’t be so versatile, and then what will I do? Oh, I know. I’ll look even BETTER. It always does. No matter what I do, my hair keeps looking better and better. Now that I have some gray near my temples, people keep saying how great my hair looks, they say it looks “distinguished.” And it is solely due to my incredible hair that I am able to pull off my worst conceit: in 5 more days, I will celebrate my 4th annual 42nd birthday. I have the hair of a far younger man. No, I’m not telling, I’m 42. Perhaps soon, if my hair becomes more gray, I might have to be a new, older age. But I suspect I will be 42 years old for a few more years, and I’m going to play it for all it’s worth. I think I might become 46 in another few years, but only my hairdresser knows for sure.

      • It is. I just checked it in the mirror. No really, I actually just did go check it in the mirror. I know it’s going to look fabulous, that is never in question. I just enjoyed the excuse to look in the mirror and admire my hair.

    • “But I suspect I will be 42 years old for a few more years, and I’m going to play it for all it’s worth.” LOVE IT!!!

          • Nothing heavy about that. I just don’t like the scent of Old Spice, so I felt no need to subject myself to its advertising. So I don’t even know what this guy is about, or why anyone cares about him, let alone cares about what I feel (or don’t feel) about him.

  19. I have aqua Sun and Venus, Leo Moon, saturn and mars and nope I do not have amazing hair. Always wanted wild waves of curls but got mega thin, now mousey brown – think Bridget Jones – it was once sunshine blonde but no more. But I am hair obsessed and when it was short I did have it in funky styles. It looks better longer but have to grow past boobs to look good.

    My GFs who have amazing hair, 2 are Cancer and 2 are Taurus. Two male friends with amazing locks are Taureans, wavey and thick and both over 35.

    One of the Cancerians has a fab hairdresser, other has the a wild mane of thick long brown waves, she got it from her Maltese father. The Taurus girl has lots of curls and always looks hot, the other Taurean has thick, long to her bum, straight blonde hair, always immaculate.

    So looks like Taurus wins for my friends.

  20. Yes got a big case of Aqua hair here. Long, thick, brunette that goes golden in summer. As I was growing up I got bored of people telling me how great my hair was – to me it was just my hair. Now I am older, I am not so naive that I don’t realise that yes, it is very nice hair, indeed.

    Not to sound vain, I have actually been very genetically blessed in the looks department – but my personality is sometimes so at odds with my looks that it is almost comical. People think they are getting cutesy pretty girl when in fact they are getting awkward me, with opinions that I will β€œdiscuss” with you –with force where necessary. I sometimes think my personality would have been better in a man – I can’t honestly be cutesy pie, girly (can any Aqua woman – I mean I reckon Paris Hilton must be is faking it ), so I end up disappointing people who think they will get that kind of woman based on my appearance……….. Luckily I ended up with a Scorp who had heard of me prior to our meeting and was ready (he said he was a little scared of me!) and we are happily still banging heads and souls years later

    Maybe there should be an Aquarianland , we can go on vacation and we can bumble around and not annoy or frighten too many people, as we seem to do when we are being ourselves around other folk. Imagine ….we would all just walk around totally engrossed in our own lives, muttering away to ourselves, thinking our odd thoughts, hatching up strange plans , nobody to ask us what we are doing or WHY – ahhh I’d like to visit it just one day a week .

    Ah yeah …. that went a bit off topic… um hair – yes … good

    • Little Joey, I love your idea of Aquarianland. I would definitely be there!

      Okay, so this is not about hair, but I really appreciate your feeling of being awkward and perhaps more appropriately made as a man, though I have never actually wanted to change my sex. But I do somehow vibe super femme Cancer domestic goddess, but then people are shocked when I open my mouth. I am equally shocked at their reactions to my thoughts and ideas, and the constant question of WHY. I’ve had many people who, after getting to know me well, have told me I have the mental process of a man and that I’m scary. And it’s confusing because I am all in the kitchen baking pies from scratch and doing my over the top Cacerian thing, but then I flip over into Aqua Girl (or Person?) and I think people are just not expecting it. They don’t know how to hold those two extremes into their limited opinion of one person.

      So Aqualand, safe haven for Uranians. Time to go!

    • Yes, yes i so relate, specially the bit about personality being like a man, but then again my Uranus man often seems like a woman….. we both are obsessed with our hair by the way…… aso coming to Aquarianland (but then again my aqua moon probably just needs to create it…… right here….. right now!)

      • Yay for Aquarianland – even if it’s not (yet) a place it’s definitely a state of mind!

  21. Why does everyone think Leos have the most amazing hair? Usually it is very foofy or curly and thick and, well, hairy. And as for Aquarians, please! They don’t have good hair. They just obsess about it. No one ever talks about Scorpio hair. Why is this? Cancer hair: pat it down. Libra hair: put on a bonnet. And on and on… YES! I’m drinking beer! Love to you all! Hope you are having a lovely evening.

