Saturn Daze & Neptune Nights

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pop art surrealism girl with ray gunTara McPherson

This picture is not actually called Saturn Turned Me Into A Sociopath but that is how i think of it. Fondly.

In a snit?

It’s all the Aries energy being fuqed with by Saturn in the opposite sign AND slo-mo, getting set to turn direct in, um-well, yes June.

Opposing Lilith as well, just for a good time.

So think this: We are all doing Saturn by day and Neptune by night.

Saturn by day is a hellish brew of money merde, Saturn-neck or knee, taxation, dentistry, tech crap, security concerns, time fuqery, debt and crap in the mail you’d really rather set fire to whilst you drank champagne but are probably not going to.

Neptune by night is lurid technicolor dreaming that has you oh-my-godding even as you traipse through the surreal landscape of your limbic system or whatever the fuq it is.

So, well, the dreams are FAB. Totally Jung and all.

What to do re Saturn? He’s stuck on 11 and 10 degrees until late July so WHATEVER in your chart is at 10-11 is where you suck it up and do Saturn Girl values.

Saturn is currently quincunxing my natal Saturn. Yick.

Let’s make this the Saturn Girl support group.

What do you have at 10-11 degrees of anything and can you now see that you are being Saturnified?

Stamina, endurance and grace under pressure peeps.

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117 thoughts on “Saturn Daze & Neptune Nights

    • no planets at 10 or 11 degrees. Closest I have is neptune at 9 sag. so saturn sextile natal neptune. But it is saturn moving back and forth thru my second house. Have gone through almost all my savings. All this Aries is in my 8th house….eh gads. So major focus on values, money, resources, sex, drugs, death. enough please.

  1. Saturn is right bang on my natal Venus in Libra. All I want is love. Fuqing help!!!!

    • Ummm. Love…. Love you up some…… earthy saturn clothes? Anything in pewter?

      Power shopping counts I think.

  2. Saturn is currently, exactly, opposite my Sun, 11 and Medusa (10 Aries).

    Me thinks ~Saturn~ might have to be careful!!

    Eh, no such luck. Then again I’ve done my Saturnian homework and things are going along as they should be. Not to cry baby again but ~8~ hours massage tomorrow. Tonight doing some therapy for some aches and pains (ha, while doing laundry. Need clothes for work)…

    Work, work flippin’ work πŸ˜† Every day that I’m just a rubbin’ away and starting to hurt..I remind myself that noone can change my life or reality but me as far as future goals and must remain full on towards that.

    And, Saturn reminds, me thinks, to be grateful that my patient’s tips put gas in my car, pay for the sheet service and various sundries…

  3. Yeah, this Saturn Rx is really pissing me off. It’s been wandering back and forth in opposition to my natal Venus for a long time, and it’s going to KEEP doing it for a long time. This is really putting a damper on things, which it should NOT be doing, as otherwise, without Saturn, I’d be having a Venus Return.

  4. Joy – I’ve got Mars at 10 & Uranus at 11 degrees in Libra in my first house. So I guess I’m doomed to constricted rage and the general feeling of being smothered.

    That said I recently decided that this year is all about embracing my Saturn since in my natal chart it sits in opposition to my sun, mercury, jupiter & venus. It’s got to be worth a try.

    And so I sit under piles of paperwork, coming up for air occasionally, because I really want it all filed, sealed & delivered before I take a very defined but unstructured 2 month European holiday! Next week :)

    • And here I was starting to feel for you…lol

      I want a holiday! Oh the sweet memories of Hawaii and Europe….that’ll get me by…

      Memories of financial freedom…of swiping the debit card…So hot it had smoke comin’ off of it…

      But with Saturn square Sun and Merc/PofF/Nodes (like your opposition) that was earned too…

      Yes, embrace it (Saturn) It builds character, or so I’ve heard πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†

  5. Saturn is now one degree from my natal Pluto in 12th. Life is surreal, and sort of like an absurd, never-ending nightmare.

  6. Venus here too. The fun just does not stop. Please piss off, Saturn. Now.

  7. Transiting Saturn is in my 8th house squaring my Kataka Moon 9.30 in the 5th house. Currently falling head over heels in LOVE with Aquaman (Leo rising/Pisces Moon) 😯 Saturn is the furtherest thing from my mind today. Note to self – remember Saturngirl.

