Burning Like A Silver Flame

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Okay so you’re either doing Saturn-Hell (cue being ‘on hold’ and emails to robots typed fast whilst muttering fuq-fuq-fuq through clenched teeth, number crunching and maybe Saturn Neck) or you’re doing Venus-Mars-Pluto sexy-mental weirding (cue technically ill advised but actually really fun, albeit ill-defined affair) OR you’re trying to (a la me) blend both of these paradigms into one weekend.

The quote above is from super-Leo Mae West, our invisible Muse/Guide Spirit of the weekend.

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  1. Or you are in Saturn hell due to malfunctioning software – thanks ever so much, uni lecturer – trying to burn through assignment work so as to free up time to be Venus-and-Mars-alright-tonight-with-Pluto-on-the-side … or something… Gah! Why does this have to be so HARD?! The plan was PERFECT, I tell you!

  2. THANKS to YOU MM – advice heeded!! working Saturn baby, working it!!

    turbo-charged Saturn Girl, like an Aries with a rocket-up-her-arse …. new project blossoming, fire in belly fueled, focused bar sporadic, spontaneous intervention of wild bouts of fun. worth it really.

    Venus-Mars-Pluto sexy-mental weirding …?
    are you watching me Mystic?!!
    oh god are they circling ….

    *adjusts blinkers, returns to building empire*
    (whilst sitting in bikinis on daybed, earning tan lines in winter sun :) )!!

    • Fun song Rock a Billy….memories!

      See’ins how Mars and Veenie dead on opposite my Neptune, was time to put the music on! Friday night fun x

      And Venus Return coming up at 14 degrees. Must do chart…

    • ~whilst sitting in bikinis on daybed~

      “In Your Room” (?) The Bangles

      Go the chick/Venus bands!

      • LOL – onto vintage Beastie Boys now – Ill Communication :)

        • omg, now I have to do “Fight for your Right”

          Think I’ll have to go cruzin to rustle up some trouble ;)

  3. i’m trying to do both. green smoothies, yoga, working all day on a project, cleaning everything in sight. and ENJOYING IT.

    but now i’m settling down to watch a weird bjork movie and earlier i was making jewelry out of deer teeth.

  4. Ahem… right on cue, self massaging neck while conjuring up how to catch my prey tonight, girl pink shirt or a tits out single… decided to prepare for both options, and sit back SIP a red and let the stars do the work… kinda takes the stress and anticipation out of it and shall remain ‘as you were’ xxx

    • Yep, no, what a joke, I seem to be quite deluded when it comes to these things… so what seemed like fun and a lingering kiss goodbye last night, this evening was nothing… I worry I just make this up in my head because my body is so feeling it. How can I be so clear in most every other area of my life but so uncertain and mostly in fantasy with romance, sexual attraction etc… its terribly frustrating has been going on for years…

  5. I second RLP’s “Are you watching me Mystic?” Spooked!

  6. Yes, the spycam seems to be in working order as always mystic.

    was just on fone to credit card call centre trying not to spasm my jaw with financial tension and checking out self in mirror to see if tonights outfit is too slutacious.

      • What is the total opposite of ‘slutacious’ – I’m rocking that now – ‘fuglytacious’, ‘slobologist’, ‘trackydackyique’ – I look and feel like a grub.

        More power to the slutacious look, wear it out tonight for all of us in Saturn hell who are too stressed out to wash their hair or change their clothes.

        • ‘slob/tologist’ – ‘tracky-dakalique’ …. my god joey you rule!!

      • I went for the slutacious look (for me, that is) last night, just for fun. No real reason, or “other” involved. But still fun.

  7. I did spend time on the phone today listening to a “we’re sorry, but we’re so freaking busy we can’t take your call for maybe forever, so leave a message AND send an email so hopefully we’ll know you’re trying to get through to us” message, while trying to book time at Gabriel Cousen’s Tree of Life resort for August.

      • I’m good, thanks. Jupiter is shortly moving into my Taurus 6th house for a year, so booking a little time at the rejuvenation center. My most fiercely desired wish of the last 18 months manifested this week. That left me in awe. And I went through an angry thing for awhile where I had to stop doing health counseling because I felt everyone was completely stupid, which is not a helpful attitude. ;) But I’m over it, or myself, or whatever. I hope you are well.