    • Right on rose! Myself, my mother and my sister are all Scorpios and we all have dark glossy lovely hair. It’s not big or super thick, but who says that big = best? Sometimes big hair is just more hair, not better hair. My Pisces friend has long wavy blonde hair that grows super fast, but I contribute that more to her Scandinavian heritage and her dad resembling a Viking, lol. Scorpios aren’t superficial folks, so in general while we obsess over other things, we don’t fret much over our hair. This post is fun, even with the Moon being out of Scorpio now, haha!

      • Hahaha, I agree – not all Leo’s have amazing hair. My Ultra-Leo male housemate has thin + thinning hair that’s kind of wavy … I suspect there is a correlation between the thin-ness of the hair and the thickness of the ego :)

        • I’ve noticed the wavy trait in male Leos, usually blond and wavy, but also usually thinning, so they fluff up the wave to compensate. Among the guys I’ve known with the biggest afro-tastic mane are a set of Capricorn twins that I went to high school with and their younger brother, a Gemini. All three had crazy curls that you could lose a hand in. I don’t think they fuss with their hair at all, just let it grow wild like a weed! The Gemini brother has a 4 year old son now and he looks like a cherub, with platinum curls springing out all over his little head.

    • Mine is exactly thus. I spend my life, and fortune, making it otherwise. Straight and blonde is the holy grail.

  22. thick thick thick strawberry hair. drives my hairdresser nuts. weighs me down if am not careful. even with serious culling/thinning looks Big. no product required. weird relationship. Leo MC. Toro Sun. Aries Venus.

    • ooooh lovely…. how special to have thick strawberry hair… long?

      • o. that’s kind o you. it’s bobb-ish at moment, was shaved at back, but now fluffy and i don’t know, i think i might grow it longish again … am mostly bored by my hair but conversely, love the dramatic change hair cut; love it for a day, loathe it for a fortnight, resign myself to it thereafter and then begin to wish for the exact opposite again … so the cycle continues. and for someone so ‘nonchalant and bored’ by my hair, I sure have much to say on it … fuq!

        • I am convinced that strawberry hair people are the descendants of the magical or fairy folk…. behold the special status of your hair!

          • that is my natural colour but I haven’t seen it since i was 13. looks like i should be skipping down a hill with a basket- so not me! but tired of being raven girl so thinking fashion colour options as we speak….

            • I know! SUch an interesting THING that image/self stuff. I think I self sabotage my hair to deflect attention …

  23. I am so glad you posted this today because I am having an amazing Good Hair Day. And when it’s good it’s VERY good. I don’t have the best hair texture (have both curly/wavy and straight all at once) BUT I do have a lovely natural shade of brown/auburn/with golden highlights with not one ounce of help from anyone but Mother Nature. I used to be stopped on the street w/ people commenting on the shade. Also very fortunate in that at middle-age I only have sprouted one gray hair. Wow I’m sounding VERY Leo right now…. Lol! I’m Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Moon and Asc. :)

    • My hair’s looking especially good, too. yes, dry and a strange new texture I’m not quite sure about, but the overall effect is really wild (in the sense it has taken on a life of its own) and sort of intriguing.

      I wonder where it came from? I catch sight of it occasionally and think, “is that really me?”

    • both my cap rising ex’s had really good hair. more taste in haircuts actually but still. taste. hair in guys is one of the first things I look at I think.

  24. Once upon a time i had amazing hair but years of torture destroyed it, so now i have amazing hair courtesy of extensions, argon oil, a hair witch, modern advancements in color technology and a silk pillowcase.

    Ambers hair in the picture is just styled that way, it’s id mag. They’re doing it all textural for a diff look, to stand out on the newstand.

    THANK YOU FOR THE GRATUITIOUS picture of Young Brad. Brad with a blowdryer for a Leo is like catnip.

    • Hey! I’m using argon oil, too. Same reasons. Love it.

      And love that pic of Pitt:) I think I remember him in that role, too. funny

    • Yes to the argon oil – great product and i too swear by my organic silk pillowslip – good for thy complexion.

    • Love love love a young Brad Pitt in Thelma & louise he was the hottest in any movie I have seen him in.

      Hair? i vote Leo as my lusty has the finest softest hair but i read it is typical of kataka rising which he is. All Leo’s I know take a lot of care of their hair so chances are Leo wins.

      • That was a high point for Pitt, true. Can’t erase picture of his chest from my mind! Must do other things to divert attention.


  25. Mystic, re offering hair congrats to stranger in the street, I say do it ! The streets need more love and honesty πŸ˜‰

    This topic has stumped me . Just realised I have beautiful friends, seriously, all of them are stunning and sexy, but not one of them has amazing hair. Nor any of my family or clients. Destined for a great hair deficit? Sun, moon etc in gemini.

    • Eurovision semi finalists lastnight from Hungary, the woman in blue who looks like Michael Bolton, SHE has amazing hair. Wonder what her sign is. And come to think of it I wonder if there’s a glut of one sign in that annual colour and movement spectacular. Fire and mutability are allover it. Sagg?

