Demon Obedience Classes

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Happy Full Moon in Scorpio…

So what personal demons are you attempting to conquer with a Tao of Taurus type attitude?

Note that this lunation has bought most of them yapping at your heels & it’s taken the uncommon sense of Haute Taurus to combat.

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55 thoughts on “Demon Obedience Classes

  1. Lack of self-love! So I spent this morning on the couch at my favourite cafe reading and drinking chai after a wake-up session of yoga, and I spent this afternoon on my own couch painting my nails and eating pasta after going for a walk on the beach. I never thought I’d say it, but I’m loving the Taurus vibe.

    Of course, there’s still the boy dramas to contend with, but I’m okay with leaving them in the background for now. I managed to avoid facebook stalkery all weekend! I’m quite proud of myself, actually.

    • Ditto, I concur with almost all of the above!

      Except swap wake up yoga, for non wake up snuggly sleep in… & swap painting nails & pasta, with wine &… is it too late to eat?
      Current Demons being worked on are:
      Self Love & Self Acceptance (just the way I am)
      Also not seethe-skyping & instead staying Whole & Centered even when ‘He’ doesn’t respond to my emails, mutually support or unconditionally love, like a Libby with Leo moon would prefer.

      • Actually, the book I was reading this morning was Jung’s Psychology of the Unconscious, and he talks about the crux of “neurosis” as the friction between the real, flawed self and the ideal image that we have of ourselves. He talks about the relief of realising that every other person in the world has issues and has on some occasion thought or done something awful.

        It’s great in theory, just have to really BELIEVE it.

        (You are awesome, just the way you are. Thought you should know.)

        • I’ll have to read that! It resonates. It is also easier to believe as you get older

          • It’s a tough read, I’ll be honest, and there is at least one HORRIBLY racist comment I’ve come across so far (it was written is 1912) but it certainly has some interesting ideas.

        • I find that self-acceptance comes easier with a dose of poetry :) like the one below:

          The Sycamore

          In the place that is my own place, whose earth
          I am shaped in and must bear, there is an old tree growing,
          a great sycamore that is a wondrous healer of itself.
          Fences have been tied to it, nails driven into it,
          hacks and whittles cut in it, the lightning has burned it.
          There is no year it has flourished in
          that has not harmed it. There is a hollow in it
          that is its death, though its living brims whitely
          at the lip of the darkness and flows outward.
          Over all its scars has come the seamless white
          of the bark. It bears the gnarls of its history
          healed over. It has risen to a strange perfection
          in the warp and bending of its long growth.
          It has gathered all accidents into its purpose.
          It has become the intention and radiance of its dark fate.
          It is a fact, sublime, mystical and unassailable.
          In all the country there is no other like it.
          I recognize in it a principle, an indwelling
          the same as itself, and greater, that I would be ruled by.
          I see that it stands in its place and feeds upon it,
          and is fed upon, and is native, and maker.
          — Wendell Berry

          I think of this poem as the Most Scorpio Poem Ever.

          • Yes it is descriptive of that turning darkness into light or pain into wisdom, transformation…

  2. It’s 4:22 a.m. in Calif. woke up at 4ish from a very Scorpio dream of the elimination kind..have jupiter @ 26:12 scorpio…
    Thank you for the HauteCow adendum..dealing with 27 Taurus rising, mercury 29scorpio plus scorp sun/moon male for years…

    time to do the paperwork LOL!!!

  3. Bye, bye commitment phobia. Time for some grounding, I have the most miniscule amount of earth in my chart so I need it and earthy people to help me stay in reality.

    Certainly feel a little calmer on some levels with this Taurus, all that Aries almost made me explode with urgency.

  4. Demons….. why is it that whenever I tell myself I shall never care about him again I check my e-mail and he’s sent me something? And then I go open a magazine and there’s a freaking wedding special? FML.

  5. Demons have me… Full Moon in Scorp in the 9th (opp my Jups in Toro) for me equalled deep, v deep sesh with psychotherapist. Brought up profound plutonian shit today… surviving not drowning.