  8. Moon at 13 Pisces, sextile Jup at 13 Taurus and SN at 12 Taurus. So Saturn is forming the point of a yod. I don’t want to think about that
    I also have Neptune at 13 sag, so sextile Saturn. Which makes the Jup/SN conjunction the point of that yod. Given natal Neptune sq natal moon, I think theres a whole thing here about getting a grip on past patterns of emotion especially related to fantasy, sacrifice, doormat behaviour that stemsfrom insecurities.
    But fuck, I wish it’d all just move along all ready.
    Then again I know a few arians with suns around 11 and 12 having a crap time right now, so what’s a bit of emotional I told you so that can be left in the past?

    • Not been dreaming much of late, perhaps cause of yin pills, but this morning in quite a pleasant dream where I was off to the pub with some friends, a snake launched out a attacked my cat. Woke me up the bastard.

      • I’ve pluto at 9 Libra, though I’ve just been ignoring that really, didn’t much notice the transit the first time, and I know I shouldn’t say that pluto is benign, but it feels that way in my chart sometimes.

        • oh you have stealth pluto – aqua has that – apparently your kind is immune to plutonic energy. My pluto in virgo thinks it’s denial but he denies it LOL

  9. Sun at 12 degrees Libra. Dunno what that means but I’m currently in mid air, suspended in one giant leap of faith without any sight of a soft landing.

    • I feel EXACTLY the same with the opposition Saturn 12 Aries and all the other transits ploughing over it!
      Where is it going to land? more to the point WHEN!

  10. Uranus/IC @ 10 Libra square Sun/Venus in Capricorn. All of the post and more is applicable. I have to move interstate to look after terminally ill control-freak father who is fuqing me around financially, time-wise and unnecessarily threatening me with black magic if I don’t comply with his wishes. Nights are filled with vivid dreams and excessive grinding of teeth. Next stop is the dentist to repair the tooth damage. This too shall pass… (eventually).

    I would just love to run for the hills and go completely feral but unfortunately that’s not an option right now. If I survive all this with flying colours, perhaps it will be an option after Saturn gets his parked arse the fuq off my IC.

        • It is crap! Confirmation of my perception by another human is more helpful than you might think, so thank you!

          • I am with you on the teeth grinding , and I understand the Black magic threats…

            You aren’t alone.

            Keep on keeping on…

            • Thanks BlackStar… threats of black magic just sound so “out there” that most people don’t get it. He’s only going to destroy himself (further) by attempting that shit on me, but still, I could do without the threats…

    • wow that does sound crap and very, very Saturn. There are a gazillion posts on this site re Saturn, as you probably know. This phase could be the making/maturing of you ie. coming into your own authority about a few things, maybe accepting Dad as he is/where he is at but not necessarily being like him or being controlled by him (maybe even laying down a few of your own “laws” to him?). BOUNDARIES BOUNDARIES BOUNDARIES Nothing like overbearing parents to test us out on THAT is there.

      Do the work and you will be alright. As Mystic often says – Saturn transits need a Plan. A Plan, a Timeline and a Budget. And a clear-eyed focus on your own goals. Your goals can include showing appropriate compassion/assistance to your Father if that is important to you, but not at the expense of your own health. All the best.

      • oh good, when I was writing that I was thinking, really Natty needs to come along and say something helpful and soothing here. I just can’t do it like you can love :)

      • Thanks Nat. I had to develop pretty firm boundaries and lay down the law a long time ago (to the point of cutting him out of my life completely at one stage) so he knows he can’t get away with his control freak ways with me but it doesn’t stop him trying (hence him pulling the black magic threats out as a last resort).

        So my boundaries are pretty strong but he’s very sick, very alone and very scared and I do want to be there for him so it’s not quite as easy for me to tell him to get fuqed when he tries crossing the line. Everyone is saying to me “he’s dying, cut him some slack, it will all be over in a few months” but you’ve hit the nail on the head of me needing to work out a plan of how to do this without sacrificing my goals and health in the process. Thanks again!

        “If you think you’re enlightened, spend a week with your parents”. ~ Ram Dass

        • πŸ˜† love your last quote! So true. A week! It only takes a few hours for me. πŸ˜†

        • Good on you Saturnalien, sounds like you are strong and clear.

          I’m not so sure about your friends saying “he’s dying, cut him some slack, it will all be over in a few months”. It an obvious thing to say but in some ways it is not living in the present and it is not saying what is and is not acceptable behaviour for you. I mean he can be however he wants to be (and make no mistake we all have CHOICES in how we behave and the way we speak to people no matter how ill, old or otherwise we are). But sometimes I think this idea of “cutting people slack” out of pity or behaving against our own values and beliefs is misplaced and actually not helpful to them OR us. Its easy to sit on the sidelines and theorise, so I hope you don’t take my words as being critical of you in any way. I’m just thinking out loud about the topic.

