Salvador Dali - Ruby & Pearls Lip Brooch 1949

Dali, not surprisingly, has a really fascinating chart.

Note the Moon next to his Midheaven.

You see Moon-Midheaven or Moon in 10th House with a lot of peeps who have enduring fame.

In his case, the Moon in Aries is also his chart ruler – so triple the impact – and it’s squared by both Neptune and Uranus.

So he could not HELP but innovate.  Anything he did would resonate with/quake the culture and be ultra-public.

Now Uranus is going over his Moon and even though HE is in another dimension now, his work feels fresh & relevant all over again.

This is my all-time fave Dali work and the most awesome surrealist quote here.


19 thoughts on “Astro-Dali

  1. Surprised when a girl of maybe ten, to find that this divine art was created not by God but by an earthly Taurean.

    His earthy textural and sensual technique exploring women, subconscious, politics, desire and UNASHAMED AVIDA-DOLLARS concept has since then been the Taureaux le Plus Haute for me.

    And I’ve never met a Taurus who quite could. Yet!

    SIGH*** Remember at ten years old WISHING I could be Gala.

    • when I found out he slashed his chest with razors to show her how much he wanted her I was mildly entranced myself. that was pre aids of course

        • thanks babe – I feel like I’m out of the woods in terms of grappling with a career I hated. It was all those planets in aries in my 10th/over the MC that gave it the push it needed. I knew it was coming and used the 2-3 years prior to make the change – seriously focused and am a bit gobsmacked it worked : o) My chart has most planets in the 3rd + 6th and 10th have neptune and saturn respectively so I have lessons to learn about work and I feel like I’ve laid the groundwork for the future – it’s actually sound this time not the meandering thing I was doing for the last 20 years. I’m uranian so It’s hard to find work environments that can contain me. I need constant change. Plus I worked in an industry that went against all my ethics. The job I have is a stepping stone but it’s the foundation laying phase and it’s moving in the right direction so I’m over the moon – baby steps x

          • Whatevs, you work SO FREAKING HARD. You use astro to delve in to yourself and you share astro-knowledge with so many here. I can only imagine how much you do in your life.

            A working environment that can contain you? Yes, I get that. I do so much learning about people, myself and ways of working in my workplace, and i tend to choose workplaces that help teach me the hard yards.

            If you’re lucky, and I think I am in this regard, you’ll get something interesting from work to take home with you EVERY DAY.

  2. I’m kinda interested in that stellium in Taurus. Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus, pow. We Taurus are unstoppable.

    • Perhaps I spoke too soon. I just heard that my arts grant proposal was declined. Yes, without money, you can stop a Taurus dead in his tracks.

      • So sorry to hear, Charles. Here’s wishing a graceful end to the turd of late.

  3. mystic. i love your love of surrealism. I knew he was a toro but I never peeked at Dali’s chat. interesting what you say of the moon, this has made me happy. I have trine moon TIGHT in similar degree Aries as Dali. Always find boring things written about the moon re MC and its home ec level accomplishments. Inspiring. Ty xx

  4. was lucky enough to catch the most extensive retrospective of 16C Milanese painter / costumier / artist to the 16C Hapsburg courts etc ARCiMBOLDO – who introduced the notion of ‘ugly’ into art – Dali, along with many surrealists, pegging him as prome influence.

    bless!! :)

    • Thanks for posting that link. You’re truly an art literati and I love your tips.

      And MYSTIC, never never stop posting about art and artists and putting up charts of amazing peeps. Pretty Please.

  5. Has anyone seen this animation short that Disney and Dali colloborated on? It’s trippy. If link doesn’t work, just search Disney and Dali.

    • I love that! saw it in a cinema at a film festival once – he worked with alfred hitchcock on a film as well – the dream scene in spellbound

  6. The museum in St. Petersburg, Florida is amazing. Highly recommended.

  7. Hey thanks inchbyinch. I saw it at the liquid desire exhibition in Melbourne a couple of years ago and have been wanting to track it down ever since. Love his work, his vision, his design sense. Love that he is taurean too lol.