Hands Up Whose Been Hitting The Blue Devil

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Hmmm. So we have Wine God asteroid Bacchus approaching Eros in Pisces and Dionysus square Neptune in slo-mo, getting set to turn retro for the first time in Pisces…Hands up who has been hitting the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice? But not – please – doing Full Moon drunk dialling/dipso emailing etc.

It’s weird astro. I went out for dinner with the Scorpio Sex Academic and wound up drinking with the previous prime minister’s brother. That was really interesting. And if it’s not the Blue Devil calling you, anticipate cravings for unusual-for-you music and ultra-naff lollies.

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  1. I rarely drink but I do keep a bottle of Blue Devil Hoochie Juice in the freezer for guests and/or emergency use. Last night I was tempted to hit it at around 3:00am after several hours of being auditorily raped by my neighbours singing along to horrible 80’s music. After careful consideration of how my Sunday would proceed with sleep deprivation and alcohol poisoning I decided seething with anger would be a better choice for my health.

    Once the neighbours had exhausted their entire bad 80’s music collection they moved onto the 70’s collection, starting with “My Sharona”, so I found myself at 4:00am lulling myself off to sleep singing Cheech & Chong’s “My Scrotum” version of the same song. Today I can’t get it out of my head. In restrospect, I might have been better off hitting the Hoochie Juice…

    • Sorry for the schadenfreude Saturnalien but that is funny. “My Scrotum”? How did I not know about this ’70s lullaby?

      • After 3 hours sleep and a day of bursting into song with “mah mah mah mah scrotum” in a Mexican accent to all unsuspecting victims who had the misfortune of crossing my path today, I could see the funny side too nat!

        Unfortunately the “My Scrotum” version did not make the charts but it can be found on YouTube by doing a search for “Cheech Marin My Scrotum” (It’s actually just about 30 seconds of one of their movies but it’s 30 seconds I’ve never forgotten – which is more than I can say for the rest of the movie!)

        Just for the record, I don’t actually have a scrotum. :)

    • I know a Scorp who, if the neighbours have had such a party, waits till mid – week, calls the neighbours house at about 3am and lightly hangs up just as they answer. I think it’s pretty bad, I wouldn’t have the balls – but you know what Scorps and their revenge urges are like….

      • I have a Scorpio moon and am not usually hell-bent on revenge, but I do feel quite murderous after being kept awake by bad music and secondhand bass beats thumping through my walls for hours on end when I’m in desperate need of sleep so I’m fuqing loving this idea! It’s just as well I don’t know what their name or number is because I’d probably do it…

        • Saturnalien,

          Find their name and number–it shouldn’t be that hard.

          And don’t just call them at 3 am and then hang up because the big idea is to TRANSFORM them, not just annoy them and get a bit of revenge.

          What you should do is call them at 3 am, then put the receiver next to your speakers as they play “My Scrotum”– then hang up.

          • Sagitta,

            That is a brilliant and totally hilarious idea! I absolutely love it!

            Thank you!

      • That’s brilliant! I’ve put up with the swine next door for 6 years done all the legal things. I’m doing that next time, usually doing, a pee stop that early. Hehe!

    • Darling Leo Socialite, can you not do something about the dark wood paneling? You so deserve a fresher fashionable chic look for your abode. ;-)

  2. Hahaa..LOVE this pic! This be me al la 2 weeks ago . Ended the eve bawling (was watching the royal wed and was overcome with mountain load of romantic regret?) And woke with the BIG-GEST hangover ever (and I’ve had a few way back when). Hence past week have swapped hootchie for carbs. Is this the same sort of high octane emo response then? Would’ve had a wine if I could…but still not quite ready.

    And its nuts…I actually feel quite loveydovey and happily reflecting on past loves..but can’t socialise with emo type friends ’cause I might cry anyway . Fine line this month for me…am thinking it may be my jupiter in taurus and chiron in pisces too

  3. Oh sh! t. Thanks for the heads up.


    How long is this going to last? :(

  4. I hired a 23 yr old drop dead gorgeous uni student to model nude for me (well topless) which was all good and great then we hit it off like had a great connection and have been talking over the phone and making plans for dates etc . She came over to my cabin for lunch. i just made up some steamed veges and salmon, nothing spesh quite normal and boring for me. We talked and all was great then she wigged out and asked me to take her home and said i was trying too hard and being too nice?????????????? W T F is wrong with the young women ???? i cant work it out! she said she didnt like people treating her nice! Oh well another one bites the dust……… So i am hitting the juice right now!