    • Ok Toro vibe meant earthy grounding via sumptuous dinner, house spark-a-larkaling, children attended to, fresh sundried clothes etc etc. Scorpy vibe now … just can’t reveal

  6. combing motherhood, full time study and a tidy home. Guilt and frustration abounds

  7. tsk – dipping into this website in between typing and blabbing on like I am an expert on a subject on paper at least, or trying to help my special needs daughter feed or becoming a member of the argument instead of the referee in my other two kids’ fights and typing disjointed mispelt postings to this website. It’s the reason I hardly ever comment any more. I fuq it up every time.

    That should have read COMBINING motherhood etc


    • We don’t really care about typos here (well except maybe the virgos).
      Wanker phones make typos compulsory anyway.
      Don’t let your typos hold you down dear :)

  8. last night went to bed tired. put my head down and head went spinning. cried myself to sleep thinking of all the things that made me angry last week and then sad yesterday. bad sleep. disturbing kind.
    woke up early.
    walked 14 kms in the rain with my patient wonderful caring kataka man to
    favourite spot for a wonderful cruisy lunch.
    pottered around not getting anything done.
    walked 14kms back.

    trying to banish sloth…doubt…fear…and lofty unrealistic expectations of others.

  9. bye bye food and sex addictions, bye bye depression… I’m having strange dreams…

  10. The pic is mesmerizing. I love what she’s wearing– I would wear something like that all the time, except my Virgo MC tells me those sleeves would get in the way of work.

    I wish they made a hoodie that looks like this– in a soft flowing fabric, with an Empire waist, and that embroidered detail at the ribs– sigh!

  11. –need to be more inspirational to others around me.

    –need to get back to really being myself.

    • Same here Liz! Two of my closest are Lunar Scorpions, and I’m a Lunar Aquarius. It’s a little ironic because I constantly hear that Aquas won’t get back to you on things, but I’m far better at maintaining communication than one of the Scorps!

      • This Lunar Virgo has learned to shut up or wait for the “green light” before trying to help her Lunar Scorpions … especially when hard truths are involved.

  12. it’s sort of funny how a lot of people are talking about self-acceptance and being their true selves, because i feel like I haven’t been my true self in its entirety either. not that i am being fake, but i am def trying to keep my cool more than i have in the past. maybe that’s a good thing, but at the same time, i don’t quite feel like i am behaving in my truest form.
    i’ve also got my moon in scorpio lol

  13. Full Moon happened conjunct Ceres (26 Scorpio) and Sagg Jupiter 1 degree 6th house, sextile Cap Moon 26 degree.

    “Astrologically, Ceres describes the ways in which we face the issues of self-worth and self-esteem, relationships to our parents and children, attachment, dependency, loss, separation, rejection, grief, sharing, work and productivity.” (62)

    I’d say all the above applies in one way or another. Think on Jupiter 6th sextile Moon 8th…about health and mental/ emo health too…Reclaiming some things for myself that I had felt I’d lost….

    Like my mind? :) No, on spiritual levels too…

  14. i got no demon vibe as such but the moon’s sitting between my moon and neptune in scorp and trine my chiron – went to the art gallery today. Feeling mildly inspired.

    • LOL mildly inspired. I can guess which of several you visited then

  15. Really grounding comments everyone.
    Now the wheel is spinning on again, life feels alot more real lately. I have kissed my dilusions good bye and opened my eyes and heart to the real me and the real world exactly as it is. It is like someone handed me some special glasses and when I put them on – FUQ NO WAY!!!!
    There has been a slight polarizaton shift in the way I see absolutely everything lately, and it all looks totally different. Alot of that was actually painful to discover. Most important discovery though, is that I can truly now see things as they actually so I am able to take a path that truly resonates with the whole me.
    Looked at my chart today and let out a grand sigh of relief as I saw the energy shifting. That Aries stellium opposes my Libra Stellium but activating my Aries Ascendent has been life changing, but not so anyone would notice much on the outside. Look forward to how this all plays out over the next couple of months.
    Have been also inspired in the realms of art whatevs, looking forward to manifesting some time and physical energy to express that, then maybe I will feel better and excited again.
    I do have some inklings of grand plans starting to shimmer through the sludge.
    I have been hanging out with alot of Tauren Femmes lately and it has been very nuturing. :)

  16. I don’t know about demons (not with this moon), but I had—hands down—THE most wacky series of dreams last night. VERY disturbed sleep and felt like I was living a parallel “other” life in the dream. Almost like a past life. Have never, ever had such a wild and realistic, detailed dream. Ever. It was even set in another time (1950s) and in the dream I was a completely different person. SOoooooo odd.

