Eau Du Stationery

Way to go indulging a Stationery Fetish, yes?

The other day I read that Chief Virgoan of Fashion Karl Lagerfeld is to create and market a new perfume that will smell like paper.

Now he is denying any involvement in the project.  He probably realized he could never capture the olfactory bliss that is, to our Virgo, the scent of a completely clean and unblemished brand new pad of pages as yet unscribbled upon.

Everyone with even a nano of Virgo in their chart understands that the moment there is one notation, the thrill is gone.

Such mental emotions are why it’s called stationery fetish and not just stationery interest or something.

Personally, i  think the trend for fragrances that smell like blood or diesel is peaking and very soon we are going to see a return to great big honking 80s style nitro-floral fragrances, that come in massive bottles you can use to do your weights regime and which one whiff of will clear a room.

You think?  Neptune in Pisces would seem to demand something MAJOR.

8 thoughts on “Eau Du Stationery

  1. Virgoan Mars & off to stock up on ink catridges & blank books
    today actually, but perfume of paper…..stoopid.
    Flowers, roots even, trees/bark, herbs, mosses ie nature not diesal
    or blood (too metallic), eau de armpit would be sexier than paper/rock/scissors.
    Libran Moon cringes about tasteless & nasty perfume.
    Ideally you need to be 6 inches away from a person if they are wearing perfume,
    meaning intimate not tossing your head back to avoid but wanting to get closer
    to the mystery of aromas.

  2. So true – I love notebooks, but less interested once they’ve been sullied by those pesky thoughts, committed to writing.

  3. Oh, for anyone with stationary fetishes near Northern Sydney – Chatswood, Macquarie Centre North Ryde, or Hornsby, Borders are closing down those stores, and all stationary is 50-70% off.

    I told our boys super organised Virgoan Speech Therapist the other day, and she was so excited i almost couldn’t see her for dust.

    Oh and I fancy smelling like the beach in summer and a fireplace in winter.

  4. Might be just me, because of where my attention is, but I think the next big thing will be entirely natural perfumes – back to the way they used to be made before the late 19th century, as we realise that synthesised pheromones are fuqing bigtime with our hormones and those of the next generation. Yes, it is as I always suspected the ground floor of David Jones is actually dangerous (and not just because of the scarily made-up cosmetics ladies/spruikers, although they are intimidating enough!)

  5. And lately, I’ve really wanted to smell like either ancient scotch in an oak cask, or burnt pinecones, or cardomom, or all three at once. And for those who’ve had babies – remember that smell that lasted for a week or two after the birth, of the crown of your newborn’s head. It was so addictive, I kept just sniffing and sniffing…or was that just me?

  6. I thought the smell of paper has already been done? There’s “Paperback” by Demeter and “In the Library” by CB I Hate Perfume. . . but I guess those two are not about the smell of new blank pages, but about the smell of old, yellowing books (a glorious, divine smell, by the way.)

  7. There is actually a Paper scented candle in Bed Bath & table. It smells lovely.