    • it was probably just an excuse to get away from you Damons and really, i mean, really.

    • Ditto – this scenario started creepy and just got creepier and creepier. Dude, shelve your ego for a sec and think about it.

      • you are all so not very nice ! she called just before and she said sorry she was just felling a little bit overwhelmed because her last “boyfriend” treated her like shit for over a year. I have been doing alot of paintings of late and its completely legit to do a nude WTF is wrong with you lot?

        • Fear not D22… Perhaps they’re under the same astro influence, that recently saw me freaking out & having a viscious ‘prude’ attack, re: getting buck naked on the very ‘European’ beaches of Spain.
          I have no idea what’s actually causing this nouveau vogue prudism, however when in doubt, I usually pin it on Saturn!

        • damons I can see your point, maybe the problem is the young model’s confusion between what she expected you would be (confident sexy male artist) and what you might have accidentally come across as (a bit intense which freaks out both sexes).

          Damons am I right that you’re still in your early 20s from what I remember from past comments? So you’re still a young artist. Dealing with models as you know is always a weird interaction. I do amongst other subjects nude photography, mostly male subjects so it can be very fraught and strange at times, both with guys who I wish to deflect and those I want but don’t want me. (Sometimes a model is just a model, and not someone who wants to sleep with the artist, sadly).

          the “trying too hard” and “being too nice” thing is a common complaint that young men say they hear from young women, I’m not sure what it means but it’s probably some sort of code for saying that you need to change your approach a bit. You’re onto a good thing with painting – but play up to the difficult artist thing a bit and don’t be too available. Show a bit of mystery and unattainability, let her do the running. Dont pursue women who don’t give you the signals first. If your art work is seriously good you will get plenty of genuine female attention soon enough. Let them pursue you. As a male artist you are deviating from the gender norm lots already, so don’t spoil that by behaving like any ordinary guy.

          oh – and learn how to be really good in bed (and continually update your skills, focusing on how to please a woman) and you won’t ever be short of dates, girlfriends, affairs, mistresses. I’d suggest you further your education with a series of dalliances with older women who can teach you and hopefully support you as you improve your painting skills.

          also peeps – let’s all be excellent to each other here and not jump to take offence at the person not the issue? peace!

          here endeth the preaching from me lol. :mrgreen:

          • TATI – Damons is 36/37/38 y.o – a surfer ex LA now in Aust ….

              • a 23 yr old will give mixed signals, and if the guy is that old (sorry Damons) she’s going to be consciously or unconsciously having reactions to the age thing in addition to the nude modeling thing, in addition to the intense being-cared-for-thing.

                but guys usually don’t pick up signals the way women do, so he was at a disadvantage in that way—tho she was at a disadvantage age-wise

            • Damons is 39 and is experiencing the beginnings of some pretty hard-core midlife transits. But he never comes here to talk about the astro so I’m guessing he doesn’t know it. Pluto will be squaring his natal pluto in libra right about now and on top of that it’s complicated by transiting uranus opposing it from aries – it’s a time to reassess the area the house his natal pluto lives in and ditch the things that aren’t working. Because his pluto is in libra it will be something to do with how he relates to co-operative or collective efforts. I suspect that’s why he keeps coming back here even though he more often than not suffers the same response from whoever replies – he’s trying to learn a lesson although he may not yet be aware of what exactly it is. He’s looking for something but he keeps finding something else – what he perceives to be bitchy women. We all glitch when we’re trying to work shit out. Men aren’t taught how to workshop it like women do. They seldom learn how to express their emotions, don’t have the language for it – and damons is also aquarian so it was never going to be easy for him.

              Damons the ladies have been trying to tell you what worked for you in your 20s isn’t working any more – uranus opposing natal pluto is about illusions being stripped away. It’s like the magician who only has the tricks everyone’s wise to. Time to update the repertoire. Time to reassess how you approach relationships and women.