      • Speaking of Michael Bolton have you seen his hair lately?? He finally cut that woeful mullet……

      • “Fire and mutability are all over it” oh totally!!! can’t see too many self-respecting Capricorns participating!! After watching it for most of my life I switched off last night after 30mins. I have moon in Sagg so have always enjoyed it for a laugh but with Saturn transiting my venus and Pluto on my Asc I can’t handle ANY frivolity! πŸ˜†

          • hello. :) You recognised me. Tee hee

            Must say the new Bill Callahan album is gorgeous, no surprises really. Love his work.

            Are you a Bonnie Prince Billy fan at all? Adore him too.

            • I know, I’m singing ‘riding for the feeling’ in my head right now!
              Yes and no. I’ve ‘the letting go’, which i do like, and an old palace music album, but I’m a bit like, who needs will when you’ve got bill?
              I think I’m a bit ‘fixed’ in my music preferences once I find someone who ticks my boxes.
              What’s your recommendation re BPB albums?

              I was just thinking about you this morning too.
              Are you going to phoenix into a new persona soon?

              • Hey Shell!

                I’m phoenixing like crazy but won’t be back to talk about it here like I use too – too busy and too many posts a day. I can’t keep up. Plus I have natal Merc square Saturn so writing seems like major effort/work. I envy people with the gift of the gab, who can express what they want to say quickly, eloquently and effortlessly.
                And I’m finding I have an extremely short attention span these days, too lazy and sometimes I question the validity of astro.

                So anyhoo, I try and pop in every now and then to see if there are any serious and useful posts. The last one I really enjoyed was the one on Jupiter as i’m having my Jupiter return in a month’s time. Woohoo! I’ve got Jupes in Taurus in 4th. Did a bit of research and my last two Jupiter returns have coincided with major property/real estate issues.
                No wonder I’ve been wanting to move out of my current abode since last year but I finally acted on it a month ago. It’s up for sale and the auction date is the day before Jupiter goes into Taurus. I didn’t even plan it that way. It was all written in the stars.

                Loving Neptune in Pisces. Life seems a lot easier. The world is my oyster at the moment. Very Neptune non?

                I’m actually ‘mutable’ when it comes to music. Always on the look out for something new but incredibly fussy but quite fixed myself in terms of genres/preferences etc.

                My recommendation re BPB albums are: ‘Ease Down The Road’ & ‘I See A Darkness’. ‘The letting go’ is another good one also. I’m more of a song person than an album person, so the only reason I’ve chosen the recommended albums is that they contain more songs that I like.

                Great taste plutonic gem & FireyBovine!! :)

                • Good to hear love. I wondered about your house when you mentioned you were thinking about moving way back, tWas thinking of your 4th house cow Jupiter. I’m glad it worked! So only wondering about the Astro when it doesn’t do what you want it to hey? Me too :)
                  You sound really good and I hope the things with family etc are okay.
                  Shall suss those albums.
                  Take care petal.

                  • That was meant to say glad the timing is working out like that, should bode well. Though location helps too hey :)
                    Typing one fingered on a wanker phone is a great way to reduce ones need to communicate as well. Unless drunk of course :)

                    • “4th house cow” tee hee. :)

                      yah i’m a one finger wanker phone typer too.

                      Happy full moon. Loving it. xx

                    • Good luck with yr sale anonymous πŸ˜‰ Glad to see you and totally get yr transits. Jups must have done a bit of time in Taurus as I know yr deets ad you are younger than me but my Return (thank fuq) is not until next year. xxx

                    • That came out all wrong, meant, thank fuq for a Jupiter Return (bowing to the Universe) not avoiding my Jupiter Return.

                    • He does a big old retro this time. Just before transiting anything interesting of mine. So yes 2012 for me too I think FF.
                      Hooray for Jupiter in taurus, bring bounties to us all!

                    • hey pussycat, nice to see you too. There’s only one year difference between us. I thought I was older. I’m a 64 vintage.

                      Hell yeah!! Thank fuq for Jupes Return. Loving Neptune in Pisces too. Life seems full of potential right now and a lot easier or maybe it’s cos I’m not working. I’ll deal with that after I’ve sold. *Steady Saturn – it’s reward reaping time. I’ll get back to work soon I promise*
                      Time to enjoy the fruits of my labour now.. Hello Jupiter – bring it!! :)

                      Hoping my funds last until the $$ from sale is in the bank as it will afford me more time to ponder my next line of work. Love what I do but cannot tolerate the industry. I’ve been wanting to get out for years. It’s just not me anymore. I wish there was a job sorting sequins. I really, really do. My mars in Virgo would love that. Just some honest, simple work where I don’t have to deal with egomaniacs, narcissists and bullshit artists.

                      Thanks for the tip Shell. I’ll have to keep my eye out for the Jupiter retro action, see if I notice anything different.

                      Might come back as Jolly Jupes or Jupiter Returns. I’ll keep you both posted. :) xx

                    • Happy you are still around :-) anon. I still have yr chart – I’m 3 months older than you. And yes shell so looking forward to some Jupiter goodies along with the gentle aspect to Neptune in Pisces.