          I have been trying to use more creative ways to say ‘NO THANK YOU’ to my parents lately (ie. other than screeching fuq off in my mind :) ). Once I calm down I sometimes find it amusing the way they still try stuff on me. I mean I am a grown up for fuqsake and supposedly and important person in their lives but they don’t THINK about how they speak to me. Its like they are still stuck on autopilot control & instruct mode – like I’m 10 (or 3!) years old or something. It sure limits what is possible in a supposedly adult relationship and as they get older they want EVEN MORE from the relationship but they aren’t prepared to act any differently or move on from the way they treated me in my childhood. They are currently both very healthy atm so gawd knows how i will cope when one of them gets sick and needs care.

          LOVE that saying. A week? Holy smokes, just take me straight to the loony bin. 2 night maximum here.

          • I don’t take your words as being critical at all! In fact I meditated on what you said last night and came to the same conclusion as far as advice to ‘cut him some slack’ not being the best way to deal with this situation at all. I’ve tried taking my friends advice only to end up angry and in need of a dentist so it’s clearly not the way to go in this case. (I’m dealing with a sociopathic mentality here, so what seems like the obvious way to deal with the situation isn’t necessarily the best way.) This morning synchronicity saw me reading a paragraph on “discipline in compassion” and the importance of recognising when compassion needs to be expressed and when it needs to be withheld or limited for it to be constructive. Definitely time for a new plan…

            As for parents who act like children but still treat you like a child… I can totally relate! I’ve made headway on that situation with my mother and stepfather who now treat me like an adult but the last few weeks have shown me that I’m pissing uphill in the wind on a rainy day expecting my biological father to treat me like an adult. (Hope still springs eternal though…)

            Thanks again for your thinking out loud… objective input on the situation has been appreciated!

  11. Ascendant. Neptune nights (alcohol, young men and psychedelic dreams) are my cure-all for days full of essentially all the above. I’m sorry but is late July a typo Mystic and you really meant late May?

  12. My dreams! Oh my dreams. The other day I had a pet palm sized dolphin. I picked it up and It chewed my fingers down to the bone which I accepted with love because “it is only an animal, it doesn’t know better”. I’ve begun to dream of ex-lover, whom I’ve NEVER dreamt about EVER. He likes me, we’re together…. but it’s not really him. It’s him, but physically, it’s a guy I’ve never seen before in my life, or he’s never facing me. I can’t ever see his face.

    Nothing natally at 10-11 degrees. Transitting Saturn is hitting my empty tenth house. I have been working solidly at my novel.

  13. oh goodie, i have a tiny breather before @ss-rapeage begins around 15-17 deg.

  14. trining my Chiron in the 8th house and about to square my Mars in the 8th house. And also, opposing my mercury in 9th . Sextiling Uranus in 2nd

    I am so not getting any action in the 8th house, maybe its the Saturn thing, being strict as hell there. Mind over matter has been my mantra for months now, successfully managing to get a fair bit done at uni and work. Its also transiting the 12th house atm, so yeah definately mind training.

    • yeah and Chiron in Gemini, so definately a mind thing. Also Pluto about to move into 3rd house.

    • Saturn is transiting the 12th ATM also and has been in Pluto Capricorn/3rd for awhile.
      Saturn in 12th has been a lot of contemplation for me so far. Then writing about new insights, meditations, visualizations and epiphanies.
      I would describe the transits as internal/spiritual transformation.

  15. Natal chiron in Aries in 1st house at 10 degrees, opposing transiting saturn in 7th. Definitely feeling saturnized, particularly in areas of self and relationships. Any insight as to what this transit might signify? Certainly feels like a time to release old wounds/patterns of experience. Oh, and possibly lots of trips to the dentist/specialist/acupuncturist/naturopath!

  16. Ha! I feel you.
    Transiting saturn is square my natal venus at 11 degrees cap and conjunct my natal pluto. If that wasnt enough, transiting pluto is conjunct my natal venus in the 6th house.
    Good times.
    Transiting saturn is also trine my natal mars. Thats a good thing, right?
    I choose to believe that instead of becoming a complete nut job, that perhaps I will meet an older man (or younger, whatever) through work. Instead of the other possibility – become a crazed stalker or the object of stalkery thereof.