              It’s awesome that you’re drawing or painting or whatever – vibes well with your libra pluto. You’ve got neptune square neptune and uranus opposing uranus coming up within the next 6 months dude – if you’re having trouble working out why the ladies aren’t responsive it’s about to get a whole lot crazier. Maybe check out a good psychologist or counsellor to help you with this phase? As opposed to a crystal wielding psychic who might make you feel better at the time but is unlikely to give you the tools you need to cope on an ongoing basis.

              Take it easy.

        • I feel like the issue here was that the model agreed to pose nude for you (everyone’s saying it’s creepy but she DID agree, no?), and then agreed to go on a date with you only to freak out about it?

          I can see why you’d be stumped. It seems like she WAS giving you mixed signals. But then again the girl was only 23 so you shouldn’t expect much… Try dating older! Someone closer to your age/more mature.

          • Right.
            Damon i am not a prude. And obviously if it is two consenting adults there is nothing at all wrong with you dating women of whatever age you wish.
            Nor hiring models to pose for your Art.
            But really, this vibed to me like a young vulnerable girl who clearly is just after some money, agreeing to pose for you and then freaking out over dinner. She may not have seen you as a sexual prospect and then when she sensed that you did, she freaked out?
            I am sure you did nothing wrong as such but something about the scenario is a bit off.
            I think, because of my own experience, that people who are modelling – especially with nudity involved – should adhere to strict boundaries. You don’t ask them for dinner. You do the work, pay her and go do your thing.
            Reputable agencies will not let this sort of thing happen. You’ve blurred the boundaries, she sounds vulnerable and it is all a bit ick.

  5. And i am lighting a fire out side the cabin and i am going to stare into the flames for an hour or two under the moon and stars……..

    • hands up but I’ve many good reasons – and of course tonight EUROVISION!!!!!

  6. Raiding the closet supplies of budget red but am vibing Amy Winehouse who said about cocktail Rickstassy “By the time you’ve had two of them you’re like, don’t even try and go anywhere Sit down and stay down, until the birds start singing.” 8)

  7. no urge for the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice here… then again my mojo for most things has gone to the gods, soz I mean dogs… actually that Freudian slip is not so far off as have been studying A Course In Miracles (I AM having a mid life crisis, yes?) and (between bouts of journalling) have been craving meditation, prayer, theta waves and silence. Wish I could check in to a monastery or temple for three weeks of dedicated enlightenment training…not going to happen, the real world beckons, kids must be fed, educated and entertained, bills must be paid, and a career must be forged if I am ever to support my children the way I want to.

    So, Neptune and Saturn have it all over me.

      • ^^^^^ that’s not me ^^^^^

        How is it that there can be two of us with the same username? This could get awkward . . .

      • oh. confusing (two of Mystic’s peeps with same name!?!)

        Course in Miracles is tres Uranian, v new age. I try to ignore Christian subtext as much as poss as it triggers childhood stuff (raised by a triple ScAries who was both a fundamentalist Christian and a witch) but on the whole I’m finding it v. comforting. I like the idea of handing over all my ‘stuff’ to a cosmic manager. I like the idea that none of this is real, and that ‘there’s only one person here’ (now *there’s* a good reason to be super nice to everyone – they are *me* too, including you). But it is often heavy going and baffling and mind boggling. I like how Marianne Williamson explains it all.

        Have you studied it? How do you find it?

        • i have it right in front of me . I open it randomly and read a paragraph and let it soak into my subconscious or when i have a q? i open it like i am about to do right now….

          • the page i opened it on is from vol 1 chapter 9 heading- The acceptance of reality. Fear of the will of God is one of the strangest beliefs the human mind has ever made. It could not possibly have occurred unless the mind were already profoundly split, making it possible for it to be afraid of what iit really is. Reality cannot “threaten” anything except illusions, since reality can only uphold truth. The very fact that the will of God, which is what you are,is percieved as fearful, demonstrates that you ARE afraid of what you are. It is not, then, the will of Godof which youare afraid, but yours.

  8. ME!!!!! ….and how!!!. No nasties though, just feel as if I need it. Aqua + rising. Still waking up at 4.20ish am EVERY MORNING FOR THE LAST 2 WEEKS, and it’s been a fantastic opportunity to remember and write down the most amazing dreams…sci fi etc….things I could not even imagine if I tried.

      • dreams have been metal through surreal ….. past 2 days/nights ….

