Horoscopes Free For Eight Hours

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Every New Moon, the passwords to read the Horoscopes (subscriber only) change and the new ones are emailed out.

So in about eight hours from now, i am going to email out the new ones to my lovely subscribers.

In the meantime, i am giving you the soon-to-expire ones so that you can check out the Horoscopes + Oracle.

If you like them enough to want to subscribe, all those deets are on the Astro Shop page.

Daily Horoscopes Password:  freya88

Weekly & Monthly Horoscopes + the Oracle Password:  realitynirvana

Until tonight xxxMystic



10 thoughts on “Horoscopes Free For Eight Hours

  1. I don’t think it is a gesture, Piscean, i think she is hoping you will subscribe which personally i recommend. The only problem is that you then get dependent. But i have not drunk dialled nor done anything other then have successful money negotiations since doing it. I don’t think she is giving you the daily mystic email tho

  2. Really? OMG so great! Now my friends can understand why I keep on blabbing about this site. Peeps, seriously, subscribing is the best thing.

    I’ve actually given it as gifts, hence no actual shopping for sodding stuff and it relieves some of my more “logic based” friends who don’t “get” astrology, a chance to enjoy it without the guilt of feeling they’ve betrayed themselves. The funny thing? We all start talking about it after. They get how fun it is, though much later they pick up on how spot on it is as well.

    Am furiously forwarding this freebie on…

  3. Similar to TLS, being an MM subscriber has spared me many an ill-timed drunken text being sent. (There ARE times when they are okay to send, right?). Seriously though, all that Mystic touches is gold and, hyperbolic as it may sound, I don’t know how I survived before I discovered her.

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