  17. I’ve got Saturn in Virgo at 10 degrees. PLEASE do NOT tell me that the answer to all my problems is MORE cleaning and organizing! With my Moon in Virgo, you’d think I would be beyond thrilled to spend all my time tidying and folding endless loads of laundry, dusting all the shelves and making sure my books and magazines are stacked according to height and thickness….but NO! No more! I am rebelling and leaving piles of random crap wherever I go for no reason whatsoever. I really feel like flipping Saturn Girl the finger ’cause I don’t want her hovering over me for the next TWO months reminding me of all the things I haven’t accomplished. Needless to say she is probably there for a good reason, but for some reason I’m just feeling very hostile towards her and the Virgoan minions that are floating after me. *heart-heavy sigh*

    • Virgo rules more than just cleaning (and it sounds like you’ve got that well under control!). Hi-Virgo includes nutrition, service to others, daily work routines, analysis… Could a plan, more structure, some new skills or a better time budget be of use in these areas? The House placement may give you more ideas.

    • oh and PS, do NOT give Saturn Girl the finger! She is your ally and your advocate but she won’t take no sh*t or slacking off from you :)

      • Saturn and my Moon in Virgo are both in the 8th house…which I’m guessing invites all the broody doom-n-gloom of Scorpio (as if I didn’t have too much of that already with Sun, Merc, Mars, Venus and Uranus being in Scorp) into the Saturn/Virgo miasma.

        All the things you mention will surely help, and since I just found out that my sister is pregnant (I’m an auntie! :) ) I know there will be a lot of “what can I do to help?” moments. I don’t mind that, in fact I’m a bit wary of all the Scorpio going a little crazy with the helping. I’m already planning craft projects, reviewing baby shower ideas, food I can make, nursery design, devising ways she and my brother-in-law could save money and naturally scheming about his or her potential astro. Due date is January 10th, so Capricorn or Aqua…earth or air, so many things to think about. And yet, at this moment it is only the size of a poppy seed, so I’m obsessing unnecessarily. If she starts having crazy mood swings and crying or yelling (she’s also a Scorpio, so THAT is pretty much a given I’d say, lol) at least I’ll be able to vent right along with her.

        • Aunty Lauren, Lucky you! 8th House also includes psychology style depth-analysis, as I am sure you know. You seem gifted at that so maybe Saturn is asking you to hone your skills in this area? Or use it in a more organsied way/make money from it?

          • That would be great if I could somehow use those 8th house skills to make money, since lack of that is only adding to my funk. :\

      • Yeah, I tried the finger to Saturn. Anger, Rage, the hand, name calling, the cold shoulder. You name it. The only things that got me through stupid Saturn were the plans I put in place despite opposition and the follow through on those plans. Those things have moved me very far forward. But it has been a hard slog, often. But, looking back on it, I’m shocked at how much I accomplished. And those specific areas of my life have prospered like no other.

        • PS–you don’t have to straighten and clean all the time:) look at something else that needs to be “fixed” or “planned”

  18. Saturn kicking my butt at present. At a loss of how to deal; my usual methods are not working and it’s been doing my head in. Saturn neck has been par for the course which sux as I am sick at the moment too. Lots of choices to make and have no idea where to begin. The more I try to figure it out the worse I feel.

    Saturn quincunx my mercury and conjunct my Uranus. Oh and trine Mars. I’m fuqed lol

    Might go back and read some saturn girl posts.

    • Yup. Good plan.

      And remember to take care of yourself, too…. A grounded happy you, is all the better at ass kicking the world….

  19. Well, if someone could tell me what to expect with the following placements I’d appreciate it (or perhaps by the sounds of things-not!)

    Moon 11 degrees in Aries 5th H
    Jupiter 10 ” Pisces 4th ”
    Saturn 11 ” Aquarius 3rd H
    Neptune 11 ” Scorpio 11th H
    True Node 11″ Leo

    Gemini Sun/ Sag Rising

    • Saturn opposite your moon is the most significant of that – google that as a transit – Cafe Astrology is good for that – look in the predictive astrology section – but generally it’ll be getting serious about creative/children things, particularly about taking action.
      Saturn trine saturn kinda useful though – a helpful shove along that suggests social groups, community may help.
      Saturn sextile True node also suggests a bit of working toward manifesting a future – because your Node is trine your moon, and opposite your Saturn, they are all linked (Look at what house your node is in, think about how creativity and community may feed into that)
      the pisces and the scorpio are minor aspects – i’d be focusing on the saturn/moon/node thing.

  20. I have 0 degrees saturn in sag what does it all mean. I feel like crap money is dissapearing and things arnt too good at home. Dont know what to do. Cant wait for it to be gone.

    • Look to what you have at 10 and 11 degrees in other parts of your chart.