        • Dreams coming true, fabulous!
          I’m fine, getting on with it I guess.
          But currently on my way to watch people do jazz ballet to the likes of prince and Duran Duran. So I expect in an hour or so I’ll be smiling like crazy :)

        • Oh, ArienScorp, so good to see you around, and with proud news on top of it! Cheers! I hope you didn’t stop coming around here because you thought we were stupid too :-)

          • LOL no. I was busy and cranky, working through some things. All is well now.

            shell — smiling is good. Sounds like fun. :)

            inch — so very good to see you, too. You’re indomitable, right? Just a few small bumps in the road for you? ;)

            • Aw, I’m blushing ArienScorp at the indomitable moniker. Really? You really think I am? We Scorp-rising types are rather that way actually, thanks for reminding me. Dumped a few days ago VIA SMS by someone who I thought really liked me and for a reason that DOES NOT ADD UP. Today I had a lunch date with someone new (chemistry there!), so, ya, “Illegitimi non carborundum”

              • dumping? Scorp rising? Been telling it like it is all over the bloody place this week, to work head honchos, students, and just about bloody everyone, perhaps in anticipation of – yes, me too Arian Scorp – Jupe about to transit my sixth. Jupe in Aries 5th (plus Uranus, crossing my moon too, goddamit) was supposed (given its me rulin planet n’all) to manifest mucho joie de en la vie de Saggie Fi, but work got in the way!
                I have decided that if I can’t get it OUT of the way, no matter how hard I scheme or work to make time for a life, in a way that still gives me a chance to actually have a career – and more importantly A LIFE where I can afford to rent alone- in 2012, that I am not playing anymore. I am fuqing off with the aliens, or whomever might arrive given Mayan predictions n’all.
                And if THEY don’t arrive, well, I am just fuqing off right off my balcony, and that is that.
                Like they say with scorpions – push us too far and we will sting OURSELVES to death rather than submitting to being crushed by a slow miserable death that is not of our choosing.

    • you know you are getting old when you used to own a shop called SEX (making your original gimp and breath control hood statements in rubber and the like)- then you revisit the concept later only to soften into a polite mexican wrestling number with stitching detail in the shape of a cool gel eye mask

      • LOL Note to self: when you inter-textually reference yourself it inevitably becomes parody or caricature. I have a secret love of lucha libre. I had a vile job once that had a dress code in a striking tri colour and the aqua and I found a mexican wrestling costume in exactly the same colours and the “dream” scenario was that I was going to wear it to work and see how long it would last before something liberating happened needless to say something liberating happened before I got to wear it.

  8. She’s got it (paid the bills) yeah baby she’s got it (toothache) I’m your Venus (yoga body) I’m your fire (hot to go) At your desire (says it all)

  9. I think I’m doing them all, but am attempting to sedate Saturn with panadol, White chestnut, and a little lie down on the couch with the cat and some French spatial theory in so as to make some space for the rest to get on with their thing.

    Sweetie question for you I think, I’ve return sun conjunct return POF in the 5th for the year? A good year for some lucky windfalls?

    • Hey shell, since the Sun traditionally rules the 5th, I’m thinking with that and the PofF in your Return 5th you could certainly shine through your individuality and creative endeavors whatever they may be (and yes, have a windfall through gawd knows what otherwise..no, don’t gamble! Unless it’s on the belief in yourself… I needed to hear that too..thank you Spirit ;) )

      Thinking if the ruler of the Return 5th aspects your natal 8th, could be something there regarding a windfall through other’s resources…To the 2nd, through your own earnings.

      According to our Kimmy, the Return chart ~does not stand alone~, but read upon the backdrop of the natal. The Return Chart is the outcome of energies for the year. So, there must be something there for you fortuitous wise (PofF) if through the Sun you shine!

      Overlay the Return with your natal. Consider that Sun natal house activated as well. What kinds of aspects do the Return make to the natal…

      Since any monetary windfalls have come to me through transits to the natal I’m a bit unfamiliar with using the Return Chart for this purpose but Kim’s Return area at her site may be super helpful. I’ve just put things together for myself after the fact!

      Hope this helps a bit and wish I could help more…x

      • Thanks honey, I have had a good look at Kim’s stuff. And being that my sun is nataly in the 10th, the conjunction makes much more sense as a ‘my thesis is so going to rock’ than any money coming my way.
        Yes and unfortunately I don’t generally believe I’ll win through betting things, and rarely do it. Still I’ll see if I can muster up enough to win some birthday drinking money on a $1 scratchie :)

        • Totally have fun with your scratchies for sure shell…2008 I won $50,000 in six weeks as Venus (ruler of 5th) was conjunct my 8th house cusp exact.

