Like A Virgo

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This sculptural installation is by an artist named Derick Melander.

I am convinced he is a Virgo.

I emailed him to ask so we shall see.

His site has themes such as Conceptual Order & Nuns…He’s just SO precise.  Uber avant-garde, of course.

He LOOKS Virgo. Or maybe Capricorn. Or a very-very-very subdued for this portrait Gemini. Definitely Mercurial.

You think?

UPDATE:  He responded to my email…I asked if he Virgo

Ha!  Thanks for the blog hit.  Sorry to disappoint, but I’m a Gemini, June 6.   Why did you think I was a Virgo?  D


48 thoughts on “Like A Virgo

  1. I’m instantly attracted. I consider that a Virgo trait. (Desc in Virgo.) But, yeah, something about his mouth/jaw is Cappy-like.

    (And, sorry, no. There is nothing artsy about folding clothes. If it is, my grandmother’s da Vinci.)

  2. WOW thank you for sharing I so relate to this conceptual textile business. I suspect he’s virgo because I have 4 planets in the V hood and was immediately wondering how to make this happen at my house and whether space bags come in shapes other than rectangles in order to facilitate an homage.

  3. Oh look, you got the answer and beat me to it, but was going to say his hands give the Gemini thing away…

  4. If he was a Virgo the clothes would be arranged top to bottom according to colour, with sub catergories of fabric type and sleeve length !!

    • yes. this is correct. all my clothes are by style, then weight, then color. likewise, books on my shelves are by genre, hard or soft cover, size, and only then are they alphabetized. :)

      function AND aesthetic. he’s got about half. so, yeah, gemini works.

  5. Hilarious – does he at least have venus or mercury in virgo?

    I’m going up the road to talk to the lovely cheerful chick at the laundromat right now and see about vacuum packing our stuff by colour/pattern.

  6. VirgoAqua is absolutely correct about the colour biz. I find his mishmash visually revolting. Agree too that folding clothes/textiles does not an artist make. (Virgo Sun/Asc)

  7. Haha. Folding – hands. Quick response – communication. All Gem. He almost reminds me of an Italian friend, who has a ton of Taurus & Fire in her chart. Full birthdate details would be interesting…

    • I like the way his hand ruled by the right brain is laid on top of the one under the rulership of the left. Whenever I see that in a person I want to talk to them.

  8. Sorry, but no self-respecting virgo would do that. Totally impractical. How are you supposed to get out anything you want to wear, without the whole thing collapsing?

  9. LOVE it. What a top idea. And it looks beautiful.
    He is cute. I’d have him around to fold up my undies any day.

  10. yes suddenly chatty soz i put it down to the new moon being conjunct my ascendant and square my uranus in the 3rd. or something.

    Robot if you’re out there must I travel to the weird park in devo street to feel your energy forevermore? I think of you whenever I’m there and I hope your life is some kind of bliss wherever you are x

  11. I am a Gem too and I’m coming to terms with my passion of classifying. I put together my tshirts by type (bands, movies, misc. …), clothes in closet (skirts, dresses, jackets…), nail polish (by colour and shade), books (by author)… and so on. Is this a typical Gem trait? What aspect in our natal chart tells us about this?

        • Yeah, nup. Doesn’t say those tidy sorter and folder to me in an obvious way. But Geminis here stake their claims to organising.

          Has anyone including Mystic and other astrologers of experience ever heard the notion that the real ruler of Virgo is a planet named Vulcan?

          May have read this years ago in Linda Goodman. Now she was fabulous but also given to some freakery in the ideas she so confidently put out there.

          That would be the Roman equivalent of Thor? Lame smithy.

  12. I have nothing in Gemini, so I don’t see the connection there. But my Virgo Moon gets twitchy looking at the column of clothes. I have to agree that the first thing that went through my mind was “What if I needed something from the middle and the whole thing collapsed?! Disaster!” Yes, I know its art so that’s not the point. If Virgo is all about practicality then a pile of clothing that isn’t meant to be worn or utilized in a tactile way seems extremely impractical. What would all those Virgos of Fashion think of such an exhibit, where the details (the art?) of individual pieces of clothing are hidden away and disappear to become merely a stack of material?