              • me three me three !!!!!!

                The Ruby Sun endures
                as does The River Runs Through It

                but I have massive Gaps in my musical exposure – I wait for it to fall into my lap – terribly lazy of me : /

  26. I am a Leo and I have wonderful hair -I don’t understand what all fuss is about? Leave the mane of fabulous locks to us Leo’s… man!

  27. I have a huge thing for hair – love it! Nice long hair is probably my only instant sex appeal thing, too – some love nice biceps or bums, I love good hair.

    I also have a huge emotional attachment to my own hair (the thought of cutting it is depressing) but I have to say it’s average at best. It’s long and thin and the ends are always dry and a bit split. Yes, regular trips to the salon/trims etc would probably fix the problem but I’m too lazy/disinterested in the whole process to bother with the effort?
    Sagg sun, Leo moon, Aqua asc.

    As an aside, my Aqua best friend has hair very similar to mine – again, not brilliant. Another friend, a leo, has lovely hair but it’s *work* she’s always getting it cut/layered/done properly.

  28. Pisces Sun, Libra Asc. I have long ringlet-curly golden blonde hair – and LOTS of it. And it grows quickly, sometimes too much so. It is the bane of my existence, in a love-hate kinda way. It certainly gets a lot of comments, usually along the lines of ‘wow, you look like Goldilocks’ or ‘it’s fabulous, so much curl!’ … sometimes I love it but most of the time I try and avoid the curl because it draws too much attention – I much prefer being inconspicuous. If it were wavy, I’d be happy, but the curl is more like the hair of those Victorian-era china dolls – so many ringlets – so I blow dry it to try and relax the curl a bit. Because I’m cheap and lazy, I cut and colour it myself – the benefit of long + curly is that it’s easy to cut. My natural hair colour could probably be best described as a kinda swampy blonde that goes white-bonde in the sun, so I tend to colour it more during winter so that it’s a little brighter.

    I realised recently when I botched a dye job that despite my bitching about the curl, I am actually quite vain about my hair and when it doesn’t look good, I feel shitty. Luckily I was able to correct it, so now it resembles more the colour of sunlight rather than a swamp! I’ve had complete strangers come up and ask to touch my hair, which is slightly disconcerting (but secretly a thrilling ego boost!) … so I guess that’s kinda fabulous?

    Best thing for super-soft hair? Mix an equal amount of conditioner + honey (my personal fave is Manuka), slap on your hair after shampooing, then rinse. I do this a couple of times a week and it’s fuqing amazing … it takes about a month of consistent use to get really good results, but after two weeks you should be able to notice a difference. A few colleagues at work laughed at me for doing this – but then they tried it πŸ˜‰

    • I find that baby shampoo is really good. It always leaves my hair super soft. And then after using a decent conditioner (whichever one I feel like), I use Moroccan oil. It also makes my hair very soft but it doesn’t loose any body.

      My hair has always looked good, but a bob is the style that most suits the way my hair falls. I did have it long until recently.

      I think the secret to liking your hair is to accept it as it is and not try to make it do something it can’t. Work with it, and don’t worry about every little fall or curl. I have some nice waves but they don’t always wave the same way everyday. I have just learned to let go of it and accept which ever way my hair goes.

      But your hair sounds beautiful piscesienne.

      • Ah, thanks Jen Scorpio! Most days I like it but I think you’re right about just acceping it as it is … when it’s wild, it’s a little harder but I’m slowly getting better at it.

        Baby shampoo sounds good – and I LOVE Morrocan oil. Like you said, it makes it soft (and divine smelling) but doesn’t weigh it down.

        Maybe I should cut it short again … after winter, to give myself time to get used to the idea! :)

        • My sister has a friend with hair like your’s Piscesienne. Long and blonde with goldilocks spirals. People always admire it, but it does take her a lot of work to tame it. She deep conditions on a regular basis to fight the frizzies. When my sister got married and we were at the salon getting our hair done that morning, they had to take my sister’s friend first and had two stylists working on her at the same time because there was just so much of it to work with! Hmm, come to think of it her birthday is in January…so she might be an Aquarius. In addition to Moroccan oil I know that Indian women favor coconut oil, and even olive oil works, but it can weigh your hair down if it isn’t very course. Mine is naturally oily and bone straight, so it’s cut short for the summer now. Occasionally I’ll mix in beer with my shampoo, since the hops add volume and chamomile tea in a spritzer bottle acts like a toner and absorbs some of the oil. πŸ˜‰

          • Two thumbs up for Moroccan oil for curls from me too.

