13 thoughts on “Chelsea Pisces

  1. That’s interesting to me as my Cancerian sis has same degree of moon and is most likely Leo Rising. They are similar. Great hair, small pale eyes, impassive face with a huge sunny smile when they’re lit. Nasty mouth. So funny you put up with the toxic quality of their humour that you wouldn’t in others. They both worship Bacchus above all other minor gods… Could put Judith Lucy in the basket too but I don’t know her astro.

    • What is her moon degree? Could only find one chart for her and it had virgo moon. SO late leo.
      Had a short fling with a pisces sun leo moon man once…oh dear. trouble.

      • Yes my sis is late Leo Moon. Yes, it doesn’t vibe very wholesome, does it? Not that one can judge really, I know…

  2. I know little about her except her politics are left of centre – which is a big tick for me. ( Is it true she and Fiddy Cent did the dirty tango? brrrrrr……. )

  3. I think her sun is in New Jersey.

    I don’t like her. She went to a community college and just writes this shock value books about her train wreck of a life. Its just a step removed from reality show stuff. It can be entertaining though, and maybe some people want to live vicariously through her wild experiences, which is cool.

    • I haven’t seen her tv shows cause… she just seems like a random person hanging out when shes on tv. I don’t get it.

  4. -By the way, there is nothing wrong with community colleges or living wild lives. I think its just that shes a major television personality but to me its based on being a college drop out, an alcoholic and druggie, etc…. and her book was expensive and I didn’t like it :( haha

  5. I’m a virgo/pisces by the way and… I’m totally trollin’ today! I’m sorry! Its a full moon in scorpio!

  6. yea I love watching Cheasea Lately. I have this book. It’s an okay read. I get a Capricorn, Aquarius, Scorpio vibe first impression from her. Cause she doesn’t come off as a sweety…when I think of Pisces I think of sweeties who are a bit quiet. But I can see it now. (mostly cause of her love for vodka and such)

  7. Im just working out my Pisces side, so this is helpful, along with the prior post with the Sharon Stone red wine pic – I just love that.