          • teee heee… yes, mental.. enough to draw one to the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice really… but I decided to meditate not medicate.

            But not bothering to journal the dreams – I reckon they are mostly detrius. I.e. made up of fragments of the day and not actually meaningful. Otherwise they are a bit of a worry.

            • agreed re day fragment dispersion & purging vs processing ….. IRL taking LOADS of new stuff on board / new process / ways of doing things / approach etc new turf – hence seems natural that stuff past its ‘Used BY’ date is expelled from the psyche at night …..

              few moments of ‘was it real or a dream ‘ tho …..

    • Dreaming like mad. no drinking though. Been waking up way early, before alarm. Even on weekends. weird.

  9. yep i did amd i made the biggest fool of my self i fell out with my boyfriend bigtime and pissed off about 8 of his friends geez i wish i wouldnt drink sometimes

  10. Aye! Few times this week. Getting right lost, diving deeper and deeper into the drunken abyss. If only there wasn’t a volatile situation to a: spark it, b: continue it, c: make it a volcano. Kaboom. : )

  11. No, nothing, no drinking, no lollies, no weirdness only calm zen like state of mind for me weird? Been seeing purple hearts and red stars when meditating, freaky! Been listening to Friendly Fires new music loud as I can and getting off on it. One song is about being kinky plan to act that out real soon. Occasional involuntary polyphasic sleep & dream behaviour like you Ruth may be Aqua related? Moon was entrancing rising over the ranges earlier this evening.

  12. Ooh, no, I ate some sugar though? Been meditating on with my crystals a lot, can’t be drinking with that kind of energy.

    EVERYONE needs a piece of moldovite, selenite, amethyst, rose quartz and an elestial to meditate with.. astounding. Beyond amazing.

    Maybe I have a crystal addiction? Well, it’s as good a way of channeling Neptune as any.

    • I have masses of crystals… actually, this is a bit weird, but I have these anti-cellulite leggings that are embedded with crystals and are designed to stimulate lymphatic drainage and circulation and all sorts. Love them, my legs are looking better by the day. Crystal magic for the buttocks!

      • That’s the most insane thing I have ever heard! I love it. Where can I get these leggings? It’s funny but since learning we are technically big liquid crystals that walk, the fact of crystal’s efficacy has fallen into place for me. Anyway, I need some crystal magic for my legs and butt.

        • this made me laugh out loud:D both TA’s description and then andromeda’s reaction. still laughing and want a pair of crystal infused-cellulite reducing hose (STAT!)

          • MM are you onto this? what a great post clothes that are good for our auras/chakras etc

      • Googled this – very interesting and very interested, especially as it is winter here and wearing leggings will be easy.
        Thanks for tip, multitasking is always a winner to me.
        Just need to find the right kind and a stockist, may like to try on as opposed to online order. need to do more research…..

              • Scala Bio Promise – you can get them in Amcal pharmacies.. no need to try on – they come small, medium and large. I’m an 8-10 so I bought small. I have the leggings which I wear to bed, and the shapewear (like spanx – they suck everything in so you look fab in your work clothes) for day time. Cellulite doesn’t stand a chance on me with 24 hour coverage!

                • ooo was hoping you’d drop back in and enlighten us all.
                  Yes I was going to go the 24 hour coverage, sounds like a grand plan while it is cool enough and then it is way to hot here to wear leggings for the other 8 months of the year.
                  You better stock up Amcal, lots of business coming your way.
                  I have learnt alot here, I have my fenugreek on its way also :)
                  Thanks TA

  13. Thought it best to shelve the Hoochie Juice, after a series of embarrassing drunk, dipsey, needy & very emo emails & skype calls, to ‘Hot Spanish Leo Fireman Lover’… FUQ!!! Someone please keep me away from communication devices of all kinds, especially during Merc retro!
    I suppose it didn’t help that we had a death in the family & AND i found myself paying back some kind of karmic debt, nursing my mother thru major hip op (puting that down to Saturn transiting my 10th opposing Needless to say, the last 6weeks have been tres fretful & messy as all hell. Hoping he’ll come around now that I’ve perked up a bit

    • Oops, Obviously still completely unco in the comms sector!!
      Anyway as I was saying…
      Transitting Saturn opposing all that Aries stuff which is conjunct my Chiron in the 4th = family drama/karma
      Hopefully Spanish fireman will exude compassion & find the courage to have me back visiting his casa asap.
      In the meantime I’ve signed up for a Burlesque class to pacify both my Venus in scorp & the flavor of this full moon … It starts tomorrow night. So hat should keep me outa trouble & away from drunk dialing ; )

      • Burlesque classes starting with Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Taurus, opposing your Venus (and, yes, of course the Full Moon on that axis). Good job.