            Piscesienne, your comment about wanting to be inconspicuous amused me – I’ve always had the theory that it’s very difficult to be shy with curly hair, because there’s something about it that takes up space and says ‘look at me’! Serious curls are so difficult to fight too – I found that it was easier to just step up to the extroversion that curly hair demanded rather than trying to avoid them. You must be exhausted…

    • Yes honey is a lovely hair mask, also Apple cider vinegar rinse is good too…

  29. My very scorpy sister has lovely hair. It’s down to her waist and it’s slightly wavy but very soft and pretty and she doesn’t have to do anything except brush it.
    I am a leo but I gotta say, I have some pretty nice hair. (sagg moon/asc) It’s soft and curls naturally, and when I straighten it or curl it it does either beautifully and stays that way til I wash it. I do have my hair short though, when it was long it was kinda frizzy, but still soft. Also, my hair grows very quickly.
    My poor gemini sister has the worst hair ever. It’s extremely frizzy and poofy.
    My taurus bf has the softest hair evar. I love to pet it, but it’s very fine and gets oily super fast.

    • Funny. Gemini girlfriends of mine seem to have the worst time with their hair.

      • Oh! I am rising gem, perhaps this is the reason for my limp, fine hair? My Leo Sun sure ain’t cutting Mane mustard..

  30. Aqua sis can carry even the worst haircut with aplomb – but she has Neptune rising in Sag. Me? My signature is my hair – and not always in a good way. People recognize me thru the haystack ambling on my head.

  31. I have very short, fine hair which I tart up with purple dye. I took four years to get my slow-growing hair to any length, walked into a top-notch stylist and asked for a trim, and he cut the bloody lot off! I was so stunned, I just went stumm. *Then* I felt how cool and light my head felt and never looked back. In time, after watching various hairdressing techniques, I learned to cut my hair myself as I know what suits me. Cheaper, too. And I’ve been asked who my hairdresser is so I must be doing something right. AND I get lots of lovely comments about the purple hair. Yes, tell people when they look good, Mystic, I compliment complete strangers and their face lights up.

    • Great if you can do it yourself Libraquarius.

      I used to have straight hair down to my waist and would go to a barber now and then as I refused to pay so much for a simple straight cut at a hairdressing salon. Was so easy to look after when long. Now in a style cut needs much more fussing but does suit by face shorter.

      I always used to cut my ex husband’s hair. He was so brave I cut it the day before our wedding! – and it was only the second time I’d done it. Come to think of it he (Libran) does have lovely thick, dark hair with a slight wave and only a little grey at 50.

      • I started cutting it myself when the hairdresser wanted to charge me for a blow-dry as well as a cut when my hair, as it was so short, was already dry by the time the cutting process was finished. I thought, stuff that, so fiddled around a bit and as it’s layered, if I do stuff up, it’s not terribly noticeable. I cut my husband’s hair too although he whinges if I nick him with the scissors, ungrateful sod.

  32. Super shiny, super straight, thick hair- Scorpio sun, moon and venus with Aries Rising. Also born on the first day of scorpio so may have a little libra. My English professor was talking about what makes us who we are and asked the class whether my hair makes me who I am. :/ lol its just hair, but its good hair :)

  33. super thick, long and super body with occasional frizz..basically witch hair
    I like argan, og coconut, John Masters hair products and there is something new I have recently tried called Surya..lovely!

  34. I have the super thick, dense, shiny, slightly wavy hair with natural highlights that look like they cost $600.
    But I wish I could pull off a more structured look, and when I attempt to it looks wrong and always ends up back at pre-Rafaelite hippie. So I don’t even try anymore.
    Libra, Aqua rising, Aries moon

  35. Cancer sun with Aqua moon and Asc.

    I have straight, heavy, thick auburn hair that grows ridiculously fast and glows copper in the sunlight, mahogany in the shade. I used to wear it long, to my waist, but now am sporting a very structured Sassoon heavy fringe bang with the length 4 inches past the shoulders. I don’t use any styling products and make my own shampoo and conditioner out of soap nuts, oils and herbs, though I will also go for months doing the no shampoo regime, washing my hair with only herbal teas and a bit of baking soda. I can wake up in the morning and run my fingers through my hair and it’s enough, though I do have a really nice bristle brush that I like to use at night before bed.

    People comment on my hair all the time, partly because it’s really nice hair and partly because I’m half Korean, so the color, which is natural, is really unusual.

    I also have Mercury, POF, Lilith and Mars piled up in Leo, but I don’t know if that has much to do with hair. My rising and moon in Aqua fit with having surprising hair color. Perhaps all that Leo action is responsible for the quality of my hair. I think my hair is the first thing people notice about me, and a descriptor I often use when meeting people that I’ve never seen, “look for the tall Asian woman with long auburn hair.” It works better than, “I’ll be carrying a briefcase and have on a blue sweater.” :)

  36. I am Virgo with GREAT hair. Hair that hairdressers’ comment on everytime I see them. Lot of planets in Libra and scorp rising… mars in leo if that helps my luscious locks…. Maybe any planet in leo results in good hair? or should we be talking about houses rather than planets?