          Ignorance is bliss? Not always tho..

          Yes, your thesis much more fulfilling. In the Koch house system my Sun in 10th, in Placideius, 11th.

          I stubbornly hold onto an 11th house Sun conjunct Aries SN even tho I am a loner! (and should absolutely not be if going by my real purpose)…

          Working on it…

          • Jupiter, ruler of my 5th just trawled allthe way through my 8th, with nary a windfall in sight. Ok, except all those travel/education junkets, but there was a fair chunk of my own hard work and $ in there too.

            I expect that you can be a leader and change agent without necc being massively social sweetie, the leader is always a bit in front remember – particularly if you are using the 5th to do so!

            • Oh, well Jupiter in 8th associated with the 9th house theme makes sense, eh?

              Had been wondering if I can do my book without being on facebook and have an internet blog? I don’t want to fuqing tweet like a damn bird…(okay, being rather uppity now…LOVE to read Mystic’s tweets!! She has been inspriational…)

              But no facebook and blog, tweet ..now a days, probably NOT!! dammitt…

              Teacher once said “make yourself invisible”…I took him literally…


              Honestly I’m not a selfish person but as I had just pondered this exchange shell and sat on the loo….My gawd, maybe I am…but think it’s fear driven at a deeper level as well…

              Thank you for these epip-a-nin-na-knees… (never could spell that damn word….

              Have been working with Carolyn Myss stuff lately and lots of tears. Like how I’ve gone to do my purpose and then sabatoge myself…At least I’m undestanding it better now…

              • hope you don’t mind me poking in….Honey, you will blaze your own trail…start locally first if that helps you kickstart.
                You are great with the insightful comments here yourself.
                I understand, Cappy Moon. Saturn rx tells me I’m not ready, Virgo tells me I’m not good enough yet.
                Maybe this will help…it got me to thinking–>Was reading tarot town the other day, question was if you could tell former self one important thing what would it be… ?Practice while you learn, practice daily ritual. You won’t write the book in one sitting sweetie, but keep steady on and do ‘your’ thing. You will find your path, I’ll be sending you good vibes. xo

                • ps. you have helped me tremendously. Many others, I am sure… oh, and for the record, I may be the one writing it, but this blog has a big audience, I am sure many are agreeing silently. If it’s readers you want, you are really already on your path … loves ya x

                • You’re a comforting soul Rox…blessings on you.

                  Interesting how our fears aren’t something to be afraid of necessarily but often what we use to protect ourselves.

                  But cried the other day because I couldn’t believe I had believed the lies. Lies about everything having to do with self worth, etc…Where I had put my personal power on external verifications thru men… what have you…

                  Would tell my former self to not believe them. Now I can heal them and ~she~/I can be okay and continue to move forward.

                  If someone really wants an insight into an Aries then one thing is (esp with strong Saturn as I have), is that it is HARD to forgive oneself when one ~SHOULD~ have known better.

                  That’s ego…and shame and the whole run of the lot.

                  Something I’ve affirmed lately is that I surrender…I surrender to the battle within myself. I give it over to a higher power to solve because I can’t do it alone…

                  If one should meet an Aries and they do not have the vulnerability to break thru that, then let them go. You might never break thru that wall and that’s tough on your own self esteem as they will see your humaness as a weakness and leave you bewildered when what you need in a relationship is the intimacy of a healing contact of shared hearts and a sense of innocence.

                  Could go for any sign I suppose…

                  Cancer Don Henley…”The End of Innocence” (Don so close to being a Leo it’s ridiculous). Mercury and Venus in Cancer trine Jupiter in Scorpio, 3rd. He communicates/writes songs from the heart that the collective (11th Sun) can resonate with..

                  But looks like we’ve had to lose our innocence it to get it back…Guess that’s wisdom. x

                  • oh sweets your generation is so about losses of innocence as well as your own personal take on things my heart really goes out to you right now. This astro is manifesting some powerful changes for women all over the world. It’s like suddenly the goddess is awakening. The power is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. DEEP.

                  • Sweetie pie, re-read this with a reflexive eye. You ARE a leader. You are manifesting your reality dear, being an inspiration to many. Believe in yourself, we all do.

                    • Ps, some of the things you’ve said above massively resonate. Thanks for the insight love.