    • I have Neptune in Scorpio too.

      Those kinds of dreams can truly be about a parallel life. Jane Roberts (channel of Seth in the 60-70’s) has a great book called “Dreams and Projection of Consciousness”. You might find it interesting.

      • googling! but may freak me out because this other “life” was not so great!!!! Creepy, in fact. Like a variation on the film Blue Velvet. Yikes!!!!

        Are you dreaming lots right now or having vivid dreams?

      • hmmmm i have moon conj neptune in scorp am curently reading liz greene’s book about neptune v fab but i still cringe about the conjunction!

        will check out the jane roberts book it sounds good thanks SP

      • neptune in scorpio as well! And dreams have been vivid for most of this year – which is a relief because they disappeared for about 3 years. Last night I dreamt I was wearing two pairs of shoes one inside the other whilst I was working in Court and realised I had to have two dialogues happening as well.

        Hmmmm. There’s a message there. My dreams have always forewarned me and I’m so glad they’re back.

  17. ITS A STRANGE FULL MOON for shua. im a psych nurse and all my patients were EXTRA CRAZY DELUX TODAY. like serious madness . and i who is normally a “write you off if you hurt me kind of person”, have forgiven all my enemies and am friends again with people who i swore off forever. a whole bunch of them. . so i blame this full moon . cuz i dont know what else could have hit me.

  18. Nope no demons that I’m aware of…. did go to beautiful kundalini yoga last night and did special full moon in scorpio meditation…. my friend the astrologer described the thing about the mother archetype of Scorpio because of its position in relation to Taurus often viewed as the mother….. so honouring the great mother…

  19. demons? oh yes! had the most freaky dreams involving my last abode and no crockery (i don’t get that) with lots of visitors needing cups of tea/coffee including my dead mother and other non-extant peeps and the odd poltergeist (they didn’t need tea/coffee just kept slamming a few doors) woke about 5:30 am (canberra time) wigging out

    i have a scorp moon, so know when to batten down the hatches but was kinda glad my partner is away for work this week less need for locking self in bedroom ALONE so i could howl at the moon but def found last night a challenge!

    planning lovely taurean nurturing day today and dinner at fab cafe/bar with BFF so we can do the D&M thing yay

  20. Lots of vivid dreams at the moment – very entertaining. Past peeps returning but in different scenarios. Wake up smiling because the story lines follow dream logic, with lots of scene shuffling to get the right one (almost like swiping at an iPhone or iPad ‘not that scene, nup, no – not that one either, ah yes, this one. Hmmm.’)

    Relaxed and pacing work stately (but effective), courtesy (I think) of Taurus vibe. But I do have a lot of T in my chart: Jupiter, Mars and Mercury.

  21. …. so glad that I didn’t follow an invite out last night – instead, I ate 2 bowls of rice, went through papers and ephemera and books that have been in storage since late January, retrieved and discarded, a risky business: there were a few photos/triggers to dark places but nuthin. Ate my rice, played beautiful music, lit a candle, had a bath, crashed out. Making coffee this morning, found said candle still burning. oops. But also, kind of nice. O. And I silently practiced very calm grounded statements of how I felt about a certain leonine ex/friend. Demons conquered. At least for this moon.

    • Forgot to say – my ‘stalkery’ was looking up the charts of my parents and sister – fuqing crazy – I remember it being discussed here about eery family chart-traits – wow. Epiphany was realising that I was brought up by a paternal Aqua Sun and a maternal Aqua Moon. Thankfully, understood by my own natal Libran Moon but still … and all of us having these Neptune dominated charts … It was great! Made me swear a lot. FFS!?!

  22. I made all my co workers popcorn

    Demon obedience training. oh if only. My demons are bored of me I’m sure. occasional glass of shiraz and a morning coffee (not even daily!) is about the only toxicity that hits my system. I am sure my demons are fashionistas, now they want new hair colour and boots. I can’t afford them. What happened to teen vodka rants and pms cravings/ lust angst? I could pay them off with a couple of shots and a potato cake. life was simple then.