  14. Yes, but in a good way, just to wet my whistle…. BTW that pic above is fantastic and reminds me a friend showed me a photo of her fabulous bottom the other day, and I so Saturn, half pretended it was a vase or a pencil case, told her she has a fantastic bottom and changed the subject… life just gets weird sometimes…

  15. i willnot get arrested i will not get arrested i will not get arrested

  16. NO! Only because I’m kind of ill though and on total full moon lockdown. Any Blue Devil action wold have resulted in something ridiculous happening and probably tears, I’ve been in Scorpio seclusion doing massively intense tarot readings and saying goodbye to a lot of things.

  17. 8O
    Mystic your night out sounds very interesting!

    I’m totally on the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice, nearly broke my wrist yesterday and the pain is horrible, except for when I have a few swigs… for the pain of course… 8O

    • Yo yo… BG. In the wars, honey?
      I have more more pear and fig jam flan then I know what to do with…
      *hands you a slice*

  18. Hoo boy, if guzzling an 8 course birthday tasting feast (2 courses were dessert) with matched wines counts as ‘hitting it’, then guilty as charged.

    Have been having some very powerful revelations re my current work situation though, and my dreams are literally unravelling some big life tangles for me (by laying out paths to follow), so bring on the Neptunian insights, I say.

  19. yes both hands up here, combo of procrastination, mild resentment and ennui causing massive avoidance of actual career-enhancing work. vodka and a few other things getting in the way, along with the recovery therefrom. very easily diverted at the moment, need to handcuff self to a chair and get on with it. :mrgreen:

  20. That photo is the one that Yahoo news are using for the story of the playboy playmate that was found dead recently and had been dead for about a year when found (she was 82 and had died of natural causes) – poor taste??

    • I noticed that too. It’s not exactly the same pic though (face is posed a little differently). Mystic has an uncanny way of picking pics and topics that are totally relevant to whatever’s going on in the universe most of the time pre-empting upcoming stuff.

    • I was thinking the same thing regarding the choice of photo not reflecting the best of MM’s usually good judgement, but assume she is not aware that the woman has died? I think it is tragic that nobody noticed she was gone for a year.

      • So awful this story helps. No Blue Devil No Blue Devil No Blue Devil

      • & I was thinking that to grab a blog ID & gravatar is cool then we all know who we’re talking to ….. right on Anon? :-)

  21. Have not been hitting the blue devil stuff at all. Maybe having Bacchus conjunct my Sun natally :o means I’m a teetotaller at times like this. Find myself more focused on what’s beneficial to ingest.

  22. hmmm…interesting. had a dream of getting loosey goosey drunk, but then checked myself even in dream. still on the wagon in both worlds.

  23. Not I! But probably mostly thanks to this nasty cold I’ve been trying to kick since 2 weeks ago. Stayed home both weekend nights, watching movies and eating soup. Couldn’t drink if I wanted to.
    Looking to cut loose *a bit* tonite…will go out, but not drink, which will hopefully protect me from any psycho-hoochie juice scenarios. I’ll just sit back and observe everyone else. :)
    This is good for me as I have new biz endeavours to attend to….tomorrow!!!

  24. Oh my GOD guys, i had no idea this pic was of someone who had died under such sad circumstances! I got it from Suicide Blonde, a tumblr run by two gay girls that i love.

    I just thought it was a cool image.

    Let me know if you want me to change it for something else and i will.

    Go the full moon in scorpio!

