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Wow, with this Moon in Aries aggro with Saturn-Pluto vibe,  i really feel like i want to go out and punch something. Seriously getting a partner to hold the pads for me this arvo a.k.a. a.s.a.p.

Okay, important ADMIN.  The site just got moved to a new server so it is FASTER.  But if any of the passwords don’t work, you need to empty your cache and/or hit reload/refresh.

Once you have done this, everything should be fine and the problem ought not to recur.

See you down at the dojo.

Note that it’s better today to try and deal with merde that way – punching it out, a long walk, aggressive cleaning, whatever – than to try and communicate. I already said this to subscribers in the Daily Mystic only more pointedly.  It’s demolition astro, you understand.

20 thoughts on “Passwords!!!!

  1. 8O

    Go Mystic!! *ducks a few of mystic’s left jabs*

    I’m feeling the energy and also trying of think of ways I can exercise without aggravating my hand. So far all I’ve done is aggravate it by cleaning, preparing food and stretching.

    Anyways I did have a weird dream last involving my hand…

    I was walking along a road carrying over 50 spears, way more than I am capable of carrying but it didn’t seem to bother me. A few people in front of me were carrying spears and a number of people behind me also carrying spears. One of the people in front turned and threw one in my direction, although not at me, I held out my hand to stop it. The spear hit my hand, curled up, then fell to the ground. I looked at my hand and not a mark was made, the person who threw it also looked at me and then at the spearhead, which was curled over laying on the ground. I looked at my hand and thought I don’t know how that happened, my hand doesn’t look any different and yet it was strong enough to bend a spearhead… I looked over the top of the crowd and saw my dad watching in the distance and then he disappeared into the crowd…

    What is kind of weird is that I have a scar on my palm and although I’m not exactly sure how I got it, as I’ve always had it, it kind of looks like it has been speared… 8O

    Thanks for reading

    *ducks another one of Mystic’s right jabs*

    • Wow, go BG. Woman of power.
      Sorry to hear your of your wrist injuries and all their implications. Though the power is in your hands hey? Spending all day lying on the couch won’t aggravate them will it?
      Or running?

    • Greetings Baristagem!

      Wow, I loved reading your dream, and your Dad’s visit. Gemini’s and their hands huh. Swords = air tarot ? Maybe Mystic, Kim Falconer, or Liz the amazing Feng Shui Lady would know the significance of 50 ?

      After following Andromeda on this blog and watching how marvellously well she has stepped into her new life/passionate career (lacking right word here) , it feels like it’s only a matter of time before we all get to share in the amazing unravelling of your new path !

      hi five man ! (on your good hand)
      (ps – i only really ever do high fives to my kids)

    • 8O

      Thanks shell and fleecy! I can’t do the couch thing, I’m far too fidgety… :D I’m thinking an aggressive clean and lots of communique helps, plus music! I’ve noticed Andie’s career move and it sounds great! Hopefully mine will be as rewarding, whatever it may be… 8O

      \ 0 /

    • Hahahaha. Ahhhh. Hahaha. Love it.

      And for further above – I also loved that dream BG

      • i’m surprised wiring the grandmother’s shower up so it was live didn’t get a paragraph unto itself

  2. Wow that is so right on the nose. I worked off all the work merde and aggro energy by going for a long walk this afternoon and it worked wonders. Got the clarity regarding a situation when I was able to distance myself and literally walk through it!

  3. *internally screamingbubblingbrewingangstingfuuuqqqqing MESS *

    well you know. relative to more recent serenity’s. spinning tyres – thankfully danced my ass off last night – it is temporary temporary temporary – irrational yet temporary.

    xx FireyB

    • me too FB re. dance but needed it after banshee blast on Friday. Going back to festival today for another dance off to get rid of lurking agrro

  4. You know, I’m doing alright. But….. last night I absolutely went bonkers with the Uranian vibe. Talk about unexpected….. my own behaviour took me by surprise. Can’t say it’s good….. can say Blue Devil Hoochie probably isn’t going to make it into my “next life” I shall carve out with all the transformational energy.

    I might add though…. I may be the source of others anger. Wow I behved like a twat.

  5. Hmm.. this server upgrade is not doing so well for me. As we geeks would say, “it’s faster, assuming large negative values for ‘faster.'” At times it’s inaccessible, at best it takes like 30 seconds for a page to load, and often timing out. I’m tracking to see if it’s a problem at my end, but initially it looks like a problem with the ISP. Is everyone else seeing faster performance, or is it just me?

    • Timely, Charles, because I had clicked on your name on the left side of the page to see what your comment was (stalkery of me, I know), and the page took 5 minutes to load. Also, I have noticed an inordinate number of people’s comments being posted twice, which tells me that their initial posting didn’t go through. Mystic is having growing pains.

    • Nope, not just you Charles, people are going nuts for Mystic the past couple of days, taking ages to load, and timing out too, quite a few times. Drinking more hippy tea though whilst waiting !

      • Taking much longer than before to load as well, wondered if it was
        traffic but not on a Sun morn. Comments have quietened after THAT
        Full Moon, whilst in the Moon wane.

    • Nope, not just you, Charles, it’s real slow opening up, some of the passwords work, others don’t. Finally worked out what ‘emptying cache’ means & one password works. But a friend of mine has a great phase “in all due timelessness”, so I guess that’s the keyword at the moment. Mind you, you can’t see me tearing my hair out this end :o

  6. I hope birth happens soon….Mystic stuff is being very stubborn….won’t load, refresh. Happy to see home page so I know you haven’t disappeared into the eithers…
    Be glad when everything irons-out, miss my fix!!!!