  37. Aqua with a Leo moon.
    I have the hair and although it has taken me a long time to care for, I do get a lot of comments on it. Currently red but long, thick, BIG.
    And myself, I love big hair – on anyone, whether its fashionable or so right now or not.
    So yeh, It’s My Hair *mane toss*

  38. This thread depresses me. I did have great hair, it was curly and thick…but now its damaged and wearing track extensions to grow it all back. Hair = the bane of my existence. Though I have to agree the woman in the picture has some pretty damaged hair.

    No Aqua, but I’m a Cancer Sun/Virgo Moon/Cap Asc with Uranus conjunct Saturn.

    • Stop washing it and start taking MSM (it makes my hair grow really fast – maybe it will work for you).

      I know two women that got extensions and they are both practically bald now. I’d go with some cute hats rather than risk that

  39. Oh, interesting, I started reading the post about which sign has the best hair, and immediately thought of my aqua friend, then read this was Mystic’s choice for best hair. Aqua friend puts so little care into it, and yet it always looks incredible, beautiful color (mixture of dark and honey/white tones, silky texture and style. And no matter what the hair trend, she always manages to capture the zeitgeist. And now early 40s, she still has no gray and hair just as youthful as ever.

    As a Capricorn, we seem to be all over the map. It seems more of a struggle though, me and my Cap brother-in-law can both have great hair if everything is aligned and we have all our special potions working overtime.

  40. My Aqua ex (male) had beautiful hair. Thick, soft, mmm lovely to touch. Cute cowlick. I think he had Taurus rising. Hair is v important to me (Leo rising) although I don’t particularly rate my own.

  41. This thread makes me sad….I have fine, thin, brittle hair that has been thinning out even more for the last few months due to stress. I’m a Gemini.
    It’s been my bane since my early 20s because my AQUA mom always had long, thick, dark, gorgeous hair. My Gem dad had the worst hair imaginable – super-thin and super-greasy. So I got some combo of that.
    It was great when I had a teenager and I got compliments….fine texture but a ton of it. Don’t know why my hair thinned out so fast…perhaps stemming from mono at age 21 and ongoing health issues up to the present?
    I’m alarmed enough now to go in search of hair vitamins….anyone know the best ones or have additional remedies for great hair, diet included???

    • Kelp aka seaweed is best internal supplement for hair, also nails and skin apparently… I’m a gem and my hair is thinning too and I’m not forty yet. I think eating sine of the seaweeds like wakame or dulse would be good not just nori as it is so processed. Maybe, if you can, see a naturopath and they may be able to help too.

    • flaxseed intake is great too. I increased my intake recently for energy reasond and my skin hair and nails are already much more lustrous, soft and healthier. Its cheap too.

    • You need to be careful with kelp supplements in that it can effect the iodine levels in your body. Not good if you have any autoimmune tendencies.

      • yes! diet is a massive factor but don’t just go quaffing pills, see a pro before hand. I malt an insane amount. I wasn’t going to type that but it’s part of this hormone thing. utterly disturbing but i am on things to counter-act process. suggest seeing iridologist or kinesiologist please, there might a health reason. Hottest beauty starts inside xxx

        • Ms, what is your astro?

          “Hottest beauty starts inside xxx”

          Your posts always evoke the black beauty of a raven’s presence.

          • that is very kind. I like ravens :)
            scorpio sun/merc/uranus
            gem rising/ mars/NN/jupe/lilith/Saturn virgo
            sag moon, venus/neptune

        • Thanks, all, I appreciate the suggestions. Found out last March I have adrenal fatigue, which is caused by stress. Have also been going thru devastating breakup for last few months, so those 2 things combined….no wonder my hair is falling out. πŸ˜‰ A trainer suggested my hormone levels could be off, so yes….I should look into that.
          Am currently without a job tho, so that means also without health insurance. Hopefully not for long though.

          • If funds prevent you from seeing any health professionals, especially alternative healthcare, then read read read.

            Read for information, then read again and read more. Much information is presented confidently but limited to general context, or a context not specifically yours. The more you absorb, the more you’ll get a feel for what may suit you.

            When you are laid low by illness you can also be vulnerable to well-meaning but inadequate suggestion. Yet your experience of poor health heightens your sensitivities to your body, so you can trust your own intuition above all else. Combine this with knowledge, plenty of knowledge. When you see any professional be sure you trust their KNOWLEDGE and willingness to CARE for you from a variety of health perspectives. Your understanding is your power.

            And of course, go gently, DoubleMutable. Sweet peace xx

            • I think this is really good advice. I’ve been able to sort out a couple of my own health problems in this way. I read everything I could find, and although lots of it was rubbish, I found that as I read, and thought carefully about what I was reading in relation to what I was feeling, I did develop an understanding of what would be right for me, and that has been immensely useful even (especially?) when I’ve sought additional help from professionals.

              • totally. I have taught myself so many things that have saved me much $$$ and extra bullshit. the net is so rad for this. I had my run of bad specialists recently but I am very well informed on so many things now. still learning of course but much better position than before. couldn’t agree more.

          • yep, that’s hormone thyroid I bet. Look after you. stress is so evil xx

          • Poor you! Stress and anxiety are the WORST. Bikram really helps my stress. Having no job is stressful too – security etc. xxox.

