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Gwyneth really is the Queen of Librans.

Think about it.

She has Sun, Pluto, Mercury, Uranus and Lilith conjunct in Libra.

That is a LOT of Libra.

Her GOOP is constantly banging on about balance, symmetry, bringing life back into harmony, beauty, truth and other Libran ideals such as the perfect place setting.

Even her C-word outburst the other day was a genius bit of Libran balance-work, serving to recalibrate her image to be less macrobiotic, more primal.  It’s also a novel way to process Saturn on your Mercury, no?


22 thoughts on “Queen Of Librans

  1. Hmmm. I wish I could feel like she was bringing balance but I get more of a tense vibe from her.

    I feel like she has perspective on what would be cool and free (like singing with Ceelo Greene) but the execution is somehow always self-repressed.

  2. I lovehate Gwyneth … love because my Libran Asc admires her poise, desire for harmony and WASPish beauty and hate because of the general patronising tone of GOOP (you know, my life is amazing because I work HARD … and the rest of us don’t?! Surely the mega-bucks helps …) and because of this: http://www.newyorker.com/talk/2011/04/25/110425ta_talk_widdicombe

    It has to be read to be believed. And I’m with you Buckle – lately it feels like GP is everywhere, doing everything in a tightly lip-pursed-must-prove-something kinda way. And it may be my Dark Moon ennui, but I am SO over celebrity chefs … why should Gwyneth be congratulated for doing something that every other non-celeb HAS to do, and often without the funds for her super-rare, super-organic food stuffs?! *huffs off to find some Dark Moon juice aka red wine*

  3. I really like her… but i know nothing of her, i just like the way she looks and acts…

  4. I think you are all very perceptive! I like her and yet I want to smack her. I hope she breaks a leg, but in a theatrical sense. I think she is beautiful, yet she manages to look like a flounder with those wall eyes. Sweet.

  5. Re new moon on Tuesday apparently the moon is void as soon as it goes new or moments of time after so again apparently best to do new moon rituals before otherwise if left for after will be null and void…

  6. LOL! I don’t know why people get shocked when Libras cuss. ;p

    Generally we just refuse to give attention to the stupid people but every once in awhile somebody “inspirational” wrenches it out of us.

    I heard she has a lot of Pisces in her chart (like Asc) but don’t know if her chart is legit or not.

    • funny year of the fox – it is true about the shocked reaction to the Libran cussing, hehe.

      Happy New Moon day all. Feels like a big one. I have an absolutely humungous week starting today, hope I have the stamina (have mars conj Ascendent so that could help) couldn’t sleep at all as usual before a big day. New beginnings here, and I can sense the waves of change fanning out into other areas of my life – thank fuq – feel like a stale old something a rather….

      FYI there is another meteor shower peaking this week May 5/6). The Eta Aquarids – through the constellation Aquarius which I believe rises pre dawn. The good thing about this one is the lack of moon, look North-east to east above horizon pre dawn for South Hemisphere, east south-east for North Hemisphere. This link has a good pick for where to look.

    • I agree with you. Librans spend much time living life to perfection that they truly enjoy being rebellious / bad / whatever one calls it

  7. Cool. Lately I’m aware of two distinct personalities playing out in me.
    One is cool, calm, standing in my center (have to practice this lots).

    The other is scrappy girl, would love to learn more swear words and don’t look at my ass cuz it’s a power thing for you, look at it cuz it’s beautiful. Just don’t loiter.

    Important for women to let their energies play out to find out who we are.

  8. Gwyn seems to be more of an image than a person; or something concocted from clear plain gelatin and sugar water — a walking aspic. It seems there is something suspended in her, as if she was trained to meticulously comb out anything truly human or female until she became as tasteful and uncommunicative as an ivory brooch or the walls of a summer estate painted seafoam.

    The thing is I don’t think she or her parents could see any downside to this; smooth as glass without a ripple was sort of the goal; she is like some wellbred Victorian maiden, with a petalwhite complexion, a lovely singing voice, talent in the kitchen, an eye for color in her home. She was raised to be married and now wants to uphold the edicts of class and taste to all the other maidens ( So indeed — Libra. Libra. Libra. Libra.) But to me she always seemed to be desperate in some way to be more than a pretty picture, to connect. But when there is no salt, no meat, and no fat people have nothing to chew on.

    Pretty clear she intends to position herself as the “next Martha Stewart”; I imagine she and her mother plotting this in late night phone calls — ” Well what do you really like to *do*, dear?” ” I don’t know Mommy….I did enjoy decorating the drawing room…” ” Aha! I have just the thing…”

    I never liked Martha Stewart for the same reason, although one could always tell there was something steely and resolute about her; she would baste a turkey as if she was defusing a bomb. And then later I began to admire her. She really is pretty tough, that lady.

    Example: On some talk show Martha revealed that she had managed to create an entire Mediterranean Nativityscene in prison clay from the yard, and baked in the prison kiln. There were camels and palm trees. She brought them all out and set them on a table; this perfectly tan clay baby Jesus in a tan clay bassinet; glazed and dewy; the wise men in long striped clay robes. It was…well…*brilliant*. I could not have made that up if I had not seen it myself.

    I doubt Gwyn will ever break through the looking glass to show herself like that. But she is pretty to look at.

    • You are amusing roadhouse1.

      What is that pic? “Saint Gwyn” looking up at the heavens?

      Don’t get me wrong. My gdaughter is Libran but I don’t know. Guess I find it all tiresome. Several things are feeling tiresome right now. x

    • @roadhouse41

      Ooo interesting.

      You are probably so right, but she is just being who she is.

    • Roadhouse, that first paragraph was wonderful. good writing!
      (walking aspic!—what a classic:)

  9. :) I’m a Libra too. But I had an Aries mom. If she saw me with an expression like that on my face she would have slapped it right offa me.

    • You know, I thought about how painful it must have been for Gwyn’s grandmother to not have loved her. No wonder she called her that name.

      Actually, today, I’m sorta dissolving into a emo mess. Will be okay but that my ex son in law was never a dad to my gdaughter breaks my heart and so I feel for Gwyn in that respect.

      Sometimes 8th house Moon, no matter what sign just need a good cry or two for transformational reasons.

      New Moon today too, eh?

      I’ll take two please!! :)

      • :). Me too SP. Headache, dissolved into tears about 10:00; full breakdown by noon, then off to get a massage, better now.

        Scorpio moon here. It’s how we do.

        • Ahhh, Scorpy Moon…8th house ruled…gotcha. Hey, I’ll be massaging patients for the next 4 1/2 hrs. Come on over!!

          :) x

          • p.s., found “basting a turkey like detonating a bomb” hilar btw…

            What one loves to do/believe in, one does with vigor.. :lol:

  10. I think as talented and privileged as she is, she hasn’t fully come into her own soul yet. She seems to be searching.

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