              • Writing it and getting it out there are two entirely different processes sweets – there’ll be no book if you get waylaid focusing on the problems of marketing the finished product. Break it down into manageable parts – in business there would be separate departments dealing with it and they all enter and leave at different stages of the process. Once it’s done you can then move into the next phase of action. Why burden yourself anticipating marketing problems of the future when the product’s not even ready for market? Deal with the now and the future will fall into place.

                The invisible thing is interesting – do you think there’s another way of interpreting it? Like were they talking about the ego or the physical form? What is the “self” they speak of? Was the internet invented when you were told this? Everyone’s invisible nowadays x

                • I think he had meant to be invisible as to resting my thoughts. No, the internet had not been invented yet but it’s been about fears of ‘coming out’ so to speak…

                  And yes, moving toward the creation more so..Not ~even~ ready for marketability yet. I’m sure I’ll be okay one step at a time as you and Rox indicate.

                  Trust, trust and trust? Getting the magic back. It’s been awhile..

                  • yup not standing in the shadows of someone or their words or behind a veil or traditions or however you want to put it is all the rage right now sweets you are so in tune with the times how can you not trust : 0)

                  • I resonate with so many things you mention Sweetpea. Validation of self through means other than self, should have known better, all that.
                    Days are filled with small moments, some are wins, some are not. Be gentle with yourself. Strength doesn’t have to be hard, it can also be gentle.
                    After I posted the above I watched this…is a long one, so grab a beverage, get comfy. This interview touched on a lot of things we discuss here at Mystics.
                    So passing it along : http://www.thegic.org/video/inelia-benz-the-full

                  • Remember my teacher mentioning in early 90’s that his daughter had never been physical before. Of course does sound all rather woo-woo but why not and who am I to say otherwise. Naturally, now in body it must be worked with itself.

                    His only contention with, let’s say for example, people who had stated they had fully ascended is that he saw no difference in their body. Know this woman is not stating that but more “remembering” why she is here, etc.

                    I’m in the trenches lately and have put most astro aside a bit as working on some deep stuff which I must work thru in a different way.

                    Yes, whatevs, Chiron has played a large roll!


  10. I’m horny. Working on a script that hasn’t been behaving so I’m trying to iron out the kinks once-and-for-all. Horny still. Sore neck. Blurry eyes. Somehow have ripped something in my left foot so I can’t go out walking to burn off excess restlessness.

    My new flatmate (a 6’1″ Gemini dude) has half moved-in but won’t be staying here for a few nights yet. That means I’m home alone again tonight and I don’t wanna be!! BUT not exactly in the mood to go out anywhere or rally any friends together, etc, especially when my foot’s hurting and I wouldn’t be able to wear slut heels…

    So on this most salacious weekend, I’m lazy, horny, sore, lonely, working, bored and horny. Grrrrrr. And the short film project that I got funding for (yay!) is on hold until I get key personnel/ location locked in so I can’t even do anything vaguely progressive on that. More grrrrr.

    Grrrrr rr rr r rrrrrrrrr.

    Merc, Venus, Mars, Jupiter all in my 7th at the moment, Sun in my 8th.

    • Moments like that are what local pubs with bar staff you know are for.
      Vegas ain’t that great for them I know, but I assume you’re inner city?
      Good news on you project progress though hey?

    • charkra balance might be handy eq. always works for me when I’m toey.

    • You are scorp rising too eq? From what I remember… correct me if I’m wrong… how challenging us it to be so juicy and have noone to share with, its either a spiritual revelation or a divine bummer…

      • I’m actually a Libra rising, PG. But my asc is at 20deg and my first house stretches all the way to 26 Scorp, so the houses tend to correlate to Scorp rising.

        Crazy foggy morning here in Brisvegoose. Made me want to crawl back into bed with … SOMEONE!! Wahhh!

        Normally I can distract myself with work but these past few days… Grrrr. I don’t want to go anywhere public in case I see a sexy man and pounce. (Thinks on it for a beat.) Maybe I will go somewhere public.

        • Ah right… one of my bestows is a libra sun w scorp rising – I love the combo of that energy, intelligent and intense. Hope you found some satisfaction, sometimes a girls gotta help herself, or often really!

  11. Sexy-mental? That’s the problem – it’s all in my mind! Sun/moon/mars in earth signs needs some proper action soon. And no, a massage won’t do.

  12. bloody hell. Past 24 hrs.