    • I just gave this advice up a bit but you might want to try it too. I bought some MSM last year thinking it would help with tendonitis – it didn’t – but I noticed my hair was growing like crazy, nails too. Seriously, I had a hatchet job done to my hair this time last year and now it almost down to the middle of my back. I also stopped using shampoo all the time. I just rinse and condition, I am down to washing it once a week now. It took a while for my hair to get used to it but my hair has never looked better. I was always plagued by split end and I don’t have even one now.

    • Gywneth Paltrow says pregnancy supplements are what keeps her hair looking so good, and nothing iffy about taking those.

  42. Just got up predawn to see the aries stellium rise…. unfortunately a bit of cloud for the first time in days. Venus is huge. Beautiful.

  43. A low point in my childhood (quite seriously) was when my mother MADE the hairdresser cut my hair boy short. I think I was 9. I cried for DAYS. Looking back, I think it was very mean and still unsure why she did it. Sun conjunct Saturn in Leo.
    My hair is one of my biggest expenses.

    • control? my mother was my hairdresser and i was equally and regularly traumatised. she would never let me have long hair for some reason so she would just hack it into some god awful triangle thing. once it was so bad i borrowed a layered chirssy hynde wig we had at my cousins dress up and wore it for 2 weeks in protest, suffered all punishments alive just to keep that wig on. been in love with trash rock do’s ever since. xx

    • My stepdaughter’s mother cut her hair (my stepdaughter’s) really short when she was a kid, and my daughter loves her long hair. She scarpered at 14, I think, and has had long, lovely hair ever since.

    • And me. I had very fine, straight hair and the hairdresser told my mum the only chance of thickening it up was to have it layered while I was still young (?!) I was about 7 and it catapulted me straight into that teenage self consciousness about looks.

  44. Gemini sun, aqua rising, pisces moon – I have great hair – thick, natural wave, probably a lovely salt and pepper if I left it be natural, but, of course, I prefer it a natural dark brown shade. Wearing it long now, but used to always wear it super short and have an up to the minute style. Part of me hankers after that short hair, because i feel that it is me. But have also learned that I don’t have the slim, tanned figure I had in my 20s and 30s that made the whole look work.

    So long natural dark brownn hair it is for now.

  45. I have GREAT hair. Sag & scorpio. I’ve done everything its possible to do with hair – apple green mohawk anyone ? But since spawning have used nothing but henna and organic shampoo/conditioner on it….

    My hairdresser always calls over the apprentices to feel my hair – she says its so rare to come across virgin hair, that they can do a 4 year apprenticeship and never come across it.

    I always said that it is long, fine, thick and poker straight. But I was WRONG. My Mum was watching the Spawnling’s hair, which is fine, straight on top and a mass of curls underneath and commented “Your hair was like that”… So I gave up trying to control it as much (Virgo moon)and now have ringlets dancing at my nape and near my ears.

    I have a total hair toy fetish as well – my faves are those African butterfly combs, but I have a wide selection of pretty glittery things to put in my hair. My one regret about getting it bobbed was less opportunity for decoration. Am currently growing it to my bum.

    Love this hair thread :) I’m obsessed and its soooo sooothing to see others out there just as bad πŸ˜€

  46. Aqua moon opposite Uranus on MC……I had beautiful thick golden hair as a child, my dad loved it, (jealous/evil witch) mum would always cut it off in some hideous bowl style. Im 50 now and only just starting to appreciate and take ownership of it, so now im regenerating it to its full potential (better late than never). My aqua hairdresser is scissor happy, always wanting to cut it, she has short outragious coloured hair, i wonder if aqua with hard uranus aspects are scissor happy??? I have started trimming it (carefully) myself…..
    I have known leos with the best (and worst) hair, I know a leo who constantly plays with her (very long and thick) hair wherever she is, putting it up, then down, then up… tiring to watch…hmmm

    • Aqua Uranian sis had short hair growing up – I don’t know why when my other sis and I did not. (She loves crazy haircuts, but hasn’t the stamina to maintain them).

      Went to an Aqua hairdresser who took out all her control issues on my head. She told me as she randomly cut chunks of dry hair off “Not zo many return customers herrre.. I dunno why…”.

      My usual hairdresser asked if I had actually visited someone qualified after staring at my head in deep shock next appointment!

  47. Aqua sun. Costs a lot of money these days for my hair to look good. Thyroid disease has fuqed it completely, dry, fine hair. $$$ treatments at the salon no wonder I hear cash registers when I arrive. I like it longish & I’ll be damned if I’m going to wear it short as a marines.

    When I was pregnant it was like a Leo’s thick and glossy…sigh. As I said in earlier post girlfriend said once “I can always tell how you feeling by your hair”. She is Leo and has beautiful blonde locks even after years of serious illness it still looks great.

  48. I am Leo with Aqua Rising, Virgo Moon, Merc and Venus. My hair is alright naturally but it doesn’t come out of my head like I want it so I spent a lot of time whipping it into shape.