  25. I currently swing between rabid trust all is well and dire frustration and I’m doomed for life in mediocrity. Blue devil has been swilled, but never more that 3 glasses! I laughed at the my scrotum story, I was at a work thing last week in a swank hotel and some delegates from another group continued their big night out in the hotel room next to me at 1am. Being a VIP at the hotel, I was straight on the phone to concierge. It took two goes and security, but I got the party ended! Never disrupt scorp from her beauty sleep. I was a cotcase the next day, but the hotel staff apologised repeatedly!! No freebie tho.
    My rabid faith also proving to be on track, but it’s the when it rains it pours approach. Dearth of job fulfillment/opportunities vs happy work life/ lots of job offers.
    All will flow as it should. And I will go to Santiago this month for work.

  26. PLEASE, PLEASE TELL ME…. What is Blue Devil Hoochie Juice? I’ve been reading that in this site for some time now but I’ve never dared to ask..

    • if you have to ask…no, it’s just a generic term for some little Neptunian bit of magic in a bottle. Yours could be Argentine sauvignon blanc or it could be tequlia. Or if you’re teetotaller, it could be some amazing space you reach via meditation or something. Or, okay, Blue Devil is also a plant.

  27. I went to a Eurovision party. Did not drink mire than 2 glasses if champagne.
    Ate my body weight in fondue, however.
    Received an lap dance from my housemates lover, whilst he was wearing a pair of fishnet stockings and frilly knickers.
    I was then told off by a friend for hiding my face, saying that he was a legend and that I should have ‘enjoyed it’.
    I am not a prude. I am just not encouraging my housematesxlover to get naked around me. This not the first time. And the trying to touch and tell me I am awesome after is a bit weird too (he was wasted).
    I have had quite a few people tell me I am a prude recently. I don’t fuqing like it.

    • Yeah, I didn’t appreciate being called a prude up there ^^^ either. I am Venus/Mars/Neptune in Scorpio – I am SO not a prude!

      Some things are fun, appropriate, sexy, welcome. Some things just aren’t. It reflects more on the ‘labeller’ – not reflecting on why their behaviour may not be appropriate or welcome in this context, or deflecting their own embarrassment – than it does on you.

      • misguiding leaky sleaze sexuality types love to label women with boundaries as prudish and are the first at the door on expressions of sexuality not directed at them

        wouldn’t give it more than an eyelash of your time licious

    • Venus a-go-go, I wouldn’t like it either. As if they would actually know you!

      Do you think Scorpio Moon is heightening boundary/privacy/sexuality?

      Hi-Scorpio is dignified (guarded) privacy. Lo-Scorp is vampiric.

      • This Scorp moon is making me feel powerful. I pick. I choose. I know the truth. I know my worth. I know so much more about what is going on than certain people think I do… etc etc.

  28. Virgolicious, you labelled Damons22’s behaviour “creepy”.

    Someone else labelled you a “prude”.

  29. Yes I hit a cabernet or two friday afternoon after work but what I hadn’t known was that trans. Point of Fortune and Vertex in Cancer was smack on square natal Aries Point of Fortune…

    Trans Libra Moon was conjunct natal Libra NN and trans Saturn (natal 8th ruled by Saturn and Moon in 8th)

    Won $3,000.

    • Event chart shown trans Aries stack up in 5th…(gambling) sextile natal Gem Mars… Mars rules my Point of Fortune.

      Couldn’t help myself… :)

      • did all the bells and dingers go off !?!?!
        Aries prob *love* that stuff right haha
        awww so awesome Sweets !

        • Funny cuz an astrologer once said that fire sign peeps more than others like the bells and dingers, lol.

          This was a quiet machine tho :) Was oblivious at first until someone told me…

          Thanks Rox…x

          • As an astro aside, trans Libran Moon & Saturn on natal Libran NN ruled by Venus of course. Libra/Venus rules my 5th house.

            Who said Saturn is yicky and makes one ~tired~ and life a bummer when opposite the Sun? Current trans Saturn at 11 exactly opposite my Sun at 11 and PofF 12….Saturn can be nice and bring a reward….

            Trans Moon conjunct trans. Saturn set off Saturn ruled Capricorn 8th house (other people’s money)

            Could find all this out cuz asked a lady sitting next to me what time it was…. ~Keep presence of mind~

  30. Oh. My. Godess. !!! You won !!!! YAY YAY YAY
    SoOOo happy for you.
    That brings a big grin to my sad face (pfft day)
    thanks for the lucky deets too, you’re awesome !
    You gonna throw it up in the air when you gets it right?
    Like go swimmin or somethin’ :D XX