    ‘Early morning drunk’ texted a request for clarification. Ambiguous yet funny reply.

    Wake with streaming cold. Can’t work. Saturn has laid me out in bed as an aching, shivering, snotty mess. I fantasise about another text: this time a request for hot paracetamol delivery. Resist. My parents deliver.

    Meanwhile receive text from ‘the ever lurking with uncanny timing suitor’ who am not interested in at all but his bloody persistence is starting to make me feel guilty, as if I should be … noooooooo … deflect him. Fall asleep hot and so ill. Wake up three hours later. Fever broken. Sweat drenched but feeling clear as a bell. Feeling distinctly petulant though.

  13. Sign me up for Saturn club. But…I started a new diet to celebrate Jupiter moving out of my 1st house.. diligently recording the calories. How Saturn is that? :-) soon.. baby .. soon Jupiter weight will be off of my behind :-)

    • lol…oh gee, just as I went to the drug store for some Cheeto’s was thinking…hmmm, haven’t kept on my food plan very well!! But I did clean and sweat my bee-hind off this morning with chores (busy buzz-buzz)

      Good luck Q….x

      • A very popular diet (Dukat? Dukan?) is circulating, I tried it for 36 hours. It was so hard on my kidneys, I had to stop it.

        Now I am enjoying dieting. A matter of trade-offs (if chocolate, then drop soy milk) really.

        If I learned anything from an intense (Saturn square Sun, conjunct Pluto) period is this:

        To ace Saturn class, you have to be more obsessive about recording than Saturn. Scribble scribble, hah back at you Saturn.

        Speaking of cleaning, half an hour vigorous cleaning burns 70 calories, which is 1/3 cup milk chocolate :-) I think I know what I am off to :-) xoxo

  14. Was all set for V-M-P shenanigans for my birthday & instead I’m doing a bedside vigil for my nonna…didn’t think I would be sitting here watching & waiting for her to pass. She is holding on & refusing to let go…Leo for you! Wish I could help her let go…

    • That is Plutonian in its own way, of course, though not what you had envisioned. What I learned when I had to the deathbed vigil with my father is you have to tell them that it’s okay if they leave, that all will be all right on this side, and there are others waiting for them in the light ahead.

      • That was me above. Thanks for the kind thoughts. It’s funny how the penny drops after the event. I keep saying to her it’s ok to go…I just couldn’t fathom what she was holding on for…I told her I would look after mum…All those she held dear were there with her & I named all of us so she knew & 1 person wasn’t there & I said she couldn’t come because she was looking after her daughter & then that very person turned up soon after which we weren’t expecting….I begged those with nonna to please take her & she passed away 5 mins later…After I left the hospital all pieces fell into place & I realised that she had brought us all together last night and kept us in contact for 24 hours, bonding together & healing rifts in our family, having us all truly come together in the way she had been praying for these last few years….then when the last person arrived, she was free to go…I can just see her wiggling her finger at me saying “see….I got you all together, in d’accord, finally”

        It’s so surreal, watching someone take their final breaths, I’m still waiting for her to wake up. Take another breath…After so much time focused on watching her breathe…

        The world did end for her today…

          • I’m ok, I knew it was coming & we were told 2 weeks & later that day 3-4 then it was this weekend. I’m glad she went painlessly, in her sleep, didn’t get lucid moments with her due to the morpheine, it’s making me have a chuckle now in hindsight that she really did get her final wish of unity with us all. We were in the waiting room afterward, with the priest prattling on about the pearly gates, and I could feel her holding my head (in the way that used to annoy the helloutta me!) so she got to do it without me wriggling out of the way ;) Apparently my niece, who Nonna doted on, woke up crying out at the time she died so we think Nonna went to visit her…

            I guess I came here earlier as i thought someone could help me work out how best to help her go as I felt that I just wasn’t aiding her but it all fell into place the way it was meant to….

            • I only just got here so the timing is mildly spooky was trying to think what to say and then you arrived back a few minutes later all I’d come up with was open the window if you suddenly feel like it’s the right thing to do which I suspect is some kind of weird custom from my culture and I felt stupid saying it.

              I know you will have helped her and what you did was perfect you have experience moving energy around and you work with pure intentions. Don’t doubt yourself for a minute. You did good.