  23. It’s time to let go and work on the way I react to certain people – *really* work on it, not just tell myself I need to work on it. Time for lasting growth, grounding and centering. Time to work on liking myself genuinely, being the centre of my own world, instead of giving such a shit about what other people think. The quote from Jung’s Psychology of the Unconscious is really apt – everyone has problems. I need to remember that when I jump at the chance to put myself down and start experiencing jealousy.

    I went to a full moon circle last night – I felt like I got a lot out of it. Then this morning I did the ol’ facebook look, and all the demons I had wanted to banish re-emerged. Letting go of emotions and emotional reactions that have become habitual isn’t easy though.

  24. My Demons are apparently the Demon of Lost Minutes and the Demon of Lack of Sleep.

    Cnquered the Lack of Sleep Demon. Lay down with the kids at 6.45 anticipating a night of meditation on the Moon, Gaia etc….
    and woke up at 6 am.
    So much for my full moon in Scorpio. Apparently too comfy for me.

    The crystals are all in the garden have soaked up the moon and the stars and the morning sun at least and have done their work.

  25. I’m holding myself back from rushing forward to ask out a new potential amour. I am usually very bad at that but I am taking your advice and waiting until the full moon passes. I think he may be interested and I want to hold back just a little which is not my usual M.O. – the usual being see it, want it, throw self all over it, let chips fall where they may.

    Also self nurturing a bit, didn’t feel 100 or even 75 percent so took time off work, desperately needed. Also having super sweet and awesome breakthrough regarding looking after myself.

    • Personal demons also involving indulge then shame, I just had an amazing Peanut Butter fudge sundae, without remorse.

      Still plotting, impatiently of course…

  26. Wow, today I was trying to clear out my voicemail, I finally listened to some drunk dial voicemails from my creepy stalky Virgo ex-gf that she left last Friday. I was shocked. I joke that she’s “creepy stalky” but this time she really WAS stalking me. She left a message that she came to my apartment and watched me through my windows. I called the police. The police called her and said she agreed to leave me alone. I bet that lasts about a month, until the next time she gets drunk.

      • I am trying to keep my Taurean composure, but I admit I am pissed off. But it’s not because of stalky Miss Virgo. It’s not because I’m back at work and they just welshed on the 30% pay increase, substituting a 20% pay CUT. It’s not even because of the huge 3rd degree burn on my arm that I got barbecuing and is just at the itchy stage where the skin is starting to grow back and it’s driving me crazy. And no, it’s not even that this crap is all happening just as my birthday is starting.

        No, what I’m really pissed off about.. I haven’t been able to win a game of Solitaire in 3 days. I usually sit down with my iPhone and zap out a few games and win one within 5 minutes. But it’s been days now, and I’m obsessed, I keep playing more than ever and I never win, even with unlimited undo and going back and trying a different track. I am cursed.

        • charles maybe alter your self nurturing for a minute – avoid frustrations etc

          that sux re the pay sitch & am sorry about your arm

          re your ex – maybe time to implement more official separation ie legally she can not contact / connect with you & buy yourself some peace of mind? you’ve been mentioning this for a while & it does’nt seem to be going away

          trusting sunnier times are shining your way!!


          • Well, you know, it’s my birthday now and it’s the exact point of my Solar Return as I write this. And I think I finally got in touch with what’s aggravating me.

            I watched a documentary a couple of days ago, and I’m really pissed about The Battle of Phillippi. Oh that damn treacherous Octavian, he destroyed the Republic. Brutus and Cassius really should have won that battle.

  27. mmmnom eating best pizza around – tax check arrived spending just a wee bit before I send the $$ right back in the next check to the gov’t for property — gonna have Viggo on the big screen in stereo in a minute looking all sex & scruff in Capitaine Alatriste.
    Scorp Neptune opp Toro Moon

  28. Demon of despair. The illness has lasted one year – cannot do the things i love, including getting up and zinging off into a work day. Given up lots, feel like a little old lady. Cannot refresh with adventures into the unusual and dangerous, unless i want to visit emergency yet again. Multiple Sagg…the horses are chained.

    Been told to SLOW DOWN and NOT TRY TO DO SO MUCH. Resented it until only a few weeks ago. Now i’m holding that as my new philosophy.

    Turning from horse into cow?