      • shell, if I have natal Pluto at 11 Virgo (2nd house) what geometric configuration to Saturn is that? It’s just one house/sign away. Also, what will Pluto and Saturn do in that arrangement?

          • Thx! so no worries, right? Though “work” feels intense. Positive, though. do you have all these degrees memorized?

            • Not memorised exactly, I just find the geometry of it easy. I think some would say an aspect is an aspect and it’s relevant if you feel it. Though you could probably apply that approach to a lit of things.

  21. Uranus is right on my IC, oposite my MC, no planets around 10-11, except for Pluto at 9.55. I have no idea what it means but I am sure it’s not as bad as the Pluto transiting my natal Neptune…hmmm

  22. Just returned from the dentist.

    Night grinding has split my back molars like firewood.

    Infernal dreams about shit and my dead mother.

    Wow right on there MM

  23. Ohhh no Sun is in 11 Degrees Gemini.
    I have had a year and a half of serious shit.
    This is not what I needed to hear.

    • PS. What does the mean how does that effect me?
      Because I already have some serious money and work issues.

      • trines are good. Google Saturn trine sun, have a look at houses it is effecting too.

        • Thank you so much shell this is just the news I need. And trust me I have put in the work. Retraining myself for a year. Doing free work to build my body of work. Sounds like it may actually pay off. How do I figure out the houses? Don’t have anything else 10 or 11 degrees.

          Saturn trine Sun
          A time during which circumstances bend to your will and things have a way of working out smoothly. Here is a real opportunity to complete and work out difficulties and projects that require both long-term effort and a high degree of discipline.

  24. ugh! conjunct me natal moon (9 in libra, plus my ninth house starts just before, 8 in)- therefore squaring every other planet other than, dun dun dun, my mars in aries and my natal saturn(conj. asc. in cap.)..

    nicely trine to venus in gem, though. haven’t been wearing makeup in order to let my face breathe, complexion is lovelying.

    i’ve been VERY reserved when meeting new people.
    haven’t gotten more than three hours of sleep for the past four days, so i can’t vouch for neptune’s nox influence. worry worts up the wazoo forbid my brain shut the hell up.

    HAS ANYONE ELSE BEEN HAVING DEJA VU THESE PAST COUPLE MONTHS ON A CONSISTENT BASIS? not deja vu, actually. just recognizing an environment from a past dream. like, i’ll walk into a building, go into a certain room, and not until i sit down in a chair does it flash- oh, i’ve seen this place before, from this specific perspective.

    • Total deja vu and dreams that when you wake up are happening Scary but I have Neptune opp Moon/Venus at the mo and Saturn opp Saturn

    • Yes!!! Recently, especially. I feel like I know what will happen.

    • depends where. But a saturn chiron transit is not going to be as dramatic as a saturn sun or moon. Run a transit chart on astrodienst and have a look at what else you may have going on.

  25. I’ve got Uranus at 10 degrees Gemini in the 9th… Saturn will soon form an exact trine to..The only thing I can hope for that will use the best of both these energies working together will be my being able to get to work on a long delayed writing project…fingers crossed.

  26. mercury 10 in 11th house what does this mean? what do i expect? thank you very much for the help

  27. I have Saturn travelling back and forth Mars in Virgo, 7th house right now. I have the urge of becoming the Hulk all the time. Arggh, other people. But I put my energy in gardening, instead. Believe it, it helps.

  28. Thank you, Mystic. Yes to Saturn Girl! This Saturn is in my 8th, exactly opposed my natal Chiron in the 2nd. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

    My days are filled with getting real about reality while in the evening I feel as though I’m swimming next to some giant creature, too big to even see or understand the whole of it. I imagine it’s like swimming next to a whale when you’ve never heard of one so you can’t even imagine what it is.

    As for Chiron, I feel as though I’m fighting this battle wounded, like Maximus in the last scene of Gladiator. All that gorgeous armour on the outside, but knowing time is not on my side in this case. Oh God, when is this over?

    • Yes, yes, beautifully put…

      I think I know this sea creature as well…

      I was wondering why I had this flip-flop sensation as soon as the sun went down…

      The moon on my pisces , sorry- Neptune on my moon in pisces.. see?
      Is giving me bipolar….. dissovles boundaries inside all my feelings and internal thoghts. Very wierd for Saturn ruled gal.

      Taking care of biznass during the day, and turning into a moody gushball at night who totally forgives everyone who ever did her wrong because they were probably just misunderstood…..

  29. south node, ascendant and moon

    Saturn’s trining my ascendant and I’m quite liking that. The rest of it’s emo and maudlin.