        • so generous that she gave you all one final gift that’s some kind of powerhouse nonna styles – do you have people with you LL? if you feel like you want to hang here and talk a while let me know, i can stay. will check back in 10 to see if you’ve answered x

          • I’m here with my mum, thanks for asking & for waiting for my response *hugs* I’m all awake now & processing the experience it’s all quite intense but I’m at peace & focusing on her truly letting us go now & moving on to where she needs to be xx

          • Oh goodness I’m finding it hard to keep up :cry:

            Hugs Lexicon…Sounds like she was in good hands both inner and outter…x

        • So sorry Lexicon, hugs to you and your family. I was beside my Dad watching for his last breath as well. Is truly heartbreaking knowing your loved one has gone where you cannot. You describe a scene of love and family which is a beautiful precious moment. Wonderful that you ‘felt’ she knew it too. bless

        • Oh Lexicorn! Such a tremendous experience with her! The power of the matriarch is supreme.

          Blessings LL xx

          • Hi just saw this and I know you are Lexicon Limbo. Please excuse the misnomer above.

            Thoughts are with you x

          • That sounds like you had an amazing experience of death and transition through your Nonna, what a beautiful soul. So sorry to hear of your pain and I hope you are all supported and united with each other, laughter and tears can be so potent together at this time. Big blessings, xx.

          • Thanks & hugs to you all…My mum and & I are just so amazingly at peace today… we have feared this death for sooo long…I am blown away at how it all unfolded in the best possible way for us. No grief right now, I guess that may come…Just sweet blessed relief and peace after so long. For the first time in the last year or so my mum can sleep a WHOLE night without interruption.

            I almost feel like I’m on a high of some kind…there is such clarity, I see the hows & whys…it’s all clicked in to place, the jigsaw is complete.

            The hand of the Divine is amazing. High five!

            • i can’t remember what that quirk in your chart is that makes you so philosophical but it’s one of the things I appreciate most about you lovely – happy birthday xxx

              • Thanks for remembering Whatevs, the big 4 0 too…ugh! My party was for saturday night so had to cancel. Kinda had a sense that it would be that night – something always happens when you plan in advance, there’s always a curveball…At least it didn’t happen on the 17th.

                Pisces in CQ – A friend told me about the Weekend Oz mag article too. I just read it online. There was a point when I was in the room alone with nonna when she suddenly pushed herself up & tried to get herself out of bed shouting “I have to get up, I have to get up” so agitatedly and I tried to calm her down & she was looking off to the side, not at me, saying “i know you….I know you” and I dearly wanted to know who it was that came to be there & asked her who it was, who can she see & she tried to get the words out but couldn’t & went back to sleep.

                • whoa such an epic experience LL – do you feel as though you’ve got some kind of higher knowledge of the nature of life now that you’ve seen all these amazing things first hand?

                  • OMG yes!! Almost giddy with it. Am sure I’ll crash & burn at some point but right now I wanna go don my robes & go gospel ;)

            • I’ve just finished reading the article in the Weekend Australian magazine, about what happens as a person passes over and some of the energy and events medical staff have witnessed. It sounds like you Nonna’s death was as lovely as you can get – if that’s possible.

              Glad to hear you are at peace Lexicon.

  15. I suppos this makes me feel better. I was wondering if i was the only person excluded from the sexy vibes. Still. Not much better

  16. Vibing venus through nature again. Beach walks alone and bonfire with brother and three young nephews tonight. Will be reunited across state borders with my cat tomorrow. …. Love not hard to come by , lust however, about as flaming red hot as that lettuce over there on sterile ( my bother’s) kitchen bench. I shouldn’t rule it out tho as I am picking the cat up at the airport and there is a littany of possibilities there ;) ;)
    But my big date this wkd is with the work diary!!!. Saturn, u sexy old hound.

  17. That image reminds me of the opening scene of the Belvoir St (Australian – 1999) production of “Judas Kiss” about Oscar Wilde – Sam Worthington was in it before he got famous. The opening sene is crucifix like – the hotel maid hanging on to the curtains while a man performs cunnilingus.

    But alas I’m doing Saturn hell -quel suprise.

      • Oh Rox, you are so sweet and supportive when you come here. Hugs my darling. I’m doing Saturn in a way also but no need to go into it now. triplexxx’s

        x’s for Saturnian too!