    And then there is my Scorp Sun and playful Sagg Rising. Scorp side wonders how it was stacked together so solidly, if it’s supported by a central column or if the ceiling was lowered down on top of it after the stack was assembled…while Sagg Rising would be tempted to tug out a piece from the middle or give it a shove or a kick to see if it would move or sway. ;)

    • Haha my Scorpio Sun thought the same thing, this must be a trick, there’s a central column inside lol.

      • Sagg rising, also want to mischievously pull a few out and make it tumble.

        • I have a sag rising too but I don’t want to pull it out, I’d just rather not go near it, because I know when I go near something like a pile of clothes they seem to fall over on there own accord lol. I’m quite clumsy.

          • Forgot to add the “…and run!” part to my post. It would be a “tug and run” situation for sure. Followed by cool, nonchalant whistling as if nothing had happened…nothing that was MY fault at least, hehe.

  13. Reminds me of my Gemini friend who put pictures up on his facebook of all his clothes folded on his bed. However they needed an iron. That guy was such an idiot lol.

    • i’m not so much into piles. instead i enjoy putting things together (colours together, types of clothes, etc)… it’s weird because i’m a lousy organizer/planner

  14. Too untidy, too many jarring colours, it is DISTURBING to look at, not white and plain and soothing. Sun/Venus/Pluto/Mercury in Virgo Gemini Asc.

  15. Both my Gem sun and Sag rising wants to push that thing over and lie in the pile throwing t-shirts up in the air! Then I think I would actually like to sit in the middle and fold them all back up again into smaller piles of differing heights. A city of shirts.

  16. It makes me think of The Princess and The Pea – the ultimate Virgo fairytale.

  17. i especially like the convent work and how the repetition of folding is a metaphor for the repetitive rituals of the nuns as well as the fact that in the middle ages when the only art was in cathedrals and the sick were taken there to recover from illness the nuns were the ones who looked after them – imagine having the plague and being holed up in a cathedral? The nuns were in charge of caring for all the linen and it was considered sacred work. Cloth is so loaded with meaning. How it shrouds and reveals, how it’s held sacred, or not. Have been quite inspired by this work thanks Mystic – almost wrote monastic then x

    • Interesting what you said about the Linen being sacred work as when
      i went to the clairvoyant-watsu-water float lady last year, & whilst sitting
      in her garden, noticed the 15 white towells on the line & commented
      on how much laundry involved in her work. She replied ‘I consider it my
      sacred work’.
      Yesterday whilst on my afternoon ‘flat on back for 30 minutes type meditation
      come assimilation’ had a strong image of being a nun/priestess. Maybe that’s
      due to lack of libido lately or perhaps transcending it?

      • Your florence nightingale comment too pegs – you’ve got some kind of women of the cloth connection maybe? You’re definitely hooked into the mainframe. Was interesting reading your comment about the fear of the outback – have you ever checked out your astrocartography to see if there’s any planets over the middle of Australia? My moon is there and I’ve always thought that’s what the strong connection is for me. I wonder if you have neptune or something there?

  18. He does have nice gemini hands. I’m attracted to him too. I like the way he responded. Will he provide info for his whole chart.

  19. Oh great, cos I’m categorizing geminis at the moment. You have your Romain Duris/Mark Wahlberg type and then there is the Bear Grylls/William Trubridge type. Gemini artist falls somewhere in the middle, fascinating, ask him where his venus is, Plz!

  20. okay, reading the comments made me understand why people compliment my hands so often. gemini trait, i see…

  21. Funny. My Gem ex was born in the same year. And LOVES second hand clothes and is the super minimalist and clean freak. You could be understood for thinking he was a Virgo. Pluto in VIRGO!

  22. The art is so VIRGO! Maybe he has intense Virgo?merc plants or is OBC disorder. :)
    Still very precise.

  23. Strangely enough, I love the tower of clothes. Yes, all my clothes got folded and piled, then divided into categories (but not colour).
    For some reason it bugs me that it goes all the way up to the ceiling though. Reminds me of when I let my ironing pile get out of control…