    As far as dreams are concerned I’ve had numerous dreams about people asking me for the key to the locks on the back gate. No idea what that’s about but it’s definitely a saturn neptune combo.

      • yes yes – i was thinking more chinese astro – dragon at the door LOL

        • Ah well, a few lame jokes to lighten the atmosphere…
          My dream book says gates are thresholds between conscious self-awareness and total experience, or a passage from one part of life to the next, including an entrance into some one elses life
          It also says re the self-consciousness bit, that those gates need to open and close, let in selected memories, but close to prevent massive flooding.
          Whether the back gate reinforces the subconscious bit, and letting others in?

          • I like it Whatevs. It sounds promising to me.

            Like you are about to tap into a new part of you.

            Assuming of course these were good people. How were they?Nice? Sketchy?
            If they were sketchy I hope you told them, front door only- no access….*rude hand gesture*

  30. Would love some advice have sun at 8 deg sagg, jupiter in pisces at 9 deg, pluto in lib at 9 deg, mean node at 10 deg sag.
    Feeling mightly squeezed in many areas of life and a feeling like nothing can be completed and nothing can be sorted. In my sagg way still optimistic that can be worked out but have a constant headache.

  31. wooah sorry whatevs just saw your post I had a dream that I found three silver keys ooh that neptunes potent.

    • x that’s some lovely pagan moon symbolism with a dash of saturn thrown in – nice.

    • I’d like more of that kind of saturn in libra action please. Less ugly killing more peaceful melodic responses.

  32. I dunno how to figure where in my chart, but money/debt & tech crap are off the scale in being annoying. No matter how much time I’ve been dealing with it or which ever angle/s I’ve been dealing with it.

    Some areas are full of hope, sunniness & fun though. There is some great things happening that make up for it.

    Dreams are amazing in their accuracy and messages, look forward to analysis session every morning.

    • Woke after a dream of a current lover at 3am, he’s telling me to hurry up there’s fun to be had (my dreams of him have always been cheerful) he had golf (?!) sticks. Woke feeling keenly of being in love, wanted & happy. Wow never had that before, had ones where heart beating & temporary paralysis.

  33. I’m actually enjoying Saturn’s influence. I’ve tidied up the kitchen and de-toxed it (as opposed to de-cluttering πŸ˜€ ), de-cluttered my wardrobe and 2 bags to the op shop, all clothes hanging in colour and style, clothes hangers all going in one direction. Swept all the floors and nearly gave my husband a heart-attack at the shock of it all. And dreaming! I haven’t bloody well stopped dreaming since Neptune moved into Pisces. Early this morning I had a lovely dream of a cat-like creature being discovered, which had purple fur and feathers, and was very friendly and playful. I can handle that!

    • That’s a lovely dream! A purple-furred cat sounds like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Did it have a message for you? Did it talk in riddles? I’ve been having some very bizarre ones myself lately, sometimes so bizarre that I wake up feeling like I haven’t been asleep at all! Early this morning I dreamt that I was in a very modern, sci-fi kind of society, but that I was some kind of ruler or archetype. I wore this heavy, elaborate Cleopatra-like gold necklace and it was the source of my power and authority, but I was very aware that all those around me wanted to strip it from me, so I was always paranoid about anyone getting to close to me, for fear that they would steal it and take all my power away. I woke up thinking I should be surrounded by desert and palm trees, yet in a space age setting; and was very confused to be confronted by the peacock blue walls of my bedroom.

      • I did a long reply yesterday and it’s gorn, pushing up the daisies somewhere. I reckoned my dream was about lightening up in the book I’m writing, talking about spiritual stuff but with humour. Also just lightening up in life generally. I felt that in your dream you’ve got the ability to communicate very powerfully but you’re worried about people undermining you and you tend to keep people at a distance. However, the gold necklace seems to be to be saying that you really do have a lot of empress-power within and need to exercise it. Once you know you’re in charge you’ll be able to let down the barriers to others getting close. Hope this makes sense. If not, ditch it :)

  34. I am redoing my houses furniture. New Couch. New Coffee table (which I have to strip the paint off and then stain. PROJECT!). I have been living at the same place for 7 years. I have had pretty much furniture all of that time. Change is as good as a holiday, right?
    I have been lusting after this fantastic retro lamp. It’s just too pricey. I am waiting for the owner to drop the price a little. I started to haggle with him on Sunday. He took off $50, which is not enough. I has a dream about the lamp last night.
    The last few days have been soaring highs and crashing lows. And so many typing errors it is frickin _ridiculous_. Worse than Merc Rx.