        • Thanks Sweets, please know your kind notes here help me greatly, as do notes I have received from others. Bless your kindness, I do try to keep my spirits up, sometimes hard tho…inner planets coming up to conjunct natal moon in 4th (which is opp Neptune, trine Pluto), and my heart goes out to Maria for many wives have trusted their men to be honest with them. Many are not. Been there and it is heartbreaking for all those involved. oy. First a trip down memory lane in 3rd, now the 4th- joy ! pfft. (eyeroll)
          My boss was giving me some teasing about lack of self restraint when putting choc in my homemade iced coffee. I am good natured, and took it with a laugh, but 3 or 4 times later, I got miffed. He knows full well I quit drinking, smoking, (everything since the ex left), and haven’t the $$ for fun, and been alone seven + years.
          There is also much wrangling about getting the staycation time I am due. Other personal matters are twisty and irritating as per usual, a snafu. Trust me. I got self restraint out the frikkin wahzoo. Otherwise, I have my health, so still on the up ! Love and hugs and smiles to ya Sweets, if only you were across the street, we’d dangle our toes in that pool of yours or go for a drive to Jesus mountain !
          :D XXX backatcha, love

          • Yes, come dangle babe and we’ll cruz on up to Jesus after a proper foot cleansing….(I mean he can’t wash everyone’s feet, eh? :lol: )

            Arnold…(eye roll) when will these idiots learn? Poor Maria! I love her…Glad she’s divorcing his ass..

            Oh, no, when you’ve done Saturn and DONE THE TIME, noone dare make light of those passages. That’s when some shallow person can then look into your eyes and nearly die of fright as they cannot plummet the depths, or, they just drown in your iced coffee…hee hee

            Moon in 4th opposite Neptune trine Pluto..Sounds like deep deep stuff…I have Pluto conjunct the IC opposite Sun/Mn midpoint…Venus opposite Neptune…shattering of illusions, lies, deciet, huge love too.. It’s all made me what I am today and much wiser…but yes, very painful indeed. You have about a year on me being single. Dad had asked if I’m seeing anyone…Think he was concerned about my aloneness. Sweet of Aries Dad.

            I partition for your staycation…x

            • That is sweet of your Dad, still his little girl :)
              You are so right about the school of Saturn hard knocks, really all those toughies in the natal & then the transit merry go round as we age. Have always preferred the weathered faces in Nat’l Geo to any pick of fashion glossies. Eyes say it all, and some of the best smiles on the faces of those that have so little materially but enjoy life to the fullest, good lesson for greedy corporate types.
              Hope you’re hangin’ in okay too…I’ve been thinking of you and the difficult family things you mentioned earlier. I just hate it when I don’t get ‘it right’, (hello, Virgo), but then I remember the Gandalf line’ a wizard arrives precisely when he means to’. I was following my natal chart even before I knew what one was. You have faith, and I have faith in you, you’re kind-hearted and leading with the heart you will decide the best you can when the universe aims you to.

              As far as aloneness, oy. I’ll take it over what’s been offered up so far. lol. yeah. Mom’s been married 3x and says stick to your girlfriends, they’re much more fun ! and how !
              I think you’re swell, I’ll be your sidekick any olde day !
              You got a pool boy? maybe we get him ovah to wash our feet
              yea, (nods) ‘the pool needs a treatment’ hee hee :D X

              • Lot’s of gardeners here…Have not seen a pool boy lately but did massage the gorge Aqua/Moon in Scorpio pool man yesterday…. lol :)

                Is sweet of my Dad but sometimes I still feel like divorcing him and my siblings. Like I said, working on stuff… hope you’re doing okay Roxie… It’s like I can forgive others but doesn’t mean I have to have a relationship with them personally but then I remember how it feels to love your children and how a parent can be so desperate for that love esp as one gets older…I can’t do that to him. Comes an age when we just want and need to be forgiven from self and all around. The burden of compassion I think is that it forces us to evolve when we’d rather not sometimes…

                So, the interesting flip side is how you wonder if you’ll go to your father’s funeral or not when he dies…Comes a time when it crosses the mind…Like I said…~issues~…

                Remember a song by Joni Mitchell at 17 “Down to You”. Saturn again…Reminds me of your Harrison song last New Years..

                Joni (Scorpio) no stranger to Saturn no doubt….Saturn/ Mars in Gemini, 12th (I have 12th Gemini Mars…didn’t realize Joni did…) square Venus and Neptune, 4th and Moon 10th.

                She took all the pent up rage 12th house Mars/Saturn and Venus /Neptune dissilluionment and put it in her music and told everyone…(10th Pisces Moon trine Sun/Mercury 5th).

                I loved her at 17 and still love her now.