    Currently my hair is pink on the top and the under layers fading from purple to blue. I work with a really pretty stylist who isn’t afraid to shave parts off and listens to my bizarre requests (ranging in inspiration from aliens to tropical birds and twisted hyper femininity). I technically have a mohawk but I usually tease the front part into a bouffant and leave the hair in back wavy and wild. My bangs are currently side swept because they grow so quickly and I don’t have time to get my bangs trimmed every 4-6 weeks. My ideal bang is asymmetrical and jagged. I originally shaved the sides of my head because I wanted to look like a unicorn.

    Not content to just have giant pink, purple and blue hair my friend and I taught ourselves to put in feather hair extensions.! I have 4 multi colored extensions in my bangs and sooo many more in my hair. We make tiny braids and glue 3 sets of 6 feathers up and down the length of the braid so it looks super crazy. Some of them are very very long and go down to my mid back.

    And even that wasn’t enough so yesterday my friend helped me tie in hair tinsel so now it’s bright, feathery and sparkly. Finally! I feel like my hair looks exactly like I want it! Until I change my mind and add more. I don’t really know what else we can add at this point :) I often say that I feel like the offspring of George Clinton and a baby bird.

    My friend who helps me with my hair is a Gemini I believe. She has a tumble of very curly auburn hair that has tons of feathers, though it looks like different. More woodland pixie meets biker. Adorable!

    My boyfriend is a Leo and he’s balding :( When he was a teenager he had a super thick, super strait absolutely gorgeous pony tail down to his ass. When he started going bald he shaved it all off, he thinks there is nothing worse than a bald male engineer with a long scraggly unkempt ponytail (I’m exaggerating, it’s more of a pet peeve). When we first started dating I convinced him to grow a beard. It took a little bit of coaxing to convince him that his beard is wonderful and now he has big beautiful beard which he tames in a way that looks quite distinguished and gets a lot of compliments. I wish I could remember the rest of his chart. I am quite outgoing but he can be quite shy in social situations, though he’s quite confident academically, at work and during outdoorsy stuff. He wasn’t really used to getting compliments on his appearance and felt a bit weird when people gush over how beautiful it is. He also only wears the color blue so I’m quite pleased over all that he always looks distinguished, interesting and unique (both in clothing and what’s left of his hair) without being too prissy and self absorbed.

  49. OMG, that should say “really great stylist” not “really pretty stylist”, although she is quite stylish and adorable and gives amazing hair cuts.

  50. Tess Aquarium, your hair is an ART FORM. Interesting matching your astro with your description of creative process. Virgo quite specific on details, mechanics; Aqua bestowing distinctive self to make your mark; all in the creative sunny glory of Leo. Thank you!

  51. Two people made me develop a similar theory to that of Mystic’s – that Aquarians secretly have the biggest, most beautiful hair: My Maori friend who’s long, grey wavy thick mane really is a mane and makes him look like the first warrior to walk the Earth; and Shakira! Have a look at some youtube videos from her teenage years to now; she’s had every style form straight to wavy to curly, from dark brown to light brown to red and to blonde. And it just stays in perfect shae, even when she dances like crazy on stage – others’ hair would go nuts and all frizzy and knotty and messy, but hers just falls back to where it was and she always looks perfectly groomed. Yep, Aqua gets my vote.

  52. Putting my hand up for Aries – as only an Ariean can. LOL
    I have thick, auburn hair that has hairdressers swoon and friends envy.
    When I was younger I wished it weren’t so red – now I love it.
    I have Leo moon, so don’t know if this helps.
    There is no red/auburn hair in the immediate or extended family – I seem to be a ring in from the past.

  53. I have thick, long, curly, very black hair. Four male hairdressers have refused to dye it and men love it.
    It’s very dry so I always have to put oil in it.
    Libra sun, Aries Moon, Cap Ascendant with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in the first house.

    The most amazing hair I’ve seen is one from a Russian girl, she was a blonde but turned strawberry-blonde in her teens, it was long with soft curls at the end… she was a Leo.

    Regarding love-astrology and hair, IMHO:
    Leo men always notice your hair, ALWAYS. They appreciate volume.
    Virgo men like silkiness, no matter curly or straight, they like it healthy and silky-looking.
    Aries men like it amazonian: medium-long and curly, perhaps throw in one feather that looks effortlessly placed.
    Men with Libra ascendant appreciate it when you comb your hair back in a nice, sleek ponytail.
    Gemini men detest when their partner’s hair makes her look younger than him, they don’t like hair that’s too dark for your complexion.

  54. All the Libra ladies I know, myself included, wish they could change one quality about their hair. Less poofy curls / finer / more voluminous / a different color / wavier.

  55. Virgo Sun, Aries Moon. For years (before going grey), a beautiful chestnut color. Thick, thin, medium individual hairs. Straight, bone straight. It falls out in great quantities only to produce even more! Shiny, very shiny, always has been. What I once considered my best asset. πŸ˜‰
    BTW – LOVE your blog!

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