    *One friend is pregnant. She is freakin out cos another friend has been trying to get pregnant for years and doesn’t want to upset her.

    *Friend that has been trying to have a baby bought a replacement puppy. Puppy dug out of the garden and got hit by a car yesterday. Said friend found out today that she is pregnant. With twins.

    *Family friends found kittens that had been dumped. The runt of the littler is my favorite. The other kittens are sucking it to death and it needs a home. I want it to be my home, but I don’t have a lifestyle that can support a kitten properly. My brother has taken it in, which means I get to see it a lot…. but it’s not mine *bawl*. It’s has been named Lucky Rowdy Teaspoon (as it’s purr is ‘radioactive’)

    *My volunteer position is now less ‘freelance’ and more ‘in house’ than before (hello meeting I was worried about). I haven’t worked out how I feel abot it. I have been booking band solo for 4 years. I can’t put the time in that I used to, so it is better for the show… but having to report to someone who is younger and less experienced is hard. And she is little bit of a control freak.

    I have nothing at 10-11 degrees

    • Venus-a-gg, it sounds like you gave some serious action in your 11th and 6th houses, no?

  35. Pluto 12 Libra in the fourth plus N. node !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good times especially relationships/love/family/debt/work/self worth /security/dental work/ all in flux major pressure but nothing moves forward like Tartarus or Limbo to be exact!

  36. It’s back on my natal Saturn, wide orb but orbing none the less obviously main return phase is over but this feels like another whack for sure. Still sitting on my Venus and opposing my ascendent *sigh*.

    All change again, activating my Moon/Neptune/Mars but doing what I do best and running away. I need some FUN, ever since Saturn moved into Libra and started bleurghing away at me I have had no fun.

  37. my natal moon is at 12 kataka, 12th house.
    saturn transiting over my third, fuqing squaring my moon and I turned up with this Emily Dickinson syndrome
    all I do&want is having rest…from work, from people around me, from this hellish noisy world.
    I’ve never been so much isolated from relationships as this period. A lot of my friends are being no called back, I refuse to attend parties, and am not being at all pushed to make any effort to cultivate polite charming fuqin socialitiness.
    A white candle, a room my own’s and deep silence is my saturn transit trick these days.

    • I think I’ve just been there nowhere land. Kataka Moon 9.3 and can relate to all you are feeling. But hang in there as it’s fantastic on the other side. And do honour thy instincts re rest and retreat – I did and am frolicking now.

  38. Uranus 11 degrees Libra opp Chiron 14 degrees Aries and trine Ascendant 10 degrees Sagg. Starting a new job tomorrow and I know I’ll be working my butt off until end of July. Had a dream last night that I was being wrapped up and rolled over in a huge big feather doona and I couldn’t breathe! Being suffocated is my worst nightmare.. probably something to do with having a Sagg Asc, Sun in the 9th and lots of stuff in Aquarius!!

  39. Saturn in 10th opp natal Saturn.
    …Whistle while you work, work, work….checked out about 10+ library books to obv. skim for info, will not be reading in entirety.
    Studying constantly, staying positive, good news, natal Saturn trine Mars. Aggravation is leaving skid marks at the starting line due to Aries stuff opposing Saturn starting clock.

  40. Sun at 12 Libra.

    Relentless, gray and neverending slog. Doing free work to add to my portfolio and to get work, really need a holiday but can’t afford one so I do Neptune at night.

    Also spend my time going to doctors because I’m I’ll and trying to avoid surgery by using homeopathy and just wonder what the point of it all is, and then I swing to being ecstatic because my work slog is paying off into some of the best work I’ve ever done.

    Get frustrated when I’m at the doctor because I need to be back at my desk working. What’s that? I have a high risk of cancer according to my blood test? I have WORK to do m$&@5;fkr I don’t have time for this!

    I just want a leetle holiday.

    • You know, I really reckon that doctors need to celebrate life more rather than life on the doomed side of life all the time. I appreciate that at times they’re very helpufl (like when I broke my leg) but most times I avoid them like the plague. My husband reckons they make you sicker than when you started off.

  41. ha, totally. saturn natal saturn mystic. no fun.

    well i just promptly woke from a nightmare and i’ve been having a few of them in between working long hours and saying yes to pretty much everything so I can save and fly away. saturn has re back to my IC libra opposite MC aries. I don’t enjoy where I live, I am trying to make the best of it but I need more money to live elsewhere but I would rather be back norther hemisphere so i’m saving for that. very slowly, but as much as i can. money is spent on diet on drs otherwise. beyond un-fun transit. i can’t remember the last time i had fun actually.