  18. I am so tired of the toxic energy pick-up artists who begin conversations with me for the specific purpose of draining blood.

    Oh, they say they don’t know they are doing it. Ya.

    Getting better at simply not engaging in the conversation at all but it’s taken practice for my own energy shields to come up in time.

  19. This weekend is a bloody farce so far, is all I can add.
    Going to zone out ’till Wednesday in to re-read, ‘Jitterbug Perfume’ and maybe ‘Fierce creatures home from Hot Climates’ and ‘by my favourite author Tom Robbins.

  20. am struggling to contain my delight at having fugazi and depeche mode back to back on rage life is good

  21. Ugh, definitely Saturn. Work, work, work and no sexy time for me. Though I did meet this insanely funny bartender on Tuesday when I went out for lunch with classmates. Makes me wonder why I’ve never gone out with one……O__o

  22. I’ve just heard a neighbour’s intense sunday morning four-minute spew-travaganza.

    Makes me feel glad I haven’t been flat on my belly like a snake guzzling the Hooch.

    Definitely Saturn’s girl; and Poseidon’s daughter…every dream practically comes brought to you by Jung. There’s a lot coming out, i guess! I’ve been doing this for two years or so…my friends don’t quite get why I’ve been alone so much, but I know I don’t want the same kinds of relationship as I’ve had. Particularly with myself!

    SILVER FLAME? Adoring that image right now! When I grit my teeth to get through I can at least envision that I’m burning up all the detritus.

  23. My scorp ascendant must be being activated, having intense sexual attraction to my friends husband and brother, but its so secret in me, so secret it don’t exist, and nothing more than that, I would never entertain actual ideas with a friends or anyone’s partner, I’m really not into that, but I u almost observe from a scientific perspective when that attraction is stirred… re the friends husband – I hardly even like him as a person, but he is drop dead gorgeous, and his pheremones aka underarm smell totally do it for me. Goddess why does it have to be so complex for me… can’t it just be simple I like you, you like me kinda stuff, I mean I’m really an adult now I don’t really want an existential crisis just to be attracted to someone.. wtf is with that!

    • the soul awakens in strange and mysterious ways….often through attraction and sex. Allow yourself to reflect in that secrecy on the deeper soul connections you have or crave. Existential crises are all about awakening to your deep self, the soul realm. Trust me, I just had one. Well I guess I am still in the thick of it, but getting some clarity lately. LOL

      • far out mtngirl – were you reading “the soul of sex” as I was last night?!!

      • Yes you are right mountaingirl, these times do speak to the soul of deep desires, and am reading them symbolically, speaking gently to myself about how to move towards these desires. Sometimes making vows to hinder myself and then remembering how sometimes vows create suffering, but to go with the flow of the river of spirit surging through me and allow myself to express myself…

        • No phone… not making vows to hinder myself I am no longer interested in hindering myself, should say ‘remind’

  24. On second thoughts just having existential crisis, not crisis really just existential inner ramblings, and above issue just took the floor for a little while. Might have to work a bit harder on gratefulness attitude. Not so much time in wanting, wondering, coveting, comparing, wishing, questioning.

  25. Absolutely spot-on as ever MM. Saturnine Saturday – poetry festival at which I gave a highly-charged reading, feeling v. nervous beforehand, almost entirely addressed to an ex who didn’t show up in time. Then, he does, kind of says he’s still in love with me, and kisses me on the lips in front of everybody as I dash off the train 6 hours later. He’s now in Italy shooting a film, so no chance to define anything there. Oh & this is despite all my plans to cut him off without a word… Wtf? Am now trying to finish job apps before my birthday tomorrow, all whilst trying to resist the temptation to use mad astro-conjecture to figure out where all this is going…

  26. “Saturn-Hell (cue being ‘on hold’ and emails to robots typed fast whilst muttering fuq-fuq-fuq through clenched teeth, number crunching and maybe Saturn Neck)”

    I have saturn neck – and thank god this was on this latest posting by MM! Here I am thinking “oh, this is supposed to be a lovely weekend”, but it wasn’t, and the saturn neck is aching from being bowed under all the pressure I feel at the moment.

  27. lots of deep unravellings for me this weekend….and some hot sex thrown in with the LP who of late has been so intense and serious for the playful, rebellious mood that Uranus & Saturn have been dishing out for me. Anyway, some deep discussions followed by sex twice in a matter of a few hours last night….asleep finally at 1.30am so tired but smiling this morning.