    • Ms, this morning I received a letter from my sister who lives in Edinburgh saying almost the exact same things as your post (except she already living in Northern Hemisphere obviously). She is an Aries and Saturn is riding her big style atm. She has Sun, Moon, Lilith & Saturn in Aries natally all being opposed by Saturn in Libra. Eeep.

      Saving is very good. It embodies a goal with a plan and requires skill & effort (Saturn just loves this!). Saving is ‘doing’ something even tho it might feel like you are ‘not doing’. Best of health & wealth to you x

      • 😯
        nat I’m always blown away by your words of wisdom! You have this amazing ability to empower people. I hope you work in a field where your talent is appreciated although if that is not the case rest assured it is very appreciated here… 😯

        • baristagem, thank you for your very kind and generous words. I work in agriculture and I guess I do try to help farmers grow better crops in better ways (with sound science). My communication skills go in waves or cycles (Mercury in Cancer conj Sun in Cancer). Sometimes I can’t string 2 words together and must just shut up :)

        • She’s just astounding hey? I get this little jump of hope when I see her name come up in the posty things sometimes ‘yay Natty’s got something to say, all my pain will go’.
          It’s like knowing a wise woman to whom go sit at the feet of.
          No pressure there Nat πŸ˜‰

          What degree is your sun/merc conjunction at? It’s early right?

          • oh come on now, sometimes I talk complete rubbish! All these things are in Cancer in 9th House: Sun at 12 degrees, Mercury at 20 degrees, MC at 22 degrees, Orcus (Killer Whale, ha) at 12 degrees, True Node 2 degrees. But my Moon in Aries – my theory is that a Cancerian’s Moon placement is v important to get the style of Cancerian. Maybe I ‘nurture’ by giving commando style motivationals? Ha ha. Right, that is entirely enough about me, back to work people! Nothing to see here :)

            • 9th house sun! Wise woman indeed!
              I was wondering if your sun/merc made aspects to my moon, at 13 Pisces. Plus your sun is in my 12th, and all that cancer stuff sextiles all my Taurus stuff.
              As you would say, it’s about my reactions, rather than your actions :)
              Everybody speaks rubbish sometimes, I love a bit of talking rubbish.

      • how funny, I am sure this a tune for many, I am just not sure if I am doing my saturn IC any favours by wishing to uproot as the issue of ‘home’ is a rather big one. I am never quite sure where I am meant to be and I don’t have a family home so its not like you can go back or whatever, everything always changes. and you change. but this is not home. not at all. My savings only hurts and I had to take a backup job on my other backup job when everyone let me down and now most of my money goes to pay specialists (one who told me to wikipedia something) instead of the place where everyone who wants to help me and look after me is. Your sister has some massive astro going on.tough cookie xx

        • Lots of deep breaths love. Wishing you a speedy relatively painless saving exercise so you can be winging yourself away asap xxo

        • That is really interesting Ms. Do you mean that you have Saturn on your IC natally or that Saturn is currently transiting over your IC?

          The concept of making a ‘home’ where ever I am is massively important to me. Not surprising as I have a truckload of things in Cancer as you know, but the desire for a homely space or a safe zone to retreat to does not manifest in clinging to my parent’s home or being overly clingy to extended family, birth place etc . For me is more about being independent and able to support myself and what I need to nourish myself where ever I am. (Cancer Sun 9th House with Moon in Aries, so no surprises there re the independence and movable home). Scorpio Rising needs privacy and space and thinking time so my home base must provide this for me to feel properly nourished.

          The Sign ruling your 4th House and your Moon placement would give ideas about what ‘home’ needs to be for you, ie. in what areas you simply must be nourished and the way you prefer to receive that nourishment. Some clues about digestion ishoos too perhaps?

          I am fascinated by the IC – MC axis and want to learn more about it. I think of IC as ‘incoming’ – the skills we came into this life with. And the MC as where we are headed in this life time; the talents that we need to find or unlock in ourselves to do our mission in the world. If your MC is in Aries then your path in life is aided by moving from the innate Libran qualities that you posses to embracing more Aries qualities (eg. independance, fire, physical fitness, courage, assertion, less about social/multi-centred and more about self-centred, from indecisive to decisive and being more single-minded, looking after number 1, the colour red!… )?

          Sorry to hear about crap work situation and people letting you down. That sucks. I love when Jerry Seinfeld says “People. They’re the worst!” You have a such a strong vibe Ms I am convinced that you will be OK x